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Mickey Mouse Funhouse Season 1 Full Episodes! | 140 Minute Compilation | @disneyjunior

Mar 11, 2024
We'll be careful with him, okay, let's wait, alien, let's see what I can add to my intergalactic collection, shiny things, what's that rocket? Mouse, oh I bet he's got something shiny, time to glide, meaning and Donald, here's a unit based on the Moon. Press the red button to make them bigger and then you can put the pieces together. Daisy and Goofy foreigners, you can put on your jetpacks. Dandy Doodles, no, wait, I mean, dad, Space Doodles and Nikki. I have something for you, the next rocket. Mouse Rover, whoa, hop on! I need to get more fuel for the flight home.
mickey mouse funhouse season 1 full episodes 140 minute compilation disneyjunior
I come back here. Look at this. Simply swipe through the tools on the screen and when you find one you want to use, press the corresponding color button. Yellow, the two appear and gets to work. swinging house awesome asteroids Viki have fun come on Daisy and Goofy let's take you two flying your jet pack is set to voice activated I'm just telling you what to do like this jetpack get up get back up oh I can make that jet pack up jet pack up great job Daisy, come on silly, get back up, oh shiny things falling, okay, gotta get those big rocks out of the way, a bulldozer will do the job, this is fun, done, are you okay Mick, Yes, I'll continue like this, is that it? out of the mud in no time big galaxies that's the shiny thing perfect to add to my collection I must have it oh Rocket Mouse over here tough Rockets trainees you are both one step closer to earning your badges just like Daisy and Goofy with their fantastic flying skills, It's Cosmo cockroach, it's not working well.
mickey mouse funhouse season 1 full episodes 140 minute compilation disneyjunior

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mickey mouse funhouse season 1 full episodes 140 minute compilation disneyjunior...

I have to get this Rover working to help the rocket. Mouse, a shovel will take out my buttons just fine. That's not a shovel, but it should work. Oh, a red Grabber button. I hope I get the right tool this time. That's what I need right now, oh, you did it, Mickey, happy to help Cosmo the cockroach. You have to return that part of the jetpack. Hey, Raider at 10 on the back of the Rover is also missing. That's why he was misbehaving. I need these shiny things to take things. that doesn't belong to you, my Jetpack and my Rover won't work properly without those parts.
mickey mouse funhouse season 1 full episodes 140 minute compilation disneyjunior
How about we make a deal? You keep the pieces. Say you're sorry and you can wait a second. I am sorry, thanks. You, Rocket Mouse, now let's finish that boom base, just stay with it, your tasks are completed, you are all officially masternauts, oh wait, okay, time to head back. Rockets, see you all on our next mission, come on Donald, it's time to go. Hello everyone, look. on these buttons and we placed the book that comes out of our adventure building the lunar base, our astronauts kept trying and got the job done. Hello Cosmos, come on, we are the badge to learn that it is not pleasant to take things that do not belong to you and here it is. something to remember our trip I guess it's time to go home, but don't worry, we'll be back soon, right, darling, right, and I'll wait until next time too, before we say see you later, sing the Wiggle song, Giggle, look. next time thanks fun house friend do you want to follow me Mickey Mouse Clubhouse mermaids to the rescue wow look out look out oh yeah we don't want the dominoes to fall until they are all placed right funny it will be fun to watch them all fall Daisy, don't you want to stack some dominoes?
mickey mouse funhouse season 1 full episodes 140 minute compilation disneyjunior
No, no, you were fun. I'm looking at this amazing puffer fish that is our entry from Daisy. She would offer you a piece, but I know you don't like gum. as much as other delights, God, you two are so different, but you're still best friends, okay, what a familiar way. Wow, fun house. Adventure phone. Someone did it. Greetings. What an old octo Pete called to invite them to the big party. Underwater Ocean Seahorse Show World Posted Hosted Truly Who Am I Oh That Sounds Wonderful Oh I've Seen That Show It's Thunder Fantastic Water So Thin Coming Down Oh Minnie Could You and Daisy Come A Little Sooner You Two Are Such Great Friends me too?
I could use your help with a pair of oarsย ย  with a problem we'd love to solve, right? Daisy, yes, friends to the rescue, silly Dolla and I can collect the dominoes and then we'll see you at the show, great plan, follow me, Minnie and Daisy, long everyone knows it, I never get tired of being a mermaid , there is the underwater cavern, home of the great seahorse show, oh, beautiful, so bright, it's amazing to try one, two, three, etc., is this thing working? Hello, oh, you're still chewing gum, it's still good there. They're friends, they're just in time for rehearsal, please swim right in front, okay?
Okay, let me introduce you to the stars of our show first. This is sad and to her best friend and dance partner. The fabulous bubble for what fantastic dancers. and those unique costumes, too fun, you should mention that I swear I need your help. The tools don't agree on where the nose hats are. I guess they're okay, but I'm glad you like them. I don't really want to wear a hat when I do it, but they are very colorful and cute, yes, but they are not my style, I mean, the ribbon on it is pretty, but the hat hides my fabulous hair, you see what I mean , those two good dads, but they don't agree. bubbles oh sorry octo Pete, it's my fault.
I've loved hats since I was a Sea Pony, but Bubbles never has, but your actors see cookies and Bubbles, you go together like sea cookies in bubbles, plus the show starts soon. Sorry, I mean, who wouldn't love a headdress like this? These are my seat belts, Minnie and Daisy, let's see what you think. I really like it, it's so colorful, but you know, Bubbles has funny hair and her hat fell on her face. I'm bubbly about this, best friends don't have to wear the same thing, look at Daisy and I, yes sometimes we do different things or like different things, yes she likes gum and I don't but we always like We support each other, we always support each other. another, that's what friends do, disgusting, where does Sea Biscuit go now that my two stars are gone?
I'm in trouble in the deep sea now it's okay we'll find her oh yeah yeah we'll find them both come on come on thank you I have a show to put on. Inย ย  guys enjoy the Gorge seahorse extravaganza, this place is fancy, maybe I should have put on my fancy fins and fins. That's funny, I was right, who looks like the big seahorse show? It's going to be great, oh there are no perfect sea weasels, come on darling, nice wreck. I love what you've done with the place. Do you live here? This is where Bubbles and I rehearsed we came to find her.
Why are you here? We came to help from one group of best friends to another. Hello, Seabiscuit mini Daisy, what are you doing outside? here looking for you yes I'm sorry I didn't hear you bubbles I see how many and Daisy are good friends and they like different things I should be a better friend to you hats are my thing your thing depends on you thank you You and I feel it too. I should have stayed and fixed things instead of leaving. It may be too late for the show. You still want to dance with me.
Well of course yes. And I could never go on without my best friend. I'll find a way to make the costumes work. I learned from Minnie and Daisy that it's okay, if we're different, you don't have to wear a hat, that's okay, but I don't want to disappoint you. I have an idea how about you use it differently, this sea salt coral caramel ice cream is delicious. I can't wait for the show to start. The horses are my favorite horses in the whole scene. Well, I don't have stars, so I guess I don't have a show.
Hello, we are stars. oh sorry, oh thank goodness, that's how I was able to start the show, sure you can, in the meantime let's do a quick costume change, we'll be right back, oh Minnie, I love the scarf, me too and now we can still see your fabulousness hair bubbles from now on I will be a supportive friend even when we want different things me too just like Minnie and Daisy welcome fish friends the seahorse show is about to begin and it's all thanks to the mermaids Minnie and Daisy what do you think? I said it was a wonderful show or what's up Donald, it's time to go, we sure had a lot of fun today and we learned that friends can like different things that we did like and here's something to remember our trip, come on, Hi Tess, it's time to go home, oh but Don't worry, we'll be back soon, it's funny right, and I can't wait for us to see each other next time too before we say see you later, sing the Wiggle Giggle song , see you next time, fun house friends, do you want to follow me? thank you Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Minnie's fairy tale says bells that flower garden looks pretty it's almost ready Daisy oh well well oh hello friend the next flower will be ready in just a second the last flower is planted time oh look at our garden ready the only thing that could make it prettier is a rainbow rose.
What is a rainbow rose? It is a special rose whose petals look like a rainbow. It grows in a very majestic square. Why don't we embark on a rainbow adventure? Rosie, oh boy, let's follow me, Mickey, foreigner. Oh, did I forget to mention that part? But it would be a pleasant surprise. Look at me, I'm a helicopter fairy. Gorge, you squeal because we're so small it looks like Fairy Square is near King Louis' castle. true, fairy daisy, you know my name, oh, i know the names of all the new gods and fairies sent to help me every spring.
I'm the main fairy Hilda, what's up? Garden fairy, that's garden fairies. Each of them has a magical talent. You just have to do it. find out what's cool here It's the first day of spring when King Louis takes the royal spring walk through this garden every flower must open and watered every weed removed every wind chime must end the king's spring walk right here is the Right rainbow rose, the rainbow rose is the rarest of all flowers and is the king's personal favorite. It takes all of us fairies working together to make these rosebuds open. Oh, look, well, the garden fairies spread, find your special talent and let's take this garden to Tip-.
In top form, come on Minnie, let's try to open these flowers. I'll take this row and take this hmm, cookies, I found my special challenge. And you? Oh my god, not really. Oh, don't worry Minnie, maybe your special challenge is waiting like Donald is there, me, Donald, can I taste your ass? Okay, weeds, don't give up Minnie, you will find your talents so many, how are you doing? Oh, I'm not so steeped in that. You will find out very soon here. wow little flowers my special talent is spring rains sure a lot all those flowers still need foreign water the first day of spring around here uh it turns out my special talent is with animals look at this oh Mickey how wonderful how wonderful I wonder if we have the same special talent can I try something sure cool oh puddles sorry soon hype Minnie uh don't worry let me see if I can help oh no it's time for a walk come on garden fairies it's time for the royal spring troll but I haven't heard, oh, have you heard that, do you hear that thunder, I didn't hear anything, oh, what's going on, a storm is coming, everyone will press my geraniums, she's right, garden fairies, wow, hey, that's unexpected.
I'll go get the real umbrella. I'll be right back, wow. Minnie your wings shine amazing maybe you can help maybe your special talent is the weather do you think you can help with the storm? I'll try it oh wowindy I would be very proud here goes his highness oh here friend told me this well Minnie is the strangest fairy of all, only a weather fairy could do all the magical things she just did. I'm a weather fairy. You, I'm so glad I found my special talent in time to help everyone. The king, we have to clean this place. up, we got it Oh, what a beautiful garden, yes, that's very short, you did a great job, well, it's not a cornfield on harvest day, but the flowers smell better than my barn, oh, what a wonderful performance Shaggy, oh, not bad, right here for the end. that's what I call a spring hit, well done garden fairies this is for you Minnie rose seeds so we can grow our own rainbow rose bush and thank you all for helping us wow let's ride the rainbow of I return to Funhouse, it seems foreign. we all have talent in the garden until next time before we say see you later let's sing the wiggle giggle song until next time thank you, thank you

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