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Megadeth - Paris 22.09.1992 (TV) Live & Interview

Jun 06, 2021
Prepare yourselves, so stay alert or die. Hello Vanessa Warwick, with you for another special edition of the most important rock show in Europe. Tonight's program will come to you from Paris and for the next two and a half hours we will bring you all. the action from Megadeth's European tour you know what I'm talking about


s with questions submitted by you viewers


performances and videos including the European premiere of Megadeth's new clip for the closing of a dream and what the headbangers ball is like featuring Megadeth's tour across Europe, we will also be launching our new contest called Countdown to America with Megadeth and the prize on offer is an all-expenses-paid VIP trip to the United States to hang out with the band at their Next tour, so all you really need to know is that the countdown to extinction has begun at Paris' ever-more-than-metal show with Megadeth headbangers ball.
megadeth   paris 22 09 1992 tv live interview
I have six words for you headbangers ball, a Megadeth special from Paris. Yes, boys are. I'll be with me for the next two and a half hours on Headbangers Ball and the great thing about the show is that you, the viewers, submitted the questions, so you've actually saved me quite a bit of work. very happy to receive the two days as you are I am very good thank you how things are going quite well you can tell that we are in Paris because even the pigeons have attitude here you have played some dates in the European - So far they have gone well, we started a few years ago 10 days, actually in Italy, Monsters of Rock shows me with Iron Maiden and then we went to Spain for three more shows after that and so far the highlight of the shows we've done.
megadeth   paris 22 09 1992 tv live interview

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We did it on our own, we played at Bull d'Or in the South of France 50 at the racing event there so Dave started the race and then we finished the night playing a set so yeah we're on our own we're not starting our own headlining tour here in Europe now, as I said, we have questions submitted by you, the viewers, and the first one comes from Andreas Elton in Spain and he would like to know if you really have something to say or not. you have time to go and see the countries you are touring. I think this time we're going to have more time to ourselves to look and since we don't travel as much at night anymore, you know Before we saw a lot of the country during the day, before we could tell you where your red zone was, but now we see some of the more characteristic places and you can participate in some of the culture mm-hmm, it's much better that way.
megadeth   paris 22 09 1992 tv live interview
Well, and also when you go out and do


s like this, I guess you can see a little bit, yeah, thanks to MTV, we don't even have to go visit Paris, we can travel around there today, yeah, actually. we are in Montreux at the moment we will see the church in a moment and the next question from Andreas from Poland actually Andreas wrote a lovely letter which I will give to you after the show and he had a lot of questions for you so I'm just going to read some when Megadeth started, you were one of the most extreme bands in terms of music and now death metal has really taken over and become even more brutal.
megadeth   paris 22 09 1992 tv live interview
Andreas wants to know what you think. Death metal bands like a kind of deicide and those kinds of bands, well, it's flattering that he would say something like that and you know, I've been quite conscious of the fact that my role was in the creation of a lot of the Toda the scene that developed into heavy mouth Rash Metal and Death Metal Black Metal, all that stuff, you know, when I started with the Metallica guys, we had no idea what we had discovered, what we were creating and I think Death Metal right now is something that I'm not particularly aware of, I know what it is and I really know a lot of the bands that are into it and I think it's necessary because, like for so many people that are out there, I want to listen to that kind of music, there have to be a lot of good bands and there are a lot of great death metal bands, well, well, and also Andrés would like to know if they would ever release a


We are not looking. In that, in the near future right now, I think live albums are used by bands who have run out of good songs and need to kill some time and will put out a live album just to stop the crowd. I mean, if you have a great live album, ultimately you know you should release it, but if you have good music, that's more important, you know, because people are going to pirate live albums anyway, so why Why make an effort to get something that will never be really good? I mean, you and you make a live album and usually end up overdubbing it anyway, so how do you feel about bootleg?
Well, there's nothing I can do about it. It's like trying to stop the tide from coming. You know, I can get it. I'm completely overwhelmed by this or I can just focus on something a little more important like writing new music, okay, and we have a bunch of Polish viewers who wrote and we won't name them all. Too many people want to know if Megadeth will ever play. In Poland it looks pretty good, you know, we have to keep up with anything, so far our agent hasn't seen the need for us to go there and for the few unlucky people who live in Poland who haven't seen Megadeth play.
Still, my suggestion is that you commute, you know, because we really want to see you at our shows, but unfortunately at the moment we can't tell you when we will be in Poland. Our agent would know better, in fact, you would. You probably know well that Headbangers Ball will be the first to let you know if Megadeth ever comes to Poland and in fact we have our first video coming soon and please stay with us because the two days will be with us forever. The whole band, in fact, we've got Nick and Marty coming in a little bit later and they'll be here for the next two hours or so suffering through these incisive, incisive questions from you guys, so right now we're going to watch Megadeth's current video , which is the skin of my teeth, yes the countdown to extinction continues in this special edition of gay Paree's headbanger dance with Megadeth and the two Daves are still with me and I actually have a question for Dave Ellefson coming up. now Sebastien and several friends in Poland can't mention all your names guys, they want to know who your idol is when you started playing bass when I started playing I started when I was quite young I stood up I actually got my first bass when I was 11 years and I wanted to be a bassist, not like a guitarist who had to play bass and I listened to some of the early Rush records.
I really liked listening to Wegeezer Butler from Black Sabbath, he was great and he was actually great. Did I see those guys play the other day? They were at one of the Monsters of Rock shows and it was the new lineup. Yes, exactly. Actually, on another occasion we met for a party we had in London. Tony and the old man came. so it was great meeting those guys and he wants to know if you play any other instruments besides bass mm-hmm I play a little bit of guitar and I actually write more on the guitar than on the bass and In my day, when I was little, I was known for playing the saxophone a little.
Now we have a question from Ireland. I hope you're watching Kate O'Malley. Kate would like to know if you feel comfortable playing. in Ireland now after what she considers to be your very successful concert there last April. I guess you know there could be worse places to play. So we could play in Bosnia, you know Ireland was a wonderful show for us last year. When we went there, everyone was singing very loudly and that for me is the best thing that can happen to us is that the audience sings very loudly, you know, because not only is it exciting but it is also a comfort for me because then I don't have to. than singing, no, but I guess with the problems that happen there, like a live concert like a Megadeth show, it gives them even a tremendous release from all those kinds of difficulties at home, right, I would say yes, it's probably a pretty good guess. mm-hmm, okay, there you go, Kate, that was the answer for you.
Good question from Stuart Harper in the West Midlands. I think you'll like this one. Actually, David is for you. What is your personal philosophy of life? What is your personal philosophy of life? it allowed you to overcome your personal problems what is my philosophy yes a life for a life we ​​could be here for a few hours life on life's terms you have to live life on life's terms and I don't believe that and nothing happens by mistake . I really believe that in faith and I believe in destiny I think when I interfere with what happens that's when destiny becomes destiny Do you believe in yourself?
You must do it. I know who I am now mm-hmm but maybe when you were having problems. with drugs and stuff maybe that was because you didn't believe in yourself that you couldn't go and do a show without having some kind of support. The problem when I was doing drugs was that I had too many drugs and they were all very good, so I was very addicted at the time and that's not something that's hard for me to relate to or look back on because you know, if I regret the past or I closed the door, so you know I'm going to pretend it never happened and there's a good chance I'll end up doing it again.
You know, it's something that I look back on and I'm really glad I walked away from it and I won't tell anyone that. you know, hey, you shouldn't do drugs or, hey, alcohol isn't good for you because you know it might be okay for them, it's not good for me and I'm not going to tell anyone what to do because I've already had it bad enough. live my own life let alone try to tell someone else how to live, so really your philosophy is just to bring your destiny into your own home, well, you know, it's pretty much like I said, live life on the terms of the Life, you know that nothing is going to happen. that you can really control, I mean, you can interfere with things that when I get into the way things work, I do spells that mess up, so I just take things as they come and I don't really pay too much attention to anything and and everything small is just little, I mean, if I worry about every little thing, after a while it will be a big pile of trees, you know, okay, we'll talk a little more about that a little later because I'd like to ask you. about how becoming a father has changed your life and so on, but right now we're going to see more music at headbangers ball and next we have the new video for Thunder with the famous Church of Sucks Paper in the background, Paris headbangers, three, Megadeth , quality news and Dave and Dave are still with me as you can see we have more viewer questions coming up and your Norway hunt would like to know why you said that.
I will never play with Slayer. I never said that. If I said that, I'd probably get angry for a moment and you know what I don't feel that way right now. Maybe tomorrow I'll say it again. I don't really remember saying that. You know, I talk a lot, I mean, I may have said that one day when I was feeling irritated and today I don't feel that way, so I'm sorry, I'll think of another question, yeah, okay, there you go, Peter from Poland, obviously it is. Concerned about the environment and the state of the world, as you obviously are, we would like to know if you think or feel that it is too late to stop the countdown to extinction and what individuals can do to help see.
I think the countdown to Extinction has been going on for a long time and I have a belief that mother earth will eradicate everyone who harmed the earth, you know, and the earth has been here for many, many years before the human beings, even, you know, and I think it's just a kind of mutual respect, I mean, strangely enough, as brilliant as this record came out, they were having the summit in Rio de Janeiro, China, and that was a great world summit and that showed the true colors of many of the nations. around the world and what they were really willing to do as nations to try to help the world in the state the environment is in right now.
I mean, my belief is that you can't really change what others do, but you can. Don't change what you do and you know there are many different things that each individual can do if everyone wants to be environmentally conscious and try to help the environment right now, we agreed that day, I sure was. If you listen to causes, do you remember any similar environments? The last time I said something about supporting a cause, I was talking about the IRA and the type of support, there are no more causes. By continuing to support Greenpeace here, it is not necessary to do so first in the previous one. segment I was asking you about your personal philosophy days.
I was wondering, you know, this is a question for me. I was wondering where you're from. I mean, obviously your perspective on life must have changed, which shows being a parent and having more responsibilities, so how? Is that reflected in your music, your songwriting, your lyrics or whatever? Yeah, I think you know that when you do something like have a child and you're in a position like I am due to the fact that you have loyal fans that stick around. When you're there and you hold on when you're, you know, joking all the timein one. I used to do it one on one, but now I don't even have time to teach myself one on one let alone anyone else, which is why I have two videos.
You know you can learn it all in one go, right? I enjoy teaching no, I mean you know what I really enjoyed teaching someone who was a really good student and I didn't just want to come and learn Van Van Halen's Eruption or you know the latest Led Zeppelin song or whatever I wanted to teach someone. who really cared about learning and wanted to learn the right way. that was like maybe one in 1,000 kids mm-hmm, so I didn't really enjoy it very much, you know, I enjoyed making friends more than teaching, but I'm not a teacher by heart, I'm a gamer.
You know, I always had this saying that my guitar teacher told me when I was starting out, he said: those who can do it, those who can't teach, and so everyone always thought that I said, I don't really want to teach that much. I don't really want to teach, so now you know I don't really teach, but you've given us some really good advice here about headbangers ball for someone and guitarists and I want to thank you both very much. you for taking the time to talk to you, it's really nice to have time to have a long chat and thank you very much and we'll get back to you later, but right now we have another commercial break.
Coming up to the headbanger dance and then we'll take some time to chat with Megadeth to support the band Pantera, so watch out for that, but if we get to that break we'll see more of Megadeth live on stage. on the lips and eat in Paris under lives put it to work Oh yes, for class de la république in Paris and I'm just warning you now that it's quite noisy here, the traffic around this square is absolutely crazy and in fact, how can you see, I'm with me on Dave is from Megadeth again and in a moment we'll see his video choice, but it's time for another viewer question.
This one comes from Jay from Dusseldorf. I'm sorry you didn't provide your name, but would like to know if you could. Megadeth once wrote a song against neo-Nazis or fascism. I'm sure we could, if we wanted to, we could write a song about anything other than a topic that made you funny. Okay, I think I'm interested in seeing a neo. -Nazi no, because of the problems that are happening in Germany with that has to do with that, so we will be in Germany in about a month, so we will see a lot of the songs that you write about that, things that we see when we're tour and on our trips you know things that are current, you know, I think that Nazism is something historical and we write music about things that are going to affect our lives immediately and I don't really see where or what Nazism has to be. to do with Megadeth, you know, I think a lot of people might think that we feel like the world is a fascist regime in that and you know Nazism is the only way to write things, but we don't know enough about it to do any kind of . statement about it, I think maybe he thought the lyrics of Countdown to Extinction were more political than what he'd done before, so maybe he thought you met him, make a comment on that, you know we don't know enough about that to comment on it, well, there you have it, sir.
Sal HOF calculated that answer and right now we are going to look at the choice of this Megadeth video. Normally this is the part of the show we call the triple thrash, which is where we play three thrush speed or death metal videos in a row, but today. Because Megadeth is our special guest the overall tone of the show has been a lot heavier, I'm sure you've noticed you might like it so all we have to do now because there won't be any metal collection later . We are going to ask Megadeth to choose the videos and it will be interesting because it could give us an idea of ​​what influences, the type of bands, what influences them and the type of bands that they like, so you have chosen, my first choice is Trent .
Reznor Nine Inch Nails, who is actually a leader of the industrial movement in Chicago, and Trent, in fact, did a mix, a remix of Symphony of Destruction, what we called The Cartle Mix, which would be on the B side to close a dream in some formats. all over the world excellent Dave, what have you chosen? I chose the almighty, yeah right, because they're a great band, thanks, hello Rick, you know, the connection there, thanks, Dave and I were the third ones going to see Metallica, you understand, man, yeah, Wayne did it did. Same video twice okay so here we go with the Megadeth video choice and we'll start it off with Nine Inch Nails and the head as a whole chosen by the stars of tonight's Megadeth show and I hope that made sense before , but that really takes up the space. of the triple gift for the thrush and the metal collection for this special edition of the Paris headbangers dance and right now we are at the venue of tonight's gigglers any in Paris and the countdown to extinction continues unabated and we have more The viewer questions that arise over the two days are more like levels or something like the Spanish Inquisition and now those girls Natasha Louise and Vicky who they sent quite a few questions to want to know if you weren't in Megiddo, what do you think you could do ? be doing trying to make it together you did it it's been your salvation in more ways I don't know what I'd be doing probably the president of the United States you've been doing a better job then of course and it leads to murder so yeah maybe this symphony of destruction video would have come true, there you go, Mona, who didn't provide an address, country or anything I wanted to know, Dave jr.
Would you ever do the vocals? I'm not planning on it now Hi, yeah, I'm having a hard enough time doing background vocals at the moment, there's actually a lot of singing on the new album, quite a bit of it, yeah, so Dave Dave no. very good lead vocal job no need to have two guys singing hobo it's alright good, she must be a fan if you want, I'm not one of those guys who sing in the shower and aspire to be a singer, so what? what do you do in the program? Another number now. Katherine Violet from Hamburg, Germany, would like to know who plays the role in honor captive, but she doesn't think it's you, sir.
M I didn't talk about it at all, the first part is my martial arts instructor and then the second part was a friend of mine who used to help me get through some of the tough times when I was sober mm-hmm and then the second part The guy is my instructor martial arts again and then the third guy is Nick because he can't handle it. Well there you go Katherine, that's your answer and she also wants to know what your spiritual beliefs are. Do you believe in God or something higher? power I have a higher power, yes, yes to some people who do not believe in God, God to me represents a good orderly direction, so mm-hmm, what about what you think?
Yes, I definitely believe in a higher power, yes, I definitely do, yes, especially you know. getting out of wreaking havoc on a lot of my early days has pretty much been my saving grace for me, you know, it keeps me back on track, you know, it's like I agree on the same thing, good, good orderly direction, at least . If a little faith is better than no faith from Germany, now he's not a big Megadeth fan judging by his letter and he really appreciates some of the vocal arrangements on the Countdown to Extintion album and wants to know if it was particularly important to get a more distinctive voice on this album, well, yes, it will be the difference between us having a good album and a great album.
I think on all the albums in the past I haven't tried to sing very well because I just don't have much confidence in myself and this time I thought this would be the moment where we'll make it or break it and I'll have to kick ass and write down names and do it. I did my best. A great team that supported me there and it definitely turned out better than the last album. I mean, I still think I'm developing as a singer and you know in the future I'll probably get a little better if I keep working. and with the same determination that I have now, but for now I couldn't have done better and congratulations because it's doing very, very well around the world and it went platinum in the United States and it's already on its way to double platinum, congratulations and We have time for one last question if your name is Karl from Sweden listen, he wants to know what comes first: the music or the lyrics of a Megadeth song or, in fact, sometimes we have lyrics and music and we put the two together. and a lot of times regular music right now we've been working on music and making songs and doing sound checks and that's why we came here early today and we do stuff like that so you usually don't know if there's a set. of lyrics and there is music if the attitude is right for the two of us that we put together and that usually involves adding some lyrics or cutting out some lyrics to fit the arrangement of the music, okay, I'll tell you.
One thing is that the song definitely comes before the recording, there you go Carl, there's the answer to a question, that's all we have time from the viewers and I want to thank all the viewers for submitting those fantastic questions. Really good, well done. You saved me a lot of work now that we have more Megadeth on video. Now this is a song from what you could maybe call your darkest period. Go to sleep? We will wake up dead. Do you still identify with that song? No, absolutely, yes first. I can relate to that, I mean, I don't live that lifestyle anymore.
That song was written when I was living with the girl mainly to have a roof over my head. I didn't care too much about her, but having sex is the best. only way to pay the rent and I was seeing the girl I really liked downstairs in the garage you guys are some naughty guys thanks but he's married now so yeah I don't do that anymore okay here we go so this is Megadeth wake up with a dead whistle on location in Paris and there's a sound check going on, apologies for the noise, but it's rock'n'roll and now that we've reached a very important part of the show, it's time to launch our new competition.
It's called Countdown to America with Megadeth a competition and let me tell you the prize on offer is an all expenses paid VIP trip to America to meet Megadeth and spend some time with them on their US tour there is also a second part of the prize The lucky winner will also receive a banner with headbangers ball and Megadeth written on it and it will be nice to hang in their room or wherever you hang it, so which city can they go to? They can come and we have like this essentially. but those will be swords that stabbed into our happiness, so all you have to do to participate in the competition is answer two simple questions, first: who, what is the name of our band's mascot, what song on the countdown to extinction I wrote about my life and there are quite a few to choose from there are a few to choose from okay, do you want to enter the contest? get the answers to those two questions, write them on a postcard with your name, age, address and phone number and send them to the countdown to America with Megadeth competition MTV's headbangers ball P or box 138 for London NW in ohw England and let me tell you You can find all the details of the competition on page 121 of the MTV text service, so if you need a little reminder of any of the details, check out MTV. text page 1 to 1 all right, we have another commercial break coming up and after that we're going to see, actually we're going to talk about the total closure of a dream and we're going to see the European premiere of the video that goes with that and playing from that pause, you know we're going to see more of Megadeth live on the Lizanne Eats stage in Paris, so stay tuned for the final part of tonight's show from Paris with Megadeth and as you can see both days. they're still with me, they've been really great on the show, I'm sorry to keep them entertained, I think you've heard that it's actually quite cold and the show is coming up because we have the European premiere of the new Megadeth video from a dream and Let's talk a little about that song before watching the video.
Now the lyrics were written by Jr. and the music was written by Davis, yeah I hate that name, you still call me, yeah, exactly right, regardless of what the inspiration was behind that song for a dream closer, it's pretty much our point of view on how many people look at America and the American Dream and how the American Dream has now become the American Nightmare for many different people. I mean the inspiration that I used was that my family were farmers, we used to be farmers before they were forced to retire early in the United States and that happened to a lot of farmers in the heartland and it didn't just happen to them , it happened to almost everyone from all walks of life in the United States and that's in the video, as everyone will see. look up in the air and spin around and there are people from different walks of life sitting in this chair sitting in front of what would have been their dream that has been executed when you listen to the song on the album it's not as obvious as the video makes it because the video actually makes all thatagriculture issue and the message is much stronger now, why did you decide to make a child like that?
Although I mean, why not? I don't quite understand the question, what I'm trying to say is that If someone had heard the lyrics, maybe they would have interpreted them their own way, but by making a video that actually explains it it's like maybe it just fixed that particular thing. I see you there. I don't know. I think he's just kind. It helps people get an idea of ​​what we're saying in a particular song, for the most part every Megadeth album is like you bought it, created it in your own mind and listen to the lyrics and whatever.
Whatever you can think of, that's your baby with some of the songs, they must be perceived accurately to get the full validity of the song. My dream is a heavy song. I need you to understand exactly what it's about, but I Think we're about to watch the video, it definitely gets that point across, they're very, very good videos that you're about to watch very quickly, you guys are going to make home videos that come up. , yes, as I understand it, they should be released in November of the second. week of November and I have the skin of my teeth symphony of destruction Voyager of a dream high-speed earth and a couple of other little surprises surprise yes, we should expect the same exhibition of the dream exhibition of a dream okay and of the exhibition of a dream to close a dream we are going to finish tonight's program with the European premiere of that video.
I'm going to say goodbye to these guys now and I'll come back a little later to say goodbye and tell them. what's on next week so that's it guys thank you so much for taking so much time to talk to us. That was good. I know you are very busy. Also thanks to Marty and Nick, they have been very busy. Great too, good luck with the restaurant too and thank you very much. We will say goodbye to the European premiere of Megadeth before the closing of a dream.

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