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Meet the new owner of the BUGATTI VISION GRANTURISMO!!!

Jun 08, 2021
good morning good morning welcome back to the channel welcome back to the vlog two days ago i got the text i've been waiting for three months oct 31 9am. I was trying to keep this a secret for about 3 months, it was so hard that I first found out that Vision GT was coming back to America in August, but what happens with Vision GT is concept cars on a production car and so on. As far as importing into the United States, there's all this bullshit and red tape, so we're here in the heavy cargo depot from Los Angeles International Airport to Seoul, so sick that the


of Gran Turismo is inside that container. of cargo right now oh man it's under my car and I'm so excited to see it this is a real unicorn this is the only one in the whole world Wow the keys to the Dumpster unfortunately I can't film inside anymore because Customs and Border Protection USA has arrived of course they have to inspect the car make sure nothing illegal is imported and then sign oh my gosh the girth which they are really going to roll the


in the truck on these planks wood.
meet the new owner of the bugatti vision granturismo
There are four guys pushing each wheel. This is disgusting. hello, that diffuser is right, this is the most stressful delivery I have ever witnessed, how is that over there? the Strad man if you like supercars if you like hypercars even if you like jeeps or adventures make sure to subscribe to my channel now we are following the truck that will be delivered there to your car collection dude I can only imagine how Will the average driver be thinking of this UFO right here on the 405 that's so crazy the Prius there in the reflection too dude how is this car in America?
meet the new owner of the bugatti vision granturismo

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meet the new owner of the bugatti vision granturismo...

If your standing I suggest you sit alone because this garage is absurd w we have the


veyron vitesse aka hellbug we have the p1 sitting there in career mode next to the laferrari and centenario roadster this is such a sick garage , so you imagine soon the Gran Turismo vision will be here as well of course sure guys remember Hobie is currently at SEMA right now so unfortunately he won't be here in the garage so just look at this place , his dots, his lighting, it's just amazing, so of course there's only 20 of Shenton's. REO roadsters in the world this was the first customer delivered in the world full exposed carbon fiber and just look at that rear end and there's my favorite part of the whole car a knife edge diffuser this is the coolest truck in the world now we are rolling so two days ago when i got the text sitting in tokyo there was a decision to be made if we booked an overnight trip the next day from tokyo direct to los angeles we made the right decision if its a good seller we eat more t friend he is so sick are you kidding omg this wing design is so obnoxious and we love obnoxious That's our favorite attribute in a car.
meet the new owner of the bugatti vision granturismo
You have the French flag right there. We have these gojaks here. We will use to rotate the whole car. in that place that's how it's done right there WC very very good very good famous vision Gran Turismo treasure chest you have a special set of jumper cables and then this is the removal of the center lug nut in case you get a puncture for different remotes right here these two are the same this is what you use to raise and lower the suspension these two remotes you can turn on the headlights the taillights the interior lights you can raise the spoiler lower the spoiler the antenna that goes on top of the vision gt all you need to know and this is like the most mysterious car in the whole world starting procedure right here so there's a couple of switches there on the grill main switch in the car to turn on the power whoa like i was showing you before , we have the remotes here to turn on the headlights and taillights mate there are so many mysteries that have been solved that are in this book Wow here is the remote to turn on the headlights so they're on right now just turn them off and then we'll turn them back on that's cool ok we're going to turn on the taillights and then the interior will turn them on too real quick mate this is a ship Space so sick, look at that flyer.
meet the new owner of the bugatti vision granturismo
You kidding so if the engine start/stop button is right there you've got the windshield wipers flashers neutral park dude this is totally a video game of course the vision is just a single seater. Yamaguchi, he's the CEO of Gran Turismo, the video game, what a place, the vision Gran Turismo victori Bugatti, of course, the rear view mirrors, you've got the cameras right there and the screen in the front center, if the cameras were on, you could see your left mirror right there. and the right mirror on that side is a race mode right there yeah it's such a low stance nation it ain't clear we need a half an inch and a half veyron tires about forty grand with the vision GT has , these Michelin and the races. slicks there are only two sets of these tires in the whole world this set and Bugatti Corporate has another one if you want that second set we are looking at eighty thousand euros ok guys here it is this is the key to the madness of the hypercars, it's like a volkswagen passat key the first service in the vision gran turismo is a 20 thousand which includes an oil change they clean the windshield they finish off the windshield washer fluid and check the air pressure in each tire $20,000 as dea l laferrari obviously Ferraris creating maybe the best sounding cars in the world well this laufer was so loud it broke the mirror right there and then what does ferrari do better what is that missy the dog vlog whats up whatsapp i have been to some amazing garages all around the world but for a five car garage that's also a six with this year right there i don't know you can get much better than this if you had to choose one car in this collection which one would you choose?
I mean obviously the vision GT, but if you couldn't choose the vision GT, which one would you choose? I think I would choose the Chintan REO. I mean obviously I'm a Lambo guy through and through, you guys know you really couldn't go wrong. any of these cars now you guys might remember i filmed the delivery of this chintan re roadster i will put a link to that video in the description laferrari the p1 this is one of those cars we are surrounded by hyper car madness and yet you just can't stop look at the vision GT I mean to be honest the velo looks like a fool next to the vision it's so aggressive the fenders are so over the top everything about this car is so sick honestly I wish they would add more of these items .
The problem is obviously stuff like this splitter isn't very practical the vision GT was designed to be sort of a thoroughbred race car and that's why you have the power cut off switches in there you have the power disconnects the door and then you have this hatch here to remove the driver's helmet in the event of a crash we have an active arrow back here this rear wing is just disgusting we love it obnoxious a crazy thing about vision GT from a performance standpoint almost no one knows anything i mean the car is a complete mystery it has the 8 liter turbocharged W 16 quad which is in the Veyron as well as the shears it supposedly makes about 1500 horsepower don't quote me because honestly I don't I know and apparently it is ca. able to around 250 miles an hour we are literally in unicorn land right now singing REO Roadster 1 at 20 laferrari a 499 p1 a 375 vision GT one of a and Veyron a 450 the pure on a 500 this it's such garages goodness grace garage goals this is like a canvas print y'all remember he'll be if you don't there's a link to that video in the description below and then also remember the hell this car it was taken to 235 point seven miles per hour at the sun valley road rally there is also a link to that video i am linking you i am linking you two days ago we had a decision to make we were in tokyo i got the text that the vision gt will be delivered here on Halloween we're not buying an overnight flight straight from Tokyo to Los Angeles there are moments in your life you just can't miss, for example your wedding day you can't miss that maybe the birth of a child but you definitely don't want to miss the delivery. ry of a vision gran turismo once in a lifetime opportunity congratulations to the


of probably one of the coolest cars in the entire world the best part is he will be sharing this car will be at some point events it will be out of the museum on display at some point and it will be 101 vision GT.
I hope you enjoyed today's video.

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