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Massive Mistakes In Friends No One Noticed

Feb 27, 2020
It's been 25 years since we met Monica Chandler, Joey, Rachel Ross, and Phoebe, and we still can't get enough of


after watching the show over and over again, you may think you know everything there is to know about comedy. As it turns out, at over ten seasons and 236 episodes, Friends contains quite a few


that even some die-hard fans missed, from airs of continuity to crater-sized plot holes to little details that don't make sense once you notice them. , it's hard to forget these flaws in this video. I'm Counting 15 Mistakes You Missed In Friends at number 15 is Phoebe's ability or lack thereof to speak another language in season 8 when Phoebe visits Monica at work, she introduces her to Monica's sous-chef Tim , has no idea what Sue means and asks if he is Monica's boss, as Tim informs him that her suit is French, but the word crossed his mind in season 10, although Phoebe he tries to teach Joe that we had to speak French and seems to have a firm grasp of the language, yes it is possible now. that after the whole sue incident with Tim that Phoebe spent the next two years learning to speak French, we just doubt one of the details in the show that is a constant source of Easter eggs is Magna's doodle and the apartment Joey and Chandler's characters use it to write messages to each other, and if you look closely at each episode, you can see that over the years the prop department has used it to show off their creativity.
massive mistakes in friends no one noticed
They included funny doodles and silly notes to make the background of each episode more interesting episode in which all the duo's furniture is stolen, the thief even leaves a thank you note, which is not to say that there weren't a few times when the Eagle-eyed viewers


some odd details from Magna's doodle in the season four episode. one with the wedding dresses, though the writing on Magna's scribble behind Chandler keeps changing when Rachael enters the apartment, it says get out when Chandler explains why he doesn't dance at weddings, though the writing changes to say poop a few seconds later when ross walks in and informs everyone when he and Emily are getting married, the writing says come out again, which is a confusing scribble of Magna throughout


, people were running in and out of Rachael and Monica's apartment like they never lock their doors, but the locks work inconsistently depending on what happens in the Season 1 Thanksgiving episode when the helpless balloon escapes Monica and Rachel rush off and get locked in.
massive mistakes in friends no one noticed

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massive mistakes in friends no one noticed...

This makes it look like the doors they close automatically, but how is that possible when Chandler bursts into the apartment moments before to Tell Everyone What Happens later in a season 10 episode. Chandler and Monica get everyone out of their apartment, so Rachel looks for an old key that will allow the gang to return. The problem is that the locks were changed in season 8 when Rachel moved out. that means Rachel's old key would never let them in no matter how the apartment locks worked during the show. There are a couple of examples where it looks like Monica and Rachel have been inundated if you look closely for a split second.
massive mistakes in friends no one noticed
Monica and Rachel are gone Monica and Rachel longer in the episode the heist Rachel runs into the apartment and she and Joey are talking at the door when Joey turns to talk to everyone else suddenly the woman next to him is another person, not even wearing the same clothes as her. she may seem just as happy as Rachel, but we suspect she's the smile of someone who has infiltrated our friends without anyone noticing, similarly to the one on Rachel's date. Monica and Phoebe are chatting on the couch in Central Perk when the camera angles for a close-up. in Phoebe someone who looks nothing like Monica can be seen in profile on the right side of the frame who that person is and what they have done with Monica the season 6 episode where Chandler doesn't cry is in focus well you guessed it Chandler's inability to cry in the episode Chandler admits that he hasn't been able to cry since he was a child, so the gang does everything they can to get him back in touch with his feelings despite how emotionally stunted he is. it turns out that the episode makes Chandler look like. that his inability to shed tears has been greatly exaggerated in a season 3 episode.
massive mistakes in friends no one noticed
Phoebe tells a story in which she made Chandler cry. Chandler also cries in the Season 4 episode where Ross must choose either Joey or Chandler to be best man for him and Emily. Deciding that he loves them both, Ross informs them that he's lucky to have such good friends that he leaves the three boys crying despite what the show would have us believe about Chandler a couple of seasons later. Another inconsistency that occurs throughout the series is Ross's dislike for ice cream in the Season 7 episode, in which Chandler doesn't like dogs, Ross mentions that he doesn't like ice cream, why apparently he makes too much. cold and teeth ache, oh poor man, yes, there's more than once we've seen Ross. eating ice cream on the show when Ross had Marcel the monkey he is shown sharing an ice cream cone with him and then when Ross gets together with Elizabeth in season six he is seen eating ice cream with her I don't know maybe he developed a tooth sensitivity after which led to his newfound hatred of ice cream, much of the first season of Friends revolved around the upcoming birth of Ross's son Ben, in later seasons Ben continues to appear periodically, which left in It was clear that Ross was still very much a part of his boy's life, however as the show progressed we saw little Ben less and less and by the time the last two seasons of the show rolled Ben was nowhere to be found.
As a matter of fact, Ben's last episode was in the middle of season 8 in seasons 9 and 10 Ross and Rachel had their baby Emma, ​​but Emma never met her older brother, Ben. There is apparently only room for one child in Ross's life. The friends begin when Rachel leaves her fiancé Barry at the altar and searches for her old friend Monica. That's not the last we hear. of Barry, although he appears several more times in the show and each time he is referred to as Barry Farber DDS, except for that pilot episode where his last name is Finkel, why does Barry's last name change between the pilot and the next time he Rachael is mentioned walking? with him it makes him reconsider things and results in a name change, this just doesn't make sense in season 5.
Joey finds herself keeping secrets from his friends and she hates him. Joey just wants everyone to come clean so they don't have to know. who knows what, especially since, as he says, he has his own secrets in the episode where everyone finds out what one of those secrets is. He has a penguin friend named huggsy. the subject doesn't come up again until Emma is born and decides she loves huggsy as much as she loves Joey, but if you look closely starting in season five, huggsy can be seen positioned in different places in Joey and Chandler's apartment, it seems like it's always there. watching the antics of friends but never calling attention to himself yet if he's Joey's big secret, why is Joey suddenly so arrogant about where he puts his stuff, dude? spell still, for some reason, no one on Friends could decide if there was an e at the end of the name or not, the back and forth made it seem like the friends didn't actually know how to spell Rachel's last name correctly, including Rachel in the credits .
Green is spelled as the color G on the door of Rachel's office at Bloomingdale's, although it is spelled GRE E and E Ross uses this spelling when he sends an invitation to his wedding to Rachel later, when Ross is shown holding a cake for Emma's first. birthday, however the box is clearly marked with the last name Green without the e, honestly just pick a spelling and go with it. you will notice that it keeps changing and that is why this error is at number five on our list. The funny thing is that the gang paid a lot of attention to the building across the street, especially when they were spying on the naked ugly guy whose naked activities were a constant source of fascination despite spending the whole time staring at the big squishy, ​​but the friends never


. that their apartment buildings seemed to be remodeled how is that possible?
Is Monica's building moving or is the ugly naked boys building constantly changing? Does the friends' New York City exist in some sort of vortex of space and time in issue four? Is it Phoebe's uncanny ability to appear in two places at once and the friends pilot after the gang goes to the friends' apartment? Monica Phoebe stops in the kitchen with the others to meet Monica's date after Monica introduces him, the infamous Paul the wine guy, and invites him in. Phoebe mentions that she has ripped out four eyelashes. The next shot is of Paul looking back from the sofa, reacting to the strange pronouncement from Phoebe and who is sitting in the chair next to him.
Well, he's none other than Phoebe herself, but Paul seems more perplexed by Phoebe's ability to pluck out her eyelashes than by her ability to replicate herself. One of the weirder friends plot holes involves when Chandler and Rachel first meet and that's why it's at number three on our countdown to the first episode of Friends. Monica introduces Chandler to Rachel as if they've never met before, but later in the show it's revealed in flashbacks that Chandler and Rachel really should have recognized each other in the season five episode, the one with all the Thanksgiving Days. Thank you.
Rachel meets Chandler at the Geller's Thanksgiving not once, but twice, in a season 10 episode, Monica and Rachel attend a party the night before their SATs and Chandler and Rachel kiss, even if they didn't remember those other meetings, you would think that this particular meeting would have been memorable. for both of them and number 2 on our list are the changing floors of the group's apartments for most of the series Monica and Rachel's apartment was number 20 while Joey and Chandler lived across the way at number 19, but this was not the case in Friends Season 1 in the show's opening episode Monica and Rachel's apartment was number 5 and Joey and Chandler's was number 4.
The apartment numbers were reportedly switched when the producers realized that would put the apartments on the first floor, as fans know, but the gang doesn't. They don't live on the bottom floor, they were often seen walking up the stairs to get to their apartments, so apartment numbers to make their second floor location make more sense, this one definitely raises eyebrows, but all in all Anyways we never focused on the apartment numbers they were more confused about how Monica could afford that nice apartment in New York City finally at number one is the inconsistency around the ages of friends and the dates of their births this is information that seems to change every time it appears or doesn't change enough and it's a particular problem for Ross for three full years he doesn't age he says he's 29 in seasons 3, 4 and 5 of the show even though he goes through three different seasons of Thanksgiving and holidays at that time, he also mentions that his birthday is in December. and october and another point rachel celebrates her 30th birthday in the episode its clear rachel is the last of the group to reach this milestone except earlier in the series joey was said to be the youngest why these people is it so hard for you to realize?
How old are they and when were they born? Could these errors be any more annoying? Let us know in the comments which ones he'll be keeping an eye out for in the next iteration of his friends. Are there any other bugs we missed if he enjoyed this? video don't forget to give us a big thumbs up and subscribe to benja for more awesome content thanks for watching

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