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Lisa Nichols: From Struggle to Stardom - Her Top 10 Rules for Success

Apr 04, 2024
and all that about potential I was tired of having potential I wanted to have my now I'm just an ordinary mother who said I want to drastically transform my son's future the power of I am the power of I can get you through the darkest moment while you're creating


create holistic


make a small change in 30 days in a small change in 30 days your breakthrough will come it will come in embroidery movements at some point i have to stop asking it can't be great i can be brilliant you have done it alter that soil to plant a new seed to grow new fruit there is not a single line of business you can be in that a story and a great story will not elevate your bottom line wealth is possessions and abundance of money is a 360 experience degrees.
lisa nichols from struggle to stardom   her top 10 rules for success
I look at my life and I'm not supposed to be who I am today. She is a life coach author and motivational speaker. She is the founder and CEO of Motivate the Masses. She is also the author of six best-selling books. This is Lisa Nichols and here she is. Top 10 Rules for Success I had a hard time getting to school the last time I took an English class. I had to fail and my English teacher said I was the weakest writer she had ever met in her life the last time I took a speech class. I did the same here. a d-minus in the speech and in my speech she should say at least in quotes.
lisa nichols from struggle to stardom   her top 10 rules for success

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lisa nichols from struggle to stardom her top 10 rules for success...

I recommend that you never speak in public and get a desk job, so that was the beginning of my life, that was my experience for 19 years and then. I go on and I'm trying to figure it out trying to figure it out I was obedient I went and got a job in accounting I was in the collections department for seven years you guys don't know I'm dangerous for accounting Not only am I dangerous and I'm in collections and you know you should never put to a person broke in collections, never because everyone's reasons sound good to me, funny, but it was real, I didn't just say girl, don't worry about paying.
lisa nichols from struggle to stardom   her top 10 rules for success
I'm going to remove your name from the list. Someone went to jail because I was black. I got fired from five different jobs, yeah, and then I got pregnant with my son unexpectedly and then eight months later, my son's father went to prison. I had to join the government. assistance to have my baby I was on WIC women babies children to feed my son and when my son was eight months old I went to the ATM to get $20 from the bank because I didn't have diapers for him and in order to get $20 she got those $20 I I had $11 in 42 cents and I still can't tell the story without getting emotional about my story for two days I had to wrap my son in a towel but something happened Steve on those two days I was at the bottom I was broke and I was broken Inglewood California my son lying on his back at eight months i have a towel over him and i have my hand on his stomach fan don't worry jeylani mom will never be this broke again and i made a decision i was broke and every stinky thought i had i was broke and trying to protecting my pride I was broke and trying to be all that in a bag of chips and a plate of counterfeit grits I was broke and trying not to ask anyone for help I was ruining everything that held me back and kept me where I was I've always spoken well but I wasn't doing anything with my gift and all that stuff about potential I was tired of having the potential that I wanted to have my now and I looked at that baby at eight months and said: I want to transform your life because you didn't ask to enter this chaos like a African American boy in South Central Los Angeles with a single mother. whose father is in prison, he had a 66% chance of going to prison himself, not on my watch, hmm, not on my watch, so yes I have to be willing to transform myself drastically in order to become the woman I know I am.
lisa nichols from struggle to stardom   her top 10 rules for success
I may be right and that's what I started doing. I was radical. What did you do? Lee, so what did you do to change your life first? no one behind no, I don't want to stay with you, okay, just you, but you don't even want to be here, okay, I don't want to be the queen of this block, yeah, and I accepted the fact that it doesn't make me any less committed to my community committed to my culture committed to my family the best thing I can do for you is not to stay here with you that's just when I got it I went to places I'd never seen before going to conferences where people talked about money, they talked about prosperity, yeah , talking about it was like I didn't speak Spanish, what was everyone talking about eyes, PPM, term agreements, equity fundraising and results, and what is that when I was I'll stay until I know what you're talking about.
I went to the same conference 42 times and raised five hundred and thirty-two thousand dollars in capital to start my company. My dream and dream was to transform the lives of teenagers. I want to teach teenagers how to fall head over heels in love with themselves and how to make decisions based on integrity and I got funded and started working and that was the beginning of my rescue. I realized that I am my rescue, no one else is my rescue, so I was hungry like I was hungry, people often want to call me the exception like, oh my God, you are the exception, no, I'm not the exception, I am an ordinary woman who chooses to make one more extraordinary decision every day.
I am an ordinary mother who said: I want to dramatically transform my son's future, that he deserves to have all the options that any other child would have, regardless of what he was born into. I was just crazy enough to believe that it doesn't matter the color of my skin it doesn't matter my religious background it doesn't matter my background it doesn't matter my mom's bank account my dad has been coming I was born none of that means my future that's just The circumstance I come from that's not what defines my future I just don't think there's much that validates it, but faith is believing in the invisible anyway, so I have enough faith to go, I know, I know, I know, I know, I don't necessarily have to see it yet.
Christy spoke. about affirmations, abundant thinkers understand the power of I am anything after the word I am is true to your unconscious mind Michael anything after I am anything after I am even if you know it's not true your conscious mind you will believe it anything after I am, so the use of affirmations is very intentional and very consistent. I was diagnosed as clinically depressed and from 2001 to 1998 I'm sorry, I was diagnosed as clinically depressed. It did not make sense. He had been in a relationship. I was committed to having. I was married and my fiancé, who I didn't know at the time, was bipolar and stopped taking his meds and under the belief system that love can cure anything, I ended up being picked up and thrown three feet across the room and I ended up being I choked until I passed out and once I got out of that relationship it was just different, it was different, so my mom insisted that I go to the doctor.
I went to the doctor and I sat on the table and she checked me and talked to me and I came back with a prescription and she said Lisa, you're clinically depressed and I felt like I heard Charlie Brown's parents talk like I want I want I want I want clinically depressed at least that doesn't make sense in that same sentence and she would get she handed me a prescription and I read the description and it had my name on it and it said Prozac I thought that doesn't make sense Lisa Nichols that doesn't make sense and I said do you mean I'm sad? she said very, very sad.
I said: can I try something? and I don't do it. I'm not recommending them guys, if it's a medicine, stop taking medicine, please don't do that. I asked my doctor and she agreed. I said, do you mind if I try something first? take this, she says yes but I need to see you again in 30 days if you are in the same condition. I need us to try this medicine. I said okay, I could do it, so I went home and every day I looked in the mirror and drilled myself, I do it every day because I realize I forgot who she was.
I just forgot. It was just okay to forget it. I just forgot, so every day, every day for 25 minutes, I just checked the IMS every day. I am and I compare that to I forgive you so I compare it to Lisa when I commit to you every day. I came back in 30 days and I'm talking to her and I'm on fire, she's just looking at me. I'm just talking, talking, she turned her head again and I'm just talking, talking, she says wait, I have to stop you. I said what's up with her. What are you drinking?
Can I have some? I was like I was taking a little bit of myself and then the The Power of I Am The Power of I Am Can Get You Through the Darkest Moment The Power of I Am Success is personally defined by everyone and as you create success , creates holistic success. My part, my biggest successes are the things that people don't do. I even see, it's the fact that my 14 year old son made me his best friend to his friends, that's bigger than any book offer you can give me, it's bigger than sitting in front of Larry King or next to Oprah who my 14 year old son caused.
Me, his best friend, creating holistic success is really important. Let me tell you that to have something different you will have to do something different to have something more. You have to do something you haven't done yet. I have to say. the things I didn't mean do the things I didn't feel like doing to have life I know I want it dot dot and all I did was give instructions for here make this bite size make this bite size make this bite size in one bite, digestible, tasty pieces of what you can do that sound good, guys, and when you look up and you don't have to have a magnificent change in 12 months, have a small change in 30 days in a small change in 30 days . your breakthrough will come with embroidery movements and you will look up in five years and you will not recognize your life what has been your greatest achievement do you think that recovering number one is refusing to listen to the negative destroying my head refusing to listen to other people's perception of me creating something out of absolutely nothing, so I have a you know, there are books, there is television, there are all those things, but my greatest achievement is being willing to give myself a thousand second chances and every time I get to 999 I press reset, yeah.
I didn't ask permission I gave notice at some point I have to stop asking can I be cool? can I be brilliant? Can I be okay and still be accepted? I just stopped asking permission and just gave notice unapologetically, not in a bragging way, not in a way that shrugged off anyone else in a way that said: I only have one life and I'm going to ride this one until I get them. wheels fell off and then all the other things came. Wow, as a result of a decision I made well, but it was a decision. it was a decision but it was and it didn't come from a motivating experience it didn't come from an inspiring teacher it came from hitting rock bottom there is a lot of value in what you unlearn sometimes the best thing you can do is unlearn We always look for some things after learning something new because we are information addicts, because we have all these forms of information that come to us on the Internet, that come to us in books, that come to us in videos that come to us on television.
I want to learn, learn, learn, but sometimes your greatest advancement is in what you unlearn and then relearn, sometimes you have to disturb your soil, raise the soil, take that dry land that has been planted for years. I know I've been knowing this for years. My mother taught me that's what we always knew: you have to alter that soil in order to plant a new seed to produce a new fruit, yes, yes, you understood that, so I came very comfortably to alter your soil, that's how came. to disturb your ground not necessarily to keep you comfortable what you know stay comfortable I want to disturb you in some things that are new awareness to go oh wait wait or new awareness about what you have been doing based on what I have always known that that no longer fits your future because I can guarantee you that each one of us who wants something different from what we are getting, we are unconsciously doing something from all the patterns that does not even serve our future, that's when The tongue in your mouth and the tongue on your shoe go in two totally different directions and your job is to align them so you can move forward in a powerful way.
Every thing you touch is impacted by your story as a lawyer. As a teacher as an architect, there is no single line of business you can be in, and a great story will not improve your bottom line. Every line of business, every line of service that you're connected to will be affected and ideally. raise it to the level where you're willing to tell and share your story, so let me give you some guidelines, some parameters, what I like to call the bumper rails, like if you're going to go bowling, you know, when I'm going to bowling, I ask them. to put up the little bumper rails so I can hit my ball and I can go down the lane so let me put up some bumper rails for you so you understand what makes a great story so one is the willingness to take on risks, the view of most people when they are telling a story, they don't want to take risks, so the story has its limits inas to how high it will go or how deep it will go, and when you have that, then you're not really where it's going. touch my soul, so be willing to take the risk be clear and concise with your stories a great story is a ShowMe story, not a tell me now story, this is the distinction that changes the game for most people told a story, that's how they say let me share with you a little of my story and I will tell it to you and then I will show it to you, while I was building my life there was a moment in my life that was very difficult, it was verychallenging true story very difficult very challenging very uncomfortable no I had a lot of money I didn't have a lot of hope and things just look bleak at some point I had to change my life at some point I made the decision that life had to get better I tell you it's decent you learn about me so if I showed you that story I would say six days a week I had to eat hats and sausages I had to find money in the cracks and crevices corners of my sofa to be able to give milk to my son there were times when my heart was beating fast just what am I going to have tomorrow somewhere moment I got sick and tired of my own story this will be my future no I can't stand it, I notice the difference in that second store, oh I completely see that I just painted a picture of the same story.
Now the second one, when you show a story, will require more of you, it will require finding the colors. Were you thinking what were you experiencing what was going on in your head instead of telling me you're looking for money turn and point now this is anywhere this is anywhere you're doing anything I promise you that you will become a great storyteller and captivate your audience no matter what you're doing, I've captivated investors, I've captivated students, I've captivated educators because I was willing to show the story. I call it unpacking the vision of the story, being willing to tell me what you were thinking, what you were feeling.
What were you saying? Think of a story as an oral film and so in an oral film think that when you're watching a film, the first thing they do is identify what time state it's in, is it futuristic, was it in the now? In the past you realize that depending on what people wear, how they talk, so paint that picture for me, take me to that environment, prepare the backdrop for me, show me what you are instead of saying I was angry, you can tell me You're mad but when you say the hairs on the back of my neck stood up I felt the fumes coming out of my nose I thought my chest was going to burst and I was going to say something I would regret forever.
You showed me that you were angry, take that extra time to analyze it. Why don't most people do it? Because it requires a level of vulnerability that we are not willing to share. Myth number two is that abundance is singularly focused on possessions and money. it's about what you drive what you live how much money you make when in fact this couldn't be further from the truth wealth is possessions and money abundance is a 360 degree experience abundance is a 360 experience ​​degrees true abundance true abundance is your health because if you are not in good health, life does not feel good to you, abundance is a relationship and at the end of your life, you will literally measure the quality of your life by the quality of the relationships that you had, everything else will fall in the way of that promotion. you are thinking about you are wondering about that race an area of ​​importance will disappear when you reach the end of your life you will begin to observe the quality of your relationships how your children relate to you how your siblings relate Do you have love in your life?
You will literally start to look at relationships at a higher level as you get older so when you care about them, now you care about them and I know that in fact I have a friend who is worth 14 billion. billion dollars, could it be that he just partied at my house all night, wouldn't leave at 4 in the morning to go home, and flew from Canada to go to my New Year's party because he loves my family connection and doesn't has one is financially rich has a broken relationship that makes sense abundance is a 360 experience it's about relationships it's about health it's about your spiritual foundations that doesn't mean you have a religious background it's about can you release can you forgive can you let go go? stay still, you meditate, you have time with yourself, that has a lot to do with the quality of your life, that capacity and I have a message for you, a very important message, we live in a world where you know that limiting beliefs and limited thoughts are accepted . and in some environments it is recommended not to look down on anyone or any institution, but look at our educational system, it is limited by who you can be, who you can be.
We are taught that you know that as an excellent academic student, you were expected to achieve. More pressures, but even within that greater achievement there is still a limiting belief. You know, look at my life today and it's barely recognizable. I'm grateful to say that I have six bestsellers that I published with Oprah with Larry King on CNN Good Day LA. I've traveled all over the world and work in Taipei in Africa and Kazakhstan, but that's not where I started. I started struggling for twelve years in the education system without thinking I was good enough. The word fail is present in every year in school in one area or another and then I graduated or I got out, I mean, I graduated, but what did I graduate in?
I graduated more from who, more from who I think I could be or who I couldn't be, but it's not my possibility. I look back and for the first 10 or 15 years of my Ruggles adulthood I


d because I didn't dream big enough at the time. He did not know. I felt like my dreams were covered and suffocated by the cultural limitations we have. We are defined by who our parents were, what our culture can do, what our community can do, so if you look at all areas of our lives, financially, mentally, emotionally, family, geographically, and all those things put us in a box, some of our boxes are these. big, so we think they are incredible, some of them are that big and we know they are suffocating the life out of us.
The reality is that we were trained to be realistic, to be logical, to remain practical, and there is nothing realistic or logical about Steve Jobs. In his journey there is nothing realistic or logical about Dr. Martin Luther King and his willingness to be radical for a change that none of us saw coming. There is nothing realistic about Nelson Mandela being released from prison after 27 years and leading the largest forgiveness movement of all time. There is nothing realistic and even logical about my journey, I was born and raised in the South. In downtown Los Angeles, eating three bites a week just to get home from school, you know, having my speech teacher tell me that I was the weakest writer my teacher had ever met and that I should never speak in public. ; looking at my life today and moving on. and having a child before I get married and receiving government assistance just to feed my baby not having money to buy diapers and wrapping my son in a towel for three days until he can get money to buy diapers.
I look at my life. and I wasn't supposed to be who I am today something changed, but it didn't come from outside, it didn't come from my culture or my community, it came from within who I was committed to transforming my life, it just didn't didn't fit didn't fit realistic no it fit practical and it didn't fit logical I didn't know how I was going to get there there were no examples of how I would get there there were no instructions there was no GPS and there wasn't even anyone around me who had an idea how to help me, all there was was my intuition, my internal GPS, my internal gob placement system and the wheel and the desire and the big dream inside my belly and I was ready.
Keep going until something bigger than me explodes so you can live the life you love and love the life you live. You have to be willing to take a step to the other side of normality, to the other side of where people give you permission to take a step. You have to be willing to go to the other side of what is realistic. You have to be willing to dream big and give yourself a radical opportunity for a radical future and awesome possibility. It starts with you. I promise. Thank you all so much for watching. I did this. video because Charmaine Robinson asked me to, so there's a famous entrepreneur you want me to profile next, leave it in the comments below and I'll see what I can do.
I'd also love to know which of Lisa's top 10


affect you the most. had the biggest impact on you leave it in the comments and I will join the discussion thank you so much for watching keep believing and I will see you soon you will never attract money until you become a greater steward of The money you have, when you worry your pennies will flow , but if you're not currently the best steward of the money you have, meaning you spend it quickly, you give it away, you don't know how much you have, then it's hard. so that the universe gives you more than you are not taking respect and the highest level of responsibility, that's the woe, but it's the truth, I kept wanting to make more money but I didn't care about the money I was making well and When I start to worry because my money, my mother used to say that money burns her pockets, so I thought that money was in fashion and that I had to spend it quickly and once I learned to extract my existing money, suddenly I started to have room to attracting more money into my space so being a good steward of your existing dollars is very very important because that will create more prosperity you have to recognize that and this is part of people's resistance they come to me for help all time, okay.
Great, let's find out what then breaks down. I'm fine, I just need to improve. You know something is there and it breaks. A breakdown doesn't mean you need to be hit into the ground by a target. It means that something in my life is not exactly like that. I want it, we always have a breakdown, it's just how we handle our breakdown, so number one is to be authentic and transparent about what's not working, even in your greatness some can work well. You know, I think the reality is that someone lost 40 pounds and I. I found it and am trying to return it to its rightful owner.
I'm just saying that's what I'm working on now. The best I can do is be honest out loud about it. We try to protect it. Hello. We try to defend and protect too much we live improving so the first thing I show them to us is what are you hiding protecting showing that you are defending let's identify that now what is the distance between that and where you want to be and then the rest is are you? willing to do something you've never done before most people don't want to have a grander life a more exciting life doing exactly what they were doing look my grandma said conviction and comfort don't live on the same block mmm yeah You go To be condemned for something, you may have to feel some discomfort, but if you want to be comfortable, why don't you relax where you are?
Because that's where you'll fit in, and therefore, are you willing to reinvent who you are? Are you willing to end procrastination? Are you willing to put an end to excuses? The blame game. I never let people call me a single mother because of my title. I'm Lisa Nichols, who happens to be a single mother. Don't define me by My circumstances define me by my intention so it's just being really willing, most changes will happen here first and if you don't change there you can win the lottery and still end up broke because I'm a slingshot you'll go back to your mind. comfort zone that most people do

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