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LFC Hip-Hop Quiz 2019: Ox v Brewster v Gomez v Van Dijk | Who will take the crown?

May 10, 2020
look over here It sounds familiar to me. He looks familiar, but I don't know if it's really him. Just go with his gut, guys, come on. Ooh... RHIAN: Don't give me that, because I won't know. Last year when I guessed it, or whatever year it was, it went wrong. Ed Sheeran - Are you serious? This is hip-hop, dude. Why are you trying to cheat? Oh Lord. If he had wanted to look, he would have looked. GCSE Brewster came in with the trap. I have no idea either, but... I'm so wrong. OK ready? Flip your plates. So who is he?
lfc hip hop quiz 2019 ox v brewster v gomez v van dijk who will take the crown
Kid Cudi! RHIAN: I'm not even showing my answer. Never see the man, mate. OX: What did you write? RIAN: I don't know. OX: What did you write? - I dont know. Won't you even show it?! You must show your plate. Oh Lord. But don't believe that either. Your second rapper as a kid. family! What is this? Ox, you know this one, right? OX: I can't... Guys, turn them over. No, no, not yet. Come on, five seconds too. No no no! That's embarrassing. Show it off, show it off What's going on here? Rhian, what did he have?
lfc hip hop quiz 2019 ox v brewster v gomez v van dijk who will take the crown

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lfc hip hop quiz 2019 ox v brewster v gomez v van dijk who will take the crown...

SUSANNAH: This is getting out of hand. I need an answer. Yes, that's right, Virgil. That's right, Joe. Nothing arrived on time. Rhian is gone. No, I see that now, it's clear. Did you put Drake? I never put Drake! I didn't write anything! Be a man. ready ready? Who is that anyway? What? A rapper? That's not Eminem. Eminem is ginger apparently. Bro, when has Eminem been a redhead? Since when! OX: Wait there, wait there. Ed Sheeran? I have no idea, but… No, that's going to hurt, because I'm going to know. Flip them over I need an answer, I need an answer.
lfc hip hop quiz 2019 ox v brewster v gomez v van dijk who will take the crown
Virgil! Virgil is Coming - Post Malone. Male pole. -Post Malone. - You fly. I'm flying? Oh I'm flying I don't even have a correct one! Finish? RHIAN: I have a mare. So who is this? I saw them a few years ago, and these look nothing like this. They had Drake, Kanye West, Jay-Z... Come on, get out, not a kid picture, the Halloween picture of him! He's in disguise! RHIAN: Okay, sorry. It's some kind of booty, chain on and everything. Just complete something, it won't go any faster, mate. Look, you're at four points... Six points now, man, I'm six!
lfc hip hop quiz 2019 ox v brewster v gomez v van dijk who will take the crown
Can we have it all there? Are you in a group? I think I know who it is because I think I've seen a picture of someone like that before. Ok, I need answers now. Yes? One two... One two... - I think. - Turn them around. YES! Cardi B? It is right?! It is right?! It is right?! It is right?! Nope! No, that's not true! That's worse than anything that... OX: I'm out of here. I'm just saying he told me! he is male. I was told that he is a female! ASAP Rocky. ASAP Rocky. ASAP Rocky, guys.
They told me that she was a woman. She comes back, she comes back What do you mean she is a woman? They told me she was a woman! She may want to pick that up ASAP. They told me she was a woman! I know you've all seen that photo of Cardi B before, when he got the… Guys sit down! They told me it was Cardi B. Come on, sit down, sit down. SUSANNAH: You're going to win back. People think you're my boy, you're letting me down. This is embarrassing. Alright guys, next. Cardi B?! Now this is Cardi B, right?
I bet this is Cardi B. See? See, that was the image she was thinking of. No, you're looking at lip syncing right there. Rhian, get that plate back! I don't play Cardi B anymore, I'm Cardi B. The last one, guys. I can't believe what you just did. Finish? You did it well? It was Cardi B. The last one. I don't even want to look at this person. VIRGILIO: Who the hell is this? What is this? My God, I know. Is this a rapper? Yes that's how it is. - From America. - I think I understood it, but I don't know how to spell it.
I don't even want to answer this one because I'm embarrassing myself again. Guys, are you ready? You have to flip your plates. Alex, turn it over. Lil Dicky? Lil Dicky. That's right! What? What is Lil Dicky? I thought you said Lil Diddy. ♫ I woke up in the body of Chris Brown... ♫ Thank you. Never seen it, man, heard that song but... Freaky Friday, that one. ♫ Nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh... ♫ Joe doesn't come out of the house, he doesn't come out, so he doesn't know this one. Listen, that's not my scene. Unfortunately, it's time to eliminate two of our contestants. Thank you very much.
We have to say goodbye to Virgil and Rhian. But you... Fam, I beat him! - Brother, what have you done... - I don't care. Ox and Joe are going to perform a hip-hop or rap song they want for 20-30 seconds. Rhian, help your boy, I'll give you some moral support, you know? Virg is going to help Joe, then I'll judge. I get to pick the winner and this is the winner. Points don't matter right now, okay? You just have to sell it. THE BEATBOXES You do it. - Look, that's the bass. - Oh well. I'm going on my own.
What? Have you decided to go solo? I'm just here for moral support. Are you ready? Nope! No possibility! - I'm good to go. - OKAY. It's okay, go away. However, I need someone in the edit pack for the beeps because when I'm in the flow I can't think fast enough for HE to mimic the beep sound. What song were you going to play? Drake, hell already. That's him. TRACKING PLAYS ON PHONE: I've gone blank. - No pressure, honey. Ah, listen, I'm not standing. I just need the signal. ♫ Look, all my exes live in Texas like I'm George Strait ♫ Or they go to the state of Georgia ♫ Where the tuition is handled by some random man who lives in Atlanta ♫ That she only sees when she feels compelled ♫ She admitted it to me the first time That time we went out But she was no angel and we never waited never waited ♫ I took her out for sushi, she wanted... ♫ So we took it to go, we told them not even to plate it ♫ And we never talked much afterwards I exploded ♫ Just 'hello' or 'happy late' ♫ I think I texted her and said... ♫ And that's when she texted me and said she prayed ♫ And that's when I texted her and said I love her ♫ And right after I texted her I told her I'm swooning ♫ She asked... what have I learned since I got richer... ♫ VIRGIL: It's over , it's over.
Stop! Stop! ♫ I learned that Hennessey and haters are one hell of... ♫ Even though she's... up, girl I'm still with you ♫ Damn, is it the fall? It's time to revisit the past ♫ It's women to call There are albums to release, there's liquor involved ♫ There are stories to tell, we've been through it all... ♫ Wait for the chorus, wait for the chorus! ♫ ... dressing room, confusing me with questions like! ♫ SUSANA: Wow! It's over, we don't have to go anymore. What are you doing, mate? Sit down! Game over! No, I can't go like this, no, no. Scream when I'm in midstream.
He couldn't hear me think. RHIAN: Game over. It's game, set, match. It's 3-0, minute 90. You're going to kill him, you're going to kill him. Why do you lean so much on him? Because that's my partner, man. What song are you going to play? Lil Wayne, ma'am officer. To coordinate! The floor is yours. Floor? The chair is mine. Aren't you standing? Okay, okay, okay. Go Go. My husband. Hmm. Don't give any of those 'mmm', trying to make you sound fly. TRACK PLAYS ON PHONE Ooh! BOTH: ♫ Ooh-ooh-ooh ♫ Yes, yes, yes ♫ Yes, yes, yes... ♫ Changed the field. Virg, come on, man.
Brother, I'm here with you! Moral support. OK, we'll get into that now. Come on, Joe,


it. ♫ When I wake up all in you ♫ We can hear the angels calling us VIRGIL: Calling us ♫ We can see the sunrise before us ♫ I'll make that body sing... ♫ What do I say? ♫ Wee-oh-wee, wee-oh-wee... ♫ OX: Oh, that's a meme right there. Oh, I'm going to watch this all year. ♫ Wee-oh-wee, wee-oh-wee... ♫ When he and Virgil are in charge, that becomes the meme. ♫ Making money on the last pitch Got stopped by a policewoman ♫ She made me think that she might date a cop... ♫ What, what did she say?
You do not know! She's fine, wow. That's all we need. That was... Listen. - We did it together. - Chemistry. That was better than I thought it would be. Exactly, and we did it together. Rhian wasn't even involved. She was good… I did everything I could to represent No. 15. To defend that trophy. You've been practicing for days in the shower, dude. Do not let me fall. Well, the final decision is in my hands and you have put me in a difficult position. It's not hard for me to be honest. I was very impressed. On one hand, Ox really came in and sold it, on the other hand, Joe and his partner-in-crime Virg here, just with the smooth moves and choruses, they both deserve to be Hip-Hop Challenge winners.
Today's winner… Ox. YES! What are you doing?! Sit down man! We come as a couple, you know what I mean? You did nothing. Moral support. Well done. Congratulations man, you earned it. But you don't deserve anything, brother, nothing! You are the newly


ed champion of hip-hop. I feel incredible. I knew when I took this jersey there was a lot of responsibility that came with it, the D Studger D jersey, and I'm glad I kept his title. The number 15 jersey, Studge, for you. You did it, man, you did it. You did it. Congratulations, ox. You did it.

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