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Let me give Jason Todd a hug... | BATMAN: UNDER THE RED HOOD Reaction

Apr 04, 2024
achieve it. our meeting um oh that's great come here little one you can't really put your finger on who it is you want meet me in Crime Alley hello I'm Ali tell me how that feels who you are you don't know yet remember I'm just something you helped to do, that's pretty critical, you helped make like Joker and Batman were his parents, like his creators, oh my god, this is intense, man, yeah, he was trying to steal something from the Batmobile, oh Jason, hey, he was smiling . that's where they met she has to fight her boy look at you I guess we should keep him even he changed in the light doesn't it make it easier for you to think that my little bath in his Fountain of Youth made me mad or is that the real me, no, I don't know, I think this was definitely in him, he went through something incredibly horrible, I'm what this town needs, he has so much pent up anger and resentment, he still looks so young.
let me give jason todd a hug batman under the red hood reaction
He's either immortal or he just came back from the dead, oh my god, someone's poor toilet hit his kid. I know I failed you but I tried to save you Jason. I'm trying to save you now. What do you think it is about? You let me die I don't know what cloud was your judgment, your guilt or your old-fashioned sense of morality Bruce, I for


you for not saving me, but why the hell is he still alive? Oh wow, so who has a camera? Oh, get one. of me and the kid first, then you and me, then the three of us and then one with the joker, it's not the time Jason has a point, killjoy, no kick for you, it's blindly and stupidly ignoring all the graveyards that has filled, the thousands who have suffered, the friends.
let me give jason todd a hug batman under the red hood reaction

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let me give jason todd a hug batman under the red hood reaction...

He's crippled I thought I'd be the last person you'd let hurt if it was you who would have been hit by a damn Pope if I'd taken you out of this world I wouldn't have done anything but search the planet for this pathetic bunch of evil, death-worshiping trash you don't understand I don't think you've ever understood what your moral code just doesn't allow that's very difficult to cross that line it will be very easy, yes, that's true, all I ever wanted to do is to kill him. Yes, not a day goes by that I don't think about subjecting him to all the horrendous tortures he has inflicted on others.
let me give jason todd a hug batman under the red hood reaction
If I allow myself to go down to that place, you can do it. I won't get back up I'll never get back Yeah, it's the abyss I'm not talking about killing penguin or scarecrow or denting and doing it because because he took me away from you I can't I'm sorry, well, you won. You don't have a choice now is the time you decide if you want to stop me you'll have to kill me you know I won't I'll blow us up for brains he'll shoot him it's him or me inside God Batman I can't believe you have him expert rude and cute , legalized gas-loving shooter, don't you just love a happy ending?
let me give jason todd a hug batman under the red hood reaction
Okay, so he'll leave the Joker there, that might be enough to show him. I don't think this is going to have a happy ending. Where's your boy? A source close to the district attorney's office has hinted that the case will most likely be dropped due to lack of evidence in light of all the recent events. Would you like me to delete that? No, it's not like that. It doesn't change anything at all Jason, come here where I'm going to patrol without you he's smiling he looks lighter he feels look at me I have bad guys that need to chase this is the best day of my life no, not at all, no, literally, your movie, no way, you're kidding, there better be a scene after the credits, I don't think there will be, so I don't even know if he survived, oh my god, oh my god, I think I heard that death in the family, the Next movie, guys, it was so good.
I was going to say it might be my favorite, but also the ending really left me unsettled and sad. I don't know if I could get this, but I feel really bad for Jason, I feel really bad for him and you can agree or not, just don't judge my character, but I'm always going to look at the kid who's trying to win the love of a father. and I'm going to empathize with them and I know that he's killing people and that he's doing these objectively horrible things, but to see that he was right, he was right, I just want to


him a hug, it's true, it's like how could I?
You let this guy live and part of me was saying that because I've worked and studied a lot on family systems and knowing the comic and the aftermath called death in the family like this is a family system. He raises these children, they are children, he is his ward, you know, whether you like it or not, he is raising them and he is taking on that responsibility. I don't think he understood when he adopted and took Robin under his wing, but he let him take all the responsibility and Better to have done everything he could and I think this is where I think he could get anyone to be a perfect father.
The thing about Dick is that he aligned himself with Bruce Moore. I don't know much about his backstory, but it seems like he had a decent child


, he was more of a mentor, that could be wrong too. I'm not sure Bruce literally almost adopted this little boy and he is responsible for his education and there are so many study books you can read. How much children need that love and validation, they look for that love and the assurance that parents will protect them no matter what, when you look at him and say, "I forgive you for making that," he didn't save me for making that mistake and not getting there. me.
Over time, what I don't forgive you for is not valuing myself enough to kill this evil man because he doesn't want other kids to resist Bruce literally facing another Robin after that, when the Joker is still around, and that's what I understand why Jason is so angry, that's all and if you want to be like, oh, you're understanding, no, I don't agree with all the other stuff, that scene is too real, like why didn't you protect me and because. Don't protect other people and children that he has killed? You guys know I love Batman and I think the reason I love him so much is because he's not perfect, he's not perfect and his moral code isn't perfect. the objectively correct goal just isn't, you can't say that you can't say that his moral code works for him and he was honest about it, that's why I'm not frustrated with him and he's still my hero Batman.
He's still my hero because he literally says no, honey, Jason, I can't do it because I'd lose my mind, like his moral code is what works for him, it didn't work for Jason, it doesn't work for a lot of people. I'm not saying you should go around killing people and stuff, but to put it more realistically, some people like to forgive and make peace and they can forgive and move on. Some people simply need to banish toxic people from their lives. and like never talking to them again, that's just an example of how to be stable we must have our own moral codes.
I can definitely respect Batman just for telling him the truth, as I will. I will sink into the abyss and become Someone I cannot change, I will not be able to return if I kill him and I also believe that Joker is his, it is his weakness. You know, I think the Joker is just imperative in a story and I think Batman, you know? He sees things like I failed, that's my failure, that's my fault. I think he would see it as a huge colossal failure for himself if he killed the Joker and that's it again.
I don't want you for this, but that's selfish, self-centered. and he's honest about it, so I'm not saying it's wrong, but he knows that if he suddenly kills the Joker, he will go against what he promised not to do. He's becoming exactly like him in his eyes, so Batman was. he's not willing to sacrifice his moral code, his personality, his character for Jason and that's absolutely heartbreaking, he would make me a villain too. You know how people say this is my villain's origin story, guess how that kind of rejection felt because he did that scene? a rejection, he turned his back on him and I know he was desperate and he shouldn't have done that, guys, I know he shouldn't have made this ultimatum, but still that's his son, that's his son and he just turns his back on him like No.
Don't even try to say put the gun down, we'll deal with this like I will, I don't know, I'm not like I'm not a parent, I don't know the right, there's just other things I could have. done, but that kind of change and to Jason that will seem like an absolute rejection and that would make me a villain too to have a hero, a heroic Ward like Batman, who can't sacrifice everything else for this kid and I can't. I don't know if that's right or wrong, but when he says I failed him, a failure, I don't like words like failure, right, wrong, bad, well, I think he learned a lot, I think he certainly made mistakes, I don't think that be so.
You can argue with me that he had parenting problems, look at the amount of care you have to provide if you are going to adopt a child, especially if he has had a traumatic child


. You know, the trauma of adoption is serious. as serious as the fact that he said you know I'm saving him I wanted to save you that shows right there the problem in his thinking and it's really sad and that's why I feel bad for Jason because he didn't deserve any part of we can say that I don't approve of your actions you can't kill people you can't make these explosives but his story more than Joker more than Harvey more than those people he listed I love his experience because that just Break me and I know people won't understand, they won't understand, there will be people in my comments who will say no, Batman got him out of a terrible situation and saved him and helped him with that, okay, I'm just inviting you. to learn more about the trauma of adoption to learn more about that savior complex and I feel like Batman even admits that he's like I wanted to save you, I wanted to, it's not always healthy, it really isn't and I feel like Jason deserved better.
In every aspect you could see how Alfred loved him too, that hurt me, that hurt my heart. Alfred loved him so much. God. It has to be very difficult and I know he had good intentions, that's what I know Batman had good intentions, but I think it was a failure. No, oh, jump in to save him and get there in time so he doesn't die in the explosion and from the beginning I just thought, oh, I'm going to drag him in and give him some chances with me and my money. I'm going to train him. I'm going to save him and then I won't have to work so hard in terms of emotional intelligence.
You know, emotional peace of mind. I'm not saying it's like an emotional abyss. I think I saw it. I know it was like he was sweet, but there are some things like Batman has his own trauma, let me tell you Bruce has his own drama, yes, trauma that is affecting his parenting style and it's cool to see that implemented in the comics in first place. I thought this was going to be just about Jason's death. He didn't know what was going to happen to him next. I didn't understand that Red Riding Hood was Jason for a long time.
I thought when people said Little Red Riding Hood, Little Red Riding Hood, the villain. I thought so. was Joker because of that connection and the crazy thing is that now Jason and Joker's stories are very similar to being reborn from this vat of acid or the Lazarus Pool, so make no mistake, yes, he chose Little Red Hood because of the Joker and en They're also similar, their traumas are similar, wow, and that torture, beating him like that as a child and killing him, talking about traumatic experiences, geez, there are so many things that made him a villain and he's not one either. nice, he's not like a jerk, you know, he's not talkative, there's a reason they included all those lines in the movie like Dick's, yeah, you know, I'm talkative and happy, and we have this other Robin that I was hoping to be like this to be happy and grateful and instead he's feisty and he's angry and moody and he's like the real messed up kid and I just like him I don't like his character I really like him I wish more people would give kids like that a chance and I just want hug it anyway thank you so much to all my patrons who watch this along with me if you want to join the patreon we watch it in full and all you have to do is click and play although i watch you need your own copy. on HBO Max thanks in advance for telling me what you think.
I'm very excited to hear what you think. This was such a good movie. I think it might have been my favorite. I'm also going to read Death in the Family and Us. I'll probably do a comedy talk soon so stay tuned for that and another shout out to my mods, especially Ruby who has really guided me through this whole process and made it the best first experience possible in most cases. Batman media, so thank you Ruby, thank you all. Like, subscribe if you like the video, I'll see you next time. I think we'll see something else from DC.
I'm not sure I have much to do, but I love you, bye.

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