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Last To Fall Wins $1,000 - Challenge

Jun 05, 2021
why did you give them so much? Okay, let's give it to everyone. an egg what gave an egg a boop boop boop okay everyone's about to get an egg oh they got it they got it PvP disabled in ten PvP is disabled their PvP disabled PvP is all good we have 61 less people oh my God, that It's a lot more than I thought, yeah, here, let's move on, replace the lava air and replace the water air and now you can see the people above, someone with Lodi water, oh, don't float in the water, waters , not a block, look Skippy, look how clean he likes that I can see them all oh look at the jail hmm jail again pretty good, let's get some people out hey, nice color, I got your little thing ready, so go ahead and break it, you know what no, you gotta break, yeah, blow, oh, whatever, all blue. right, are we getting rid of all that or just fifty for that?
last to fall wins 1 000   challenge
Oh my gosh, just, oh, wow, what are they doing? They must literally like to be super dumb, watch out, look at this, there's literally, oh my god, I don't even know Skippy. I literally don't even know. I have an idea. Yeah this is a stupid idea.but let me do it what's new your pink wall green wall red wall DC where am I going with this yeah what are you going to do normal wall and replace it with 50 percent twelve twenty five percent water 25 percent lava wait , you'll just kill a bunch of people, yes, the blocks will be 50 percent wool, 25 percent water, 25 percent lava, good luck, there's the luck aspect of the game, yes, three, two, one, here we go, oh, it happened, it happened.
last to fall wins 1 000   challenge

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last to fall wins 1 000 challenge...

Oh my God, we still have a lot of people, oh. Oh my god, look at this, look at this, I managed to do it in the water, what if, how is there no idea, replace all the water with blue and all the lava with Brett, let's do it, oh, I hope it doesn't


, oh God mine. lots of


s, okay, here we go, it's like a 4th of July celebration, oh my gosh, yeah, and we still have 40 people here. I say what we do now is get rid of a whole corner, a whole corner, a whole corner, what do you mean by trim? down, so essentially all you have to do is make sure that they are on the stone side and not the shiny stone side, so this is the shiny stone corner right here.
last to fall wins 1 000   challenge
I'm inside it, make sure you're not in the corner of the shiny stone. in the corner of the glow stone kami none of them are moving they better put the glow stone if you're lined up under the glow stone Gigi oh van van Rico van van I'll do it right now no I'll do it right now I'm digging the time I'm giving time are you ready I mean I'm ready I'm 5 4 3 2 1 cut no one got memes that's so lucky Skippy oh my god that's still 40 of them right? serious scabby you choose one of these colors well I choose white to get rid of to get rid of I have to do it in 3 2 1 perfect oh my God there are so many people like a very, very, very passive oh, I would be very scared if it was you, no There's nowhere they can go, yeah, you know what I hope they win.
last to fall wins 1 000   challenge
Imagine we shouldn't make whole colors anymore, we should just get rid of his phrases about them, okay, you know what? Skippy, we haven't done a revival yet, oh you. You're right, what number, um, what about the same number? They never suspect us to choose ah 69. Okay, we won't choose that number one to a hundred. he's already in, so redo, okay, bad, you choose the number, okay, this time I'll choose a good number, let's do four details, okay and see if someone said 42. I see 40, ample notice, Gafisa, like It said 41, seriously, yes, no. I think we have 4200 yeah let me make sure and they are already in the game are you kidding me?
Okay, if you're in the game, don't guess what the chances are of that happening, okay, I'll pick the number, the number is 99, you know what's as good as any other oh my god, look at the first number, oh, How lucky is the echo, where should we place them? Those like in the middle, probably yes, in the upper area, I say okay. It's fair here, so look, these people here are forced to make this poor block jump if they want to survive and I say we turn on PvP for five seconds, ready, set, say it, say it, three, two, one, we, it that no one, oh no, no. we are activating PvP again we need to want to die, you know, what should we do PvP until a person dies?
Yes, PvP on until a person dies and on Oh, someone died, no, it's brick. I say we get rid of the red wool now. we can't get rid of everything, we can do it, they just make a percentage, how about 50% 50% yeah, out of the red, 50% is gone and now we do the same thing with the blue aspect. Was this day blue? It's okay, my goodness, they're still here. They are very lucky 50% blue bad worth 50% so many people are about to come out oh, can this bird make that jump? No, he can go here, though here we go, why are you Matt Gamble?
I guess he's smart because if he falls down either Oh, oh, do it, oh, skipping so many, okay, Skippy, we have to keep making 50% batches. Oh, 50%, right, wait, are you kidding me? No, no, 25%, 25%, do 25%, 25%, okay, here we go, three, two, one oh my God, see what I mean is 25%. Now I know, 25% blue. Well, as we get closer to the end, they have no work, a couple pretty good, so we're going to do 25% blue, go ahead, oh then. that's why he did so much, oh my god, okay Skippy, I'm going to do 25% blue and okay, oh my god, we lost so many, are these guys still alive?
How is this guy on top of you? Is it our person at the bottom? gun PvP in three two one we need some action dude it's on I can't believe these people with two people on I'm a pain are you serious what idiot? You know what we should do. Red so 50 percent red what do you hate what okay bad do it yeah okay 50 percent red oh my god okay here we go this is just a chance right now , okay, okay, do it, three, two, one, no, our friends must do is blue, sure, all you have to do. do it with blue now yeah let's do blue 50% blue here we go skipping three two one oh my god bro there's like one two three four wait you know pvp is on right now and there's like four people on this block let's see what happens when they hit them We say they know them, yes, they don't know anything, you are God, the four of them were on a blog, there is still a lot of blue, should we make more blue because they are so long? 25% blue 25% down 25% down okay blue blue we're ready here we go in three two one we go we go oh my God Denny one died oh my God how is this guy still up here?
You're bad I have an idea let's go ahead and make things interesting let's put water on every block wait why just in case if they fall you know they have a chance of falling into the water okay let's do it but water on each block, water only for everyone or only for those who are on each block, it's all Mike. and okay, okay, okay, now since there's so much blue, get rid of the 21% blue, oh okay, okay, 21% blue, go ahead, okay, let's do it 25% is 21 21% blue in 3 2 1 oh my god, this guy, oh god. God, this is really like at this point, no, yeah, sure, oh, and the water is gone, the water is gone, I'm Jewish for the


vlog, this guy is very lucky, one hundred percent lucky, his box went there, many can do it, oh, this guy has a really good one, he has a child, yeah, how much bread should we make? 25% I say we give everyone an egg because PvP is on, oh my god Skippy, we're going to lose all our people.
Well, no, I'm fine. Well, give his truck some time. everyone is getting an egg oh it's happening it's happening are you ready? Gosh, I like to be careful because what happens if you throw it and then the person you throw it to chooses the bag? Should we leave PvP on at this point? Yeah, just leave it. Okay, it would stay with 10% blue, 10% red, go ahead, if you want, we should change all the blue and red to the same color to make it easier. It's a good idea, put it in normal wool. Ten percent of all wool. go for it, go, go, go, go, no, do it again, oh my God, temporary.


time, go for it, last time, last time, no, I didn't see anything, we're moving, wait, are you kidding us both, oh God? God, this guy is toast, well we have four people left, yeah, scabby, this guy is practically toast if he falls, they're all practically toes, yeah, so this is pretty much a game of should we do another 10%, I guess, oh, okay. I'm going to do it right, what's up? Okay, ten percent, wow, oh, I was right, people, okay, we should do it again, yeah, no one came out, I would. Oh my God, that guy came out.
This is too intense for me. Back, I can't. Look, it went wrong, are you sure? Yes, there is no other way to do it. 10% 3 2 1 okay, let's do it really, call hello, I did it. They showed me on that block with four people on that block with those you, yeah. I kill, I was the one who survived the block, okay I have a question: did anyone know that it was in PvP where they just didn't hit each other? We knew, oh my gosh, I was surprised they didn't get along. I was tempted with a Tomaso, oh. Can you explain what that confrontation was between you and the boy you were watching?
Well, then I was, I just knew he couldn't kill me with an egg, so I couldn't do anything to him with an egg, right? but I was just prepared for something like, you know, my will to fall and I would fall into his wool and then not everything is smart, that's taking off the leash, it happened, so you just want to put it down, you know, I feel good, you know, I feel very good. this is for my kids you know Cade you know the elves dad okay we hope you know Dennis you know he's. I love Daniel, you know everything for them.
You know what I'm going to buy. No luck at all, oh yeah, this was it. funny, I mean, I've lost in other events, so it's nice that I finally wanted one, you know, your heart skipped a beat, oh yeah, literally my fingers were sweating. Send us your PayPal, we've got you, yeah, okay, but dude, let's go. thanks guys, don't worry, talk goodbye

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