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Kobe Bryant's Come Up with Darius Miles and QRich | Knuckleheads S2: Ep 1 | The Players' Tribune

Feb 27, 2020
little balance, all those little things. It's amazing, man, it's amazing. - So, I want you to take a second to tell me about The Legacy and The Queen. And how did this happen. I like (mumbling) tennis, the tennis ball feels like, this is, this is not just something. For me, this is something, when you are a child, you get excited about color and I like it, it's like when I bought CDs. You know, we bought Nolan. It was like, look at the charts. This is like in comparison, because this is not your normal book. You got the feel and the texture and the flare and then you still have the tennis racket.
kobe bryant s come up with darius miles and qrich knuckleheads s2 ep 1 the players tribune
So, talk about how you came up with this. - Well, we wanted to create something for children who feel that they are important. Like a lot of the time, in the children's space, we simplify things, the materials because it's for children. They won't notice the difference. But I feel that if we create something of high value, they understand it as something that is taken care of. That means they matter and they do. Also for the parents, they look at this and they put this book on and they can feel that a lot of care has been put into it.
kobe bryant s come up with darius miles and qrich knuckleheads s2 ep 1 the players tribune

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kobe bryant s come up with darius miles and qrich knuckleheads s2 ep 1 the players tribune...

You may not yet understand all the hidden gems found in this book. But you can feel them. You also understand, this is a study we can trust. And then for the story itself, it's about how we teach children to deal with the internal monologue. The emotional things that we experience, how do we teach them that? That's why it had to be tennis. Because tennis is such an individual sport. - And it is difficult. - But different than golf. Golf, you're dealing with the elements and yourself. And in tennis, you're dealing with yourself, the elements, and that person on the other end of the net trying to beat you, right?
kobe bryant s come up with darius miles and qrich knuckleheads s2 ep 1 the players tribune
So you have to have those internal conversations, navigate them while competing with someone else on the other side of the network. - The story behind it, what inspired you to do that story? - Well, the way I see it, inspiration drives the world. So if I'm looking at the kingdoms in the worlds we create, is inspiration what decides who is going to be the ruler of these particular worlds? Alright, so how do you get inspired? You can inspire in a myriad of ways. Right, you can inspire through love. You can breathe in through fear, right? Hate, there are many ways to inspire.
kobe bryant s come up with darius miles and qrich knuckleheads s2 ep 1 the players tribune
So how are these athletes around the world using their platform for inspiration? And that's where the conflict arises in all of our stories. - I know what I want to ask you. This is not, now you know, now you're like Bruce Wayne. You've got the Los Angeles actors and stuff like that, but I want to know like all of us, when you first came into the league, you had some bread in your pocket. What did you do that is something that your mom, your dad looked at you like, boy, what the hell is wrong with you?
Like, we all did something. - Yeah, you know what? Nothing like that, but the first thing I did when I came here and got some per diem, I just wanted to go somewhere. Like Philly, everything is relatively close. You know, and I'm staying in Santa Monica, so I get a cab, I call the yellow pages, I get a cab. Children don't know what that is. - Good. - And I get in the taxi, I say well, take me to a shopping center. Take me to the mall. So you take me to the (mumbles) Center, right? And I had $80 in my pocket, travel money.
The cab


s, it was like 65. (Laughter) I was like, - I want to go back. - What the hell? What the hell is going on right now, man? I didn't, you know, so I'm walking around the mall with $15 in my pocket. And I didn't know who the hell or what it was or whatever is Jerry's deli across the street. I'm hungry, I want a sandwich. I look on the menu, a sandwich is like six bucks. I'm like, I, I can't, this is ridiculous, man. Yeah, this is crazy, this is crazy. This is absolutely crazy. So, I got a taxi driver to take me back in good faith that he was going to go up to the room and find more money somewhere and pay him. (chuckles) - Wow. - Andrew Luck, Andrew Luck just withdrew because he said it was a mental drain on him with the injury.
I feel like because eight of my 10 years, it was mental wear and tear every day with injuries. You had injury after injury after injury. You played with a broken finger all year. All of that, just describe to other athletes the approach and the way he has to compete with himself to get back on a consistent level. I know, we all go through pain and stuff and it's the hardest thing you can do. If only I could, so easy to give up. - Yes, it is very difficult, man, because it is a very tedious process. What I found helpful was not looking at the top of the mountain because the mountain is so daunting, you know.
Like, instead, I choose to focus on one step at a time. And then when you realize you're at the top of the mountain, and that's how I handled all my recoveries, you focus on the next thing, the next thing. Focus on the following and besides, you know how time flies. Time goes by so fast, so when you're sitting here in the moment dealing with a nine-month injury, I can't do that. But when 12 months pass, you'll wish you had. Because it happens like that, you know what I'm saying? That has always been my approach: one step at a time, one step at a time. and I didn't want injuries to dictate when I would retire.
I wanted to control that. It's like, no, my body, sit down, be humble. You won't tell me when I'm leaving. I'll tell you when I'm ready to go. - Man, you know, I appreciate you coming on the show, man, this bottle is from Hennessy VSOP, they have a special bottle. - That is what happens. That is what happens. - Kobe Bryant, knucklehead. Man, we appreciate love. - I appreciate it, man. Thank you. - Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you. - I'm going to put this to good use. - Yes, you know. (chuckles) (mumbles) So, that's an end, man.
We're here on location and in Black Bruce Wayne's private studios in a secret California spot, man, but we definitely appreciate you dog for coming over and letting us drop by and rock with you. It's the hall of fame. - Hall of Fame. - You know what I'm talking? These top three all the time, y'all. Do you know what is it. It's the mamba mentality. (upbeat music)

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