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Kevin Durant | Ep 14 | Perkins Twitter Beef, Warriors Run, Kyrie & Nets | ALL THE SMOKE Full Podcast

Apr 07, 2024
When I was a kid, there were a lot of things I looked to for inspiration, other artists, athletes, entrepreneurs, trying to find what made them tick and hope


y I can learn something that I'm used to, as a person who challenges . ordinary and challenging what is ordinary you want to inspire a lot of people. I welcome you. Episode 14 coming from New York where it's cold here for about two weeks yeah my brother Jack it's good to see you boy you got the one and only Kevin Durant you coming to the east coast your east coast man welcome back yeah you started your career here early yeah let's jump right into this man something I've always been on your side with because I'm one of those similar people on social media I think people think because you can access to anyone, you can say whatever you want to people, yes, in your network someone, I don't give my status, I'm him, but if you disrespect me.
kevin durant ep 14 perkins twitter beef warriors run kyrie nets all the smoke full podcast
I'm going to see you, tell me your thought process about that platform that I'm on, it's really simple, it's not that I like Twitter, I mean, if I see something on there that I want to respond to, I'll just do it. It's not a default thing, I just started scrolling through it. I liked it, I liked the platform and any opportunity I get to give someone a piece of my brain, I want to do it when you hear people say, well, he's Kevin Durant, why? this one and that like what is your what is your answer to that I know what that means like you did it yeah like the oh you saw the highest standard but they expect all your opinions to be the same way they would think exactly what is the problem if it's if they don't exactly agree so you know everyone when you get to this level, are you going to be so good at something that everyone feels like they can tell you what's best for you?
kevin durant ep 14 perkins twitter beef warriors run kyrie nets all the smoke full podcast

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kevin durant ep 14 perkins twitter beef warriors run kyrie nets all the smoke full podcast...

You know, I mean, it's like even the team I want to go to. To what I said on Twitter it's like everyone gets it, everyone feels like they know what's best. I appreciate you, you know, but I have to thank you. I'm pretty good at being me, yeah I'm cool and pretty good, I'm talking about getting out of here, you know something all mothers can't do, what's cool, league team? I wish you had a cook from the Boys and Girls Club, stop talking because he's good, he should turn the The other shoulder is bigger like no one knows how it feels, especially in your love.
kevin durant ep 14 perkins twitter beef warriors run kyrie nets all the smoke full podcast
Everyone would attack a move you made. Yes, you took your happiness into your own hands. It's okay, look, I love you. I appreciate everything that happened. I'm going to go with these


. You know you instantly become the villain. You know what it means, so being able to have strong enough shoulders to be able to withstand all the criticism and it constantly goes on. I see if the slander is ridiculous. You know what it means, so. I mean people, I just be me and respond to things and interact with people. I think the reason all this keeps happening.
kevin durant ep 14 perkins twitter beef warriors run kyrie nets all the smoke full podcast
I think there are a lot of media outlets that harass me, want to harass me and feel like they are staying. little cookie or Creason in my armor and they want to use that against me in some way so they can teenagers and just regurgitate the same old stories, the same old plots and you know, recreate fights with players from former teams, it's just that they take everything out of you. on. goes and that's the reason why I don't like the media in the place and isn't it? It's only if the shoe fits me. I'm not lumping everyone into the same thing, but it's like there's a reason why I don't.
Y'all, but I know what you're trying to do, right? They know I'm saying they're not skilled and they know when I say it out loud I guess I'm the sensitive type so it's funny they say that because We're both on the other side now so we see it so I think As a player we have a big responsibility and I also call out to the players because when Park said that, I'm like a brother, like former players, you know. How is this, so don't let these haiku, what he's actually saying, be exactly what you mean, and we actually talked again a little bit because I said I said it on Twitter, he responded to me with this and he knew all.
I wanted us to argue so I texted them like Ryan has your number but let's talk about this you know I'm serious but what I was saying is it's like you can give Rus all the props you want , but you have nothing on him. the process, but I think today I want to show love to one, you have two, someone exactly, you know, I mean, Taniya Russell coming back to Oklahoma City was a great thing, but you knew you were saying I'm going to announce why Russell was the better. Thunder player you ever knew that was a divisive statement mm-hmm you knew that couple yeah you knew people would like it oh that's a shot for KD like you know so my whole thing is like If you weren't like you said.
You don't have to do that, you don't have to do that to be able to praise Russell, he criticized me, okay, because that's what the fans and that's with us, they want a reunion in Oklahoma City, that's what they like to do. The money from the last four years is to me like a benefit that you just put into it because you want a job and you want some notoriety in your profession, but we were friends before this, we actually had real games before, it's like I knew your family, then why? You tried to use that tactic against one of your so-called brothers, right, that was it for me and then he called me out on Twitter to another fan about us losing in the second round.
I just hurt you on the same team with me and since you started and you didn't play well, so I wouldn't say well, I lost the lead in the second round in Memphis, now we all did it, but don't call a teammate like we did , once a teammate, always a team. And so, as advice, no, no, it is not necessary, because I know that everything is like that. I know what's involved. I know it's bigger than what he says on Twitter or what he says, you know, trying to make a point that you have. you want to do something in his life and I understand that, but I'm just trying to let people know that I don't really deal with a job like that and I like nights when I get my posture activated, that's how I met. through benefit, yes, and I think they should have been dogs in a different way, even if you don't agree too much, he thought he could have called you and you all have hands in a different way, that's when people ask about.
I see my two little brothers, I don't really want to get involved, they were brothers at one time, there were partners at one time, it's deeper than the rat, but he and I had the opportunity to talk and we talked, I died and I gave each other mutual respect. For me, life as players can also cross over and they are letting us into this space right now. I think what makes us incredible is our authenticity and none of these others have ever been in the locker room and know that. how is this, I like this exactly, so we have a certain responsibility to always code it behind the scenes, it's different, you know, I mean, I had a bad experience.
I have seen some experiences. I know what my experiences are and that's how it is. That's not the way I see this, it's like they want to use me for my game, I'll use that platform I always had, they're not the good ones at control, so it's good to have your own means. exit where you control your own story, hit all the


it's like that, damn we're here okay let's get back on track man let's talk about where you are right now in your recovery process yeah I'm getting there man , it has been an unequal army.
It's been months, but I'm making progress. I'm getting on the court starting some basketball stuff. I'm tired of seeing you scream with nuts. Oh, I'm doing the games on the court doing that. I'm working, man, every day. I'm working and you know I'm getting closer and closer to being one. You know, come back to myself as much as I can. You know there is a hard energy. It's frustrating every day. I just make a small one. You know what I am. Me just like you. I know there are no restrictions, just do it, but you have to prepare to warm up, but preparing for the next thing is like to me someone who doesn't understand patience when it comes to this, it's a difficult house, the house is like it knows you. and I know how much you love the game, you just know, sitting there and being away from the game dog, I know that's driving me crazy more than anything, it's just for one man, you know, 'cause I was in a good groove, you know ?
I was playing with me 12 years in a row when I was doing it, it's like you know I feel like I hate the Hall of Fame status early in my career and I just want to keep adding stuff and then get a clean break. so the momentum definitely stopped, but you know, as always, you just know I'll shift focus a little bit and redirect you and see what happens from there, but I learned so much on it in that time that I was able to sort of apply it to this one. new phase, so yeah, that's what I want to ask you what have you learned, how to sit there and look at your team and where you can connect and be the best you can be.
I just play in so many different positions with the paddle. up 7 quarters Game I play so many different roles with the Warriors, you know, I feel like you know what the Thunder is. I was learning who I was as a player, learning to calculate. I learned how to score in the NBA, you learn how. to give basic reasons in the NBA and then when I got to the Warriors, I just liked being innovative, very fast, you know how we play, you know, going back to a Kirkland presented so quickly that you have to make sure it's there or like We would never have planned anything. of that, so he just learns as he goes that way and just mixes those two, combines those two experiences together and brings them to the Nets.
You know, I'm looking forward to taking a step like you say, just getting out on the court and seeing how my presence affects my teammates, you know, I mean and they're saying how can they put me in position to be successful in the future and I had a difficult injury. Your presence is a presence. Yes, I've already finished. I'm looking forward to seeing that dynamic. DJ and Kyrie take me back to the finals yeah last year and I say sometimes as athletes we need to be protected from ourselves because at the end of the day we were told yeah you know what it means so you're on edge of your third straight Finals MVP title the putt from the previous two years tell me where your mentality was to come back and try to help your team get over that hurdle.
I mean, when I started to recover, you all started, you know, I had these images in my mind. what it would be like to come back from a 3-1 deficit. I know for a fact that he was going to be the Finals MVP, but as you know, Steph was at the time, he couldn't wait to see them or Clay, whoever it was at the time. watching, I was throwing so many things in my mind at that moment, wonderful things happen if I go back on the court and you know it started to spin that way, like you know, I can tell you, I can tell you, you know, when I came back on the bench, the confidence that my teammates had, the whole organization, like I could look down and see, they know our fans and they're 40 years old, they all had a sense of man, we thought about it, so I knew that the fans in the bay They were so excited that I was playing again and you know it's a crazy life, you know you can get so high so fast and in a matter of seconds come back down.
I'm grateful for it, it's what I had to go through, but I'm also grateful for that. I can experience it because later I can talk about how much it helped me as a player as a person, what it was like once you went down knowing you were down and then seeing Clay go down and then seeing the Raptors win a championship. knowing that I should have been your guys' third row, yeah, it was tough, it was tough because I feel like throughout the season we definitely could have locked ourselves in a little bit earlier for the playoffs and I'm fit and I feel like and I feel like when we got to that moment was like, damn, you know, having Clay and I away and not winning the championship off planet for so long, that's how gods work, that's how games work sometimes. and they are like throughout the regular season.
I really wish we had focused a little more. You know, a guy has had a little more game, a little more focus coming into the season, so they didn't do it. You have to end it that way, you know, what I'm saying is we waited so long just when that moment instead of every game being important, you know, even in a regular season, even in the first round, we waited so long just for the finals. and it happened that way, it was like it made me think about the whole season as a whole, that's a gift and a curse, you know, I mean, because it was a five-year race for them to know who we were going to play, bro. until June every year, yeah, a lot of basketball on the line or the mids and I didn't realize that, and you know, until we started making the playoffs and we played Houston and it was like only the third year of us doing this race.
It's hard, so two more years before, I know mentally that you know the training is exhausting, okay and I got it, but it was like it's in our hands, it's therefor us to get a three-peat, it's been happening for a while, so you know, at that point I thought, "Let's lock in and do it, it'll take me back to Oklahoma City up 3-1, losing the series Warriors, coming back and beating them guys , and then that's where I feel the


weight of this." It happened that people were angry because you were up 3-1. The rebound took your career by yourself and your happiness and your losers didn't understand it, yeah, yeah, which you're supposed to do because it's a business when they cut the trade wave, whatever a business is. but when we do it's a problem yeah, take that to the west coast, tell me what was that transitional period where you were the darling, you were the next coming of who you're referring to, like you said you were your Hall of Fame status early, you went wrong where, so tell me who is like me, like people.
Jedi really is what you love in Hindon in a matter you know, it's a good change, it was seeing the Warriors be so intriguing because it would always be nice to see what we play with. I played with many athletes. I didn't play with many. Skilled kids don't like shooters, ball handlers, so after a while my game started to grow. I thought I needed a change, it's before the season even started, you know, I mean, it was like I was going to play my last season as hard as I can. and I won't tell anyone that I want to leave.
I'm not going to pack my bags. I'm trying to win as much as we can and trying to get this over with. That was my thinking for a year and I obviously had some teams. but the Warriors are a team that I wanted to play for because you know the movement they had in the past and they led the league in assists when Scott destroyed my coach, that's all we talked about, wanting to lead the league in assists and for So, play with you. I know that team, that's what I was thinking about, so when we get to the playoffs it's like you know, let's see what happens, we have a young team, we beat San Antonio and six like that is a great way against a team.
That's been affecting people all season and you know, Russell had to make big shots. I had to make important shots. Andre Robinson came to the Dion. The waiters began to play well, something about me. Okay, we got some momentum and this Kanter was coming, baby. The Warriors is just a completely different series. You know, they're going to sell out to stop me. I mean, and they're going to leave Andre in the robe. Anyone but you, how will you start? But I think Roger is broken too and I just leave him. in the house to be was in the kitchen, I mean, I'll let you know that he was, he was, he was great for our team and, seriously, because he can score, but I knew that he was not going to help us shoot threes. and everyone in the world knew it and it's easy for the team to defend us when we have guys that hit nobody, take care of the three, you know, I'm saying I was tired of playing in that system, I was tired of putting to be the only one out, I can make jump shots and make them consistently, so my mom was already thinking that I can't develop my game more than in Warriors vs.
Thunder, that rivalry even if that came, yeah, I didn't just want to keep developing my game and on top of that we only played once in a tiebreaker, so I didn't really feel like a real deep hazel warrior, you know? I'm saying I'm like their new one. I come up with the first team they have and I'm going to play hard against them. I know some of their players. That's what San Antonio is like those years when you were on the team. I didn't like y'all was still coming. Yes, Memphis, we played against them. I didn't like Memphis at all, since those are the teams we have seen every year in the playoffs, the Warriors were like another team to me, so I would go there and play for anything if we won or lost a series I wanted to play there and living in the bay the bay is like nothing else i mean the fans the chance love they shot me they still love you to death man it's like a different culture it's not that you don't need to feel like in california the bay is like its own place nor I can't even explain it and it's like being in I really felt like I really felt like I stamped myself as a legend in the bay I mean like you look I'm not comparing myself to these guys we got that one and we went down like Jerry Rice and Joe Montana you guys are an Oracle , yeah, well, back to back in the bay is like coming forever, yeah, forever.
I'm very proud of it, but say it. He tells me what it's like when you go there because we were there with a culture and I had the opportunity to go back and see that culture and it was crazy just the desire to be there and the energy that started at the top of the new property that I don't I don't see the old owner by the new owner and just the energy and how those guys followed each other and then if the chemistry was maintained on and off the court, they tell me it was like being on the internet when I first came to lead the Warriors.
They were like a laughing stock, they almost know I'm Santa, y'all came, can beat the crowd, you know, I'm saying it was like that team, that team was like me, that's what Oakland is about, you know, I'm saying it's great, yeah, Great Neck works with guys that own a basketball court that can play any position, that play like us before us, but you know, four or five small players, you know, changing everything. She hopes he's just hopeful. I'm playing. Really, through backyard basketball, but once that team was done, it was like in the middle and they were like Warriors, what is it?
Yeah, that first year I made the league and then four or five years later they didn't make it. I have no identity and Denisita new property and then building around things and clay just her characters and these her stories and how her father played in the league and it just changed since we have some inner city kids that are as tough as Hell , who epitomized what Oakland is about to like some guys that is totally different came up different, it's two totally different fields, but the game of basketball felt like it was the same, you know, the news and how we came up, ya you know how you came about. how you came up in wrestling and Brian and getting to your position without being drafted early like people felt like you know it felt like all the guys on the team from Monta to were like a booth there were so many guys everyone was just like something focused on money, yeah, you know, I'm saying I do it together and then you come with a more structured environment with things, clay and Draymond, they recruited them, they set it up, it was like it was nine days off the court, but and their stories, but once you looked at the game just like we played the same way that you all did mm-hmm and we got it from all of you, I basically had something amazing, yeah, I asked, I said, Jack says we played.
He played the same way, he just made you know more, so what you are going to win, and like I said, understand, be close and know how to dream when that happened in Los Angeles. I'm like, yeah, damn, I get it because it carries his heart. on his sleeve he always talks from the top of his head and most of the time he's right, you mean, but he said he crossed the line, oh how did that happen, how did it go through me, I mean, it really came out of nowhere, I did not mean. If that play happened, he was going to grab a rebound, he came in, grabbed it, and I'm thinking he's just going to throw it to me.
We weren't on the court and I'm going to shut down the whole world thinking that not only you, but everyone gets off the pill. Please, but come off the rock right there, everyone in the world knew it was supposed to come out here, everyone knew and we all thought that would happen and then when it didn't happen, I was a little surprised and then I was like, Oh, Dre Lake, let me see you know what you're doing and then he turned it around like he was so confused at that moment because he'd never done anything like that before and everyone at the bank was confused too and then we went back.
I heard him scream and I thought, "Wait," and normally he would scream when he came back to the bench, but what was he saying? Then it started shooting and I thought, maybe it's because I was mad at him, give me the rock because I didn't say anything, I was just in the links of my body, I was just clapping like it was good, the clay had clay it was a gun, a gun, like you don't want us to swing, you can't hit a house in the kitchen, yeah, it's cool to rock a lyric, film the video, so man, then start coming off the top with all that stuff and I'm just Thinking that I'm like Jay, who mom was with, he's actually my friend, someone I can call when I'm going through something like your great friend is coming to hang out tonight and for him to say that kind of thing to me is just stupid of Luke and I actually started isolating myself after that because I didn't do it.
I don't feel like you know they suspended Dre mama they're like they had to do it so I won't look bad to everyone else who and then no one talked to me about it or really like we never came to an agreement that we did it. We didn't even voice our nobody because it happened in front of the whole team and no one really talked about it, we just swept it under the rug and to me it's like we're family, we post even if he said we can walk over us, we all talk from that, let's say how we all feel about that moment because it's a big moment in this whole dynasty, as you know, I mean, don't sweep it under the rug because we want to win mm-hmm, that's the reason. why aren't we going to win, you know, I was like, let's all talk about this, it's no big deal, the play was just put on the table, we can get over it and when that didn't happen, I was like let it go.
I just worried about myself, we see that I think that probably hurts everyone because if you already went out and he would hurt more people saying brother, you should have gone to the ball boy, you should have the ball less, I think he would have come out of himself and realized you know what maybe I exaggerated, yeah, everyone never had a chance to say that, yeah, I mean Draymond, we all know Draymond is on this leg, it's not right that you can fit in, you want to do that thing you want show. your emotions and wear them on your sleeve, that's fine, but when it crosses the line at some point let's just talk about it so next time you can tone it down a little bit and I feel like we didn't get the chance to do that because we were so focused. in trying to move forward and win and I understand that too, but it's like we're a family and we don't come out of our shell and then we move on, yeah, we like it, we don't want to have chips again, right? big and some that we can talk about, well, certain words we don't like, brothers, and I got into fist fights, my brothers, but certain words you don't say, yeah, you know, I'm saying certain words that I don't you say.
I'm not saying you know it on those liners, yeah, well, I think he realized that, you mean, I like it, I said, I think we, no, we all know him, I think he realized that he had advanced on your course for a long time, but that's the kind of duty, but that even makes the point is rather less sit, I mean, I can really talk about this all of us. like it happened in front of the whole team that's everyone so everyone has to talk because all together it was like they were there everyone really together you know what I mean so let's sit on a hashtag and again everyone They thought you would.
Not just Clay, everyone in the world thought she was coming on the rock, yeah, yeah, you were wrong, just Mitch, it was wrong, that's it and that's the other thing. I think he was too proud of the fact that she gave him away. and that made him react that way, but we know that turnovers happen exactly make us on the team, no one really cares if we want to lose that game in the first place, it was like us, I mean, in that situation, Let's go ahead and try. finish it the right way, you know, but no one really cared about that win or loss, you know, what I say, but these two great coaches, when you don't have a chance like that at the end of the game, they get mad.
Gregg Popovich, he'll sit you out the entire game if you make a play out of time. I don't have a shot on the tee, oh yeah, I mean, she doesn't make anyone pee, yeah, if you just turn. It's again, I think the media saw that as a way to start dividing, they're so good, what can we start doing? What can we start developing for this armor yesterday? I understood it as if I was just there with you. 'All for three months, but I always noticed when I looked like I was in pieces. There is a cold man, the cold man of the media, if you pay attention to these, they tell me what they were doing in front of your face, but you can't. don't do anything because they blame her for it and bow down to her, she was always to me, KD and the Warriors, they were never the Warriors.
Kevin Durant is part of that team and I was watching and I thought hey wait, so D Wes came over. at the same time I came but he's a warrior and I don't make sense JaVale McGee the same way he walked like Ian Clark he was there before me but he left he didn't win the second championship with us but it's a play and he doesn't havemakes sense to me and I think the media is trying so hard to separate the disdain, like for example, you didn't do that with LeBron and Andy, wait and bar, I didn't do that with those guys.
By doing that with K G and Paul Pearson, you're not trying to separate them like, oh, why are you trying to separate me from the rest of the team and you're actually making this your job? Your duty to do so is to push this narrative every time. Day people call me crazy for saying it, but I just say no, I think it's corny, it's the fact that he talks and it makes you say the fact that you talk and you see that it gets bad exactly in these Percy years. well, I'm supposed to uh yeah, I'm one of the best players every play.
I'm supposed to let it go. I don't want him to do it because you guys posed as messengers for the fans and they were watching. You all can easily like to brainwash people here, kid, and it's not about you, you, some media guy, no one cares about you, it's not about you, it's about a place where you can going out, yeah, trying to put all your flair and flair into something. that has nothing to do with you this game will be here this game was here before you it will be here long after you so no one cares about you they don't care so much that in 40 years 50 years the next thing go out and win that's why it's so important now because you remember back in the day before social media anything they posted is the truth if you never had a platform yeah I mean that's why I love it when you're here I didn't like using a burner phone I would have said that I'm going to Rambo because I'm going to curse you, he speaks.
I'm going to talk a little. I'm going to say what I think. I'm still going to make the burner phone. Bob says yes, are you like? Do you know what if you come for me? I'm going back, so some people will be back with my usual visit, but I'm going to talk to me about when did you know you were in the state a while ago. There was a man I knew in the middle of the year. I mean, I could feel I could feel like you know it's a separation between the two of us, because like everyone is waiting for me to make a decision on free agency, even you.
I know it, from the coaches to my teammates to the media. It's like it's the United States. What you are going to do is like January. I'm like, you know, I'm just trying to figure out who all I want to do. is playing basketball every day I came. Every day I kept my head down, I didn't say much, I wasn't too excited, so my coaches and my teammates thought something was wrong with me, but I was really focused on the end goal, which is I won the third championship. consecutive and my methods may not be welcomed by other people, but that's how I do things.
You know, I'm saying how I approached the game and overall, I really enjoyed my time there. I learned. a lot about myself I learned a lot about the game of basketball a lot about teamwork and camaraderie that I didn't know I learned about training I learned that we have been in a new arena I learned about the business side of the game like having dinner with Rick Walsh was phenomenal for me, like me and Bob were like that, we still like this to this day, the respect I have for things and clay how we're going to be.
I'm a fucking golfer with Steph at some point in my life, but these three years and so on, we had a debate like I'm not the one who likes to hold grudges or be angry or not even talk about what we did, always will be on topic. of conversation, everything I learned and what I said will always be at the top of my mind when I talk about basketball, whether I played here or not, I just want to play for another team, which is what he did. Have you ever considered any other place? Not really. I looked at other places like the Clippers and I mean, I looked at the Knicks, you know, just because you know the monetary diligence, but I really wanted to play for the black and white.
I like the brand I like Brooklyn was a new, up-and-coming city that needed a new look, you know, a new injection of basketball because being in Oklahoma City, I know it was like having a new franchise, so I'd like to know what I was excited about to be able to do something like that again in Brooklyn, you know, with the new team clan with Kyrie Irving, who is from Jersey and got that connection with the Jersey side, so I thought we could bring as many fans as, yeah, it's like I have something solid, you know, what I say, and you know, Shaun Marks, who was a young general manager on the rise, a young team that has some experience, a little bit in the playoffs, everything worked out and then I had a pair of coaches. and you know how that goes, the coaches that I work with and that OKC works with, you know, during my time and leadership, you all know that they felt like they migrated to the Nets, you know, yeah, it just felt like was perfect, talk about how that. emerged to become a curry and then DJ joined you, what was that like?
How was that? He orchestrated Harvick's conversations with Kyrie over the past two years. You don't even know about playing together, but we're just brothers, yeah, they're just brothers and you know we did it. We didn't plan on playing together, we played with each other and we got together my second year with the Warriors and we had a mutual friend and we had some wine together and we just bonded over life in general in basketball in general and that formed and with the time. his situation he didn't like what his situation was and neither did I and we're staying and just like eight guys that's just to see how this would work, let's try it out and DJ wanted to play with us to be, you know, he wanted to. just so you know, I just play beers, whether the center four, I can hold it down and you know, play for something, really play for the team that's going somewhere, not just keep moving and bouncing around the league, so we knew it would. a vital piece moving forward, not just as a star, but you know it in the morning and also it seems like it worked, talk about your relationship with Kyrie, as far as what you think they will be on the court.
I mean you looked, people don't understand how important chemistry is, so like you said, you're already developing their true friendship more, so when you go like Jack is my brother, so no, on the court, I'll run to Through a wall, yes. so you just know what you have off the court imagine what it will be like on the court yeah that's what I mean we both want to challenge each other you know we don't agree on everything we're not supposed to Yes, exactly, you know how. brothers, I thought that when I saw him around I feel that he could be doing more.
I'll let him know when he feels like no, I can't, you don't know what I'm seeing, he fell there. I understand that too but my thing with Kyrie is I'm going to let him be who he is, he's a pure artist in a game and he's proven himself on the biggest stage and in my opinion he made the greatest shot of all time , so for someone like I can't tell him what to do, I'm just going to work with him and see how we can come together and make this work for the whole group, but he's someone I can control to take over a game with an ease incredible. almost anyone who has ever played the game, so a lot of people want to talk about who they are and their mentality, but if you just watch them on a basketball court, you can't deny that it makes you feel where you want to play now, knowing that you are growing as a player. , growing in your mentality, your approach when you hear him say that out of the ordinary, although part of what he said is true for me, I think you take it to management, but when you express it to the media. and you let the media start to crack and do what the media does what were your thoughts on that being an older player seeing that now you don't, but you know him, you know like you know him, so you know exactly what comes from a good place, you know what I mean you have to be on that, yeah, what he says is not malicious.
I've been around him and I didn't answer some questions from my team and sometimes they don't understand what the coach is saying, so sometimes you have to do it. put them down in the media or just attack them personally you know if you want to win I'll regret it tomorrow I just think I just think I read I just want to say I didn't care I don't think anyone on our team would care What I want to know is what I don't think Nobody cares, man, because everyone sees who Kyrie is. The challenge for me, yeah, yeah, if anything, I'm sure they saw it that way, but we know Kyrie, so every day.
He comes in like he doesn't, he doesn't look like it, he's not a jerk in the locker room, like it's a job, yeah, solid as a teammate, he doesn't do too much, he's not doing enough as a team, so what I'm saying is just Like he cared about what this group was doing, that's how I saw it and our teammates, you know everyone on the team, we just kept pushing because we know what the media is about, we know that people he just doesn't like Kyrie as a person hey wait sword so anything he says is going to blow up and look like he's being a bad teammate because that's his rap we get it we know it's not like you don't say something that's again, like everything Kyrie is a shitty teammate, of course you're going to say that, but oh, we don't see that, I don't see that no one has ever heard one of his teammates say that, but never, these It's his methods and the way he talks to the media is different. the rest of the guys in the league and you can't.
I mean, like I said, the media has such a big platform that they can brainwash people into thinking that Kyrie is a horrible person because he doesn't like how he talks to them. Like I said, it's not about you guys, what's the vibe in the relationship with the young people, the dumb green hair, it's a good young talent to do, you guys have Ally, Oh Bert, yeah, I'll just think of this as a small group. bird, we call it very, but man right now these guys understand what's coming, what the expectations are for us as a group, we have the championship mentality.
I'm not saying we don't guarantee any chips or that getting there is easy, but we know that when we step on that court, you know, we have to come with that DNA. Each play has to be championship in time. Analyze every movement we make. Every Scout report we review should be considered as. if it is a championship and tell us this is a process and we are not in difficult conditions, that is every day, so I think everyone in our team is getting used to that and at the same time sometimes we have difficulties and we have our ups and downs, but I think all these young people are getting a great experience.
I don't want to call myself. All of these are like all my teammates were great to have a great experience and know it's nice to have two guys that came this is Wade you know especially me. You know, going into that game like they know once I go out on the court, things are sorted, their compass you know, yeah, people are going to start putting it in the right positions, we're going to start figuring out what the team looks like. so I think everyone is patient, yes I'm running out of patience but I'm being patient. I can't wait to see you DJ and Kari together, what was that dynamic like, I think you know, how was it every time I said, I think that plate of a certain play with a pick and roll with you and DJ and him rolling with you coming out of the corner I think you have a brilliant stopwatch now, isn't that how Brandon Knight died?
You see it now that we talk about this. I was the guy in the corner so picture this, yeah I was in the corner so Brandon Knight moved away from me to try to stop me if you see me. I'm in the lower left corner. I jumped up and down, I cover my face and run away like I'm not going to win, it was a murder, brother, these cops, it's not about the interrogation about what this just did to that man, it was the crazy six, never, yeah, it has to be sometime, I mean, Bronco Jason Terry and He was about to have Kyle hit his shoulder blades first, but he kept his eyes, yeah, they both ran in, yeah, Brandon, the knife, his legs were in the air after that, he would like DJ to come out of nowhere, he's a weird athlete, bro, so you know, yo.
I'm very surprised, he's perfect, like you said, plug-and-play guy, he's going to play his part, talks about defense, best teammate, funny, good guy, thinks he's a black hippy, you know, it fits perfect, so I'm excited to see how he does. He said we have to be patient next year, it's going to be great, tell me what you look like, you know you're from the east coast, tell me what it's like to be in a big city now in New York and living in business and just the energy that you get. It's around this city as big as rats.
I know you see what is definitely different. I like it here, I'm really lucky because there's so much going on and it's such a fast pace, you know, coming from California, lesson for everyone. in California, hello, exactly, this is non-stop, everything I like to get up and go out and see so many people moving and arriving somehow, you know me, so I'm Gobert, what have you been doing? You have a lot to do. I took them out of time now, like what are you doing off the court besidesrehabilitate yourself by making some cool shoes? This doorbell is very good, you know, it's like living it, leave it to the city life.
I guess you know what you're doing. On the corner I stop to go have a drink Ɓguila, have a drink, go to the bar as if it were just a life in the city. I guess you know, you just ran into me, mean famous girls here, you know, that's all. I need to come. it's necessary, we have to move around a little, yeah I'm with Cady, there's no one I can go out to and not care what you think about the angry Knicks fans that you didn't do to everyone. I thought about imagining Katie going to the next one and this is not this, but you went around everyone, you know what I mean, you took the other route, so what do you think about the fees?
It's the media, that's up there, man. I never came out and said anything about wanting to play for the Knicks, they paid me that every time, there's nothing high, now I've never said it, and then when we came here last year they put up signs and someone asked me about it and I wasn't very excited because I didn't like it, I didn't like it, you know, I'm saying I didn't get something against the Knicks, so I didn't like all that attention when I was playing. for another team, so I was never that New York thing, it was everyone else, you know the media and the fans and obviously the New York Knick fans, and you know I wanted a superstar to come play for them eventually, but I never promised anyone.
I was playing for the Knicks, it was all these stories that people like to read, so if they got angry, you should. Being angry, that means, it's the people you meet as soon as you read those people who wrote that lift you up. , it's easy to get angry, let's go back to the beginning of your career with you, Russ on James Law Dimers, oh believable, tell me what. That was like when you guys finally got together for the first time and started clicking. I mean, we can have enough time. I mean, who knows who knows who might have said hello.
But you guys played together for three years enough to ruin my second ring, oh. Yeah, because they were supposed to get that one that was supposed to be the first Miami that we had, we got to Oh, yeah, James James, James, the one on the way, because Russ already had it. It could, it was broken, it's okay, James. It came a day later and then we start switching to all of you, taking out all of you shooting and Tony Parker wants to save the day, as always he was killing in my ear to hold on. It was hard to beat them all in the seventh game at home, that's what we were trying to get to at least the seventh game, yes there are 17 up in the first half of my total, we may not end up getting there but I mean that team, we were so young and dynamic and we were right when we hit like we were.
Starting to peak, we switched to James so we really get a chance to see how good we are, because that makes sure we were hungry, we were hungry to get back on that ship like we didn't care about anything else. We're getting back to that happy guy that is in the preseason like we were, you know in the first practices of training camp you could tell there was a different energy and it involved all the work to not sound like the big man that everyone could have held back. James. No, all it took for us was just to sign money because you knew he was or at least lose at least come back at least at least turn it into a robbery in the heat and then when they vanished, there was your moment, what is?
Your relationship is like with these guys, now you know, I mean, they want this to be so big that you and Rust didn't get along. James is leaving, you're gone. Russ is what the relationship is like with you guys because I'm sure he's different. of what everyone thinks around us just uh yeah separately oh man it's cool I mean it's not like it used to be like we were you know talk to everyone it's more professional now these guys have their own lines Yo I have a family, they have kids, well, Russ They killed you for James, you know, you did it with three living stars in the league, well, their own brands, these guys travel all summer on VP, so it's like we were all going to defend separate paths, but it is always respect because we know that it was like that.
One week that Arden had the notoriety of him, we didn't have this type of praise in the game, we were together when we really had nothing, since NBA players started from scratch, so it's fun to see how big we are. everyone did this, they did this, you know, I say that because we imagine that when we're young and that's what I was about to say, I said one thing you all have in common is that you all know what it takes to be. cool yeah you know I'm saying yeah I think it's one thing to always maintain respect you think about the recording and everyone went to the MVP like it's crazy it's cool everyone started you know me what if what ? if they're just crazy sansweet swish ah damn rice switches they switch again yeah I mean they're hooking you up with three of the best scorers with James Stow it Rust eventually I'd have to figure out how James could start because we had issues.
James started for us, I mean, when we played with John, when Tom and James started, Russ James and I were 1, 2 and 3 and it just didn't work, you know, I'm saying it was better when James had to command the second unit, so eventually we had to find out if James would become a starter, he would stay in the Blee line, which was too small for him, right, yeah, wait longer, you know, there's a lot more control, so who knows how, know me, but it worked. perfectly and perfectly individually for a song that's about if you look back at your career man you played with some of the greatest point guards of all time yeah Russ Steph you gonna play with Kyrie talk about that James James right yeah I mean, our league is just something that I always gravitated toward, even as a kid, you know, my best friend on the team was on point guard at every stop, you know, from middle school to high school, you know, man. , Taiwan, Lausanne, like that, you know, I'm saying roommates everywhere, you know me. and DJ Augustine are still brothers to this day, so always laugh as a scorer, you know, someone who will give you that skin.
Oh, mommy, come on, friends since day one, so we always enjoyed the main guards and I always felt like I wanted to play as them. I know I wanted to have some drives, yeah, I wanted to be able to get through the lane like Rusty, well you know, I took things away from Steff, obviously, the way he quickly shoots threes and his hand helps him get to the cup like a little guy. . I admire that whole point guard thing more than anyone else on the court because they have to be leaders, they have to defend the toughest position and they have to make sure everyone has a chance, so I have a lot of respect for guards, tell me he was. some of the best teammates you've ever played with, man of size, of course, we're only three months old now, we look at the issue of not cutting you off, the part is I go to Golden State, I'm on the boogie and they trade boogie.
I think we're going to make the playoffs, we're going to play the Warriors, it's probably a good slap in the face, but we put Sacramento back on the mat and they trade boogie. I think I can't do this. I'm old. I have it. I have to make a move, so I'm talking to Dre Mont every day, I'm talking to Clay, Steph, they're talking to Bob, but we might need another point guard, so it's back and forth stuff, yeah, yeah You know, I mean, and then all of a sudden, I'm working out with my kids and we're going to KFC and Steve hits me like we just lost, he kept you lost Kevin tonight we need you, you know?
So I go in, they plug me in, but you make fun of me from the staff when I didn't slip, but I went in. I played twenty-five minutes in my first game. We backed him up in his first game like he almost broke my ankle and I'm almost done. Yes, I never had the opportunity to play the other one on the court and that. It's been a good combination because there are five of us going in there, you, me, you dream of death and clay and yeah, I wouldn't have to teach him, I'll play, he was used to it and RJ was like, "We exchanged alcohol." like we were two different dynamics that we can get with Jay that came like being the athletic fly make the passes and also change everything and then Matt was like the guy still rebounds and hits the three and I felt like we really bought into it all. of this and then I got hurt and then you because I got hurt and I've never liked telling people that the only time I failed was one.
They suspended me like I was going to the playoffs. I had the opportunity to win a ring. I finally know that my career You know, I'm on my back nine and Katie's back, so I'm excited. Come on, I hit my first two threes and then I go up and land on someone's ankle, bro, and I'm telling you, my ankle exploded behind you. The box said: Yes, I did my best. I was smoking so much weed hoping the best would bring me down. I feel kind of good, I know you already know that, no, I mean, and I'm smart enough to know that you don't interrupt that because of who you are, yeah, so I'm running here getting ready in case something happens.
The thing is staying in shape being a vet, talking to Clay, talking, what to do, it's when they need to talk, lean on me, whatever, and I just had to, you know, take it as a fan, so it's almost like that like me when I tell people like that. It's not really the county, you know, that was a giveaway. I said I had the best seats, so I wanted these guys, but the other part was the best part I was hanging on, I mean, was having shootouts with this guy in the Western Conference. final train passengers, you know what I mean, being with the staff and doing clay on the plane in the hotel and you can't replace that, it was a real family vote, it was a silly man, it was like it was different.
Eric hosts a new evacuation when you call. He is the greatest traitor of all time. He's the reason why the Warriors are the Warriors, in my opinion, just like Dr. oz being quarantined together, man, like he made sure everyone was straight, your family, that's what it's all about, it's his name in Jersey, come on, okay, I have a street somewhere that's not outside, yeah, but let's get back to uh, sorry I interrupted you, but Betty does I don't have that many men because, I mean, there's no coins, boy cookie, my brother is very happy for him, but you know you see that the whole war is mafia thunder teams and any team that you have a race with you by far, yes, especially if you follow the path, you go to the second round, not just the first round.
Situation where we only get to the first one, but you can spend the summer with everyone on that team, especially if you go to a chip race like the one you've been doing and like new. areas like you with everyone in that mafia so almost everyone it's like just a couple of people who died just didn't care too much but I always respected oh what a race like that tell me about it because you're someone that you and your mayor They're rich in our riches back here, you know the rich on the other side of the game like they're really taking advantage of business and I think that might have started.
I mean, obviously you guys have a great team, but you know that's One of the main reasons you know the Bay Area is what that is and then what you're doing there in the movies and everything that it means to talk about my. I mastered four. I got tired of sand all over me, so I created my own kids room. I've seen another shitty G, tell me, teacher, tell me, he's telling you all that to tell you that he was really following so you can stop inventing for good. I mean, that's really what it's something I could eventually do.
I'm done playing like you know, tell stories how we wanted to tell them, give people our perspective. There are so many platforms today and you know you want to find ways to branch out and create interesting content, and we came up with the boardroom. got PG County Doc's, we've known shows for Apple, I mean, I can go to Los Angeles, it's not what we want to do and we did it, but as you know, the countryside that we renovate and the communities that we help, I think that is really what it's all about us and obviously the interesting content and the platforms that we create, the impact that we have on these communities that I play in and that I lived in at the time, is probably the most impactful thing we can do, if that is. that training camp that you had behind the walls and working with some guys that put this in so it's no deeper than that, you come from that and you know we have so many in the walls that I never get that experience, that's it.
The Warriors did a good job, they do a great job with that, you can tell quit every time to start every time. Take a look at your career, it doesn't shine in the right way. Yes, I went with them that time and then we did the doctorate. We made the doc for FS make a call yeah Aunt Quinn that dog my man you know how to play just get everybody together so talk about it more than anything else he was doing so I guys from back in jihad, I need it. He could have been in love,fixed, look, that's when I started to look different, now I was like I could, I could start on that team for the Sonics. like not starting on a couple of teams in the 90s.
I feel like my game is a trend that can be translated. You don't make mistakes, so you know, that's how I start. You know, look at me a little different after that, that's nothing. That's great if You could choose other legends to play with you in the park you are in, who are you to Shaq mm-hmm MJ cold hmm? I'll tell someone else who wants it, the cameraman, one of the cameramen, oh, go to that park where and 'everyone will be everyone else who wants to lose their fifth mm yes my favorite is probably Mac mmm the car team got together mmm I say let's just play I just said let's play two more tools and they had another guy maybe three on three but that team comes like a pest It's no one like that yeah she's a girl and she's by no means the best player with the one you have played and play with some, do what you have not yet played with Kyrie, so he put, but he got into the trade, which cannot be any player. hasn't been played yet, there would be a table between Steph and the rest hmm, it has to be two completely different killers, game changer, yeah, because I never feared Russ, I never feared that he was dead, he was gone, he was going to lose a confrontation.
I never get into the game it was like everyone else just can't stand this guy tonight, you know, saying that's something I worry about and it's like, as a team leader, you care as much about facing off as you do. I wouldn't be able to do it. You're going to shoot tonight It's going to be aggressive You're going to shoot with confidence They are surgical shoe counters They will be interested They will make sure to save your name to the point that sometimes you forget about yourself and one thing I did I never had to worrying about resting and having that comfort and having that kind of just knowing that I had that ease coming into the game and the guide dog that someone trusts, yeah, it's like it made my life easier and I felt the same way.
Still, you know, I say that because I know for a fact that there's no point in him wanting a guard because he's not going to stop moving, so that's going to take some of his energy away, you know, and he's going to play off of that. dog where it's like he's trying to destroy you when he was scoring you don't come out and our game plan was to leave him open at all times he's not going to stop so I can trust when you can trust people and clay to put. I put clay in there with them to play with.
I have the dog as if he were authentic. He is a real dog. Those three, my favorites, yeah, they made my life a lot easier mentally, so last question, Jack and I are people who used cannabis during our careers and we really try to defend it. Now we feel that if used correctly, it could be very beneficial, yes, for today's athletes. game I know you feelSimilar to what you have invested in a cannabis company, tell me what you think about the nature of cannabis and how professional sports can implement it to improve the recovery of their athletes.
Well, just think that Dustin should be removed from the best list and you know. you don't have to implement it into anything, it's one of those plants that if it's an acquired taste, if you love it, you love it, if not, you won't even pick it up, so that's fine, you shouldn't even. Being in discussion nowadays is like marijuana is marijuana, it doesn't harm anyone's food, it can only help you get better and do good things and I feel like it shouldn't even be a big topic around this anymore, like it's cool , yes it is good.
For you, can you help? It is bad? But when everyone on my team drinks coffee every day, you know, it's okay to drink caffeine every day or guys go out for wine after games, drink a little bit and say marijuana should be in that tone. while we've been talking about it, it shouldn't even be a conversation now, so I hope that we can get past that and the stigma around it and know that it's nothing more than making people have fun, making people have fun, making the people be hungry, make people just come together that plant brings us all together focus relaxation our baseball great job great job baby you got out of jail for marijuana that could be the next step and move on but there is a plant now he put it for a right and it's high bring us man I hope it happens especially in the NBA right KD we appreciate you my brother brother thanks for taking the time oh no we gotta get back online oh we ain't done yet , quick, shut up, so this is a special segment, KD.
We like to call Jax a banker, but it's working out well Jack, what do you need from KD Shoes? The shoes that once, although I have been posting them, you have some news, just this, my son, do you know that you saw my son? last month I appreciate you bringing them to my attention, you put out some new ones so what happened. I follow your boy, there are many colors available. I was even inspired by a couple, yes I love it and my son needs it. them is the most important thing and I will only tell Rich because he is behind the camera.
My son could win. Your team needs a new shipment of Katie's delicious fish. Those can be a couple of colors because we're nice. You're pretty good at g1 elite, you're nice, but we just want the MLK tournament a couple weeks ago, man, we came in here, we're doing it, but anyway, man, KD, we appreciate you, Jack needs some shoes, what type of size happens? 14 14 yeah yeah some rap episode 14 you can catch us on Showtime basketball YouTube or all


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