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Karens Who Got What They Deserved

Mar 17, 2024
Hello friends it's me and today we are going hunting Karen this woman went to get her nails done do you like that color no I don't like that take it off I'm not an expert in anything I've just been getting my nails done I've done it every month for the last few 10 years of my life, but when you go to the nail salon you can choose the color yourself, are you sure? Yeah, you know if


paint One Nail and you don't like it, that's okay. clean it and then you can choose another color. Usually, there is no problem.
karens who got what they deserved
You agree with this color. Yes, I like this one. You like this. This is good. Alright. Then she found the color she liked. Barbara approved. It's so pretty that you like them. well, well, I don't know


you mean, no, I don't know if I like it, rewind this big when you said yes, I like this one, you just said you liked them and then waited for her to finish each one. nails to be like yeah, I don't like it,


is she doing?, what you don't like, you chose it, but the more I look at it, I don't like it, I think you'll have to redo them all why didn't you tell me when I finished two fingers or one thing just why do you wait until I finish 10 fingers and you don't like it I don't know I don't know while you were doing it The rest of my nails I was in my own world thinking of what excuse I can come up with to not pay for these nails and cause a problem today.
karens who got what they deserved

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karens who got what they deserved...

I just don't like it, so I want you to remake them, okay? If I remake them I'll have to charge for another game No, you won't have to pay double No because I'm taking my time to remake them for you No, what do you mean by not continuing? Get out of the chair, pay for your nails and go home. Some people love to start a fight and argue for no reason. You can sit here without redoing them, that's fine, so I don't do refunds and no. I don't do it well either. They look like that, redo them I'm not sorry, I'm not going to redo that that's okay, well I'm just going to sit here, okay, have fun sitting here then, because I'm not going to redo them Barbara, you might have your day off , go ahead, stop. a chair, you and I can sit there looking at our nails until you like them and some people have nothing to do all day.
karens who got what they deserved
I have a lot of time to waste, so I'm trying to waste other people's time. You can sit here as much as you want. sit here all day and um if people come with nail polish I'll be here okay go ahead this is so embarrassing what's the reason for this it's so annoying when people think


can walk into an establishment and just take advantage of the workers like she redoes your nails again and then you don't like them again this sounds like an undecided topic oh she must be a stud we have a man Karen here crashed this woman's car and refused to shows her insurance card you hit me I know you are not enlightened she speaks english okay she literally said you hit my car.
karens who got what they deserved
I speak English perfectly and I understood what she said now, maybe she just has a hard time hearing that you hit me on the head, that sounds like English. to me, I know, you're not listening and you responded in English, so you understood what she said, you literally admitted to hitting her car, you hit my car and I don't need insurance now, I don't have my insurance card. She literally thinks she's stupid like, oh I can just hit your car and get away with it, no, I mean, if someone hits your car and they don't cooperate, you call the police, simple, you hit like behind my car, shut up, I have to go look for my daughter.
It doesn't matter that you hit my car, big deal. Colonel Sanders, who was very afraid, made him very uncomfortable on his way to his golf tournament. This is what happens when you hit someone's car. This is exactly what the poop were to simply make him more important than him. You know, a few months ago I was driving, an old man rear-ended me, Rachel had barely caught up to my car and he was so sorry, I just let him go, it doesn't matter, because someone did that to me once I accidentally hit them. there was no damage, they're like whatever, you're fine, your car is way better than mine, anyway, you're right, they love it, you're right, excuse me.
Yes, this is a handicap parking bay. Okay, yeah, well done, well done, Karen, you can. Read that, yes, how much do you want to bet that your phone is not recording? She's only holding him because he's holding him. It's like a modern sword. You see your opponent holding one. You take out yours. You are incapacitated for me. Alright? What is that supposed to mean? Karen Karen, you just walk up to people and ask them why they are disabled and now you want everyone to care. I can't walk up to an old lady and say, "Give me a copy of your medical records because I want to know what's wrong with you, this is a handicapped parking spot and I'd like to park my car here.
Okay, haven't you seen my parking license plate?" for disabled? Yeah, does it look like my badge? Well, it doesn't look anything like my bag. Well, that's cool like we don't like each other it's not cool because I think it's not real and I think you're actually violating. the law oh, here comes the ambulance, she's clearly out of her car, that means she already parked somewhere, right? I'll inspect every car in the handicapped parking lot and say, Damn, she could have parked there, just parked. your car and then go where you need to go to do your extra steps.
Did you borrow this information? It looks like a smart photocopy. A real handicap bark badge. You don't look disabled at all, what do you mean by love? There is no competition, who is more disabled, yes everyone knows there are tears in your disability badge, the more disabled people earn and then they can park in the wheelchair spot always. win, what is your disability? Well, there is a license plate, but she doesn't look disabled, show me the license plate you see there, take it out and show it to me. She literally sat here for several minutes arguing with this guy to take her badge off and show it to her.
Tell her as if you could see it clearly on her windshield. Not all disability badges will look exactly the same. What is your disability? Try it in your business. Prove it to me. Let's say what bags are there. That's all you need to see. I'm going to take out what you need sorry someone loses an arm it's because it was in a place where it didn't belong I can't reach you well no, you can't reach it because you need more time arms love yes well I'm sorry but you should be here you have the right to be here no look you know what I learned all the people had no more time to waste so they went straight to the point they had a problem with you I will fight you the plans are over I don't have time to be calm anymore this is just a random woman who just walked into the room and she started brushing her hair and then the owner is kicking her out I want you to leave my salon I am asking you to please leave my salon.
Stop standing and combing your hair and let Ken do your hair in my salon. That's illegal. Go away, get out. Stop, do you have a date? No, I'm busy brushing her hair. Stop brushing. your comb brush whatever get out of my damn salon now I should get angry leave your alcohol track get out of my salon leave I'm telling you right now I asked you guys you crazy fruit crazy fruit I feel like she's modifying something like she doesn't know what day it's where he is you know he probably recognizes the blue chairs maybe he thought he went into his own bathroom he was brushing his hair at home I don't know these crazy people Hi boss I just have one question.
I'm not trying to be rude, but isn't he a little horse crazy? You guys aren't security or anything like that. Is it just that they are showing off their horse because it's cool or is it really cool for the horse Sorry, which of all the things to pick a fight about in this world? What are you guys doing in the park on horseback? I think they're cool because they have a horse. It's been my lifelong dream to have a horse and So these guys are just flexing their horse in the park ruining my whole day, I know, but you enjoy it, but did the horses really enjoy it?
Oh yeah, there are a lot of people if they kick me right now, so if I touch the horse right now. What is going to happen? I know, but a little boy comes up and wants to touch the horse. What's happening? You're speaking on behalf of an animal that you simply can't control, so now you're worried. The children approached the horse to pet them. I swear he just took out his camera and walked up to them trying to start a problem. God, you know how much I wish this horse would kick me, then I could sue you and take your horse.
Do you know what that is? I know you don't, that's nice, but what about little kids? Yes, while I touch it, a little boy just wants to come and not talk. Well, I'm just saying what's the point. No, I just want to know what the point is. like horses, you bring it here, she just said you can't walk here, what's the point other than you're showing off your horse? Well, sometimes you just want to show your host what the problem is, he's acting like he's so dangerous. Imagine someone taking their pet tiger for a walk in a public park, then there could be a problem with a child coming to a Pedic.
I just want to know if a horse hits a child, what do you do? foreigner, what do I do? If I'm riding my bike and I hit Karen, you know we could, what if the whole day is fine so you don't care, you don't have anything ready in case it happens? Yeah sorry let me get my medkit out of my inventory I can heal the kid back to full health no problem if my horse hits him yeah I just want to know security officer if the kid gets hit what happens If this, if this horse hits me now, what if this horse hits me.
Right now, what's happening? Yes, I will stay very close to the horse's butt, because he is begging to be kicked in the teeth. I swear some people wake up in the morning, take a deep breath, and think I want to get started. a problem today people very sad about all the illegal drugs you do in your garage in my garage oh yes it is and there is evidence hello yes they were watching too much Breaking Bad what kind of drugs are you doing in your garage? illegal drugs you do it in your garage in my garage oh yes it is and there is evidence poor grandma she has no idea what's going on she just exists at this point you know it's quite an accusation if you've seen drugs in your neighbor's garage why go up? them recording whether you've obviously called the police or something or not no one likes a snitch whatever my neighbors doing their garage that's their business as long as they're not causing a disturbance ma'am don't move ma'am ma'am am I ready ?
Yes, the police are on their way, ma'am. I think she's drunk. So why would you leave the scene of an accident that you caused? Because it was an accident. I never heard that before. Yes, it is common sense. It's definitely something. a drunk person would say that if you literally run over someone I have a hair appointment I have to go be sorry it was an accident I'm going to leave now doesn't mean you can leave the scene of a crime just because it was an accident damaged my vehicle. I could give you my insurance information and what I need you to do is stay where you are.
We can stop, but I have you on video. They took your plates. You left the scene and you want to say it's on. Security is going to make everything much worse. So why are you trying to leave a tea? Your appointment is at the hospital. You hit me. That's more important now. Okay, you realize this is going to be a lot worse if you leave. the scene of an accident I mean, technically you can just give your insurance and be there, take a picture, bye, I mean, sometimes when it's a minor accident, like those cops, it can take hours to get there, it's a misdemeanor. , it's okay, you're okay. with that I will press charges and this video is going to be a job you realize right I didn't realize Tick Tock was the court because that's how I'm seeing it it's up to you man if you're big and you can suffer .
The consequences of your own actions may be, but anyway that's all for today. I hope you enjoyed this video, comment below, let me know which one was the worst and if you enjoyed it, make sure to hit the like button, thank you and make sure to spin. in notifications click click and I just released some new products. We have hoodies, tank tops at OG I'll link it below and subscribe to Wolfpack. I love you so much, thanks for watching, bye guys.

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