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Kardashian-Jenner Clan Pull ULTIMATE KUWTK Pranks on Each Other | Kards-A-Thon | KUWTK

May 03, 2024
probably the people who live here make fun of people like that and I'm literally like cutting myself. out of turquoise yellow, I just think you guys must like the quiet, but I also don't think my stuff was that crazy, like you guys might be cooler. I'm not telling you who to be or what to wear or whatever, but I'm telling you who to be and what to wear, it might be time for a fashion overhaul so you stay young and relevant, are you going to go to the church later? I heard yes, do you want to come? you guys will get drunk and then go to church, yes Jesus turned water into wine, yes birthday prayers right after sin, what are you drinking?
kardashian jenner clan pull ultimate kuwtk pranks on each other kards a thon kuwtk
Oh, vodka. I'm not going to church tonight. I'm going to have the court talk to some. Guys, have you seen her try to talk to anyone? She has no game and it's surprising because you would think she would be so explosive because she is so dumb, but Courtney is the biggest Jessie. They're talking about me, guys, are you ready to put on your shirts? Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, these hats we're officially the pinball. Yes, I am ready. I know you're on a completely different wavelength, probably similar in how bad our mouths are. with the right to curse, there comes a point where I'm like talking to someone and it's like any


word, oh, I'm like I can't even express myself, you know, curse your mom a lot, well, yeah, I mean, no , but I.
kardashian jenner clan pull ultimate kuwtk pranks on each other kards a thon kuwtk

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kardashian jenner clan pull ultimate kuwtk pranks on each other kards a thon kuwtk...

I'm saying even from the kitchen, I mean, can you believe this? I thought my name was cool, yeah, damn, you know, I'm a little weirded out that Courtney claimed that she could sail, she didn't claim that she was a million percent convinced that she could literally kill. we could have all drowned, I almost did and I think I got stung by a jellyfish if we were in the open sea, oh we could have gone downhill real quick, Scott, I wouldn't be like Rose, I'd come back for you girl, we. I need more girls like you here, I just think she should have been honest from the beginning and kept claiming she was a sailor so this is my thing.
kardashian jenner clan pull ultimate kuwtk pranks on each other kards a thon kuwtk
I feel like Courtney did us dirty, she threw that candle in my face and made me fall off the boat now the real question is how do I get back to Beaufort? some kind of joke, you know, I don't know, maybe she'll go away like Oh, what a beautiful day, drinking a cup of fresh coffee, now we just drop a big bucket of good, now you're worms of my language, you're a big bucket from Nair, a big bucket of Nair who is just ruthless, yeah, I probably don't need to dump on Nair because all his hair is falling out.
kardashian jenner clan pull ultimate kuwtk pranks on each other kards a thon kuwtk
It would probably be a bit like oh my god, your hair would fall out, that's what I'm saying, maybe a bit weird from all angles, this is like permanent lighting in real life, yeah, I think you'd like to live in this room, you are literally. Like you had a beauty light on you of uh what's up, nothing, wait, so how was it? That you thought? I haven't slept in days because, really, I have, but I think he has a very bright light there that makes you look like you. They're like thinning hair, and I'm not thinning hair, so he's here, it's like that, you are, he's not thinning here, I see it, no, do you remember being different?
No, I mean, we all like it, that was like seven years ago. it could have been very different it's exactly the same I think you're in I think you're in denial I'm not in denial I think everyone's hair forms a circle here's John at the top it's like legit I'll take a picture no no we've already done the pictures let me take them from this angle just turn it around and I won't do it yeah I think I want to get one more query from someone else just to see what they say blank no cameras don't be embarrassed here we are let's think how fun it would be to have you around the corner all the time, that would be fun right, hey Tomer, this is great, this is the master bedroom, so you have a nice closet and then a big walk-in closet that you can walk into , you see my cabinets at home, you saw the kitchen, huh, does it b


you that I have that type of stove?
I don't cook, I make cereal for dinner, you and Courtney, that's the point, you would have us here, so if you need anything or need a meal, we can take care of you, there's nothing we can do about it if the three of us are away Well, that's what this exercise is about there's also a bar, oh my goodness, now you can drink, I have to think about it. I like the fact that it's two bedrooms because when Marcy or any of my girlfriends show up, that's her or boyfriends, you have a two-bedroom boyfriend. wait, do you really have a boyfriend?
Well, I wouldn't tell you if I had a boyfriend. You put it in a tweet. Oh God, Mom, whatever they call it. I literally can't do anything fun. Do you think it's fun? You are doing something. funny there's something inside you that's funny that's really funny we're partying all day Oh, I thought you had a bag of food in your hands I was so excited no, it's just my pink helmet we went to another language I see a lawyer of adoption and when you have a child they change the birth names of the parents on their birth certificate, why, because they are your children, you know why, yes, then how crazy, just because you showed me a birth certificate no It means you have to be my blood.
Okay, let's not keep repeating this stupid topic over and over again. I was the one who told you what Chloe did now two years ago to get a DNA test. I don't want to. I believe you, why don't you take a DNA test? And end the day, don't touch your face. Does anyone want to take a little spin? I look like an insect, it's a small insect, but it's cute, how do I look? Chloe, great, she's always loved it. I have literally done it. She hasn't seen you in 20 years You look like Miley Cyrus with that hair, not bad, well, today you're Miley Cyrus, okay, what's going on with my hair?
My hair is always short, well, unless I get extensions, so what's been going on inside, where in Mexico? Did you go with Cabo? Cabo is like and you felt so comfortable wandering around the city. I never saw a Paparazzi, there was not a single person. I had no idea if the Paparazzi had a whole new team, a whole new team like me. I don't get it just for fun, so I see pictures of Chloe with some NBA player and even though I know I shouldn't believe everything on the Internet, Chloe and an NBA player go hand in hand, so I want to say that She's my sister, of course I want to. you know who she's hanging out with what's going on with you one thing is this like Malika like she's there like we're on vacation Courtney told me in the car that everyone should leave their phones on silent so Life technology doesn't tell you when they're supposed to that you should check your phone, you check it when you have a moment and when you want to check it, but you'll never know that someone calls mine Wrangler personalized for Kendall Kylie Lamar and now it's also personalized for Kim, no, not having a baby and not being calling, Don't you ever want to get into people's heads and know what's going on?
Yeah, I seem to feel like with Shorty it was the best time. It's Shorty to get him to help him. that i learned a lot about shorty like you don't really know yeah i just want to get into people's heads more. Would you really want to know what other people think at all times? I just want to experience other people's lifestyles though. just ask, I feel like we live in a bubble and don't like to experience everyone's life journey. I studied psychology in college and it was fascinating, amazing, you'd love it for four years, yeah, I did Santa Monica, no, and she's awake.
Enough, no more things, please, stop, don't force yourself, Randy Kendall, stop. Okay, okay, you gotta come down, we're just getting started, we're about to play some games, it's getting raunchy, this is a perfect game for you. Why am I sticky? Justin Bieber Courtney Why am I clingy? Because Todd just spit in my face until now. This trip has been one of the best. Kendall and Kylie are finally experiencing a veil. A place that means a lot to me and my sisters. Court and Tyga have made up, we are playing such fun quality time games what is the best puberty, but I can't stop thinking about my brother, he is the only missing piece of this puzzle and I really wish she was there here because he would love this trip

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