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Junk Journal 3 Easy Tips! Bird's Nest, Tape Trick & Dried Flower Bags! Tutorial!The Paper Outpost!

Feb 18, 2020
We'll see, can you see what I'm doing? swipe up a little okay, now I'm in, okay, ripping up the ruler, do your job, here we go, let's hold our breath, everyone, okay, not bad, well, even a little uneven, but we can, we can work with that, I mean, that's pretty good, okay, that's what we say, okay, now we're going to bend to make the bottom and now here comes the big question, let's not do it. anything before we glue it on, it's okay, so we should try it, what should we try? I don't know, let's try, okay, let's try the white glue again because it's here, it's flowing well and let's do a cross comparison, we'll try some fabrics.
junk journal 3 easy tips bird s nest tape trick dried flower bags tutorial the paper outpost
I've got some glue here on my frame, okay, glue here, have a solution, okay, never fix it against glitter art glue, here's the big contest, okay, just push it to the side, let's see, okay, so the pepper solution is on the left and the white glue is on the right. Okay, now while we give you a second to grab it or not, we'll figure it out again learning as we go where my trash is, it's gone, oh, here it is okay and I'm just going to make the envelope on top and fold it over. . It's upside down cutting off the top of the envelope that's what you're going to look like do-do-do-do-do-do okay here we go okay so now let me show you what's going on oh I would say it's holding that both are equitable. holding up, both are fine, this is what the white glue left a little gurgling wrinkle and that should dry once it's completely dry, but you have a little gurgling wrinkle and the Fabri solution is pretty good, although I think you'll see a little .
junk journal 3 easy tips bird s nest tape trick dried flower bags tutorial the paper outpost

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junk journal 3 easy tips bird s nest tape trick dried flower bags tutorial the paper outpost...

A little bit of this through the other thing I didn't try was the glue stick. The glue stick might work, but let's go ahead and place our


s inside and see how it looks like tracing


that you can get at any office supply store or they will sell it. at Walmart and things like that and that shows quite well. I like that look. I mean, they're not that different from everyone else. I mean, maybe I generally prefer this kind of glassine parchment look, but this one is definitely the ticket. I'm serious. It's quality in my book, so we're going to take you there doing your thing and everything pretty and hydrangea like maybe what you need to do is style it outside and then put things in everything look, oh well, look they're dry.
junk journal 3 easy tips bird s nest tape trick dried flower bags tutorial the paper outpost
I told you they're dry. okay, so let's put this guy in, okay, I put you in and then I crush you all the way down and put you in there, you're kind of cute, I need you to go on top, under you, there we go, no, we don't like it. that little thing you're going to get rid of that these are eucalyptus leaves oh here's a nice one OOP now I need to stop doing that stop doing that I'm crushing them well tucking them in well there we go he's there let's put some pink ones alone for fun and maybe a white hydrangea that is beautiful on a white Henry Cho.
junk journal 3 easy tips bird s nest tape trick dried flower bags tutorial the paper outpost
They're almost like shaker type things, you know, because they're going to move around a little bit here. I'm not going to hit them or anything like that. I think that's pretty true, it's B and then we'll drop at the top and then we'll do a little sticker that I pulled out and where those stickers are. They were here, good, there, good, so you can get them. You know, little labels for Avery labels. I just bought some of these in a tote bag at the store and thought I'd ink one of them a little. This is a very


way to make cute little colorful stickers.
Just use them. your inks and then put a stamp on it and let me have something, what is this? I'm always grabbing the goose, okay, I'm just grabbing this and I'm going to put a stamp on it that says something floral, there we go, it's cute. little sticker two seconds and we're done, who needs aliexpress when we can make our own right? Yeah, let me tell you, it's a lot easier, okay, let me go around and give Maru a little head start, yeah, like this, this is really nice. I should make a bunch of these, aren't they adorable?
I mean, these could get stuck anywhere. Oh, it's funny, like learning on the fly again. They're so cute, okay, so I'm just going to put this here and seal it, here we go. How cute, how cute, okay, then let's see the others, here's one of the big ones, yes, so cute. I think I'm totally convinced of that and here's the big one, so if you find any of these envelopes, save them. and stick some



s on them and here is the little baby that looks very cute. I think you have these and what else we did.
Oh, we did the


thing, let's take a look at that again. Okay, now that's totally done. dry, okay, look at that pretty good bit of shine, eh, and I could probably reduce it even more with another coat, but that's one coat and you have that cool print transferred there, which is cool a million and it's used for that and where there's my little one wait he got it here are the




s so I hope you enjoyed this this was just a little bit of fun today at the table playing with some little things that I wanted to put together and show you all in a little collective video sometimes it's fun just playing around with these other little ideas and looking at the Avila or the volcano I have coming out of there, but I'm happy to create them all anyway.
I hope you have fun today and make sure that if you find value here, please subscribe and share, thank you so much for your support, all links for favorite tools and supplies are below, playlists are below, all similar interests of Etsy and everyone else between Instagram, Pinterest, I might say Facebook, Facebook groups. I should add that the Facebook group links are down there, okay, thanks. I'll add it down there so a lot of the things you're looking for can be found below or go to my channel and go to the community tab or go to Facebook. search the news



or go to the newspaper


facebook group and that will take you to the group and you can join the group and participate in some mini weekly challenges or monthly challenges.
They are very fun, very supportive and foster happy and positive people. who love to do crafts and love to do things related to



s and what else is that, so I'll talk to you next time. I make sure you have fun and create with reckless abandon. Take care everyone, goodbye.

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