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Jorge Van Rankin con Adela Micha

Feb 27, 2020
member on the air the king has arrived yes this is collapsing this program that raises the event donkey more hey donkey you are already connected s let me they are going to divorce me before home but but but but but today but eat this company the game is still very rich Friday of the theme of hours one thing is one thing that this looks like a river for the camera they already gave us the cider is what the news is giving that happens to me and then we do politics you have two little daughters of what ages 98 it lasts five years I hope that they are not going to go to school next Monday with them it is not over when I got to my chair that metal track but it is more progressed we have progressed since school currently more talks about what happens simply so that they are today is a little friend of yours of this you lack respect for rapping or you have some things for example that it raises your skirt, that is to say in a beautiful way if I said please tell me not to be afraid and tell me why suddenly if it is strong no because yes I think that what you are 39 not only in mexico in the world it is very difficult but nothing else is a matter of eyes of the governments the things of the societies things to which the program the first problem this country and I have done it many times and not this country or in the world is education now it seems that we do not blame the current and previous governments in this aspect in this problem now a cultural matter of education that 11 women are dying a day in this country but it is life of hate crimes and it has happened for many years because why are we all here reporters?
jorge van rankin con adela micha
Until when, although I don't know anything about Hidalgo, he wants to suck the name and Tomás of the winner as suddenly I suck when I can, I'm already a virgin due to scarring, but no longer, don't enter the rating, sorry in Reyes González, go ahead, we send greetings to all the producers. whatever they say about me without being hidden from you the weather is good and here we are all members he says let's see what the band says outside they don't say anything about you because you owe them I came greetings it's beautiful today you won't have because look I brought me with me yes of course today i worked at this job gonzález iñárritu 96.9 we were number one there had never been a music station in english in the first place of the quadrant and so the one who invites me made 7 w walking through the tri now he greets you You have it on WhatsApp, it represents your wife, my dearest and beloved, then with all due respect, your dear wife Mariela is traveling, brother, and I have a rock program in Spanish.
jorge van rankin con adela micha

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jorge van rankin con adela micha...

Perfect called on Monday of joy of Italian music we talked about those from the hills that I knew was was is is you know that it is not from this area so this only takes expensive from the neighborhood and you are the yellow ability since she speaks perfect French to another girl who speaks perfect Italian and the program was European music from Italian French horror and it was a huge hit I didn't know her she was the ex-girlfriend of a friend of mine in fact and they met there she was gorgeous elegant pretty thank you very much and the black man too It is daytime and they were there, this bride and groom were made there and they were married in a beautiful wedding in which tepec sediment near the valley bragado to the clear clear to the work of the best credits there was a subject who gave me a head of peyote I placed it from rain for that's always the donkey no never for God's sake what things I'm telling you that because I don't like to lose when I don't something that suddenly a control starts to give me a panic attack and from that and I would take it out if you and you have had a crisis People never know that I have said to run away suddenly I want nothing, it doesn't beat me and nothing so much for the rabbit that walking halfway other things more here no no, look at that at that time I already told you, you don't know why or what it is now true that it is or it was what it is now since great days before the roll of the speck out there but strong talk of many years and suddenly I think that the strongest and the success for the 96 points the last one that I got a flaw and I think That was what unleashed my panic in 1996, yes, because you told me you were panicking.
jorge van rankin con adela micha
I think it was part of it, being a social alcoholic, there are no longer 50 and 66 images, he has a diary, but if it's like that, a day book is wrong. On the contrary, they say that it is very good for the heart and speaking and I do not see in another three of angel and I had digestion and on YouTube love is not going to take it badly but I was fortunate to be in a few drinks with José José he had to take a deadly drink bat the world says burrito I love you are my favorite today what do you think between Galilea and Juanpa that they scooped age it was Juanjo because they began to sound there were scandals for good there was gossip that was going to enter the small and small giants of judge juanpa juan by then the i invite today that it will be for nothing I never said so this I say today that there will be no entry ok I have a bet to see do you want me to enter periodically later I have a proposal I dedicate myself to the parachute jump thing if you You make a parachute I do not accept the challenge because the neighborhood was named 80 80 20 in theory he has already accepted today I don't know if I don't security but you already saw him I was sweating nervously the truth is Galicia well the other one should also go speak clearly well no no Because it's a project and there's Milan for your voice, they already pay you well, dude, you know one thing and I'll say it again to friends who are watching us, not me the day I went, really Pacheco came, no, I'll repeat it again I said what I failed to say in comparison to my colleagues is what was wrong I am not saying that it is a bad salary it is a good salary but in comparison to my colleagues I am the worst paid in the still God so that you understand me I am from your lowest televisa city back it takes time it was exclusivity 67 but the series 40 and 20 already the girl in the fifth and sixth season and the stress for dad wait a moment to see against the bucks he must charge more tickets hey well it's because of you it's like that I'm fine now I hired you I have no way of programming Monday Wednesday Monday and Wednesday of fast generation and you have to be fast of course he is also your friend he is also mine and do not come here with the yolo but yes when he invites me he is the prettiest than the I really love it.
jorge van rankin con adela micha
We were talking about politics, no, we weren't talking about if you have low exclusivity but they pay you per project, they pay you for today, they pay you for 42 and that armed mother, without a doubt, 40 and 20 is the only one. let's see it is one of the programs that those who share it know if it occurs outside and there is neither a cameraman nor an exterminator nor a scriptwriter it is not direct Elisa Loyo we use the envelopes superheroes program ends and grabs the can and if it sells it lawfully and the program soon Or is it who has to pay you more for the López, well, in that part, the televisa roll works a little, but the truth is that it pays me very poorly for the 40 and 20, it is also that I stopped doing that two years ago, it was the last season 04 with success has 7 repetitions 7 repetitions each season for four there were 52 talk to your buddy emilio and old in it but it's the dad but from the one from the town of the house notice that before yes but no longer the guy I spoke to him the other day my brother, they are tough but they are lovely people, the truth is that he came back to me after 10 years I loved him very much but I never have much every day bernardos bravo but he is tough but he is very good very intelligent but we are going to make a song for america from the monumental that will be coming out soon and you will see the band who did the amount they write them 4 I brought the song to emilio the examples of the monumental those of the bar that is the anthem of america there are obsolete laws and if like then but they all sing it and the band liked it, it's going to be good when they're done presenting it, you're going to decide I'm not going to present it, but America can't have one like the Argentine bars anymore, a symbol thing, but not that I'm there, I have one for the war program please please I don't know what you can to teach this I told my son if he placed the program and finished the program on this list I told him I said donkey I'm going to upload it to the net I didn't tell you wait until he goes to the program, you show them the photos the photos that sometimes two or three do not but it is necessary to add it closer and a cigar you were an animal when highlighting the leopard and I feared more expensive to pay for the fucking stones of it reached 62 you are lying today to see give it a bite donkey but we can continue now the one you want the right the left the one that stays more comfortable ready always talk here you have a boyfriend who introduces me age play no now no mom in my life I had heard that in this probable your mother one day see some guests of e chile to your mother sm parrot or not this is the first time I'm going to hell hey really never that's why you love me and that's why you did here I am one thing I was the one who spoke to him to tell him to invite me I love you I love you Haiti I still don't love them more than if the politicians continue to live here, it's clear, for example, who has come lately, well, you know, deputies, senators, half-baked, president no. and now you saw their episodes but we just put on the forensic micro wait because I'm going to send a message to the city who listens to the crazy man no I wouldn't be encouraged by the phone and external they already fixed it for me oh old pizzi four are the most successful on netflix training going up from 10 lohan kept going down this is the fourth it's ridiculous whatever you need I'm sending you a big kiss god we're in bags at plus 7 area he's a millionaire bastard he'll answer now he's in the position this black guy went through the care Given the laws, it's on the subject.
I really like it, well, you knew that, don't do it here in this room, hey, you're on the air, dad, let's see, I'm with the one with happiness and you're on the air. Wave, this comes out with Adela, Micha, behave perfectly, Robertito how are you, adelita, how are you going, well, here with the donkey that is biting me, it is biting you where your leg is in your crotch, I know you bring something, hopefully well, imagine I went out with this trip to earth and the droplets see more from peter pan hey where are you bastard where are you I'm here with the national guard main to his life stop stealing bastard palazuelos where are you in other politicians I don't steal I work everything has a hotel pimp welcome how was I going to cut off the chips is framed the mass welcome you didn't listen you bastard I'm telling you that 20 because we're wanting to have a threesome take two tequilas from the target there's always something there in that program that I told you I told you gentlemen today barceló where and you are way in which part of the world a bastard I don't know where you are going when right now well then you arrive and here we wait for you the burrito of the voice or is it his room in my house in my house sorry and those things like what awaits you old ridiculous hey You can answer them on video so that people can see you no no no let's see you think it's a difficult chapter your series will be a head and also the Miguel's if it's not for Luis Miguel like this because I went to all yours while these tasks there You know why I want this goat for you and sincerely, but it's to sell, we don't have to dig anymore, we want you there, made old, ridiculous, blah, blah, I'm going to tell you, Miguel, when I started more than three years, two, and then what was known after 22 years of the series we are going to change with you with him and he as not for floors that is wrong told the series to the waves I never saw him with Luis Miguel never in my life but it was when doing he was always and I never is that there is a 30 percent that it is fiction and reality in that when they are going to call miguel to do that again he has 22 years of romance at 16 22 he reached the middle class that didn't go there 20 years ago today it's referring to the horse rating suddenly I was trembling from the fin they are fighting over the home I was going to see him So many years ago if you shut up I went as a visitor and when at home there equity I say and suddenly I greet everyone there they go everyone was facing the whole band and maxis this week with the sisters of Miguel Luis and Miguel accompanied by the namesake who is up there in which 22 and a half changing like that from dark to suddenly go to record these people there are no certain values ​​a life a hug from 2000 that was a truly great reunion after 22 nice to meet you He said to see him when he also coloma himself and how to extract and things 22 I'm going to see his face then after that just with this idea and he didn't let go of the bastard and we were together and a half because he stopped working and from there I went back to see him he gave me my ride the chs le pr I showed my wife the mother of his scenes some friends but he thinks that I have again the time of before in medicine, mind history, I have a job and I have two daughters and a woman, that's another story and I can't do that anymore, tell him that I do If you want, but we call you, you have it on WhatsApp where you don't have the cinema, it's because of this cell phone message, let's see, dial him to see if you have to talk to him like the cell phone, and I also did Cardona things and he's very strong.
One thing is that so in this cell phone he has is the strongest or bastard you have and I here and I to see let me read the president to see speak to the president but he does not have good since you make him answer he already has he has to make it not water and metro and I do it like this Marcela Osorio you have more so we talk to her Osorio has come here here not here not to the financier look no I know why I would answer you quite ready there is going to see who I have to picudo let's open this look is busy this one e sells illegal things we talk more and more if so is that classic I say the rump let's see how we are going to give away the laschinas ticketslike rebeca de alba to their areas havana of course which three or more is that they were the program plus two but if they want 3 33 degrees by the way it's that I'm still kind of sad your mother well let's talk to the dealer but I want to negotiate with the insurance guy the postman to Juan the one from the use the networks that the friends say that they want that they want that time that they want to talk to the dealer we are not going to talk about how funny amira says glitter sniffer a tooth I understand that he is a fool sorry I have already hit him and he Old man, since we mark him for a month, it is true I answered an interview after his series that he said is the best interview of the sketch, we have to raise three lines to see which one has more likes.
If we follow this mark, the poncho de nigris please call Marta I love them guys mark from aderco these guys were interviewed the donkey you're the net the badass of the donkey to the league now that we're talking about the stomach death of the husband says it came out I don't know who said I don't know what about the b osque three tumors 23 tumors says an interview before entering at 3:00 p.m. and after leaving they wanted a bone marrow transplant and he showed me pp 23 where he had Hopkins' bones and this clean Louis is perfect on May I love him deeply with many major events to my friends and the black one also from the bag friends this is worth a lot of the candle but it is also good for him we talk to the salazars and the rating system the wings the light to the salt but why to see the light after you talk to me the daughter of the former president married a friend of yours the codes are different but then I leave him at my side salazar chicken this character for a state in which we have white is your account has 4 you have it account and we talk about played they were banked there what does it matter to us but you are not going to question him, I am going to invite him to the program, nothing more than fabric, leather, get crazy, I am going to tell myself that he is a great governor of nothing, the governor but the sword and the wall and right now too, but he is not from its T the list you are writing the award for the best is with j from the mother being blank animal woof woof woof woof calm down no secret you don't have it keep your mother bugged in my life because no one I have the confidence that trust sucks but no way of escapes with confidence we don't hit two million because you want to get married stand back I'm going up because you want to get married because now phrases mother birds I've been with magna for 14 years she's precious precious slam and my daughters who I love deeply 1815 makes like two or three months the big one told magda hey mom there are no photos of your wedding dress how was that I think it's more expensive than your mother's now but then this and that's what the little pig is for you're not going to sell the wedding It was not like that health and sagua bastards out for health well bye with that he taught me the crusader this is which tm no who is tmb I am not afraid there is no tmb where he says he will live he returns for tm of m&b aberrations no my old lady and say wow by you're welcome to see her from the photos that's good but why talk about politics or whatever but I want you to talk to luismi don't be like that and well that sign would do it because he's not going to answer me we can send him a send him send led and the wick tells her that she can know you well I suppose that one day we are going to see him located next door because he will have heard of me we are not talking about positive I know that it smells I am talking about activity you can look for l m that they are going to come to steal the They don't have a phone or a mother you don't have anything and now I made it is a wine that goes through life and releasing names boyacá will say to come by to see send him we will send him a message where the message is we will talk every time mexico that you are here he sends you to say hello the dearest



today in me that I have many desires to meet you for many years allow me to meet you if the donkey can not accompany you to Punta Mita where else I well I don't know suddenly out there comfortably I accompany you I accompany you made a good with versadora and right now the town today true that all classes are already delivered to everyone but from the front that this is how they see this is how I am my dad and he forbids me from smoking now it turns out that he does not know how to do it magician hey let's see tell me how the country is bad I said I tell you why, due to insecurity, it is an issue that as long as this country is not resolved, it will not be able to be well, the economy is also bad, but how could the government solve the president?
That is why I do not want to be president because I would not know how to fix this The problem is the obligation of the state to see all that he says sounds very romantic and if it is a matter that has to do with everyone, of course, with education, with everything, everything from your home, it is the obligation of the state to ensure security, well, of course, we pay taxes and for the entire state in I am not being for the government for the state but it is very difficult it is very difficult and I will tomorrow and if you do not become the president of Mexico I do not know it was an inauguration of a res taurante tells me donkey two years fifteen thousand pesos but then you know where the past presidents and I say names to put between two but explain everything for example there are artists by luis miguel alejandro lares it is enough phrases that do not charge royalties in the band and that is where he pinches him to do things I don't know why he stays and the load of hero so I with him because I don't have television because surely I'm going to step on some things that don't correspond to the program so absolutely nothing happens that we bet eagles against pumas They say with the Bayern leader that they bet on the language of the five minutes to prove that, yes, but it is not about losing the tie and the doubtful ones are for you, how are you in your life right now, father, a good moment, yes, oil is happening, a question of the family, well, your role is very here on televisa, the second in command of the bonillo from 96 and I am not ashamed to say why I have a complex but I come from below in the independence unit ncia me with great pride three sisters the only son and remember he never told me that I was not very expressive he did not get along it is not the worst that there was no fight but there was no this any type of relationship as you were how are you doing as the job to be like my mom until after my hispanic attacks 74 etc. but lazio managed to come back with a great psychologist he managed in a panic attack to get to tell him he knows my story better 464 at four o'clock in the afternoon with whom more was added among those who started my story my doctor is the best moment of base behind the kitchen kitchen kitchen not perfect when saying you want it and he succeeded because it was a panic attacker that I was leaving I fainted between shame and complex insecurity for and he achieved that and from there costs of the instrument of the back and today I am a person who easily, if I love you, I love you and breaks that is that pattern that I did not have, neither did my mother, neither did my son.
I am 56 years old and from there with all that I am telling the desert is 86 years old it is great it has been difficult to walk the wayward ones to give them kisses on the mouth I love you dad my friends to my daughters because I broke that pattern that I believe that personality was not a They educated their few little ones that way they educated me and very sometimes they almost come to my only daughter and she receives action educating also from her then suddenly it is not her fault but suddenly you have to break with it otherwise you will stay the same well right now I easily tell someone I love you to my friends hugs kisses greetings kisses that's good I was there too it feels delicious to say I'm going to hug her 20 or 30 times a day it's great something else to laugh people from Mexico and the whole world who We are going through a terrible crisis and what has been said several times lately when a man stops laughing begins to die if you had the statistics that say that men aged 50 and over how many times a day and children aged 28 to seeing how much they would serve me a day is abysmal the difference because children live in the here and now and the others are thinking about the future the past and now we are all going to die and that's for sure so this happens in karate of laughter interviews and me I shit laughing at something that people are not faking and I feel this the clown surely that's how I am too now the hatred the rancor between politicians everyone but everything everything everything I have done it I am not talking about any party since everything gives everyone I have gone I and I have been invited to protest shots of governors and I hear everything I am going to change and it is the same mom the same the same and then changes again I don't know because without covarrubias lights I don't want to think that because reality exceeds them he says already with Tickets in hand to enjoy La Chingón with my mom tomorrow we're going to San Luis Potosí, that means no, not really, not San Luis Potosí, but when we're here we'll be there all three before or after the show because the show is no no no here in several more countries there are photographs of the artists who are televised how much is walking through the corridors of televisa and photographs of all those who have passed through there and the black when we go now and suddenly it is already way yes the bug the writer The black man got divorced, right, he didn't separate, he stopped but he's going to get divorced, I don't know, he doesn't protect himself, he takes a great relationship, Fernando is charming, Fernanda brings a girlfriend, I like her very much in black, Chivas, I never see a newspaper of In fact, he doesn't go out with a person to leave for so as not to spend all the time with her, that's why his partner separated from his wife, but charming Fernández, not the one with the very brilliant ones who drives torpedoes from his businesses today it's hers from the black business yes, clear, clear, beautiful, beautiful lives, there is Camila and Robert, and the charming one, but this one when you go home this year is so white, she and all of you, why do I imagine the dress and the loads that have been replaced, have no mother, is n precious but that it be a signature noise nothing more because if you invite me and of course at a party today you are really spending like that wool oil but the pico syrup for good god no mind or not but if suddenly from the lie that the trends that the predial the young man of this and suddenly I have become very honest I also had a moment where five months ago I really started to play not a gambler but if suddenly bet plebs amelio times the brand of things the cell phone where do you bet this football but he won because we are going to play in 2002 in another game and once a year if those 34 thousand pesos could have come from the mother but the wool but suddenly he won and I went to the phone you will never win of course not I lost these I lost money for you to do that I'm counting things that he deserves even though I counted if he says those bullshit suddenly once I said years twenty days with four hours of school and Juan the machine I already said it's over I'm giving you that skewers that what loads back and owes him state 12 who is already lethal and the day the letter but you are a very talented man I think you should be and so we do not go but in traveled to yes yes yes I dedicate myself for example if I I'm going to send to the social networks that I don't do it because of their I have on Instagram I'm a donkey, by the way they steal commercialism I have about 603,000 and I don't even remember but for the time being this is Madrid and it could be Juan for Sunnis and now it's a job full-time and he is a hard worker because no, Juan Gabriel, hey, no, but for example, what time are you going to negotiate for 40 and 20?
It's the problem but in the US the artists are the talent because they don't negotiate their contracts, we are an oversight, me too, but I think this is like a common denominator in Mexico, in the US the talents don't start saying they don't pay me anymore and we have ca ncún karts that's why we already have the best 9 that cumex eugenio lópez encourages us of course the best the best and they don't have sugar they very well here we talk until the black day you had your corpses with such with thalia halloween I have pasta with prices the lines appeared live poker everything no I think they are better right now do not stain such and she is super beautiful yes true here they say black this planet I am just watching your program because of the guest who has thanks he says of all the drivers today he is the only one I like it because it's very relaxed and good now you're the oldest there I don't tie myself liberal benefits if your works are on what's wrong with you I also have these and others and today I'm here on the air with the burger


g and we want to talk to you rails we can mark you or what black mom and eczema honey of course you also walked with her from the forest she answers us look look look look what he sent me palazuelos hits which is the best today to the bear princess wants in something but look at it as a value it is alive as a value its ridiculous son we are not going it is gala I do not know what is happening that there are no signs and nobody wants us that when they come when when the members can come here they already give us long and long and long but when You invited me if I want to remind you which was the program with the highest rating in terms of members when it was and I am without a doubt because they were going for two blocks of four they are told and ayman and you don't want to come now the one from the forest because I love it very much and I'm going to invite him to tell you his story and of course it's huge the guests are sleepy well no one answers you it's that nothing more than on a donkey and no one wants to when you're there no one wants to travel and you leave here everyone listen to this yes we are going to score to our friend to the lot that you told me that he does not answer me protest of the forest this I agree with the senators file because it says the 1 egg but no no I have not stopped drinking on video I do have it I look efe look he you know what he said yes and hung up old man not extracted with crumb the mud is true Miguel is my straw friend they play paddle tennis there are measures anxious your friend by the way Miguel I was in your state yesterday yesterday and why are you with the tie like thisbecause things like these Miguelón because she invited me to her program because she was going to the and we are never on the program we are on the program today they had a session I don't have winds but it's for you Miguel it's journalism for you look at this little cross of hers your state the respectable get well potter has made it go because firm turn around because it stands as firm greets gradient to the ior it is a type of step when he comes it is miguel says you are not my friend because you have not come to heal it seems his friend because you are hahaha let's see let's see Miguelangel asks what I told him bring the agent ask how asleep your mother received that's how she told me on the air here was Martin's mind I did Miguel well or not and that's how the matter will be pressure I'm going in the future future municipal president of pachuca we already bet a ticket is taken is taken the boss has taken the boss listen miguelito we are going to have dinner one of these guests to the burrito I can go you are already I have an appointment with you and I will do everything well buto we send you a hug is that you are a charming respectable person tends to women there on stage that performance Miguelito above the person that's how the zabaleta makes him have killed three and if you kill me cadista government above all this is a great friend is You have a great friend from politics, that is, no, he no longer had government functions, 15 days like that, as a mother, mancera delegations because he connects with him and well, yours came in before your call from the center, yours before, and if he said how I took it, I mean how You're good at the little thing, the truth is, I think that because I know why they call you a donkey, no one answered us and what Miguel no longer answered us, let's put it Miguel Answer, I'm outside the town of Pontesa, tell me a wool and if with her today today by the way why don't they say that these ideas I'm German system I masturbate that's it and I can see don't forget about this fuck don't mess with me they told me I was missing neighborhood tell me look at the tape of tim fifty six dan ielle trumpets it's a joke yes well let's talk but for us to talk three out of three positions in a bar act sorry for the question of which of three positions is good in the matter because I don't know but the last time hello hey this one tell me something this one didn't tell me something it happened with jane fonda we are in this whole program I usually behave like the league and you already behave well you are faithful the window is not like that if since when you are already super true it is like three months you are not thirsty and it really costs you work to keep your attention on One thing is not that you hugged me I said goodbye, tell me, but from Toluca we already put some wool in it, let's see, let's go practice something very important, the topic is an important topic, we are practicing, for example, the legs raised from the board, but you tell me something you this have been for a very serious thing in the whole issue of women's day he was unattended for example you go where to work not about her I would like to know your opinion on a subject as delicate as my opinion that or is to the strike that is necessary yes of course because they become aware because that is an act of faith it is an act of protest on its own and it has already surpassed the issue of her and that is no longer with me no no it is never cool but but it is serious In other words, as I say, it has increased qualitatively and quantitatively, not only in number but also in cruelty, you know, I hope there is something strong about the society that you say this no longer wants to exceed and which if they see them, a girl of support this in case you are a beautiful girl for issues of consumption in your team and defense for more the papacy the variable and they did something expensive vision that curve you gave the rule of what invites the story of what they did and since I did not do it all because I did not I put up with it but there is a story of what they did to her and how they did it to her, her aunt talks about it because they talked to her aunt and it seems to me that it is the most, this is hell, you know, so I think it is a good way to take protest look that they are going to to solve things on the 10th by marking there will be less and that day is happening, this will change the question I think we are going to take action on the matter no they are not taking action on the matter as it should be done there is no awareness of the dimension of the problem and we have been talking about this for weeks, you know, and that is already important for several days talking about this and that is already important, it is one of those situations, women from before could not Vote and be voted for Women did not go out to work, they were not public, you know, and they were not in managerial or executive positions, for example, the Arab countries are terrible, look at what you say, it is not exclusive to Mexico, it is not exclusive in Mexico, but in Mexico it is being a very serious problem where they are killing women unfortunately they are killing us no and there has to be another way of zero do you think the solution could suddenly be very exemplary punishments well it's not that there isn't impunity sa Well, that's the first thing that has to happen that there is no impunity and in this country impunity is one of the biggest here but it must be so mountainous to have again no one is blaming the president no one no one but it is their responsibility that he is the president and no one should be surprised he wanted to be president knowing how things were he pointed out how things were he pointed out corruption he pointed out dishonesty is yes I think that for you apart for example if I to my son of Suddenly I jumped to say something more than the minimum mayor of Coyoacán if I already decided that the mayor of Coyoacán won what I am going to do is break with what was behind yes and talk about how they left me in the mayor's office from now on Let's see the bump in the streets, the lighting, the security and being a mayor that suddenly the people from Uruguay already respect what he said he is complying with now it is not so easy donkey I have said it many times because I thought What I wanted was an honest man genuinely concerned about helping the poor in this country.
It is not easy, but it is even less easy if you have spent a year and a half blaming those who have already done it with a person who does have good intentions. very pro that if you see it if there are people of inequality the people who like the kidnapping of that message that this ecological said I see a people with hunger and need for justice or something like that is that hunger and need for justice ok perfect that that Yes, he has the intentions, the importance is that how you are going to do it 1 and 2 no longer blame him, for example, he has, for example, the matter of the medicines that if they were taken, that if there was collusion that there was a scam, whatever, no I doubt it, I don't doubt it, but you can't cut something off and run out of medicines for people who have cancer, it's really easy to get out, it had to have been a gradual process, you know, until they knew how they were going to do it then and that worries me the economy is very bad and insecurity and when it's not there as long as we continue to have the problem of insecurity this will never walk like a city impunity is terrible impunity is terrible because people continue to commit illegal acts because everyone terrible justice system that is, they are locked up and after two hours they are out yes yes no but for situ of course complaints are outside very bad very bad and look right now says alberto penal hell is full of well intentioned this manuel madrid says hunger and thirst for justice francisco fear that he said he knew yes yes yes we said it we said it after we marked her adriana cuervo yes of course I knew him when he went out with the unstable to be able to meet him from the pines what have been the loves of your life like this love of love I will not see it three sad loves, that is to say the truth, it has an ability to speak, it is a lot to talk about seniority first to appearance, not for brilliant people who And so she did, according to today, to people who, from dykes or strange appearance, who have a roll of the history of stars, those brilliant women, shine my teeth and she was a new envoy in my first love, so strong was she, that is, if we give her a lot love is the woman I have now the current woman also loved her very much because it's because I'm going to get involved she was dating less and there was no way she wasn't a father the relationship was currently stormy and I don't blame her she also has the one she always has he wouldn't be a jerk he doesn't even exist he's not up there but I think he also gave a lot of the blame for that relationship but this woman I have now is a great mother she's a great woman and she randomly gives birth she's wonderful hey my son Damn you're on the air way nope if it's not vulgar you're on the air and the respectable is being listened to I'm with Adela Micha I'm with the one from Michelle the saga greetings hello lalito how are you anyway I sing hopefully hopefully about l a little mouth today pixel a little what darwin what is in the war tell him tell him how old he is a little touched do you want to hear


an anecdote that will go around the world but the pitching has already been taken I'm leaving because maybe once he was going to esteban arze with us hate in history when he stopped drinking that he took him to his wife and to croatia what happened listen to this listen to this for me for me this is a scoop this this is going to go around the world well where where the croatian bastard who was put in front of esteban arze, his wife took him with the virgin in croatia and that he said a good goodbye so that he would stop drinking you see because the devil inside like the vipers when alive they were approaching it was a crowd about why they say that this place is one of the most important, like the clear cloud, snow and Esteban, and suddenly I was in the girls and making noises, but for me I began to repeat this value, but I did not lose mind when I had a digestive Already He went crazy according to what the law tells me, even cards, I say, he won't let me until the donkey, Van Rankin, I was already believing you. and I located him I told him raise the hand of the Salazars that you are wearing the slab to launch and that they locate him if I remember, two people passed by that you told the televisa from the balcony so that they can connect you or raise your hand but that he is next to the lack of approaching the state approach alert about what is if you know what will go after that since the war ends it always comes to joaquín flores not since it's over and this rapper wiz breaks from the mother of saddam husein's palancia and your baby was freshly pasta the water we just had a fight he has a breast he fucked a gold key to the palace this bastard I don't know I don't know they have been lies fuck you Oslo side they have their houses that you don't have we are going to sell orders with us the knot I know what was there and all this and everything that I touched was bitten to see if it was in the bathroom or not and then on top of that they start to break them when the tanks from the USA to Baghdad are already there, the hotel is examined, the Palestine hotel and the tank is overturned. tank because he wants the signal there was no signal it was the mexicans and he lives on the floor they see the bnc they raise espín in the tank and shoot and save and hit couso to spanish and exact spanish do you remember that he reported it to us live with me but we are speaking today the halo when that saga comes but come with me pixelated to lift it was falling oh by the way by the way one important thing let's go to radio formula or let's go to the image show us the salazars and I want approximately on the news program journalist what is it that I am exact Because this is going to be in the image, not in what or between the formula code, well, if Felipe Cantón takes us, the formula is gone, if he wants to take us to test the price at which he paid, well, it was already good to pay one. mansion or lalo but I wanted it well on televisa they didn't just take away the highest rating of forte in the sights in the sights that they took away listening in life it's the newscast from forum tv it doesn't do anything bad in the news because it was very average Kinder red blood is not always bad news but Mr.
Salazar turned it on and I'm watching it on television and really looking at two guys from hitting a cake as it is and like two thugs and as the police always say they came out with unknown destination no and suddenly he says two arrived a group of anti-narcotics agents to a favela in brazil one of them knows if they arrived and the criminals were there in the favela and they hid I had a parakeet yelling at the police and there the news ended there it ends the news and this man increased it since then the police the anti-narcotics told the police it became a movie and the namesake will hide well if you are a land of goat way right now I felt like it in front of the coach per or the crazy woman no longer has that program or the issue of gender violence is very complicated and I had to, well, it has manifested itself in recent weeks and what will happen next 9 go is a very important issue that for many years well it was left and the truth is that if women have been assaulted both physically and sexually and verbally that they have not been attacked, now is a great opportunity to make us aware that this has to change and the issue of violence as the donkey has said since The program was very violent because if our father does not add to the collective spirit, let's say no, not also in adults, do you remember that I did the program for women working?
The ad is already old, it's like a job, well, wines, what it says, you're a rapist, Saturn yells at him, heard at home, if he was bothered, and your classmates, very well, very well, but if you have to emphasize and there is To point out that it is not current is because later there are people who say that they prepared themselves and look, I am going to tell them about the operator quickly, you are going to post that practicing a roll here of one of what we talked about today the programwell today they come out but it comes out tomorrow yes that in that this is very important what I am going to read here for them to check that please says yesterday a video went viral on a radio program in Sonora where the psychologist Olga Alicia Gracia He assured that a rape is a fusion of love I don't know what opinion that comment deserves and everything that is done is welcome and everything adds up you know everything adds up but at home but at work but in health centers everywhere there are people who suddenly you see that the lady also came out in her underwear and you see her at the exit the woman can go out as she wants to the fairy street and that doesn't give you the opportunity to open or touch her excuse me because I know it's difficult It is not there to divide us, including all of us, you know, that is, things are there to add up to enrich and for good, let's see what I'm going to take, what you don't, why not the donkey is telling me interesting things, they always tell me good things for let him see what What does it feel like if your room has been married the light when you have been married if it is the graduate there is no it would be with a lesbian no hey I am going to tell you something what happens to me your contact to invite you to the program leads to water yes yes of course I remember yoro yoro yoro we wrote psychologist and she also cries because you had so much of not seeing her deeply that's why she had a better character when I choose to see it is the last time they leave or stay and we are live that the light is the last call because They already got everyone out, Joaquín stayed and stayed with his cameraman and then shortly after what they lived through, a short time later he died, take care of Mexico, say Rosas died, my dear west Jorgito who won I think he won a couple of national journalism awards, good friends.
Also a good friend, a very dear friend, also, since we have many anecdotes together, you don't even take a look around, and thank you man, the commandments of a cool woman, sorry, seen today, the egg is told something more puritanical and well here we are waiting for you in our program yes I know yes the truth is yes we are already going to invite you I know I don't know if we have to go and we have to see it because if there are important messages they are over now well well I'll tell you clearly that we would like work here even though people think 40 víctor which one is adela please read me I'm an uber driver listen to this story today a lady requested the service when she arrived she told me she had no money I demanded my payment that's what I don't understand because you can pay now well stop ok and then he says demanding he pay me and touched my shoulder I turned my back and told me not to get angry I asked him not to touch me he got angry he pulled my hair back and said old fat man you wish someone touched you he released me and gave me a zape he got off I was left with courage and without money an officer who saw everything asked me if I had done something to him I explained to him and he said no the armh is fart because the way things are it doesn't suit you and How can you disrespect him, it was the other way around to this and the afternoon began his great wife, that is, he is the v the girl did not have to pay and so I do not have to pay but look, do not touch me but the policeman the worst thing is that the policeman told him not to fart because as things are not convenient for you and if that is not right it is the other side does not exist because the woman also respects the hoop we also have to mean that in such a grotesque way a woman lacks that respect you cannot touch something I am not here saying that what I say wrong the woman what you are saying wrong the woman very wrong our father says happy from Córdoba on March 9 is the union of women as sisters to demand that they support us if one day we make a demonstration of a thousand women demanding they would tremble to those who continue to believe that women are the weaker sex' Greetings, Adela, I believe that there will be many more than a thousand women in the truth of the movement, said Branko, we saw from my women that next March 9 where we have a Sunday without go to work ajar but bolt but hey go back up it will exceed the movement has gained a lot of strength and I think it is important because from there today they told me that you wait for 10 and I said I want to see the count of the credits in the case of people, that's what I want is for there to be a very notorious absence of women in television games, let's see if it's nick and lanús once again click on what the hell do you want to overwhelm us to convert something we are live losing for this because of the war what I just heard is the most but they told him they already know me but apart from that you give the child wheat the soy is going to get him bastard stronger than ever and now it is that they leave him the product because it comes out on televisa but he hasn't said anything that if you're on this program that you can more how could he pointed out I'll hit catwalk turns but but wait what he says makes me laugh if I don't know how things have to be done well stop What am I getting into?
Well, if I'm not a candidate In the presidency I don't know how it has to be done, I'm not an adviser or anything, I do from my trench what I know how to do, this is a rhombus that whoever we mark, we mark the salazar breath, this one that we all need an exorcism, they say here, this one hurts me so much mexico i live in the usa since i was 7 years old but i have never stopped going to visit my family but unfortunately we can't go like before and that forgetfulness concentrate say hello salt says rubén viejo i hadn't seen you for a long time and i don't want to see you again But I turned the catwalk and look, says Beatriz González, I saw the halo when Adela asked her to put up the model, I told her, but since you were live and she was telling me that they were already shooting the show, it already started that you choose close to you It was cloth and then what do you come over here is the statue come over I told him how he fell and he already told me how he was dressed the one who raises his hand raises his hand raised his hand lightly there we have you we are here and they were the signal Indeed, it was not our new televised appeal signal and the satellite audio was very good because I told him that if we were to have a great success, that we demonstrate peacefully, that is why we are going to always do justly.
I believe that the demonstrations should be peaceful, there is a planet some who take advantage of that to make excesses but who are not lost who love you burro burro crack send greetings to daniel calderón what we talk about luis miguel we talk about luis miguel hidalgo take him on tour again if his new record of actions with or For the company today, and there is going to be another season, they are already recording it, with this ticket, it is extraordinarily good, the way of singing, he analyzed it and saw it, and really, more in a flash, that movement is very good, it will be a success.
Surely I don't know what I'm going to talk about like this I don't have a diary because love is already coming I came back and the topic of her mother is over and I touch you I saw Luis Sanlu's mother once is sanluis this to you that it was very difficult very difficult louis is a very tough guy but if it was if you have things that I did not like but it is not for me to talk about them here but I think that in the treatment of the series for me it has been a little short and look that like an achievement with me of ten days of different talk but he was a very ugly person for me from my point of view but I remembered Luis Miguel a lot right now that I saw the movie you didn't see the one with Judy de the life of judy garland the school of since a part of people like her gave her medicines to sleep medicines to lose hunger medicines to have strength they did not let her eat so as not to gain weight you know I mean she was very young I think she is very suddenly and there were powerful picudo people and I don't get involved in name rolls so that it would go down but life we ​​criticized and crossed it out but that human being saw me insecure sometimes he is shy exactly just being insecure for possible that I think I should break that pattern to judge the truth I always thought artists are very sensitive people they live suddenly you are alone alone alone and I talk to the institute you would know when my insurance talks to me I love you ss7 I want to see him very sincere at 30 the idea is that I talk to How did he write to him?
It was on the 31st and he told me, donkey, happy new year, happy light, I love you very much and I see how sincere I have never heard that from anyone, for me it is probably not easy for him to say it in person, but more strength because there are people What is difficult for me, not before, it was very difficult for me to say I love you to someone, that is, to say I love you, is that people have a hard time and I am going to burst it with stadiums of 50,000 people. It happens easily and it is very expressive, but also my parents with me yes, my mother was, above all, and I am very expressive, that is, I am always very affectionate, I am always around, you know, having contact with my children is all the time, sometimes when my son is driving we go hand in hand with My friends and I am a great father even with you always slices of cigars paid I always say goodbye there is a phrase between me and my children that is never leave without saying I love you you know how beautiful never leave you never know if you are going to come back you know So every time I don't love you, I love you, I love you, take care of yourselves, that is to say, but yes, when I kiss him, that's what I talk about a lot on the show, you know why I are very close to my brothers, my brothers and I, but it's always How are you and those who are there frequent and it's beautiful it's very beautiful very beautiful and we miss the one who died a lot and this was the third the third after a complicated complicated life he was young 60 as a young man he has children not within the bad but good well for the family two years ago we are very close one of my brothers spoke to me early in the morning and he told me and we all went home my brother I resorted to dreams I have dreamed a lot about the giant and we are very close the family brothers we are new no you die with your sisters I don't have a sister in the older one she died she died I'm 56 she would be about 62 right now symbolic like six years ago and the best thing I don't take long from pancreatic cancer but then that's how it went badly because I already wanted it to be disease first it is clear it is multiple as well as I wish I told you God said I don't understand that you do that because he had sclerosis and he stopped taking a medication and suddenly but I am going to explain to you what was the matter that I do believe in that no It's just that it's okay I'm a doctor or anything but I believe that if diseases are not a coincidence they are a causality then I took health courses I invited Marta salsa mud to the clay societies, which is wonderful in the cooking course of the light and they tell you why he has a fever because you know it's a fever according to metaphysics people don't what the doctors laugh at that the calendula you know it's a fear of colitis or inflammation instead of exag eration of negative thoughts cancer that is reached I hate grudges things that you do not take out that there are teeth my sister was married to any and once a comment when I was xavi today that she married a 4 and never had children you have a closed and my sister terrified and all the records and I'll keep them here multiple sclerosis but she got sclerosis to stay she was already 50 and a little after that which resulted in pancreatic cancer and other times she went and that's it take her now please it was the closest one no charge is not that Saturday they choose mind I want for the first time and a kiss was that same day he told me and there is your big sister the nacho we moved there had been all my life all my life in their through psychiatric and psychologist therapies 5 videos are seen your sister but be perfect bed more her life without legislating is a light kiss it is impossible to forget the genome is going badly for me where I have a stadium you took me out of therapy her life ended I can't I can't she's going to hang you I can't m More and it made Friday arrive, life goes by, then your development of doses passes, of course, the pancreatic cancer thing and in three months when I was in Cuernavaca I thought about the good of that, the good within the bad that it left in three months because I did not suffer It's not so much a thing like that my mom died in the bathrooms so she remembers that I cried Giorgio but it's the way you want how you got it your daughter I think there's a program for a son's program I think it's some figurehead gig losing a son I was commenting here and on the radio I commented that imagine how unnatural it is and how unnatural it is for the children to leave before there is no word in the dictionary so that later I can write no I don't know when you are an orphan that's because you don't you have a mother you do not have a father or you are an orphan of both parents no or when you are a widow this when you are a widow but there is no word for when a mother loses a child there is no language there is no concept there is no concept there is none Some language doesn't exist, if you're right, I've experienced it with my mom.
I really don't get anything from that topic because it was 8 in the morning and the angels are working on a channel that I used to go on Tuesdays. Suddenly the water came in and my sister He said pray for me what a put that I was the only man three sisters and wait a minute it was being done is the great maru who died for you this me the third and gabi the girl patricia is perfect perfect perfect perfect she has three children who are wonderful the try to be a part of a specific montessori and my niece left italy we were close since the loss because she is very good and she is on a tractor my sister has a show school in querétaro and secular on the street and she has been perfect for 20 years and the girl is a disaster It's crazy, yes, no, since she's good at design, she's a fart in design and business, and things always go badly for her, and she always asks for money, so I keep my mom at home, but then normally I suddenly say, I think I told you more about it. s pedophiles suddenly I don't even have to commit suicide or to speak to the dealer a word that Friday I am very honest it really is the truth but if this one I love them very much they are difficult but someone willto someone in the family who has to look after others and there I love helping people he helped people a lot because this and that is a gm salt it gives me as an acronym it gives me like energy it gives me a very nice thing yes Not all of them told me about Fundación Televisa so that I could do an interview at Club América about what they are doing in a business association, there are about 600 companies to include children with Down syndrome.
The issue of inclusion in Team America is the only one. team that has five teams inside 56 for detainees with this down syndrome and has a team of practical hotels the lord of the forest the line of the forest that is, of the forest you are on my television program and it has in the saga with adela


you are live and what you say will be used against you but it has already been said that I want to invite because I have talked about wonders and I think that the program would be for you very punctually I tell you in a place so that people who have what you went through and strong c The tournament would be something great that I have here is latex listening and the people who watch your program of the saga that you are we have wanted how are you better mother raise your hand let's see tell me well not only me well but we had several meetings and just I told him here to the donkey because I know that it is very close to you that I am very fond of you that I have a lot of respect for you and called it a great pleasure to know you well thank you I wanted to of the you have no idea of ​​the heavy is it not that that is literally not an opportunity well if one Second chance, the truth is, I would do something different, hey, memo, and now that it's not clear that it's up to you, it's up to you completely, and then I said that I have to continue doing what I was doing and what now I would like to do at a work level, projects like On a personal level, I have to seek to do as I find, I have not all 30 years of the company and although I can have a vacation in a row that you say working and that's good, but there comes a time when all the that there already has to be a teaching like this, a blow like this is so strong that they tell you to crai is that even if you look for another way to change some things to consider or not the plan we will talk about it in due course it will remind you of that talk that We had with him, hey, you allow me now and the donkey gives me this contact and we agree so that you come here to talk and I would just like to say that he shared with the public of Adela many kind and dear people who We send them a kiss.
Share that moment where in your bone marrow transplant that they already managed to talk here but nothing else is that moment where they told Big to come out I know why we don't know if it's going to dawn and I speak to your son to your team Lucas and he spends the night and I talk to your son Luca the son Luca mom calm down give me an hour that he spent there obviously never before I was admitted to he never called me daddy I always think about your effort and that nothing will happen to he and foot I think that something is going to make me sick, so it's always better to be positive, but I was afraid that this serious dangerous call would arrive, that something would have gotten complicated because there was no longer going to see me and I looked bad, that's not when the call comes. and prepare that it looks because they are telling me that this is serious and very complicated and they tell me that they do not know how this channel is going to spend the night because obviously it is in a very difficult state on a Manuel plate after the absence of a room in his closet and he applied brand words never inhabit edition to me and I talked to God today like never before and he told me that he is not going to take it away even though it contains days then when I saw that they practice it on me and he did not tell me about it at the time because well I was in the state of gravity I had to pass to the days cause of which I tell you that I lonely the tears with the little one the wall because finally musicians are the engine is fighting me I ma I made myself a ball and said hold on hold on hold on and hold on for treats r to go out but that is an anecdote and something that touched me today and that finally was wonderful although your children had is you support and that they react like this it remains Luca is 15 and I have two girls one of 12 moon by air there is not super cute having him suffered in his own way, he named me the only thing I see here and you, who are a producer, like my program memo, good rain, I have always liked his journalism, his interviews and everything you have done throughout these years, the program as it was I handled your interviews that you did with those entities that went to your program, you have seen a lot of dating and complete magazine when you my career is mine when you had zabaleta the various programs that suddenly I did not find guests, we did not break the mother of the novel and In the end, the novel of 2, yes, we haven't had a lot of fun.
I really enjoy the donkey, but I also thank you very much, donkey, for putting me in touch with memo because from the others he already knows it. I told him memo, I told him hammock. He told me yes because they choose, I don't want to be intrusive, well, when you're going through hard times, the last thing you want is to be answering calls, etc. I remember it with great affection I don't know what we talked about but I do know that we threw our good conversations the goats and yachts yes hey you already celebrated Christmas yes I know it's coming and someday it will be my turn 2 because she cries in life because my heel ha ha ha ha in my house but the shrimp or sitting down below that the novel is already alive I want it to arrive for so little because the word cancer since the summer was already behind the wheel css in cancel summer we are going to do and I hope it was the first event of friends that life is a celebration memo dear daily like this important call getting to get to sleep driving had an event I had many good events and I am glad you are well and I hope to see you here very soon if your health allows it and your spirits also give me we will not cancel everything and I will be very happy I will send you a little message right now once the donkey gives me your contact It seems that I send you kisses how good that you are well you are going to see his new insurance he caught me crying if it is a paper that he told him an important part when he says this but of the son who was it was raining the lights in each in each house there was a celebration this ox wanting to know if he was going to die making him feel like it well now and now God said everything I already did all this and not this victim and it was suddenly he was two years old they gave him chemo the twenty-something tumors were removed in two steps but it did not dry up and then he refuted the world cup I spoke to him very strongly, well, since being an agent so far back he has been linked to me, I never really want me to tell you that I have been aroused by my friends because they made you very strong and I spoke with him very strong And when he was at the most critical moment, it's better that you too have been a human being and you, your practice is a way of diversity cameras when he directs models for me, it's a pain in the ass so let the camera move me to the donkey dad then I didn't get around that he was fighting with two or three friends whose names were the rule and I got him to call us again for sure sorry you bastard but now in his defense in his defense when we are producing live programs and etc. well that's how we we tried no and so so but tell me it's all over this bastard slave and it will start at the same and suddenly I hear comments oops I go back to the same thing as before laugh laugh tv that slips you if this bastard only jarque me the best hopefully this embargo not the ico about the clean teacher, but if I made one for him, you have to know how to recognize that I do from the heart, I don't know, I don't know if there isn't time to do it, you have to have a grudge.
I am a sincere memory. oco the truth ochoa from Escalona Andrea Escalona my wonderful work company beautiful the one who is with you in the problem of the producer a very pretty woman is that she came here do you remember but a long time ago when she left the normal Aztec of a person who has always been with me It's been days how is the net to berto the subway that you always tell the truth because it's the last thing I would ask you we're leaving that the program is over it exists it has reached the four partners I have to see right now fiat told me about who they just spoke to of the golden pills that announced parts of panic I like to talk and if we can get rid of it the long run is over the other thing my stewie who did not speak win club was not there sparkle lavender no bastard lopera who does not hear today I am going to do something to you I publicly thank the pencil I have left whenever I come here I have a good time that people think if they like the sessions we can't produce a program that scares you I worked kiwi I promise finished one thing d and my vision of the week of chupe and the others miss in fact I can speak young politicians and substitutes today here he has that brand and he did it very well I have let's go nobody was ever with me I no I swear that brand was never with me They said we didn't do it, they say it right here, bastards, but it was that a couple of times when she came as a guest, the first time I said, this girl is very talented, I can help you lower your job if a politician had been here And we're going to talk about I don't know what you want about going down the chamba as if it were a chamba if I financed it but this man and then the super guide from Malata 20 takes the bastard to give it back, it's not true, nobody saw my return It's worth going back to dad and something about his blood, not what I want to ask you because I know that you are going to tell me the net and how it is net in the environment there today, that is / but because there are many drivers, no, that is, there are problems that there is in any office even a dentist ace is not good if anyone yesterday they killed you between men between men I tell you and then publicly then I have not seen in 7 is then no and although seen with three different products carla estrada and reynaldo lópez and with magda rodríguez I have seen only one hand as a man between women and a mind the man never ok between you leave me yes yes yes good eye but it is normal it is not that I am speaking ill of anyone if it is normal a person who is daily instead of more than your family I had rice with Andrea up to the air and I love them both I love them after five minutes I am I tell you sorry gandhi donkey it will not happen the same but they are normal roses there has never been a roll that transcends beyond good because it was very famous and a lot was said that Andrea and Galilea didn't get along for a while I don't know maybe they are different ideas how was it enough for you there are medicines to take but you know one thing I see them again and they love each other bold man it's normal but there is a good atmosphere of work people and cordial respectable work friends but for example here you see a cordial atmosphere here I see a ball and then it's like being there it has nothing to do with towers a cordial atmosphere suddenly there are them in one without dentists as it happens In all, I have never seen anything that transcends beyond never, that is, it is a father to go to work today, that is my question, and that is another question, and it is suddenly different.
For example, the 5 and 6 40 season, mind you, I'm already looking forward to it because working with cool movie people like Gustavo Losa, who for me is a jewel and what happened to him was something that wasn't great at all. You were very honest, transparent, right, he is a director who taught me a lot, like Mónica Huarte, a great actress who told me a lot about television theater people, Michelle Rodríguez, some wonderful comedies, I learned a lot for myself, a Chambear therapy, it was f I have a course of four seasons of acting with you, thanks to Gustavo los, Mónica Huarte, a jewel of a bastard, no man, Michelle Rodríguez, the same Mauricio Garza that they taught me, that I have humbly been the protagonist, my own humble last name, I am never, come on, you are not an actor and Pepe Díaz and I belong to him please help me and Gustavo when they approached me if I have been a notable actor you are acting to cut the current state no donkey he is not sending you to scream a bastard girl now it is like you paid what to see in the comedy is part of a truth the comedy the comedy be careful the comedy that one does not understand then there is cake asustek from televisa that I do not like cake of for example suddenly the classic that they have a great madrazo and you want to turn around and it was in the script and you want to look bad no way no if the shit the one who is watching one is acting it is suffering a tragedy that is cutting you a 20 year old girl that you are in love is your tragedy the people who are also laughing on television so you don't have to fall and have I know you bastard because I call you pp cane establishes that then when he told me who is going to be the protagonist he already has a sign today and he said with a yes You like it I am intuitive and I think that the one who beats on the donkey who is not an actor but he is and I have seen him once in my life the pastor said no more bastard he said the motto does not seduce that I open mp serve you I can then in the first or side with this bastard the ball series and devastated him once he can't provide this bastard I'm from window map intuitions he's going to break in this role then you'll see bastard they put the paintings on me like this you're acting I don't want to you that you are vase no this has been a shame you go to the one that cuts you go to where the televisa cakes suddenly that gives me roe I of the comedy for me on televisa of the way I like I respect the classes but then I I learned too much from your bastards I'd like to go by heart to be written down badass memories go by heart with the theater and the world the brain is a muscle that if you exercise it to such a degree that the third season I promise you nailed and these moments ofcut and cut cut in the second there no bastard give it to me bastard give me the clamp please carabobo no bastard there are professional people here and you with your part of the script and the whole objective and I told him it's not right he was playing that speaks of a great director And if mother, how would you say it, you bastard, we haven't been making a 6-ounce coffee today when you're ready and now all the most bastard fibers commented that Gustavo Losa was my life, because I only want so much, he's great, he brought out the best of what I said, how would I say it? bastard I told you from the first season I'm an actor don't come and call me mom and I don't even disrespect you bastard like that and everyone is going back to you too tell me your words, bastard, shut up this guy came down because we're going 20, 42 and they gave a scene or there were two Spaniards this human Estefanía Mauricio Garza left and it is not my son to do and I and another Spanish and when he told me and yelled at me like that and it was a fart in short it was the one of these old women they sent us the girl from his apartment then It's but the script doesn't do the task, it was already blocked, how would you say, shut up, bastard, street of this father, bastard, ta ta ta, I'm going to take you to the best hotel in Mexico and you'll see how we're going to spend it, we don't need to be in a search engine because you and me pa pa pa pa pa and look it looks like you can bastard have your mother and another that there is yes but but there is talk of a great director director of Miguel is a badass for bed a scene another very clear example and to end up fired I grabbed the bastard and there's a scene where I did it, a virgin cut me and if not, it's like right now 2 to 2, hey, sometimes these emotions are terrific, he's suddenly grabbed and it was a scene where Gustavo tells me you're here and he just cut you off A little girl who was nailed to her could be a professor of architecture at the university and he has given for girls I like girls and my son likes big ones which by the way is also a chapter that of course a 20-year-old bitch cut to purple understand let's from there you c ortho you go away for a rible fart I was going to arrive at a bar then you are destroying part of a truth extras these shots healthy to start as a rolling release what happens now tomás now no no web I already went to my car no we are not going to listen listen to the cheaters this victory listen I'm from the program for me the light is on the air the hour we talk to you careful thank you 2 spain and rough and careful hey listen to this please then i arrived devastated a person arrived the character paco arrives at a bar where he is These contributions were cut off by his old lady and I say we asked and I really did and the next one turned around and one with hair like that red yes not the state but there really are volts and cortez donkey or do you give it this our this link isaui give him a big kiss knowing what the need is is comedy way how are you going to give a dress and good manner to an actuary from never no way donkey please you are going to take the g's the series in person the parliaments the green in the mouth like this in l mouth watering rich then and how bad it is to swallow the mother cut now no no wait wii now you pull here and then pull home very well well I have to pee and there are no issues here these are the news in mine a couple of delinquents who feel left me the most but we are the program deleted because I am no longer with your messages brothers cano vélez has the opportunity to excuse the age on air it is very dirty but he did not say anything bad and let me tell you for your peace of mind yes yes we are on the air yes it is on the air but also we never cheated on you we always told you that we were on the air but I want to tell you something what you said you said it perfectly well ok I promise I promise to give it where are you you said that you loved your wife how beautiful If you said it very well, yes, put it on and it's already talking, it's also put your fingers in, don't worry, everything is fine, everything is fine, you're on the air, the light is on the air, holding your hand to those who are exposed to light, but not for ra soler escobar to the headdress goodbye the same all good everything good bye bye we are going to have to say goodbye today it just changed and there is the little hand how did you end well not finished the truth is that it always blows me up pleasantly what does it do from the left raised to it I wear it yes no that is you how many times in a key week if the truth is every 13 days you are considered in pants you are also marking the last one you can ask for the esm before he answers us to find out who he is but from here I did it too I'm going to do it too no one answers us urban drought my children well I think the time has come for you to go to the program until 12 at night well nothing more if I want to tell you to our next program political parties I love you say something at ten the transmission ends with 14 minutes to go and I work I worked we have a question the local capital has the cow brand I am here you paint your hair maca I went to the retouching and you And you really cut it, what opinion do you deserve, what does Palazuelos Carl Ichán say? and that's how he talks is what he told me cow disciple why don't you go and follow your mother that's the same for me and because you don't go home here is makita invite me so that the donkey can hear you what are you doing today that you talk hot mustache for me get out of there they fought to de galilea her mind what they are doing there shut up so the heavens made me be here and well i like it thank you very much thank you very much mexico thank you mexico we love you we want to kill you i am not going to sleep at home he invited her but hey mom take it away see you in a while but don't tell her yet see you on the radio tomorrow for example the maca is already trying to do that I've come down hey how much does the donkey know about your life but an idea from someone from water with I said that I and ra fan of a person not apart I don't say names or what I said person who knows a lot about football is already there from Wales comes out plays you goes and well I know whose wife is no no I don't know she's a woman already both the truth the galas from donkey are on the air it is spoken because the company is called here for example they are a lot you have a boyfriend no how is it possible that a woman so beautiful does not have a boyfriend I do not delete presenting it on donkey who said for the floors that he wanted this truth no Do you want, if you are like a 30-year-old boy, some wings, yes, of course, your message of days with a 30-year-old to see six goals because I'm not good, well, we have to go. true tomorrow there is no saga they sent me no tomorrow there is no blood because unless you want to come to do it you want to be here because tomorrow I'm going to San Luis Potosí earlier and it's only good people have to be there when I'm there there weren't several friends from the monument l here if it arrives there in yep, a dismal joint, I'm in San Luis Potosí here at 50, said company did not even want to take it out as your touch of weed, no, ladies and gentlemen, and it is a pleasure to say it with great respect, thank you very much, I think that we did very ugly things but everything was very good we did things once we talked about the family we said very nice things as a joke with nuevo del bosque with the clown of the news that is the truth we talked about everything so that no one said it nicely he sent it of his own, a friend of the chinganas, the so-called strong teacher, not knowing what he says here downstairs, listen to me every Friday, well, we're leaving, add nothing, I want to kiss you, donkey, respecting your mouth, with much affection, with great respect, then better respect him I beg the women, yes, me too, please, let it go, you have to respect the beautiful ladies who are the most precious thing in this world, they are women, it is correct, good afternoon, magical Mexico, thank you, Mexico, how does that say to me?

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