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Jonny Brenns Auditions for American Idol With Original Love Song - American Idol 2018 on ABC

Mar 31, 2024
I'm Johnny Brands from St. Augustine, Florida, and I'm 18 years old. Is height in the DNA? Oh yeah. My dad is Dutch. How tall was your father? Know? He's like six feet tall, he's short. It is low. Being here is really strange. Actually, my parents don't know I'm doing this. So growing up, my family's expectation was to get an education, but for me personally, music has always been at the center of what I would


to do in my life. When I play it, I can't deny it. It's just, you know, I feel like that's where I'm supposed to be, you know?
jonny brenns auditions for american idol with original love song   american idol 2018 on abc
Are you ready to roll? Ready to roll! I'm not sure what my family will say if they see me. I think I'll be getting a lot of calls and texts from the whole family. OK bro. Go look for it. What's wrong? Hello! How are you? How are you? I am good how are you? Fantastic. What is your name? I'm Johnny Brad. I am from Florida. How tall are you? Six five. Oh? Oh yeah. Yes. Good business. Ok let's go. We heard you sing. Very good, this is


. written about lady. A lady! It is always so.
jonny brenns auditions for american idol with original love song   american idol 2018 on abc

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jonny brenns auditions for american idol with original love song american idol 2018 on abc...

It's called Blue Jeans But I might have to change the name because I guess a lot of


s are called Blue Jeans, hahaha. She has those brown eyes welcoming me. Feeling of summer against your skin. She has those blue jeans and her little white sneakers. It seems like every time I wonder how we ended up like this. Yes. Because I'm falling more in


with you. I can't help but love the way you move. And when the music starts to fade, I can't seem to let you go. And I'm blind, I'm blind because of you. Blind dear, blind dear, and I would die for you.
jonny brenns auditions for american idol with original love song   american idol 2018 on abc
Die for you, die darling, and sleep with me tonight. I'm blinded by you. Hot Johnny, that's good, Whoo man, what you got? Well, you have a face like Chet Baker. very good looking. Look at her! Well let's go now! No, but I mean, here's the... Stop flirting now, what are you doing? But, but no, no, but there's one, there's one... There's one thing, okay? Kind of like that sweet, little, sexy thing of yours. I mean, I think you have a soft voice. Can you go deeper? Belt a little. Like a blue-blue Michael bleh, good sir. I can't say blue-bleh. blue blue. blue blue.
jonny brenns auditions for american idol with original love song   american idol 2018 on abc
Are you a fan of him? I am, yes. Do the "Another summer day, he's come and gone" thing. I have to go home. Do the "Let me know." Give us a little more. Come on man. Give it to me. Go deeper. I can hit that. I know that I can. Don't worry about that. You are 18 years old. Are you from a family of musicians? uh Most of my siblings and my parents are more business. Are they here? Are you excited about Idol? No, they are not here and they don't know it. They think I'm in Boston.
I just got a Greyhound and here I am. Did you take a greyhound? Brilliant. Yes I like that! Come on man. You have a very beautiful voice. I am a yes. All right, listen, if I could work with you for another year and a half, two more years. I will certainly accept what we are going to do, but for now, I must say no. Are 18 year old girls worried about Lionel in two years? No, 18 year old girls would eat this. That's what we're trying to do! If a 32-year-old cougar... cougar cougar? He can't even-- he said "a cuga" What are you saying?
Cougar! I love you. No, yes, and she blushed a little... she was... Oh. It is hot here. Um, here's the thing. When she pushed you, she still wasn't there. I think he needs a lot of work. But I think there's something there. So it's a yes. Wooow. Congratulations. Pretty cool. Hey, now you can call your parents and tell them where you've been all this time. Yeah, call your mom, boy! Let's call her right now. Do you want to call her mom right now? Oh, that's so bold! That's very bold. Wait, can I, can I, can I, can I?
I want, I want to talk to her first. Oh, oh lord. Hello? Hi, I'm Katy Perry Well, obviously it's not! It is, and your son has something to tell you, wait. Oh no. Okay, so they told me to go to Hollywood. And I'm really here with Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan. Okay, what? You're lying. Lionel Richie, can you talk to my mom, please? This is Lionel Richie. How are you? I know Lionel Richie's voice because I grew up in the 80s Well, this is Lionel Richie, you have me With you inside my mind My dreams.
I have kissed your lips a thousand times Hello! Do you know who I am? For even more


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