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James Harden: Behind The Beard | E:60

Jun 04, 2021
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s in history Abraham Lincoln is busy she is one of the best things these classes were doing stamping I like to pay my respects to those who paved the way okay maybe they would have shaken my beard like I am lucky I lived top with a you duck the wavy top I wish I could give mine We will also meet the man behind the beer from Compton to Tempe, from OKC to Houston, quirky, camouflage, slow, fast, awkward but agile, unconventional but conventional, James Harden, 27, are all those words, but perhaps the best description is the one he uses to continue . had its moment, the abnormal, what do you mean the bearded snowman showed up and just put out a little notice, there was a lot of fighting, but through that whole backbone, a mother knew something positive was going to happen.
james harden behind the beard e 60
It so happens that James Harden was born on August 26, 1989, the youngest of three children. What nickname did your mother give James when you were born? Um, how lucky, I don't know, she called you lucky because between her last child being my sister and you being born, do you know what happened? had a series of miscarriages at the last minute Munya Willis is a determined human being and I think that's where I got it Hardin was raised by a single mother in Compton when the homicide rate in South Central Los Angeles was at its peak , you always hear an ambulance.
james harden behind the beard e 60

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james harden behind the beard e 60...

You know, sometimes you hear the gunshots and stuff, gangbang rabbi, the truth is Robbie and Elias walk out the door, you see fires and all the people running by, you see them on the stage, the place where you're not supposed to add another laser. people are not remembered and end up, you know, in jail or are no longer here. One of those people is the man Hardin is named after his father. James Harden Sr. was in and out of prison on drug charges for most of his son's childhood. a boy, what relationship did you have with your father?
james harden behind the beard e 60
I was into Joe, so you know, we didn't really spend time together, maybe we hung out sometimes or stuff like that, but it was like it didn't make sense because I didn't trust him. no I don't have faith in him so he just keeps going wrong, it was hard trying to raise three kids on one income. I felt like if I let my guard down, the gangs would get them. Was I burying my children? That's why I kept them active in sports it was basketball school I always got under your shoes that's what I did that was my job and I'd be there too like 1:30 21 one shoe just playing that's how he kept busy he was He's not a troublemaker or anything like that.
james harden behind the beard e 60
I think one time when he got in trouble in high school he threw a basketball at a girl who kept picking on him. He didn't like dating. You want to just play basketball in the gym and I think she does. flirting with him so he threw the basketball at him sorry he always ate cheese he and his family cheese big block big glass Matheny's window track was everywhere oh okay in 2003 like a great shooter Harden was the only freshman to make a rebuilding varsity basketball team at Artesia High School but he was also matok out of shape and not the first choice, let's just say his soft little guy hadn't lifted weights and therefore physically wasn't fit. imposed in any way.
He really he couldn't do anything. He really he couldn't. moving is a little slow, very slow, you know, but he could shoot a kitchen shoe type player despite his limitations during his first year. Hardin wrote a note to his mother saying: Could you wake me up at 7:00 and leave me a pair? Dollars Pierce keeps his article about the big star and then he was a little star so they want to go secretly he already knew what he wanted to do my mom wants an MBA so I sit on my friend because he didn't I didn't have a plan B.
I felt like one day it was going to be a storm. I didn't know it, man, and one day it would happen from the moment he wrote that letter. Harden's game evolved with an unlikely role model for a kid from Compton when he started. to put the ball on the ground a little bit more in high school, we always said oh, you're the next coach, a noble man who was the best with the Euro step and I really think he emulated it a lot growing up in the Euro step. If a player started dribbling, he steps slowly in one direction and then quickly in another, he is out of rhythm, unorthodox, strange, the European step is all natural instinct, it can simply be created, not me, he would be very, already You know, very quickly, I had a trigger to get it. to the basket James has had a different mentality, a different work ethic and a different desire to be good.
He was just different after leaving Artesia for two straight California state championships in 2005 and, oh six, Harden was an all-American McDonald's recruited by schools. like UCLA in North Carolina, followed her coach and a teammate to Arizona State, you move to college, you move from Cali to Arizona, what was your mom doing at home? She was the one who told me lost. James Harden receives the twentieth point in an eye. Rumors began to happen more than 17 and a half points per game, the freshmen were the best players in the league and, adding the time when the league was incredibly, the sophomore season began: you are clearly committed to the second round of the tournament for Harden, attention.
It wasn't the only thing that grew, I started growing a beard my second year in college, it made me look older in college, so that was one of the biggest things that I really liked, the body balm made me cut my beard much earlier than I used to do. change your winter beard, would you? So I gave it to him. I just got that towel and I do shit. I gave up on the 2009 NBA Draft, the kid from Compton who told his mom he was going to be a star proved it while she watched. on the other side of the stage who was a blade Griffin who went to the B side who was three the Oklahoma City Thunder selection James Harden when he stood up and gave me a kiss on the cheek I was really excited sitting down and going up the stairs shaking hands with the commissioners walking On the other side of the stage was I wish mom would come up with me.
They've been waiting all my life. Signature of interpreters. I mean everyone. How did you see your role when you arrived? I'm sorry I said it was starting to be difficult, but it was. It's not the case that I came off the bench, so once again I had to be humble and keep working for a second season. Hardin accepted the role of him off the bench playing with all-stars Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant, they became OKC's big three. We were all very young at that time, we learned the NBA lifestyle together and that makes it easier, plus we grew up together as the team was on an upward trend, the Thunders coach suggested a change.
Scotty Brooks came up to me and said, do you want to? To begin with, I told him no, no, because we had chemistry. My rule is the COS convention that was for the best of the team in 2012, at the age of 22. Hardin became the second-youngest player to win the NBA Sixth Man award that he helped lead. the Thunder to the NBA Finals OKC seemed ready for a title what did you think your future was with OKC that was going to be the Superman forever forever? I mean, it's been almost four years and I'm still doing that and it's a Thursday afternoon. in January, a day before the Rockets play the Thunder and the second leading scorer in the NBA is playing here on the street in Oklahoma City, outside his old house where his sister now lives, I don't care, he's not in doubt.
Oh, what do you think? This house represents Steve James number 54 divorce is divorced the correct term you already know, so are you angry worse? three NBA seasons here becoming an Oklahoma City star building a bond with two of the league's budding superstars, Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant, but OKC's contract offer was six million dollars less than the maximum the league that arrived less than a week before the 2012-13 season. was to begin with why he accepted the offer it was like one afternoon calls around four o'clock and I knew it too so to make my decision you know what I wanted to accept the offer or I'm not thinking about myself you know this is probably the most of money I've made in my life and you're giving me a little time to decide and it wasn't enough time for me that same night.
Harden received a phone call from the Thunder general. manager, the same person called the minister said I'm sorry, we love you, but you know, rephrasing the Houston Rockets, that was a very, very sad night, what did you think when the phone call ended, we went home, we We went to bed and started crying, we had big plans, what were we doing? I'm going to, you know, I was on camera for years, Sandy Quick, that's the part that people don't really notice when they trade and you know, guys move different equipment when those things happen, it's the relationship piece that It's always hard to let go, there was a bond there.
You know, with Kevin and Russell, I think that was the hardest part, leaving that relationship, this movie lasted four years and I'm still doing that, what if, what if, what's the answer to the f-stops? Another thing about knowing Hardin signed a five-year contract. Maximum contract of 80 million dollars with the Rockets along with his mother, who is also his manager. He came into use not as the sixth man but as his V man and the face and star of the franchise, how am I going to solve this? I had never been in a situation before starting heavy Montine, go to God October 31, 2012, the rocket was launched, that man is out of this real world again.
James Harden, the first thing that came to my mind was that 37 points are like 12 assists, then he had 45 points. Those two games gave me his confidence in a thousand yards. He was going to be good in each of his first four seasons in Houston. Sorry, it was all stock, but he was quickly becoming something more, a star off the court. Even the beard was more than a look. It was an intriguing, different, quiet, loud, unbalanced and authentic brand from one that claimed to be Kardashian: he left Nike to sign a $200 million deal with Adidas. His attractiveness led him to the cover of NBA 2k16, the most popular basketball video game in the world.
I had to remind him James, you're not your average guy here anymore. When you walk through the mall, they tell you, "I hear, yeah, everything our brain knows, obviously, on the court at the peak of my game, but just off the court in my behavior, I have a fan base." , I got over that following, you know, people are watching what I wear, a lot of NBA players are really good, you know, on the court, but off the court, they don't have what you give. court in 2016, a year after leading the Rockets to the Western Conference Finals and finishing second in MVP voting, Harden faced criticism as the team struggled to make the playoffs and then lost in the first round. for rushing turnovers on this stop the wins aren't there so people say you know he's in this but they're winning you know what's going on whether he can't play defense or not passing the ball or having a winner, I don't pay attention to great leaders and Hall of Famers are no bill when things are going extremely well June 1, 2016, the Rockets hired.
Mike D'Antoni as their head coach with their fast-paced offense. a new position came for


now as a point guard, he has re-entered as an athlete leading the league in assists and ranking second in scoring, so the Fremen's losses at home Wow Perry was a rocket screen with no date card tonight, so this is the man behind the beard and the mother behind him, do you understand him better, do you know him better or are you still looking at the beard? We're still trying to understand this young man that they're talking about, that's really much better and sometimes I just sit back and say, I'm really sitting here and I can live in a community.
I have been able to make the world with many people for years. I never thought that today I will be a million justice.

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