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Is It Time to Scrap the Licence Fee and Privatise the BBC? | Good Morning Britain

Feb 18, 2020
So what is the future of the BBC we all pay for, whether we use it or not, and I think in one way or another we all use it probably subliminally, we don't even realize they're using the BBC and we are you? I have the usual suspects on the base. Esther Rantzen, you must have talked about this so many


s that you think taking Beeb private is a terrible, rotten, hopeless idea, and the telegraph assistant commentators on Madeleine Grant Lee say yes, it's about


Beeb was unfit for purpose and it should be privatized so we'll talk to you first it's a big step I mean this is a huge institution that this country really owes a lot to we have our rounds with the aunt you know she has her rounds with us but why should i?
is it time to scrap the licence fee and privatise the bbc good morning britain
We don't preserve it because it's part of the fabric of the country. I don't think the BBC should be


ped or abolished or that it should no longer exist. I just don't think people should be forced under prison terms to pay for what is essentially a highly regressive poll. ax that hits the poorest people disproportionately hard every year, dozens of the most vulnerable people are jailed for failing to pay their license fee. but what, why should we have, why should we have the license fee, you know what, why should it exist and with the BBC being able to continue in its current form, the current form it takes without the license fee, should show the opinion of the government and I think? this is part of the punishment that could be going into this equation here that the BBC is biased so you listen to The Today show that the government will no longer put Witnesses on because they say they get unfair treatment do you watch BBC news at 6? :00 and 10:00 o'clock and thank God, neither is my program and the government says that this is also biased.
is it time to scrap the licence fee and privatise the bbc good morning britain

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is it time to scrap the licence fee and privatise the bbc good morning britain...

Do you accept? I think in some ways, yes, I'm a big fan of the BBC in many ways, but I think what it suffers from is that it's obsessed with diversity, but it really struggles with diversity of opinion, most people who populate the BBC who work there tend to subscribe to liberals in particular, which is exactly why, Corbin East is also hated, by the way, because he's not super leftist. but it's a particular worldview and I think it's particularly bad for articulating a conservative right, but I think probably if you're turning on the TV at home, the other view is that actually Esther already pays for Netflix. they already pay for Sky, they already pay a lot of things for what they really want and they also have to pay a hundred and fifty-seven pounds for some things they probably don't want, so it's there in the modern way that people are watching the shows they choose watching the BBC is becoming a bit like a dinosaur, isn't it just in the way we all consume our entertainment news these days? never underestimate how big love dinosaurs are and we can't put them back together.
is it time to scrap the licence fee and privatise the bbc good morning britain
The BBC is much loved. Yes, from time to time it bothers us. Yes, from time to time on Today and other shows. them so they don't pay huge amounts of money to big stars and we all have to pay for that and I think people find it quite annoying ok this is the solution keep the license fee please because the people look by accident and find something of real value. the reason i studied english literature was because when i was a child i would listen to a radio version of Pride and Prejudice and adored it every night.
is it time to scrap the licence fee and privatise the bbc good morning britain
Now I'm sleeping with the most amazing comedian named Mark Steele who I discovered by accident and he marks Steele in city one. one of the perfect bits of comedy look fleabag it came from BBC Three if this planet survives if it will be because of two words David Attenborough and David Attenborough spent his career and there are shows that no other channel could afford to make a thing possible and thats true sighs so crown is the most expensive show ever and thats a netflix show i just dont think its true and also the time when one could only experience these things through bbc.
I think time has passed. The panorama is much more plural than it was before. I don't think the BBC has now made you subscribe. the BBC because those two things could have ruled out the license fee and so it's a subscription just for you Colin are you announcing right now right now? You can't subscribe anyway, it's pie in the sky because actually you can't stop preview preview and you can't stop radio so 8 billion 18 million people don't think about broadband so that you can't if you're right you can do it the BBC does it in their peculiar eccentric ways take risks So The Crown isn't the riskiest drama you've ever heard.
Frankly, there are plenty of dramas out there that are way riskier than the crowd. I'm just using it as an example of one that was very well funded. I was just throwing out a stat. they would say look at this piece of paper that allows you to watch television and they send you to jail because if you don't pay for it it's costing you 40 a day and for 40 a day you are getting a multiplicity of services and diversity, that's true, right? it's true? I mean it's


value so why should it be done under jail time if it's so brilliant and if we love the Guru so much he agrees because I think it's ridiculous that he's going to jail for not paying this yeah what do you think?
Well I think there's a problem that doesn't exist because no one pays money if they can get away with it and the cost of going to BBC court is also huge so it's a peculiar anachronism. okay but if you take a look at what it costs you to go to the theater, for example, I was looking at tickets for Mary Poppins 210 pounds to be in the stalls 162 pounds to be in the stores while if you say yes you have a radio you have tv you have bbc online stuff all year round why not? t these fat cats these people who are paid huge sums to have regular shows eg on Sunday


s on the radio - why don't they come out and have a real laugh?
They go out into the community and sell the BBC mr. Dominic Cummings likes three-word catchphrases, doesn't he? So why not come up with a three word slogan? I know a lot of young nieces and nephews and they, if you ask them, certainly don't want to pay £157 because I literally don't think so, unless maybe they hear a little extra one now and then. again or a bit of BBC Asian Network, you know, or whatever, and they can click on the BBC from time to time, but they'd say they'd rather live without all that and then pay £157 because they'd rather watch the swing with the time they go to the media to people who want to follow i mean in a market although the bbc model doesn't work they will age they will depend on it like people my age and local radio is the right thing they should do for radio local and when we have floods like this absolutely embryonic and parts of a local BBC radio make an absolutely unrivaled gentleman when you talk about loneliness for example which is what I do focus on right now the people calling me and he talks to me loneliness our local radio stations and the people who depend on them and hearing this question about fear of engines do you want to save the bbc yes the reasons why and do you want the bbc to shrink and basically teach a lesson for the reasons why I think the BBC could thrive as a subscription model or move directly to strengthening license fees in some way.
A bit of my point is that his arguments are not really political and they are not selfish. The government wants to tame the BBC. I would suggest because they don't like it because they don't like it. I don't think Boris wants to. I think Boris cares about his legacy. He doesn't want to be known as the man who destroyed the BBC. Yes I believe. there is someone calling ed Benedict Cumberbatch in numerical terms and I think he may be the person, yes it is interesting because here they are saying that Robert Half and the Tory MP and the former minister suggested that there should be a referendum in the field that should have the control no no that might say it's interesting, wouldn't it?
I think the BBC is under a lot of pressure to change the way it's funded because it seems like a lot of money to many who want a referendum so he wants a reference Robert Halfin Oh Robert please two things Division National for years and years and boaty mcboatface yeah we could change the name of the BBC BB McBee see you yeah you

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