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International Sandwich Taste Test

May 31, 2021
This South American meat fest is definitely what I'm thinking, so I'm off, I'm aiming for your darts, great strategy, just aim for my darts, good morning mythical, we're throwing our darts and eating some


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uh I have to go with club number eight sub mike's way no tomatoes, extra oil and vinegar, honey, oh that's not Mike's way, you can't say Mike's way and then add three different things.
international sandwich taste test
Can you, that was just my way of ordering, so yeah, I think it's called Link's way. Anyway, we know one thing. or two about American sandwiches, but can we say what they've been hitting among breads around the world? It's time to find out where these


sandwiches come from. Is that how it works. Let's try a sandwich that was created or popularized. somewhere in the world and let's guess where that sandwich is from by throwing a dart at that country over here you don't need to flinch anymore crushing we have that trust plastic hand man come a long way the chase is going to Measure some things to determine if such once I have won for once.
international sandwich taste test

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international sandwich taste test...

Okay, we'll find out now that the person with the lowest score at the end of the course is the winner, and since I won last time, Lynn gets a special prize. advantage dart this time is the dilly dally dart which is just a handful of sliced ​​pickles coated in mustard that you can throw on the board whenever you want uh the mustard that comes closest is the mustard we're going to use now the winner will administer a bite of mayonnaise for the loser and well, mythical more, look how we're starting here, big and juicy, it's sure not a lasagna, I know, man, it's okay, it has an egg on top that comes out baby and what's there is shown . people are that pastrami, oh there are whole sausages, link, there are whole sausages, how are we going to get into this?
international sandwich taste test
Because I want to get them, oh my God, that's a curse, there is a flesh-loving land, I feel like we're going to be dark. knife again to go through it, so it's like a whole sausage there and it's a burger underneath or there's at least three types of meat, it's not a marinara sauce, it's not particularly spicy, what's at the bottom, I don't think so. I think that's steak, okay, I have to go here first, what am I going to do? Kind of tomato land, land in my darkness, all kinds of meat, okay, so this is a place that really values ​​a hearty meal, har, hearty, I know they love to chew on steak here they love their meat in Argentina such maybe portugal maybe portugal i don't know what makes more sense to me it's argentina i can see it happening in cuba too something about the fried egg i feel lucky argentina oh you go you went up a little bit there uh i mean this meat festival South American is definitely what I'm thinking, so I agree, but I'm not sure, so I'm going, I'm aiming. for your darts, great strategy, just aim for my dart, but a little closer, just get into my dart, well what's up?
international sandwich taste test
So, look, that's close, look, okay, guys, you just ate a france and xenia which is stuffed with ham sausage fillet topped with melted cheese drizzled. with ketchup and beer and topped with a fried egg the name means little french because it's a version of the french thief monsieur but this version is from portugal okay so i did a good thing by going for your dart you could have gone from portugal uh, portugal was calling me a little, but it wasn't like that, it wasn't calling me like argentina, it's a portuguese sandwich, yeah, wow portuguese! You're okay, yeah, it's going to work out a little bit, but Rhett was 18 and Link was 19.
He's going to act. like he was doodling taking our order but he dropped his pen because it's like he's working at a sandwich shop that's why he's not wearing his famous map t-shirt, we're not happy about that oh my god what do we have here? We have plenty of fries. sandwich, now how do you feel about bagels that aren't cut all the way because look, that's the problem? You have to do the cutting and then you have to do the smoothing. That's my opinion, but look what happened when I made the cut. so i got a little hat oh it


s like pimento cheese sauce it's not beef oh it's not beef i don't think it's very good ok by the way bro i gotta get it gotta throw it about me because I still eat well, do it with you, take the plate.
Okay, I know a few things. I know they like their fries in Europe and I know they like their fries in Belgium. Could you back up a little? you're going to pull any second I mean you haven't even given an answer yes I'll back off I have to get up there don't be so sensitive I have to get up there and I see he's already drowning look what you've done I'm very attracted to Belgium , so I'm going to go a little low. Yes, the fries are interesting, but that's definitely meatloaf, but I don't know what meatloaf tells me.
He said French fries haven't told you about Belgium yet. I agree with you, come on, Belgium. I'm going to stop thinking out loud or I'm going to stop thinking the wrong things out loud. Oh, go to Norway. Okay, you just ate a stuffed buttered baguette. fried Danish style flattened meatballs topped with lots of fries and topped with sauce and a loose sandwich, this sandwich is called meat, try it and it is quite popular in Belgium. Oh, I think I've made the leap, yes, yes, I promise. I know what I'm not thinking out loud anymore, but you see where I threw them and those are meatballs.
Okay, Rett was seven and Link was six. Oh wow, we're tied. Wow, this one is light, it's just white bread. is this this looks like some cream and fruit something you can pile on at a baby shower is so much cream it's like a kiwi smoothie fresh banana mango strawberry I'm just not prepared to eat things with cream anymore, so we're tied, which means that we go back to the last game you want for one, so I'll go first again, but you know what I want to stop thinking out loud. I have no real reason for this, but something about it tells me Cuba, the smart response would be to go somewhere near the middle of the board to address my bets, but that's not how you win this game, you win this game by being decisive, yes, it's true, it's a small country, oh.
Yeah, being in Cuba, I really feel like this is a South African thing, you know, it's just a, you know, you just want something refreshing. I'm going to be assertive too, yes, yes, you could do that too. I'm going a little bit north, yeah, sorry today. Okay, you just ate a fruit sandwich, also known as a fruit sandal. It features sliced ​​seasonal fruits layered between sweet whipped cream and served on crustless milk bread. Fruit sandals can be found in bakeries and convenience stores. in Japan it really makes sense to you now because it still doesn't demand no, no, none of that makes sense, yeah, it's, it could be anywhere, you have 62 link 38.
That's beautiful, well, there are tomatoes you're going to take them off, You know what I want to give them to you if you want them and this is a kind of meat, let's eat the meat alone just to oh that's not that's not meat that's an organ that's that brain You know what I'm going to eat a lot of lettuce because I love the lettuce, it's an organ, I think it's the brain, it looks fabulous and you know what it doesn't


horrible, it's the brain, I mean, yeah, it's definitely the brain. Look at that, so now, oh God, I have brains in my legs and I have to throw a dart first, so you go first.
I can't remember the last time I went first in a dark game. I'm not a yellow brain either. I know you have kind of a chive situation. I thought it was a kebab and I was thinking like I was thinking about Iran. If you saw this like this, this combination of ingredients you would say, oh, this is like something dime. I know, yeah, like a Middle Eastern restaurant, yeah, yeah, that's what I was saying, you're trying to take me to Iran, oh no, no, I'm just saying that's my only point of reference, the extent looks that way.
I'm going to Iran because I want oh, I said it right, I wanted you to go to Iran, you stinker, are you serious? Yeah, well, I didn't go because, like I said, I didn't go because of you, I said Iran before you said Iran, uh. something I don't know what it is, I don't know, I think this is in the western part of the map and I actually think Argentina is probably the best guess because if you like meat then you can go to the next one. thing to the next level and we say we want to use every part of this thing, so this could be like the brain of a cap.
Actually, I don't think they're eating brains. I don't know if they are eating brains in Iran, but in Argentina. Yes, yes, they are definitely eating them there, I am horrible today, I can't be sure this sandwich has mustard, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato and pickles, all served on a bun, the yellow is mustard, yes, it has brains of lamb cooked with spices, onions and eggs. our own nicole recommended this sandwich because of how much she loves it, it's called the cup sandwich, oh I hope I didn't kill that, sorry in advance, aka the Persian brain sandwich from Iran, damn it, and also as a special request , I would love to see them make the sandwich and take a bite because Nicole legit makes it, we ate our brains, yeah, yeah, I mean, I had some brains and I can imagine what it would be like.
Nicole loves this yeah well thanks link yeah. Did you just get that far in the head? You definitely deserve to eat this. I'm doing this because I'm winning over them because I'm a Nicole fan. Yes, Rent, you were 34 and Link, you were almost touching Iran. three oh, I didn't dodge it, okay, we have a tall dad, there's a big cylinder of something like spam, it's that bologna, you're supposed to like chest compression, I think that's totally going to be sent by the piece of bread down it can't be smoothed out you have to get to it before you finish it some kind of potted meat lots of tasty onions you know it tastes pretty good I like this is unprecedented I mean 121 to 66.
I've almost doubled it You have a link and you have a dart trap. I don't know what to do with my hands. You can not lose. Oh yeah, this is not on the board, yeah, this is on the board, but it's not labeled as a mystery round, so at this point. I'll leave you and pass it to you. You can choose to use it, but I will warn you. Warn me. It may not help you. It may not help me. Oh God, so what do I see? I know Hawaii loves spam, but that's not spam at all. right, I have to play defense, I mean, I don't remember the last time I won this game, I'm being defensive about playing defense, what do you mean, what does that mean, right in the middle of the board, that Is it the smart move I wish you'd have to make?
Think about that right there, right in the middle, what you're thinking. Well, I was going to say oriental blog, but I won't. That's my official answer, but I'm not going to throw it out there because it wouldn't be fun. I'm not giving you a chance to win, which would be fun for you, so I think like the island guests, the Hawaii guests are a good guess because this isn't spam, but it could be like a loaf of bread. spam what they do with spam, so let's go to the far left of the board and I apologize for whatever's in the cabinet back there.
Oh my gosh, I've never made such a mess. Look what you've done to our cabinet, yes, but. almost in hawaii someone has a task your last sandwich was the porylinan on white bread a thick slice of pork sausage tomato sauce onions tomato sauce with garlic and mayonnaise this wild burger hot dog sandwich hybrid comes from the very real country of finland oh , really, that's why they were destined to lose ah rhett you were 30. you were 13. wow oh wow link amazing performance man, I mean one for the ages I almost feel like I need to apologize why I feel like this uh well, that It's something you need to talk to Your therapist about uh, I'll do it tomorrow night.
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