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In 3D Cinema, He Accidentally Uses 2D Glasses & Discovers Shocking Truth

Apr 28, 2023
the protagonist of the film is an obese, old fashioned and carefree man named Dusty, all he cares about is eating and watching old movies with technological advances, the world has moved on but Dusty is still stuck in the 80's which he doesn't like wear. smartphones thinks texting is a waste of time and even thinks emojis are weird come on Dusty even grapefruit all he's afraid of is Millennials he can't stand teens having contrasting opinions with his at the beginning of the movie. Dusty is in the car eating a burger and listening to 80's rock despite being 50 years old, he's carefree and doesn't have a full time job, this habit has caused Dusty to lose all his friends, but soon he won't give a damn.
in 3d cinema he accidentally uses 2d glasses discovers shocking truth
Lots of millennials catch him in the act and take videos of him. Dusty is obviously uncomfortable, but due to his super awkward nature, he can't say a word to them after a while, his niece Chloe joins him in her car and the two head to a movie theater. It turns out that they have been watching movies together since Chloe was young and this tradition continues to this day. The two appear to be close, but with the contrasting differences in age and habits, it's clear that Chloe is a bit missing her uncle. This becomes even more apparent when Dusty plays an old song that she calls boring gets out of the car Chloe arriving at a movie theater called cinethrax uncle niece Duo starts debating which movie to watch Dusty wants to go with an old 80s movie that She's seen it 10 times already, but Chloe wants to see a Cinethrax exclusive 3D movie called Chosen, and eventually the stubborn niece gets her way.
in 3d cinema he accidentally uses 2d glasses discovers shocking truth

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in 3d cinema he accidentally uses 2d glasses discovers shocking truth...

They then head to the ticket line where many Millennials are clicking selfies and texting as expected. Uncle Dusty is upset by the sight and to make matters worse, he doesn't even have money to buy movie tickets because they are so expensive. This is part of modern life that Uncle Dusty can't run away from. The ticket seller and the bouncers have a strange, gloomy look on their faces. Sounds normal to me before entering the main theater. Uncle Dusty goes through his 3D


in the trash can and pulls out his own bulky


which he calls Schiff.
in 3d cinema he accidentally uses 2d glasses discovers shocking truth
Apparently, he hates 3D movies so much. that she's brought these shapeshifters to Flatline and brought them into regular 2D movies, even bringing a pair for her niece Chloe, but unsurprisingly the latter doesn't want to wear them after Dusty heads to the canteen to buy popcorn. corn there, a bunch of Millennials. she finds him and asks if he


ended up in the 3D section. Dusty just says he's a monster from the movies and leaves a weird flex but that's okay, when he enters the main


he finds the sinisterax's manager, a handsome guy named Zach flirting with Chloe, however as soon as Dusty walks up to them, Zach makes up an excuse and leaves, however at the same time two of Chloe's friends arrive and sit next to her, it turns out that this was her plan for the entire movie.
in 3d cinema he accidentally uses 2d glasses discovers shocking truth
The time with his uncle was just an excuse to get out of the house, Dusty is upset that Chloe doesn't spend time with him and also that his friends have been sitting in his seat. He tries to convince her to sit with him, but Chloe doesn't want to. He has started to see her uncle as a boring person who embarrasses her in front of her friends. Every time he hears this, Dusty is saddened, but still decides to sit right behind Chloe's seat. Soon, Zach takes the stage and announces that the movie is about to start. to use their phones and that everyone has to put on their cinethrax 3d glasses the Millennials are excited about the announcement and start cheering excitedly then the chosen movie finally starts its a love story with some pretty weird acting and storyline but However Due to the ultra-realistic 3D action, Millennials absolutely love it, screaming and clapping for literally every bit of dialogue.
However, Uncle Dusty, who doesn't wear glasses, is left disappointed with the movie. However, his glasses change and he decides to put them on because they turn 3D into a boring 2D version. Dusty still isn't intrigued, so he decides to annoy the other people around him. He sees one of Chloe's friends texting and reminds her that using the phone is not allowed at the movies, in fact causing a minor ruckus that doesn't sit well with the other Millennials there finally when Dusty still ref


to rewind Chloe tells her friend to stop using the phone so they can watch the movie in peace Dusty thinks she doesn't realize she's embarrassing her niece in front of her cool friends as the movie progresses Dusty gets bored every Once again in one scene, he notices something very unusual, like the screen is faulty. shifter glasses nothing confusing Dusty wants to try on the cinethrax glasses to see what the real movie experience is like he asks Chloe to lend him her glasses for a while but at that moment she is fed up with her uncle's childish antics and scolds him without blunt about embarrassing her in front of her friends and asking her to act normal is left with no options Uncle Dusty puts on his change glasses and continues watching the movie suddenly notices a giant worm-like creature staring through the screen all the Millennials in the theater are completely oblivious to the worm's presence, but Dusty can see it clearly terrified, he quickly removes his glasses and with this the worm disappears.
A few minutes pass, but the worm is nowhere to be seen, so Dusty suspects that he has something to do with his 2D. glass, therefore, he puts them back on and as soon as he does, the giant worm attacks him with its suckers. Dusty screams in horror and ca


chaos inside the theater. He also drops his popcorn on Chloe and her friends. Dusty is sure that something unusual is happening inside the theater. He tries to explain it to Chloe, but as expected, she doesn't understand anything, instead feeling embarrassed and expressing her regret for her presence. The commotion soon attracts the cinethrax manager, Zach, who approaches.
Dusty and takes it away to the delight of the other Millennials, yeah, oldies suck worried his uncle's in trouble. Chloe is also still outside. Dusty tries to explain that something came off the screen and approached him, but Zach concludes that the old man is simply mistaking the ultra-realistic 3D action for the real thing, however Dusty is sure he saw a worm-like creature and she finally decides to get a refund and leave the place, but to her surprise, Chloe doesn't want to go. she berates her uncle for embarrassing her several times just so he can become the center of her attraction by saying this, she leaves him and re-enters the theater.
Dusty tries to go after her, but Zack stops him saying that he can't go in there anymore. choice, a devastated Uncle Dusty decides to wait for Chloe until the movie is over, but since he can't wait in the main room, Zack takes him to the screening room there, Zack and his employees start talking about how cinethrax is going to take over the world due to its superrealism.


tics and visuals the era of the old 2d movies is gone and now 3d has taken over james cameron is you too ask dusty to try it and if he still doesn't like it he gets his money back zack then gives dusty a pair of synithrax's glasses, but after much thought, the latter rejects him because of this, the synithrax employees rage and suddenly turn into zombie-like possessed beings, then attack Dusty and almost manage to drive him into a sharp object, but somehow the guy manages to escape his clutches, how did he do it?
He simply took a rotten hamburger out of his pocket and fed it to the possessed zombies. Dusty then runs to the main hall and tries to find a way out of the building, however it is impossible as all the synotherax. the employees have turned into zombies and are looking for him, so Dusty sneaks into the storm room and prepares to do what he hates the most. He sends several texts to Chloe where he apologizes for being a jerk and also admits that he is afraid of losing her, then he addresses Warner about imminent danger, but before he can, Zach and the others break through the door and tell him. while Chloe has started to feel bad for scolding her uncle earlier.
She waits for the next message from him. but he doesn't come so when he finds his change glasses lying on the floor he picks them up and tries them on, lo and behold, he notices a giant tentacled creature that has now taken over the entire screen, the creature too it is absorbing life. of all the other Millennials which means Chloe is the only uninfected human left in the theater terrified she takes off her glasses and tries to run but all the infected Millennials start following her a huge fight ensues and it seems that all hope is lost but luckily with the help of a prop sword Chloe manages to crush the hundreds of infected Millennials before entering the screening room there she realizes her uncle is banned and tied to a chair and he finally realizes he was either telling the


or he's into some kinky stuff. before she could help him, Zach and the others arrive and apprehend her by following this.
Zack reveals that the main creature behind all this Mayhem turns out to be an alien who has traveled from another galaxy to spread her species. Zach mentions that being infected was for the best. May it ever happen to him as now he doesn't feel any pain or anxiety, he also encourages uncle niece Duo to accept the change as the alien just wants to help them get through their miserable and boring lives. Sinethrax 3D glasses to Dusty and makes him watch the movie. This will apparently make him one of them, but luckily Chloe steps in at the last moment and stabs the alien with a piece of shattered glass, this momentarily stuns the infected zombies, giving him allows Chloe to untie her.
Unfortunately, her uncle from her slavery because they are about to escape. Zach releases a tentacle from her mouth that grabs Chloe and begins to possess her and before long her face begins to turn, implying that the alien has entered her body just then. Uncle Dusty grabs an ax and chops it down. Zach's head like an 80's hero but by then the damage was done soon the two reached the exitor and when Dusty opens it he sees the city outside has been devastated by a colossal alien here he finally realizes from which the world has been taken. by aliens at the same time, Chloe also changes her behavior, tells her uncle to embrace the change and accept the fact that there is no escape, then mentions that Zach was right, there is no pain or anxiety in this life, soon the others Millennials and the synithrax employees also arrive and begin to persuade him to accept the change, even singing a song to help Dusty change his mind. song I'll let you lick the lollipop in the last scene all the people re-enter the cinema where the same movie is showing Chloe, who is now completely possessed, gives her uncle a pair of cinethrax glasses so he can accept the change and become one of them the movie ends with Dusty eagerly waiting for the alien to arrive and possess him subscribe for more videos like this turn on notifications and leave a like to help the channel thanks for watching

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