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If You Find It, You Keep It! | Hiding 10 Products In Plain Sight!

Feb 20, 2020
win a baak echo it's a new day so we're in a new apartment we're in the corners crib we have Paul in those I do it Paul will help us hide halfway I'll give you a clue which side of the apartment I feel like leaving from here. In fact, we're going to hang out with her here, okay, we just put it in the refrigerator. Taylor, no, okay, Connor, three, two, one, come on, okay, I'm going to go through the cabinets, I'm going to go around the room, it's this, I, you, we, it's this. It's cool because his girlfriend lives here and he doesn't know how because it was open no because it's just that cable there and then I looked there oh, this is Amazon Google Home.
if you find it you keep it hiding 10 products in plain sight
I'm surprised they didn't put him in this thing like Holy Moly, which is organized. Your place is very organized. Xiaomi does a great job here. Alright guys, so we. I'll come out of the baby's hair. I'm going to say it's a drug. Connor found Johnny. The next product. Bob Ross. The joy of cereal. It has four out of five stars. I want to eat that, even though I want that in my mouth. I started the day without Bob Ross. web no omg when you pour yourself a happy little bowl of delicious Bob Ross cereal and maybe serve one to a friend what a rossion it's like Russia but sadder so guys let's hide this in the house of Paul.
if you find it you keep it hiding 10 products in plain sight

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if you find it you keep it hiding 10 products in plain sight...

Paul loves cereal, from what I know. Paul has a cat named mochi and we're going to hide the box of cereal and see if maybe the cat or Paul the cat or Paul will


it and if he wins, I guess free cereal is Bob Ross flavored Pat, dad, calm down, hello Guys, today we go. We're at Paul's crib, grab a quick pan, don't pick up a pan, that's right guys, we're at Paul's house, go to the room, we'll call when he's ready, bye Paul, okay, we have to


him. Okay, Paul four minutes ago. What is he going to attack?
if you find it you keep it hiding 10 products in plain sight
Oh, that's clever. It wouldn't have occurred to me to put it there or not, Paul. Don't know. He is





. Our. stressful tanner, how do you know when to give me a hint? This half of the room thinks sinking for 50 seconds 56 anywhere inside this section, the top drawer, the top three, Baba, this was like Dookie, nothing but cardboard that really sparks creativity, it's pretty. Destroyed, friend, I appreciate it, I hope you like it. I'm sorry you looked around like a crazy person and saw Bob Ross here. Why do I make sure they watch Bob Ross?
if you find it you keep it hiding 10 products in plain sight
I love you guys, Stephanie Mahute, come spend some time in my neighborhood. Shout out to Stephanie and my ward and maybe you guys want to join our ward. Join my neighborhood. Do so in the join button below. Yes, go directly to our neighborhood. What kind of good things do they get for being in our neighborhood? I'm telling you right now you get live streams exclusive behind the scenes videos emojis I usually have headphones in my neighborhood yeah this is all important because when you're in our neighborhood you want to connect with the gang with the community the community the gang So if they want to connect still deeper with us in our community join in purchasing the hood that join button below thank you all and thank Stephanie because she's already been in the hood thank you girl this is a hand poured soy candle and Handmade recycled cola can.
So what is this? It's a can of coke with a soy candle in it and you can get all these different flavors if you wanted to put the dr. pepper in a soda I can guess what you can finally do that BAM oh you know what mountain homebrew you know what honeysuckle is Oh honeysuckle how about maybe some anise Mountain Dew come on honey summer hagen ET Pliny breastfeeds no let's get started to find it? breastfeed breastfeed whose house we're doing this to who is Cameron the cameras an editor I mean, we found out about that before he edited it real Cameron, you're watching this now and you probably feel cheated because we've already made for you, but we're discussing it right now and you're probably very confused comment if you come.
The Easter egg appears perfect. I'm glad you're Card Abba Cameron on this beautiful morning Cameron hello, we brought gifts, it's Monday, I legitimately like it. the best conference right now because my apartment is pretty empty and I pretty much know where everything is. I walk out of my own house, he's got a 6 up, honestly, he's got his kitchen, he's got his living room, he's got his big TV, but then he's got his whole mapping of all of this, yeah, this is where he spends all this time, this is his twitch shot so every time he streams he comes here camron is he twitching everything?
Say yes, so look he's right, it's very organized, not a lot of stuff to work with a lot of figures, we're a bit to do something with it, oh I think maybe we should hide it in the refrigerator and play inside, you can't see the top of them, that's Jericho, probably, honestly, look here and It's like I have Coca-Cola here and I'm super excited and then I'm leaving, that's what I would do, hey, Cameron, the moment I I open this door, you have exactly five minutes. I can't find this so I get some hint or something.
You'll have a hand halfway through this. I'll only give Cameron a hand if he doesn't find it. I'll leave it here until you find it. No, I don't have coke, yes, these. Aren't they my coke candles? Oh, what, oh, oh, that's great here, smell it once, smaller, like old, exactly like Coca-Cola. I think one is Coca-Cola and the other is gingerbread. Gingerbread, this is gingerbread. This is coke. They shot me, you already found yourself like cocaine. I just haven't been shopping so I think I don't have any food when you spoke, I lasted a full minute, well Cameron wins too.
Congratulations Cameron everyone clap his camera wow this is dumb yeah what a backlit GE universal remote. for Samsung remotes they get lost in the couch cushions all the time all the time all the time listen to me this is something Michael found this is so dumb because what are you going to do? This is a nice thank you, what if we do it, cousin Michael Ball? It's a process, what happens if we find a new product and buy it separately? Okay, let's just do some randomness. It's okay, he'll never know. Scroll down and click like six times.
Look slyly, it's girl, oh, we're just. in sneakers now they are bad or very bad choice yes that was a bad choice these are a bit sneaky oh no you get a shoe that you put in a shoe collection G he likes good pairs of shoes do you think he will let you get in? Oh yes, he is a bit of a reserved boy, what wouldn't look good on him wearing clogs? Wow, that would definitely look bad and how clogged the donut is. No, it looks good. He knows he could pull that off on me. Yeah, don't you want that?
Yes, I guess so. Hey guys, we're actually going to get Michael. You probably just saw all the things we're going to get in these. We're getting enough hair clips because no one looks good in Crocs surprise add to cart Michael haha. Hello guys, welcome to my parents' house, that's right, we went to Michael's parents' house, we will stay close to here, so what we are going to do is he will have two minutes less and they have no space , so let's go. I'm not going to give you that much time here we go let's go out guys remember this is what we have Michael we look so good in those that's the product right these are the product yeah we wanted to give you something that I would use, but something that he I would wonder if you already have them or if anyone else uses them, you're kidding, right?
Actually, that's not the product. This is not the one he will receive. He will be very happy with this parrot product. I was originally going to put them here, maybe. he would say: Oh, who is Susan, so we try to hide it in Plato, yeah, in the middle, smart, stick out like a 70, will think like her brother, like Joe, or someone will just talk pretty loud, so we just do like this . that doesn't look like we put something there it looks like they were just clumsily thrown in by someone who was using them. I said let's get in he'll find them so fast my Michael tuned the minutes from now on, wow, how many clues do I have no clues? i got one halfway like in a minute i don't even know what product i got it great because actually Matt and I liked seeing the project we completely changed it crog's what huh these Kegley crosses what are you talking about my La family wears Crocs because we think they are ugly.
Oh, Michael, I feel bad about having crossed or horrible limbs. It seems to me that some of them like it or like the environment, but no, it's okay, he doesn't appreciate it, whatever the next


are, go ahead and click on that. video right there, that's ten


right there, another one has hidden features through sick fools, like me, watch that video, that's one of you two recommends why, because you can't spell YouTube without ever forgetting that the guys press the subscribe button or finish the game. in the description buy it or else I shout to my son, that's right children, I have a son, yes, later we will see that he is alive.

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