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Idrocolonterapia, microbioma, malattie autoimmuni e autismo. Dott. Carlo Alberto Zaccagna

Mar 27, 2020
Let's say that we are here to talk about a subject that is already quite well known, perhaps it would be better to say misunderstood in its characteristic properties because the practice of hydro colon carapia should somehow even enter the preparation procedure for known things that in some way hospital fortunately it is already being done but as in all things in this world it has supporters and obviously the opponents of the demeaning I am not, as I can say, a teacher but to my credit I have about 16 years of practicing this therapeutic procedure by which some Thousands of patients have had the unconsciousness of undergoing my treatment but it is not so much the fact of washing the colon that counts as because this procedure allows the doctor to have information by reading the stool exactly like a pediatrician who has had to treat a baby that he is now naturally incapable of exposing himself to answering the questions by which, on examining the feces, the pediatrician gets an idea of ​​the intestinal functional digestive situation saying that this is how we do this procedure that has somehow become part of an association so much so that there is an Italian colon hydrotherapy company of which this year, that is, this year in february until february 22 there will be the fourth national congress in bologna, that is, in total, there are a few hundred, if not a few thousand doctors who use it regularly collecting data pathologies indications in beyond what may be the objections of colleagues in good faith and of course about the impoverishment of all the intestinal bacterial flora the lethal cleansing of all lactic ferments how many times have we heard it said and obviously the announcer speaks because he does not know the characteristics of washing and above all he does not know the habits of life of probiotics among other things following this advice or therapy I was able to enter that wonderful world that is the microbiome since For some years I have been dealing with this question of all the families of the different probiotics of their habits, their communication systems, their food preferences, their self-defense systems, that is, it is a whole world that lives within us that brings everything from a numerical point of view to a number of cells that is certainly superior to ours and therefore another I that you see from us in general when we talk about inner god we always refer to something ethereal spiritual like the soul things like that very well but there is something a little closer biologically close to us right in this world and I must say that chronohistory never again on the piano knowing that it is the characteristic that is the basis of the cures or diseases that afflict our humanity considering precisely the colon in this case the latter method of the digestive system, which we know is 10 to 11 meters long, considering its functions, I can well say that washing represents the simplest, most mundane way to solve or start, let's say, a therapeutic treatment working on a clean field in a field and that can be repaired where there are alterations I mean the leaky gut syndrome that we hear about every day leaky destination spastic colitis all these beautiful terms whose cause is always attributed to factors that we normally ignore when vice versa today we can affirm that the intestine that has a problem at the level of its constituent cells that have been defined is the entire ct which are stuck to each other icon of the lawyers of the glues defined lines that are good when dozens of them are attacked by substances such as the area lines discovered by fasano a few years ago, yes, open doors open channels through which substances slip inside, let's say they cause an antibody defense reaction when they are not there, the tanks of our defenses, which are the macrophages, do not move well in Situations of this type explain allergies, diseases are explained, autoimmune inflammatory processes are explained from the joints to the various tissues and the skin, but I will say more, starting intestinal absorption, many times we see a recovery of many brain functions, such as anxiety, depression, currently these diseases are obviously considered. prerogative of neuropsychiatry that applies its protocol based on neuroleptic substances, no matter how psychoactive they may be, well, let's say that by studying and delving into the history of intestinal absorption of all these beautiful functions that our intestine possesses and knowing that a large category of these probiotics comes to directly defined sycob me because they are defined like this because they happen to make those substances defined as neurotransmitters many neurotransmitters are even identifiable hormones just to say the power of this of this substance that I am currently talking about serotonin I am talking about dopamine I am talking about the endorphins of acetylcholine we say all these substances that have a direct action on the function of neuronal synapses at the level of the brain and not only for example, let's not forget that the intestine to the autonomous but not autonomous nervous system because we refer to the parasympathetic and vice versa because there really is a enteric nervous system that we are practically the ones who are used to at least not to say the generation to which I belong the neurology exam and the memory of having taken it in 63 so some time passed then the nervous system was divided into the sympathetic nervous system and the voluntary parasympathetic is actually deepening the research on the tissues of the digestive system we know that there is currently a neural network of the entire digestive system that performs its functions independently of the other two although given two they may very well interfere depending on the metabolic situation of the bosun For example, it is a state of acidosis, we know very well that the sympathetic compartment is parasympathetic, vice versa, the poor thing does what it can, but in reality, at the intestinal level, the autonomic nervous system is precisely what makes peristalsis possible, where all the pathways related to the intestine have been selected is amazing I had the testimony of this let's say autonomous function when I had the opportunity to treat multiple sclerosis in the initial stages that had caused a problem both with defecation and with the mission these or also in the medullolesi which are those traumatisms that in some way compromise the spinal cord, veins, intestine recovered t calmly and thus also the urinary function because they are innervated by their autonomous enteric system because these gentlemen act on these neurons of the autonomous nervous system that are defined as chico di oti because we do not forget that serotonin which we are used to considering the happiness neurotransmitter well first things first that vice versa contributes to intestinal peristalsis then there is more and then it also goes to the brain it is no coincidence that many depressed people who are treated with antidepressant medication would not even think of treating depression and working in the intestines too or who thought aria in dealing with an autistic child working on the intestine at school in torino di balzola has coined this term of it is not autistic enteritis and therefore here is the resource of intestinal cleansing to remedy with a family of suitable probiotics because each family has its optimal terrain, for example, in the last part of the colon, we know very well that lactobacilli harbor and reproduce, above all the genus rhamnosus bifidobacteria, that in the first batches of the colon there are other prizes such as paracasei, that is to say, in reality there are all sectors to now respect the objection that washing removes these probiotics that can also be taken into account in some way but perhaps because a detail is missing in the family of probiotics there are two types, the so-called transient and the so-called sedentary because they differ by what they have they have specific characteristics in the sense that sedentary means that they live there and adhere to the intestinal wall with a real deep real wall of real walls of real hesins, that is, they are stratified in the head of all the cities and there they stay stuck and do not simply move because of the water because let's not forget that until the last section of the colon the feces are liquid and therefore the fact of placing the water anchors I don't see that it can represent many people come to wash the colon because I have heard that it is good it is a bit like turning on the electricity if a light bulb burns out but it is a therapeutic procedure that makes it possible to diagnose and prevent certain situations but above all to optimize the very important function of reabsorption that takes place at the level of the neck of minerals, let's say microelemental substances that have naturally undergone a whole series of enzymatic demolition before arriving there but also assuming that the demolition it was incorrect or incomplete because and here we should talk about the compatibility or not of the food, in short, the question that remains I always say but how is it that we don't have a cell-type enzyme that is typical of animals, the horses of their saints, how is it that if we eat salad we don't fall in the afternoon since we don't have this enzyme and how do we put it? we don't even have a cell We have an enzyme that breaks down the cellulose that all vegetables contain and why we don't make the same vegetables is simple because this function is performed by probiotics thanks to their isolated damage we recover sugars we process minerals we recover vitamins we remember what is contained but why now, however, these gentlemen have two situations that prevent their survival and multiplication a slowness these probiotics must work a neutral alkaline ph what is the environment of the intestine apart from the last stretch of the collapse where there is let's say a meaning and free we find the side of the acidophilus vaccine that already digests many hills anyway the other is the temperature below a certain temperature the probiotic activity is interrupted or above so let's say the fact of always keeping the belly well protected even though it goes against all these beautiful ways of traveling with the belly button out because you can imagine that it does so very evidently at the base of many of many bellies many and of many themselves in many inconveniences therefore in common sense I repeat the intestine should be considered perhaps the most important organ we have because the other part also depends on its function let's say all our muscle management activity but also the psychic there are situations in which let's say the clearest example people who eat moderately coincidentally even spiritual truths people who fill their belly like a pig are always there who have four ideas they always say those why they think they are the only suspects like this that honestly another of the things that affects the functionality of the intestine and that somehow way the free horn could correct but that would still be useless is the posture is something very important the first thing we do when we are faced with an indication of washing we have the shoes removed and we look at the support of the feet if there are one flat feet of another the I am not saying that it is useless, but it certainly does not guarantee the resolution of the site, but many swollen bellies can casually be seen standing up, not only that one has one foot on the plate of the other, this has repercussions on the fly with a tilt of the pelvis and Therefore, if we are going to see how the colon is innervated, not autonomously, but rather it arrives externally, modeling well, we make a very interesting discovery because the first part of the colon that is referred to as a blind ascendant, first part of the tour, is innervated by fibers that they come out of the last lumbar vertebra the penultimate part of the corvus calms the terminal part of the descending transverse sigma reto is innervated by some sacred friends like this that if you have the support of the fifth lumbar it probably stimulates some, let's say the last lumbar vertebrae stimulate certain roots that then affect everyone we have great parades in the good tea so they can be sympathetic type s thymols and therefore swollen and stimuli of the parasympathetic type and therefore contrary because in the intestine and sympathetic the parasympathetic work exactly the opposite of that in the circulatory procession therefore it is necessary to correct the posture and many individuals it is useless for them to go to wash if they continue walking crookedly afterwards so this is because it is seen more in women than in men statistically many have brought up the history of menstruation not sad but also women in menopause next year pause but I see heels so sorry it's not that I have flat feet with High heels, imagine, it multiplies the relaxation at the level of the pelvis, so the problem is always knowing these things. s taking them into account it is useless to neglect this aspect and or to try to connect 30 herbs with laxatives with modesty all this crap is naturally useless it is true that it stimulates the intestine but it is like running and a cripple that is, yes the intestine if it doesn't work the only problem is useless they kick ass for it to work religion a problem the problem so where do you go to look for it if you don't know where to go to look for it so after all these years practicing colon hydrotherapy i can safely say that the visit Prior to treatment, it takes all the factors into account, plus the mere fact of reporting them to patients to put them in a position to solve their problem is a duty on the part of the doctor because it seems rather stupid to me to pontificate saying that it is so without explaining why which one is the commondenominator of any type of activity that you are a carpenter you are a sailor to be an astronaut I use a term you cannot be a doctor it is not a job that is when you understand what I mean you have to study continue studying until the last breath continue studying continue working the data discard all those that have gotten stuck simply because they were necessary for the exam but cancel them in the clinic results if it works one thing must correspond to the resolution of a pro problem of your patient I understand that from the age of 64 or ten is 54 years of activity I think I have seen a few million if I had always applied the same emotions I probably would not have achieved much currently I continued to adapt to the symptoms to the times and to the notions today knowing about it is the easiest I remember the first posts he made he went crazy looking an apple bibliography where to offer everything you like to go looking for browsing text s today in paste hitting a key bags everything comes out and so I took advantage of this question that is why I was able to deepen my emotions apply rare cases useful verses to eliminate autism in which it is obtaining very valid results to multiple sclerosis to all of them enteritis to allergies to all autoimmune diseases to all trophic ulcers diabetic ulcers or ulcers I say win from the figure I treated you cases of kidney disease or always working on the intestines
idrocolonterapia microbioma malattie autoimmuni e autismo dott carlo alberto zaccagna

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