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I Trained Like a Pro Footballer for 24 Hours & IT WORKED!! Play Like Ronaldo & Messi

Jun 04, 2021
how are you guys now we are all locked up we can't leave the house just for one hour of exercise a day and it's very hard but something came to my mind now earlier you guys watched me live the life of a


completely. week it's not me, you know what you've even seen that professional football is living their lives? They're still training, but amen, can you replicate this? So in today's video I'm going to live the life of a professional football ordering and following the lockdown. what they do so tomorrow I'm going to call a soccer pro and he'll give me his exact schedule that I'm going to follow for you guys so and wish me luck I hope this isn't too bad for me if I can't complete this, so omg that's Johnson he's a professional


for FC Volendam when I tell you you've probably seen this guy or one of his famous videos check this out and he'll give me a schedule so guys you're done pray Pray for me, I hope this sketch isn't too difficult, ladies and gentlemen, I am.
i trained like a pro footballer for 24 hours it worked play like ronaldo messi
With star man Darius Judson, how you been, bro, you been in Turks? In fact, we met. I am a dream. team to


me with nissan at the time i was actually trying to move cows y'all know how big it is and also the first prototype in guys at the age of 19 oh gosh you could be doing the basic round in a slots at lunch time, that's it I haven't done much, you just get your energy back, then you rest a bit, because the session won't go as it should, you should be fine with Jim. to do a couple reps of cup sets I don't do that means you got everyone heavy in the gym oh yeah yeah do some speed and shooting drills oh hey the important stuff the stuff important, it's a ball, it moans, I don't know. man I don't really know guys so there you have it that's the plan Derek thanks a lot guys bu If you're the next to follow him on instagram he's the future he's the future right here. get ready for tomorrow good Spy on the army what's going on so yeah it's the day that yeah I'm living like a profiteer after 24


and right now it's 8:30 and I need to go eat a car guys from Lyons, I've never done it.
i trained like a pro footballer for 24 hours it worked play like ronaldo messi

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i trained like a pro footballer for 24 hours it worked play like ronaldo messi...

I felt so ugly in my life before guys look at my hair oh god Daniel look guys look at this you can't even see my hairline you can't even see my shape so as you know we've closed everything other than -Essential shops are closed, which means the hairdressers let my brother do my hair the other day, so I'm about to go eat. I'll show you what I'm having for breakfast today and we have to go too. and do our first activity of the day first things first we have to have breakfast we need help happy oh my gosh you put it there for the break. quick today i'm thinking i'm going to make granola right here high protein granola and some fruit probably best for me today i don't think it's a horrible box because i'm living like a pro footballer for today and profitable is they don't have Coco Pops okay oh guys hold on I hope you guys don't do everything right during this peek man you gotta stay safe man mm-hmm guys first things first for guide rules.
i trained like a pro footballer for 24 hours it worked play like ronaldo messi
I'm allowed up to I think it's an hour of exercise a day now what I'm going to do today is I'm learning to split that hour into two sessions so the first session I'm going to do is yoga and a little bit of all mastery and next session will be speed and shoot now work I'm not waiting to shoot a pool because it's been between his I don't know if it's true you're running so here we go it's probably going to be literally one of my first bike rides in bro I don't know how long time has passed so i'm going to take th is ride my bike and ride straight to the park to do my first yoga session and wall marcy session now with yoga i didn't really get a direct plan so i'm just going to use a plan from one of my friends the rious who does a lot of fitness stuff on his instagram so i'm going to follow a workout that makes by chance someone knows how to ride a bike. smash wait you ride a bike do it right this is my first bike ride guys so guys something i wanted to mention to you guys and this football season i think i might go back to sunday league so i wanted to see if you guys would like to see me do a series where a man SP for me i will become sunday league and do it basically as not a day in the life but a week in the life of a sunday league footballer comment below yes if you want me to. do a series and i'll take you on a little journey of my sunday league experience maybe trying to get into semi-pro soccer, let me know because i think i'm good enough for semi-pro right?
i trained like a pro footballer for 24 hours it worked play like ronaldo messi
Oh look at that beautiful empty void for me right guys the first biker is complete or Karla really enjoyed that I think I might actually invest in a bike van. In fact, I really enjoy that bike ride. It's good for your lesson. why are we going Kinda look at my cut guys look at my hairline so sorry so sorry guys I need to go to the hairdresser yeah I know but you looked down oh dammit my good friend Arash , you may know him from FC Barcelona. lots of fitness stuff on his instagram so today i won't focus on core so core is very very essential in soccer if you don't have a strong core boy you're going to have trouble with that boy , so let's run the Dreads level free AB circuit let's see what it looks like ok ok so we have squats it says 4/10 I run a can run a can run that run leg lifts we also have some leg lifts legs there ok i can run now i can do that too we have a l-sit too this is kind of hard oh my god and i'm looking at the next side jackknives guys this is hard this is really really hard so let's run that session get on get going hey guys my brother those four rappers killed me my stomach hurts yeah and you're probably wondering what are those white marks around your face like?
What's that? It's actually my beard cream, but I forgot to put extra cream on top to get rid of dry marks, but we'll just ignore that one for the whole video. It's hard to get right guys so now we're about to do our soccer stuff so we have this drill this will help you get your feet quicker on the ball, calm down on the ball so you can do your small skills in these tight areas now. I like to do this because when I'm


ing the field, you know I love skill passes. ribble I like to take my they're happy with this say what I look good you look good and to be fair they can actually help you so I'm going to show you an exercise that you can use to help your feet be quicker nimble on the board in the list right guys first things first you want to get some cones for these drills when you're doing this tool you need one two three four cones this is the area you're going to be working on the ball you can't leave until the last drill first First, we have the L touch.
I find this so useful. I use it in games all the time. I'll give you an example of why I practice this because in games for situations like this. to turn the directions very fast and send the player what weight look at that look at how i get fruit and i managed to create a transfer there looking doesn't finish it next guys want to work on your lack repair the ties you want to do about five to ten of these inside the box and then once you've done that you want to skip past a code I use them in the game and I'll show you what I did in a match for rebel FC so here's a player I did a step with the time and i look like repetto directly i pass it to my friend and i watch my friend do a beautiful finish this was man straighten up top right you see how effective this skill is it's amazing guys simple things are best now next this That external term is a little more difficult because you have to recover your body's correct positioning, even I don't have it unlocked, well, there is a player who has it unlocked, who is Andrés, always my best friend I saw I'm playing music right here, he uses it there, he spins, a player passes him and he's actually going to use it one more time to create a trance and actually uses the double tap.
I was telling you about the first ability. Look, this watch becomes great for changing direction and running the Bulldog. A fake shot. Double tap sets. Kieran backs him off. guys so simple b How effective guys I'm out of shape oh my god all I do is trip over cones. I'm so tired, oh my gosh, that's gotten to me. help guys when they practice small touches every day they own the ball these drills help it's time for me to guide them through my gem session so i know they may not have gym equipment so with this workout i will i have gym equipment but i will show you some alternatives that you can use if you don't have any gym equipment like weights dumbbells app rollers all that stuff all that good stuff now this is the garage setup probably wondering amen bro why is there a bottle why is there a bottle and why is there a broom what's going on i know a lot of you might not have a bar so actually let's create one this is what you guys need some of the shopping bags, Tesco bags, whatever they have money and want to put in and our water balls inside these build weights now once you've done that it's up to you.
Personally, I would tie these bags together and make sure these two pieces stick out because you need them for later, you need a stick to burn, you probably can. Guess what I'm about to do now. I'm going to disarm it. Oh yes, ladies and gentlemen, we have the bottle. What they want to do is, of course, they want to hit them like this. session now for my gym session it will be full workouts that I will do four times so first guys we have lunges you want to do about ten on each leg or you can do up to five on each leg that's really fine for you these are good for help strengthen your legs to make them stronger.
Next, we have barbell incline rows. This is very good for the upper back. that look now this is killer this is the ab roller now guys this is probably my fir its the first time in a year i've done this so i'm so bad you can even see me shaking in one of these clips guys it's so hard these workouts are so hard man omg last we have some incline dumbbell rows which is basically the same exercises as the first one but they can only target that side of the back it still works guys I've done three sets of each exercise and it's up to you by the way you can do one exercise four times and then go to the next one go to the next one I'll go to the next one right now I'm just doing them all just to spice it up man because i get so bored so yeah guys that's my gym session for today which we're about to do. what i've been waiting for right now man and that's our own shooting session we're going out to a field i managed to get in touch with someone and they hooked me up after i was able to go to a real 3g field but if you guys can't go to a 3G field all they have to do is get a net and go to a boat that has a goal on it so I'm going to do some drills there and I think it's time for us to go and get ready because I need to go there soon , let's do this guy's man, we're in the car, we're on our way to the well, so the field is actually like 20 minutes from my house, so we have to drive there.
I would have taken the bike. Why can't my legs handle that. Could be a pro down. Today. Why is there no professional football? the soccer field is a 20 minute drive which means on a bike it's like an hour oh gosh in the session we're going to be making snow and focusing mostly on my shots so hopefully i can ban a few top containers for you. and yeah I just want to try and get better football like I said guys I want to play again put one on the weekend. i wanna see me do that series i think you'll be good i'm going to edit it to be such a sick guy so yeah man drop it i know brilliant guys so i landed on the football field and it's time for me to get ready.
This is my training session. I literally have like 40 minutes. Do an intense session. I'm wasting time but we have a lot of gear here so if you're a soccer pro or have to have these gear then this was going to be doing that so we've got your number one right. here this intense so we're going to hurt our legs drill number two here this I can go out and with a ball and then we have shuttles unfortunately so I'm going to do those three and then we're going to get into some Shooting I'm going to hit it with the top pins I need to do some shooting exercises welcome ice shootingBecause guys I can't laugh this is probably the first time I've touched a football in two months two months you know how rusty I am.
I'm too rusty forever boy guys let's get in session come on ladies and gentlemen that's a plus. I hate trying. I hate it, see why I don't guys, so here we go, time for me to do a shot draw. I have a small setup with a rebounder. I'm going to do that for all three different roles hopefully I can get some top pins guys this addition is my first time throwing a football too much and boy could you guys tell me to look at the shot I was taking? I don't know what happened to these last two months so I decided to take it easy and just work on some free kicks and one of the coaches who really let me on the field showed me his free kick technique and guys it was amazing check this out oh oh so i decided you know what my turn was.
Might as well step up let me hit some free throws so I think my day is basically done guys time to kick back relax eat my dinner and yeah comment buffalo wings below if you can see this .

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