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I Stayed in “OMG!” Airbnbs

Mar 06, 2024
a ski lift Tanya said the house is in perfect condition with so many technological devices we couldn't believe you found in the house everything your heart desires sauna big smart screen TV comfortable beds food and drink and I can't explain the sunrise or sunset . All I can say is what five stars I'm looking forward to that's a little anticlimactic but I'm not judging I don't know Jared said make no mistake it's that oh that staircase is steep five stars I don't know what the staircase is but I can't wait to climb it and perhaps most profoundly of all asid's five star review says everything is fine, we would love five stars, that's it, that's enough reviews.
i stayed in omg airbnbs
I'm going in, oh my God, I said Oh my God, that was it. It's not voluntary, I promise, wow, I'm 25, if this is a chalet, I've been missing my whole life, this mud room is so cozy, sandals y'all this kitchen and dining bench combo is amazing oh that's fire it's literally. I see what Tanya. he was saying about technology, there are so many electronic devices here we also have a pantry with a refrigerator, a super cozy lounge area and maybe my favorite part, a sauna, my dad is going to go crazy when he sees this. He loves saunas that I can't get that man to be around 180°F.
i stayed in omg airbnbs

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i stayed in omg airbnbs...

This Chalet is amazing. I love to say Chalet. I'm going to keep saying it though, I think what makes this place absolutely OMG is this view. This window looks like a screen saver. Look at this. I could just take a picture and make this my real screen on my phone put my money where my mouth is I could also make it look this place is dumb this is just a dumb experience I think I'm going to shovel a walkway just to get in and out it's a little bit easier and then to celebrate I'm going to go to dinner, there's a restaurant about a 10 minute walk away, let's do it, you literally can't say I did something, but I did it, you saw it on camera, I captured it. as proof that I'm going to dinner, it's about a half mile walk to the restaurant, but if you're filming a YouTube video, it's about a mile.
i stayed in omg airbnbs
I can't leave my camera. I got to the restaurant and potentially Heaven wouldn't be surprised if it looked like this I hope they're open You really said they ran out of food okay I appreciate that so I've been really busy today. I have not done it. eaten but it's time for dinner I go to the restaurant they have run out of food which is peculiar for a restaurant so I'm walking back to my chalet I'm panicking I'm thinking what I'm going to do tonight for dinner Door to Dash to a chalet and I receive a text message from an unknown number.
i stayed in omg airbnbs
It's Nick. He was asking me when he would show up. He says there is a lot of food in the Chalet. I didn't see it, but I believe it. I am also extremely confused and maybe even worried about how he got my number and how he knew I was rejected at the restaurant. Well okay, I'm back home, if you saw me slip in the snow, no you didn't, according to the text Nick told me that this here inside the flat is where there's a lot of food, which It's like, I don't know, that's cool but it's also kind of weird.
I guess I'm just going to crash into the floor to try to find. some trap or something, what the hell I thought it was going to be just a hole in the ground with a bag of goldfish, look at this, I'm afraid of getting trapped down here, some pasta, some sauce can't go. wrong with pasta night, that's all I know. I didn't expect this to become a cooking video but here we are welcome to pasta night with Ryan in Slovakia at an OMG Airbnb because the restaurant ran out of food, it's a weekday so it's understandable that I haven't yet received your food shipment.
I'm still working on the title for this show. The first thing is to fill a pot with water, then put it on the stove, the water should be boiling immediately although I am not. Still, realize that this is a lot of dough for a small child. Stir the pasta regularly. I learned that from my son Gordon Ramsey. Finally drain the spaghetti and throw it like this because it looks great. I just threw them into a large glass bowl I found. and plenty of sauces too and voila, spaghetti night is complete. I think I'll have leftovers, this is a lot of pasta, but I'm also very hungry.
You know, I'm glad I got to make dinner. a pleasure, I haven't had spaghetti in so long, I plan the rest of the night, I'll eat 14 servings of spaghetti, then I'll go back to the bunker, I'll get dessert and then I'll go to the sauna, you can't. be here and not do the sauna after that I could curl up wait where it is I don't know where the bed is okay after the sauna I'm going to try to find the bed hopefully there's one of those and if I can find it curl up in the bed watch a cozy movie come on let's get it that spaghetti was so good I've seen stains around my lips I tried to take it off for 10 minutes let's not talk about that let's not do that I'm going to go back down and see if I can find a fun snack Jared is right, this is a steep staircase oh sandwich fun fun snack I mean there's some kind of juice that looks like rice and bean sauce water from a variety pack of sour strips Joy Ride what are the bunker's chances of survival in sloania? the four flavors of Joy Ride psych I planted them here myself while you were busy watching a time lapse of me eating 14 servings of spaghetti.
I snuck out here and planted my personal stash of sour strips in this underground pantry on a mountain, all that effort. just so I can naturally tell you about Joy Ride without it being awkward, let's go upstairs it's cold if you're like me you love fun snacks when I think about my wish list for a fun snack I think of three things I'm not going to accomplish I feel terrible, I don't have anything artificial and it tastes amazing. I recently released my sweet called Joy Ride and I can honestly say that this fulfills all three of those wishes.
I mean, look at our Blue Raspberry Sour Strip. This is the only blue raspberry sour strip in the world. that doesn't use fake colors to make it look like a crayon Joy Ride is coming to retail stores very soon my dream is to take my candy to Target they wrote back and told me they need to see that people care about us what the fair is like so that if you bought joy ride or if you just want to help your child, follow joy ride on Instagram so Target sees that you all care about us tag them in a story with Joy Ride, comment on their post to put our sour strips.
As of now we are out of all four of our packs which is crazy, but if you want to be the first person to know when our sour strips are out of line, click the link in the description, enter your email, your phone number. I'll let you know now that I've had my fun snack, let's go to the sauna. This sauna is amazing, which means the shower must be crazy, there isn't a ton of water. I'm ready to sleep in this OMG Airbnb. Now I was convinced I'd be sleeping on this bench tonight I thought this was the bed.
It would have been good. I would have been happy with it, but I kept thinking about Tanya's review that explicitly says the beds are comfortable and look what happened when I was about to start. recording this attic clip I think these are the steep stairs Jared was talking about. I'm going up, this is extremely sinister. That's all. I found all the beds. Oh, look at the light. Okay, this staircase is extremely steep. Jared, you are valid for life. in the Chalet we should have some nice light in the morning when we wake up in Slovakia. I made some coffee, it was very good and then I returned to the mainland to buy the Spock toy, this one looks very good, new.
Spock toy alert everyone. on my way from Slovenia now I'm on my way to the last country European airports are the best. I had to take several flights to get to this one, which makes sense because it literally looks like an apocalyptic bunker that probably shouldn't be easy to access. Yes, I couldn't make the match. Cut thing this time. It's midnight. I do not know where I am. I flew on a prop plane to Norway and since I landed I have been driving 3 and 1/2. hours through the Norwegian Highlands. You could also reach this abandoned ski resort.
I'm supposed to meet the Airbnb host here and they'll take me on a hike to what looks like an apocalyptic billionaire bunker. This bird box needs Airbnb. a new section on the WTF website I think I see it, she's C, she walks 40 minutes up a mountain with you just to make sure you get to her Airbnb, she's so nice, thank you, oh that's cute, are you ready? I'm ready. let's do it, courtship, 30 to 40 minute walk, we've got this, so what are the three best things about the bird box, quiet and set up close to nature? Oh yes, I've made it to the submerged bird box, she's gone before I go. also look how crazy this place is boom bang p a onas are useful they are good I can't express the amount of effort it took to get here but I also can't express how beautiful it is and it's at night like I can barely Look, I know that in the morning It will be crazy, it will be unreal before it comes in.
I can't get enough of these five star European reviews, okay Magny said, have you found the place first? Walk in Heather with the result of a host, pure joy, nothing is missing. Place drinks and water. I order breakfast in tapas. Everything has been brilliant. I hope we have another chance. Five stars. Magny, that review is golden, but the last part was a question or a threat and guess what her son also had for breakfast. and tapas, yes, thank you, yes, it was a reasonable thing, so Havard said the view was impeccable, a welcoming box, a welcoming owner who cares that you have a good time during your stay.
Recommended five stars. Ceve is actually the best and welcoming, yes that's it and finally. Best of all, EO said Seeve is five stars. She knew that Google translated into many languages, but she didn't know that they translated into facts. You only talk about facts. I love the appreciation Seeve gets in these reviews. She deserves it, do you know what I am? I'm sending this video to watch, we should just spam the comments with "we love to watch", imagine she comes to the video and every comment just says that, well that's what almost slipped while standing on the spot, How can I become a Texan?
I mean, that's crazy without further ado. I'm putting my foot in the bird box, buddy. I just know this is going to seem crazy in the morning. I look like a 99-year-old Norwegian kid. What is this set? There is so much food here. Did you give me two? food games, oh that's going to make me sad, no, no, his and her slippers, bro, come on, Halen Spock is missing, the levels are at maximum, other than that, the bed looks very cozy, I want I mean, these pillows are huge, they're even pillows, they're like small mattresses, I know.
It's night, but I think this is the main attraction. There's like a huge circular window here and this is the seating area that you like. Don't judge me because I already took it out. I'm going to work. There's also a cooler with plenty of drinks and snacks and a heater so you don't freeze to death. I'm going to eat now, so it's actually really late, it's like midnight, it's been a long day getting here, so my plan is recharge energy, go to sleep. and then I wake up to this and if you think about it, the faster I fall asleep the faster I wake up simple math I'm going to slam this shut I'll see you in the morning I'm here I just wanted to try that transition I made myself a cappuccino guys I can't describe how crazy what was it like to wake up to this view look at that look at that video it's also cool there are people skiing around me right now it seems like this ski resort is not abandoned, it was Just at midnight when I arrived, that explains a lot of things.
This was actually the first Airbnb. I slept all night. I think the jet lag from America to Europe was really a kick in my butt, but the bird box was cozy. She has some. pillows in there, I mean, did you see them, they're huge. I cuddled one of them all night, that's right, something crazy I discovered this morning every time the sun came up is that there is a bathroom and it looks like this and inside. there is a huge window, which means you can see what and have this view. I've been saving the OMG title screen for a reason, okay, that's something I'm going to tell my grandkids about.
I'm going to finish my cappuccino. and he's going to take Rowdy to that bathroom. Sorry, that's gross, he probably won't go that crazy. I relaxed and enjoyed enjoyed my iced coffee. I also had an orange juice that was so good, guys. I have to use the bathroom. I'm really excited to use this, but it doesn't make me feel good that there's a guy working on this pole and if you walk over here you can see clearly through the window, but a few things need to be done, this has to be the bathroom with the best view in the world has to be okay guys, I have to fight this battle on my own see you in a second, okay guys, I have my bags packed, this video has been so special, I am really very grateful to be able to go to these places in thethat people have clearly worked so hard, but I miss Halen SPX so much and I think I have one more OMG up my sleeve.
I went down the mountain and drove 3 and 1/2. After a few hours back in the city, I went to a Norwegian pet store and bought an adorable sloth. I just know that Spock is going to love this one and after a full day of traveling home, it's time for Spock's OMG moment. I have all four toys right here. Spock is. very excited, okay, here you go, Spock, yeah, which one, which one, can't believe it. I think Spock likes toys. On the screen right now it will be your favorite. It could be a really fun adventure. Click here.
Bye bye.

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