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I Spent 5 DAYS on America's Longest Greyhound Bus. It Was HELL.

Mar 31, 2024
queue, so, yeah, I dropped everything and ran back to the bus and I think we left some people behind. Look, my problem now is that I'm absolutely hungry. I haven't eaten since that McDonald's I had back in the day. Kansas, at 6:00 this morning, it's now 3:00 in the afternoon and our next long stop won't be until 6:00 tonight. I had a bag of candy, but I gave it to that guy in Denver who was about to pass out because his diabetes was starting and his blood sugar was too low, so I gave him my bag of candy. . I did the same yesterday.
i spent 5 days on america s longest greyhound bus it was hell
I got an emergency Flapjack in my bag, but there was a guy in St. Louis who was having issu, so I gave it to him yesterday, so I gave him all my emergency snacks, so now I'm absolutely hungry, but I'll get off the bus. I just don't want to risk missing this bus we briefly stopped on. a town called Veil Colorado where there wasn't much but there was a vending machine. I tried as best I could, but I couldn't get it to work and after trying a couple of times I decided to quit as a bad job and come back. to the bus before she left again without me.
i spent 5 days on america s longest greyhound bus it was hell

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i spent 5 days on america s longest greyhound bus it was hell...

I was going to eat something at the vending machine but the vending machine is broken and I don't want to risk hanging around.too much again let's get back on the bus I'm going to eat sometime today you're going to CH again I did it but the machine was broken and I was like I hit it three times I said no, soon we were back on the road where there was exciting news that we were going to stop at McDonald's for 20 minutes to give us time to have some tea first. I'm not going to make that mistake twice, yeah, here, put this on and run, that's it, on the starting blocks. 6:00 600 thank you, I mean 5 550 sorry, thank you, don't forget your British friend 20 minutes minutes, okay, food stop, we have 20 minutes, so everyone run because we don't want to be left behind again, thank you, all good, success. food obtained snacks obtained drinks obtained and the bus is still there we go, kindly I know it's not great to have two McDonald's in one day but what other option is there really?
i spent 5 days on america s longest greyhound bus it was hell
We had McDonald's this morning at 5:a. m. or something like that at 6:00 a.m. m., that was the last rest stop we could get something hot so you gotta do what you gotta do iald I mean, it's the second one today but it's one of the other options you have, yeah, exactly since Thursday, that That's all they've been doing is stopping at McDonald's Yes, McDonald's and the other day we had a Wendy's on one of my buses. Yes, as we headed west toward Utah, I enjoyed the fourth sunset I'd seen since leaving New York, which with a little looking could be the last one before arriving in Los Angeles.
i spent 5 days on america s longest greyhound bus it was hell
Angeles the next morning, but this was Greyhound and anything will be possible between now and then, so today is November 4th at the time of filming this, which means tonight at midnight or whenever the clocks go back an hour, It's generally my favorite time of year. because he wants to spend an extra hour in bed, but tonight that just means I'll have an extra hour on the Greyhound, which isn't so nice. I'm going to have to save my extra hour in bed until I get home and have an extra hour in bed and then I'm sorry, rage, um, but that might actually be helpful because we're still about an hour late on this bus. , so hopefully with the schedules the way they are, once the clocks go back, we can be ready.
With these positive thoughts in mind, it wasn't long before we were once again kicked off the bus in the middle of nowhere, this time in the middle of Utah, so in the next strange turn of event we found ourselves literally in the middle from the Utah desert at the time we are at a gas station the drivers just left us all on the bus they are changing drivers normally in these remote places when they change drivers they leave us all on the bus and we just wait on the bus but like You see, they kicked us all off the bus while they were going and they changed drivers and they left with the bus, so we're all standing on the side of a gas station in the middle of Utah in the minute and it's cold, yeah, no It's great, you know?
What really bothers me the most about this whole thing is gray, although they literally treat customers like absolute garbage because for Greyhound the customers are absolute garbage, the way they treat them is horrible. people and it just bothers me because the people who need to use Greyhound to get around are the people who need to be able to travel cheap, they don't deserve less, they surely don't deserve the bad customer experience just because they can't afford to pay a lot of money, that's what What bothers me the most. For me, this hasn't been so bad. I have the option.
I had the option of getting a hotel room in St. Louis, for example, where everyone else was forced to sleep on the floor of the bus station overnight. I have the option if I want to just get on a plane and go home. I'm lucky to be able to do it, but these people can't do it and that's just the way it is. It really frustrates me how Greyhound treats these people like absolute trash. People who depend on the service. Can you imagine if an airline treated people the way Greyhound treats these people? How long would it be until they closed?
It baffles me finally, over an hour later a bus showed up and we were able to get back into the heat, we can't get out, they cleaned up, we finally got back on the road again and when the clock went from 1559 to 1:00 Once again, the bright lights coming out of the window were my sign that we had arrived in Nevada very soon. We will stop at the bright lights of Las Vegas. Well, then welcome to Las Vegas, Nevada, last point stop on the trip, finally my last. The bus pulled up to the bus station along with one of the happiest bus drivers I've had so far.
Don't make me mad, yes we were 30 minutes late, but you know, I just want to get there and close the deal. So my name is Chris. I'm his operator for today. Everyone saw me. I am a lot. I have no problem kicking you off this bus. Okay, if I find out you have alcohol on this bus, trust me I will. I'm definitely going to get you off this bus, okay, I'm going to cry for 2.3 seconds to move for my entire life in the meantime, sit back, relax, enjoy your ride, we have a ton of people on this bus.
Trust and believe, we will try to do this. as painful as possible, well, with our pep talk from Mr. Happy complete, we set off for the last part of my trip to California as the sun began to rise over the Mojave Desert, the finish line was in sight. Look, we were just a few hours from Los Angeles and very soon I would be getting off this bus and heading straight to an airport lounge for a Rob and Coke. We just had to complete the last part of the trip now to Los Angeles in what seemed like no time.
San Andreas Skyline came into view and we began cruising the city streets of downtown Los Angeles. uh. Ladies and gentlemen, right now I have good news and bad news, which one do you want to hear first? They are so negative. tell you the good news, okay, the good news is that we are here at Union Station, okay, the bad news is that as soon as the Coast motor stops completely, everyone will have to grab their things and leave the bus, which He is the bad one. news so I know sad tears tears tears no my heart breaks thank you so much and I appreciate each and every one of you thank you.
I thought it was a fitting end to this trip that we ended with a round of applause that almost felt like It was for me, but really it's probably for anyone who's ever survived a Greyhound ride, but anyway, here we were. I made it. Thank you. No problem. I did it. Oh my god, I did it! I can not believe it. I literally crossed the United States on a land bus from New York to Los Angeles and we're in Los Angeles, what the heck did it right? One more place to go before I go home


o yeah


o amol so I'm not going to lie.
This was the hardest filming trip I've ever done seriously, like Around the World in 80 Hours on low-cost airlines. Nothing pales in comparison to how difficult these past few


have been. It's been amazing, but you know what? Despite all the challenges it has been. It was a really rewarding journey and I have met some amazing people on this journey as well as people I would never have met normally and the most important thing I have learned from this is that I survived, I made it, I completed it. And if I can overcome this, what else can I overcome?
So I started this trip 5


ago in Times Square in New York and since then I traveled 2800 miles by road in a gray UL across the US and I thought it was fitting. As soon as we started at such an iconic place in New York, we should end this adventure here, the Hollywood sign, we made it 2,800 miles on a gray bus. Thank you very much for watching this video. I really appreciate it as always. about to head back to the airport, get in a car, go home, see my family and spend some time just relaxing because I think I might have won on this trip, but as always, thank you so much for watching, being kind to each other and with me See you next time, goodbye for now.

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