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I Built a Transparent Katana (it's unbreakable)

May 15, 2024
Have you ever seen an invisible sword? Well, I think a few days ago I saw this photo here that it is an invisible sword and now I want one like that, a sword that is not completely invisible but also destructible and sharp, a sword that is basically like a normal one but you can't see it . I'm going to build one, not sure how, but I'll have to figure it out and then test its sharpness and durability against increasingly difficult targets first. The first step was choosing the right material and the first one that came to mind, well, was glass.
i built a transparent katana it s unbreakable
Glass is clear when it is cleaner than that and you can make it quite sharp using a diamond stone as done here, but there are a few types though. of glass that can be more resistant than usual and even indestructible according to the companies that sell them, the problem with glass is that glass is glass and glass breaks at least too easily to make a


with it but there is another material which is not only


but is 10 times more impact resistant than steel by weight I am talking about polycarbonate it is generally used for riot shields armored vehicles safety glasses and other indestructible items and for all that it sounds like the perfect material for the job but I still want to see for myself how difficult it is to find out.
i built a transparent katana it s unbreakable

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i built a transparent katana it s unbreakable...

I'm taking a small sample of the panel I plan to use for the


and the idea is to hit the polycarbonate as hard as possible. I can handle this unnecessarily large Sledgehammer 3 2 1 and well, I'm not exactly sure what just happened. I just know that although B saw broken horses due to the impact, the polycarbonate panel is completely fine, this thing has a scratch, but you can. I don't even feel it, it's not even bent or anything, it's crazy and since the polycarbide is clearly strong, meaning it can bend a lot without breaking, it's definitely my best option, so to make the katana I bought a big panel of 2 m by 0.5 polycarbonate and 12 mm or 0.47 inch Palo, which is also the maximum thickness I could find for this material and this will be the invisible and indestructible body of the sword.
i built a transparent katana it s unbreakable
Now to cut the correct shape of the panel, I will use masking tape. I mean, that tape should make it easier to draw the consistent curve of the katana on the panel and then I can use it as a reference for the actual cutting and after outlining the tip, the edge and completing the handle, I can start to see the final form of the sword there is only one thing to point out. I unintentionally made this thing too big, it's basically twice as big as a normal Katana and I'm not sure if I should be excited because the katana is huge and it's I'm going to be powerful or be worried because the katana is huge and I might not even I can't even lift it, but after doing some scientific testing I realized that because polycarbonate is much lighter than steel, it shouldn't be a problem to even swing the sword.
i built a transparent katana it s unbreakable
If it's that big I'm not worried anymore, I'm just very excited, so I use the jigsaw to create a smaller perimeter around the sword to make it easier to work with in the next step and after. By doing that, it became even more noticeable how big this thing is going to be. Now the next step is to cut out the actual shape of the sword from the panel and to do that I will use a B saw after cutting the shape. I can remove the protective film and I will be able to see if the sword really looks invisible.
The problem is that Ben Sace doesn't seem very friendly and, most importantly, I don't know exactly how to use one, so I bought it. quite nervous uh I already cut a part. I forgot to film it. I cut it very badly. You see, the good thing is that I need to follow the interior line of this part in here, so my terrible cut was no big deal for now. I cut the extra material off the other side of the katana and that's how I was getting closer. Now comes the hardest part. I need to follow these lines here and be precise.
This is definitely scarier and I don't mind my fingers being close. to a deadly saw, but making a mistake here means removing material from the final Katana and potentially having to start from scratch, fortunately, although I was already mastering it and after removing the extra material from the handle, I'm fixing the final details. the belt grinder, as you can clearly see here, anyway like this, the first step of making the sword is complete. I am also happy to see that the weight of the katana is not a problem at all, it is not too light nor too heavy and the katana does not bend on itself, which means that I am definitely on the right track and now, a few Seconds of silence while I remove the plastic wrap, now the sword already seems quite invisible, but inside the store the effect is actually weaker due to the lights, just like in real life.
Life like this is completely


to me wait. What happens if I do this and that was already more or less like that but on the outside it gets even better keep in mind that you can still see the edges because there is no leaf and the spine is there? It is not polished, so it may be that the katana also looks darker because the edges block the light, but when the edges are perfectly perpendicular to the camera this looks fake, the effect is even stronger when there is light behind it and I'm very excited to be able to do it.
See how this Katana will look when finished. I'm going to sharpen this thing, then make the handle, and then test it on a lot of things. The first step to achieve it. the edge of the sword is to create a bevel on the blade, so after marking the center of the blade with a caliper, I am retracing the line with a pencil, this line will be my reference for the edge as I grind and also to make sure that I'm going to sharpen the blade symmetrically on both sides basically like this. I made this tool, this mechanism allows me to set a certain angle so that when I sharpen the sword with a belt sander, the angle remains constant, as well as the bevel on both sides. and this is all theory, by the way, I've never grinded much of anything in my life and honestly, this could ruin the whole sword, but of course, there's only one way to find out and well, although I felt like I was doing everything wrong.
At first after basically 1 hour of polishing the first side of the bezel was completed and apart from making an absolute mess everywhere including on my face I think it came out bad but much better than expected so after repeat the process on the other side. the blade, the quick form of the sword is ready, the katana is not sharp yet, but now it has an edge, so the next step will be to make it invisible. So I'm going to soften the angle between the spine and the bevel mainly to avoid reflections like you see here and while I'm doing that I'll also remove the scratches I got from the belt sander and hopefully make the katana even more transparent than before, so I bought a sander. with eight different evils from a course crit to basically a polishing one and sending the katana with each of the pads in theory I will be able to make it transparent and well after a little over 2 hours I basically finished Anyway, with a first pad I made sure to remove every scratch from the belt sander and even after just the corser pad the katana already looks great.
Now I am going to repeat the process seven times and so I did it each time with a finer one. grd and each time making sure to remove all the scratches that were there before and after about 1 hour and something I was using the final pad after that I am sending everything with a great 2500 sandpaper on hand and with this I am finally starting to see the first good ones results now it looks good when wet it looks great right now there are still a lot of micro scratches on the surface of the blade and that's why the katana doesn't look really transparent yet so now I'm going to try to remove them using this headlamp polish and after applying it to the sword with a sponge, the katana was polished and transparent.
There's just one problem I'm literally realizing right now. I forgot about physics. Yes, I want to know what happens when. a block of transparent material has a variable thickness as in my case. Distortion, that's what happens and although the katana looks good and is transparent when you look through it, it will always distort the objects behind it basically like you see here and although I actually like this Katana and I spent three days working on it. I already wrote the title of this video and I don't want to clickbait you, so the sword has to be more invisible than that.
Now the problem is that I would always need a bezel. making the sword sharp and a bevel creates distortion, but what if I try to keep the thickness constant as much as I can and then make a very short bevel by doing so, in theory the whole sword will be invisible and only a small part of it will be invisible. This would create distortions, so to confirm the theory I tried to make a small sample with this new concept and, honestly, it turned out great. Let's make another sword, so I took out a new sword and cut it from the panel with the band saw flat on the edges. and so I had the new Rush shape of the katana, then I made a new shorter bevel on the belt sander and although this took a while, a long time, the new Edge came out much better than the previous one, so after polishing it. and polishing the spine of the blade and turning my hand into a tomato after a day of work, the final blade is ready, obviously you can still see the bevel and the bevel still distorts what is behind it, but other than that now all the sheet is completely transparent.
For comparison, this is what version one of the katana looked like and this is what it looks like now. I really like this and the more I look at this, the more I can't wait to try it. The katana is also pretty sharp now and I know it. That's because I randomly hit the prey's head with the blade and this happened, so yes, it is cut at this point to complete the katana. I have to make the handle and the protector. Katana guards are works of art, they are often handmade and look amazing. but I'm a minimalist so mine is just transparent.
I actually tried to make something fancier, but immediately ended up with a chubby Pac-Man and then it took me a day to make this hole, but at least it fits well on the katana. and at this point I only had the handle left, so my initial plan was to use the acrylic block and then carve a handle, but other than that it took me a long time, I'm afraid it probably won't come out as transparent as I wanted because afterward the plan is that I need to make a hole in the block and then place the handle in it, and the problem with hoses is that they are very difficult to polish, plus I only need to add a few extra centimeters to the thickness of the handle, why?
Can't I just stick extra polycarbonate on it and then shape the whole thing like a handle? I tried a smaller sample first using super glue and it honestly worked perfectly. It is actually very strong. I hit it here and it didn't move, so I cut it off. two pieces of polycarbonate with the same dimensions of the handle and after placing a whole bottle of super glue on each side of the handle I glued the two pieces together now I need to smooth the edges and also reduce the thickness of the block so I can get the shape of the final handle and I only see this because there is no way to know, but I got a big smile under the mask mainly because after polishing for 30 minutes I was very happy with how the handle turned.
I swear it's not dangerous, plus the tape I put on the protector to protect it didn't protect it at all, but it created some kind of pattern that somehow reminds me of anime, so I think I'll leave it at that. This way and since the handle already feels pretty good in my hands, I just finished it by polishing it like I did previously with the body of the sword and, although it was completely random, the glue created a unique effect on the handle that looks like ice. Anyway, with this, the katana is finally complete and I honestly don't think it looks good.
I think it just looks like I'm about to start my own Revenge anime arc when I hold this, I love it, of course you can. It's still C The Edge, but everything else is basically transparent, especially when there is ground or objects behind it and now I want to try it, although I want to know if this really works as a sword. I want to see how well it can cut and how powerful it is to find out I have a lot of targets from soft pineapple to hard watermelon and pumpkin a wooden board a ballistic doll and then a brick the plan is to try to cut all of this and see what happens to the sword the pineapple is first hardness one in 10, a normal sword would cut this easily but I'm not even sure if my Katana can really cut, let's find out well, it didn't take me long to realize three two one that really cuts hello and well , I am very happy about that, what I did not know is that my happiness was not going to last long because on the next attempt the second worst thing that could happen happened.
No, I didn't expect this at all. the sword broke right after the handle and then I literally stayed like this for 5 minutes trying to figure out why this possible polycarbonate is basically


and then why this happened. The blade itself is absolutely fine although it doesn't even have a scratch. and then it clicked, the reason why polycarbonate is so strong is because it can benda lot and absorb impacts and my theory is that with Glu in extra material in the handle I made it much stiffer than the blade, effectively eliminating its ability to bend so who says I need the handle?
If my theory is correct, the sword without the handle would be basically impossible to break. I'm going to use it this way and if it works and if it's strong, then I'm going to take the edge off here, but if it works, I want to say it's perfect, so the watermelon has the following hardness: 3 out of 10. I'm temporarily using a clo like handle so I don't cut myself and although I'm a little worried, there's only one way. to find out what this sword can really do and luckily it went through the watermelon with no problems, it doesn't cut cleanly probably due to the thickness of the blade and the fact that the blade bends a lot but so far it cuts but I'm going to eat this one next pumpkin, hardness 5 out of 10 and this is not a normal pumpkin besides the shape but even my super sonic chain whip had trouble cutting through one of these it's like it's a lot harder than it looks and yet the katana really got cut. this one and also quite easily the cut is also quite clean this time and once again the blade is completely fine now I'm getting to the difficult targets St the next one is a wooden board and it's also quite thick so I think there are three Possible ways this can go down, the katana could snap and break in half, it could bend quite a bit and stay bent or, but it's unlikely to break the wood, to find out I installed the wooden board and fixed the bottom and top so it doesn't move when I hit it, the problem is that I still haven't figured out how strong this sword really is and at this point I really have no idea what's going to happen, okay, let's do it 3 2 1 and well.
I didn't expect it to even have anything on it, I completely destroyed it and dented it and the edge of the blade is absolutely perfect so I think I definitely underestimated this, let me, let me try this again. I'll try. to break that piece I thought maybe it was just a fluke so I hit the board again and the same thing happened this is the mark left the wood is broken and the blade is not even dented at this point I only achieved the two most difficult objectives I went so I quickly went back to the store and I was on the edges of the handle and now I have something like this and I didn't expect it but this handle works just as well as the last one so I can move on.
The next test this is a ballistic dummy that has a layer of ballistic gelatin that should simulate muscle tissue and also simulates bones. I'm going to hear it twice, once here on the neck where there's a lot of gelatin and then once on the Skool, I think it's going to break, hit a neck. I'm checking the blade right away to see if it was shipped or if it's cracked, but it's perfect, the doll looks good too, although at first it didn't look like the blade went through, oh. yeah, I caught it, oh no way, and then I saw it, I don't know if you can see it, but I have it here and it turns out that the katana not only cut the jelly and sank, oh my God, but it also broke the bones. underneath, that's a piece of bone, it's crazy because after the handle I thought it was going to be an absolute failure and instead, the edge of the katana was as sharp as when I started testing it, this thing is crazy, y'all ways I love it now.
I'm going to go for the head three two one now a red thing comes out of the ballistic dummy's head and I wasn't expecting it so I'm going to switch to zombie mode for the next shots to make YouTube happy and here you can see the damage the sko did It broke from here to here and there is a deep intestine where the katana hit and the katana itself, even after hitting the bone, it doesn't even have a scratch, this thing is crazy the last However, the goal is a breaking hardness of 10 out of 10. This is clearly a dumb test.
I shouldn't do this, but so far the katana destroyed everything without damage, so where is the limit? I want to find that I already know that the edge will probably go. get damaged but I can always fix it by sharpening it but I want to see if it's going to crack or break and I hope I couldn't have chosen a smaller brick to be fair anyway I bought the thickest one I could find after a bit of Mental preparation, I loaded up my swing and hit the brake as hard as I could, honestly this is a way to gain small chips and damage to the brick.
Now I also want to try hitting a smaller brick and see what happens with the katana and breaking. This time the katana actually broke and I was definitely happy about it, but the best part for me isn't even the break, it's the fact that after all, this is the only damage to the blade, so I went back to the shop. and after fixing and polishing it, the blade has some scratches, but the edge is basically new. Next, I will build an incredibly powerful slingshot. Subscribe to see when it comes out and also let me know in the comments what you want to see me build after that if you like my videos you can also get behind the scenes early access to the videos on patreon as well as your name the end of the video as you see here, check it out.

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