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I Bought Viral Items From TikTok Shop

Mar 18, 2024
Hello friends, it's me, today we are going to try some cool things that Tik Tok made me buy. We have this cereal cup to eat your cereal on the go in a practical sippy cup. I would be eating my cereal in a bowl on my ride in the car but there is a better way without my cheex mixture getting soggy so you pour the milk in and then it has a separate compartment for the cereal and then you just take a sip to have Non-soggy cereal while traveling. It's great, that's why I


two, two, ordered one and got two, I think I accidentally added them to the cart twice.
i bought viral items from tiktok shop
Alas, I don't see any paper cut here warning that the crispy glass is over. Does not include Froot Loops. Is a lie. Froot Loop Paper. Unfortunately, the only cereal I have on hand right now is a cinnamon cheex mix. Okay, same thing, but I have a video to film. Did you know they have an apple cinnamon cheex mix? What I wouldn't do for apple cinnamon cheex mix right now is I thought this was takeout, I wasn't on a diet, why is it so little? You know, if I put it in a bowl, it will be at least double what I normally love with milk with my cereal, but I've been drinking almond milk and it's surprisingly just as good.
i bought viral items from tiktok shop

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i bought viral items from tiktok shop...

No, this feels dirty. I put it like this and it started to float. I probably should have washed it before putting the milk and cereal on the germs. It will make me stronger. That is what it seems. You can't even. I see the cereal so the milk comes out of this little sippy cup and then the cereal gets this big wide open cereal POV hole I need to put more cereal in this I have all the milk Where is the cereal? I feel like I have to do it. I work for cereal like it doesn't go down with milk personally, I don't like the ratio that I'm getting, that's more like, I mean, it's okay, you know?
i bought viral items from tiktok shop
I'm such a chaotic person that, honestly, I would prefer yes, I don't like doing things the right way. I like to do things the way that works for me and if you want cereal on the go, I think this is a much better option. I'm not going to do the whole sippy cup thing. I'm going to have it here too I like my cereal to be slightly soggy I like it a little moist I don't want the dry cereal and the wet milk to touch for the first time I want it to have sat for a minute hot this is the The correct way to Doing so is great, it's like getting a hammer and using this side to hammer something.
i bought viral items from tiktok shop
I've been seeing this blush oil a lot so it's literally just oil and then you put it on your face like it lightens and then it turns into the perfect pink shade for your face so this one here is from Youth Foria. It's like a nice little oil, as you can see, it's a clear oil or it could be green. I don't know, so let's put some oil. lip because why not put some on my cheek? Oh, this is the second time I had to do this because I wasn't filming, so if you see a little bit of blush, you know why I'm not a professional makeup influencer, so if I look like a clown, after this, then I I'll join the circus, oh, this is cute, you know, it would be nice if I had a mirror to do this, but do you see this?
That color is nice, all pink or whatever, what's wrong with my lips? I see the difference. I thought my lips were crunchy but it's just the cinnamon sugar from the cheex mixture. It's okay, you know what I like. It's very subtle. I feel like this would be very difficult without makeup and then I would only put a little bit on. gorgeous, you know, I thought this was a custom item, it never occurred to me that I could buy one of these jumpsuits, these ones that go Splat, yeah, they got them on Amazon for $18, you can have this handsome boy, oh I can't wait to do it. this is a moment, he's my own monkey, me and my monkey, the monkey doesn't wear pants, oh, he's stretching his cheek, we have the same arm spread, hey, look at it, buddy, look at this thing, look at them, the cheeks W, little monkey cheeks, oh, this is it. just sand inside oh, this is cute, this is a pretty stressful toy.
I'll give you some ASMR while defacing him. wo oh oh, I pulled my leg, I destroyed it, my overalls destroyed and I, oh, well, this thing is so much fun. How do you get it back to normal? Will it go back to normal? uh-oh, please, he won't go back to normal. It's not time for the monkey drop test. Goodbye, sweet prince. That was not satisfactory. What have I done brother? a pancake he didn't deserve. I will see you in the morning. Can you believe the monkey is back to normal? It's time to do it all again.
I have been getting so many ads for this dress, not this one specifically, but the $30 dupe on Amazon you can buy this dress for $250 I was looking at the pictures. I felt like they literally stole the photos from the real thing. I want to see how good the quality is. Here it is. I tried on many dresses from Amazon and it is. They are usually unpredictable. I don't know the quality of this, it seems like something good. It's like a nice mesh, it's transparent and then it's lined underneath and then on the back you can tie it up and give it a good grip.
I'm going to tell you right now that I don't like it. I mean, it's okay. The most important part is the fit. I like it. My dress is snatched. I thought this would take it away, but it doesn't do much good that way. me and then this whole thing in the back is like baggy I feel like I should have tied it down here the cups don't offer any support I really wanted to like this dress but it's just not good this going straight to Goodwill sucks because I really like the design I love the mesh.
I feel like it should have been a nude combination instead of white. The white one is a little strange, but I don't know what you think. Should he stay or go? He went straight to Goodwill. I've reacted to so many videos of these markers that I had no idea what they were and then everyone in the comments is like they're PCA markers. You can buy them on Amazon for $20. They are probably the juiciest markers on the market. Y'all remember this, oh I can't wait to do this, click on it until the paint goes down, oh PKA, I don't know how I didn't know about this, now I can make one of those videos and what color. we should do pink first I have the skinny ones on Tik Tok I saw that they were some like huge look at this one look at this point it's so small look if you draw normally nothing we have to activate zaka saying oh I didn't try to record it it's not satisfactory when I do it I'm my cameraman and my backup cameraman ooh this thing is milky wow now I regret not getting the really thick ones I don't know what I'm drawing Patrick the starfish yes I was a dumb dumb guy do you like my painting please tell me what you like trying to holding my camera and drawing at the same time oh no, is that literally what I've done? okay, these are pretty, they're very juicy, but I feel like you're destroying this paper, you definitely can't use them on normal paper.
It has to be that kind of thick paper for the kind of thick marker. As juicy as they are, they are not as juicy as I thought they would be. Oh, okay, maybe. I'm just pushing too hard hello this one doesn't want to come out oh I see it it's coming oh wow the yellow is pretty you know it's like a Sharpie but wet I like it. I have seen many videos of these bubble guns. Do they really produce that many bubbles? You know, with just one shot of the bubble gun, that's probably more bubbles than a person blows in their entire life.
There are a lot of bubbles. You know, the bubble blowing chart is something like that. life increases blow a lot of bubbles when you're 10 12 when do you stop blowing bubbles? 15 no more blowing bubbles until you get one of these and then it will shoot up and go back up invest in blowing bubbles okay I don't know If they added food coloring to this because it's purple, I don't remember the bubbles being purple. I


this on Amazon for $35, something tells me the bubble juice is not included. Just kidding, bubble juice is included, maybe I should do this.
What are they? these are all bubble juice, bubble liquid and auka bubbles oh and it comes with a battery how thoughtful I hate when you buy something that doesn't include a battery it just attaches with some stickers if you want everyone to know to have one bubble bazooka. Well, pour our bubble liquid into the plate. I have to stab this. How much are we talking? Just a little. Give it a good Shimmy Shimmy and then oh my gosh there are so many bubbles! It's making so many with a little bit of bubble juice this is amazing wow this is fun loader rip make it work a little or a lot POV I'll bubble you to death this will probably be an outdoor activity you know if the bubbles weren't enough you can take The bubble juice whips and just finish it off.
I'm not a big car air freshener, the type of person who probably smells like stale Chick-fil-A that's been hiding under the seat for the last 2 weeks, but then I came across this little company. on Tik Tok I will show you how you can have an amazing fall fragrance in your car for an entire month after just a few simple setup instructions, that's all I have to hear, you can make my car smell like fall, say less and a nice little bottle too, so you'll always start by unscrewing the wooden lid and underneath there will be a plastic stopper.
The step will be to remove that plastic plug. It's like a little bottle of fallen leaves. She's so beautiful. I've never bought something so fast, you just strap it to the mirror. I'm ready to do the smell test. Here it is. This has to be the cutest air freshener I have ever seen. Oh, I don't know if I am. just bad, but it smells like a man, like autumn is a man 63, oh my god, then she said something like open this part, it's so necessary, I can smell it through the thing, oh my god, I'm speechless, this aroma is just delicious, I'm supposed to remove this thing or lift it up a little bit, okay?
I'm not a fan of the instructions, so I'm just going to take the lid off and then put it back on. Oh, free, smell, I feel like I'm inside. Jimmy John's I want to inhale the aroma as a source of air. I'm putting it in my car, so I've been following Slime's page for a long time. They are the most satisfying slimes. I always wanted to do that. Just smos, you know, I don't think I've bought slime before. This is the first time I used this box as a tripod, but now my long-awaited package I can finally play with a deluxe slime, so this is Snoop. slime subscription box I've been following you guys forever I finally got my hands on one of these Snoop Outdoor Adventures it looks like a green slime let's open it up and see what's inside yeah that's definitely slime and then here we have a Christmas tree captive, free him Is this also made of slime?
Why does slime smell like chocolate? Suspicious. Okay, so we're going to put the tree on top and then it comes with some bark. If you're from the UK, there's a chocolate called flake that looks like this. It's very tasty and it's making me want to take a bite of this right now. I always wanted to know where he went. Oh, okay, don't eat the slime. I know it looks delicious, so how am I supposed to do this? like a little Christmas tree on Sunday, so let's take this and smoke it. Oh, there is green slime in normal slime.
Why do they have to make it smell so good? Why is it wet? I'm not sure I like this. a little too moist for my taste guys it smells so good it literally smells like chocolate and you would hope people wouldn't like to eat this. I feel like I missed out on being a kid. I never got to play with slime. This was literally so cool, so satisfying. Well, I could do this for hours. This one has bubbles. It's going to be crispy. This is one happy camper slime. I want this one to smell like vanilla.
What is it? It smells tropical, like coconut. This one is very humid. OK. Listen to this. Okay, this one is really sticky, you know it's fun until you start wondering how you're going to get this off your hands and your counters are off my back. Okay, I'm going to try to wash this off my hands. Looks like someone vomited Dipping Dots. on my counter I'm going to give this one a three out of 10 I don't like how sticky the last one is it's a toasted marshmallow s'mores fluff oh it has little mix ins ooh they smell like pure chocolate oh this one is a little fluffy see that the texture is wonderful wo oh I'm a spooky fan very cool very satisfying oh it came with mixins look at these I don't know how I forgot to season my slime but anyway that's all for today.
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