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I Bought Every Seat in a Movie Theater to Speedrun Mario

Apr 04, 2024
Today I rented an entire



to speed up Mario, but with a twist between each kingdom, my audience will have the opportunity to vote for a new mod we add to the game, some to help me and some to make me miserable, three, two, a start and For our first modifications, surprisingly my audience wanted to help me and gave me Flood. This is the jet pack from Super Mario Sunshine, one of my favorite games of all time. Yes, you don't see Flood right away, but don't worry, he's activated. For me, we just have to get through this beginning and have Cappy touch my butt.
i bought every seat in a movie theater to speedrun mario
You know he likes that and once we spawn, now you can see that yes we literally have floods and first of all this is one of the coolest mods in the world. It will help us go faster, we can use that nozzle. I'm forgetting exactly what it's called now, but that just gives us extra speed and then we also have the floating nozzle. Oh, by the way, one thing I should mention is that obviously, when making this comment after the fact, I really wouldn't have been able to make comments in the middle of a very loud


along with all the screaming guests complaining about each of my elections, sometimes it's annoying, but you know you have me in your face. camera in the corner and all that stuff that's going on.
i bought every seat in a movie theater to speedrun mario

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i bought every seat in a movie theater to speedrun mario...

I'm just going to explain what was going through my mind, especially now that we have the floating mouthpiece. The floating mouthpiece will be one of the most useful things for


ning. I'm very happy. we got Flood as our first pick. I was surprised, I thought they weren't going to give you something that good, but we'll take it for now, although we just have to use the Frog, he can do his usual jump and go up. there, through the door, it doesn't change much, but once we passed through here, I decided to go to the left side until I thought, "I have no idea how to do this, we'll just go to the right side, so I probably could." I have with Flood, but I also wanted these coins because coins are important for this route, so I might as well take them and we have our first little boss fighting for this, we'll see if I can actually hit him, we basically want to jump on his hat. and if that happens, we finish that phase very quickly.
i bought every seat in a movie theater to speedrun mario
I know I'm saying this like I'm currently doing it, but I actually forget that it's been like a week since I did this run, so I'm not sure how well I played this. We'll just have to figure it out together, but that will be the first one of these done and that means our second survey is coming up and this one was to decide what our texture pack for Cascade in Minecraft should be very easily. Minecraft Minecraft Steve has already been selected bro, this guy sucks by the way, don't worry if any of the mods you wanted aren't picked right away because they will have multiple chances to enter, you'll just have to wait a second. but anyway, this Minecraft thing looks beautiful, this is an amazing mod, there was a lot of work on this obviously, and then I ruined it.
i bought every seat in a movie theater to speedrun mario
I miss you chain, look Chop, I was a little nervous, there's a whole crowd behind me booing. I


time I make a mistake and the mod adds a little bit of delay, as you saw right there, we can do our usual move and the flood makes this move much better and much easier, but we're going to take our Dino and there's no a lot of changes regarding this, we will continue with the normal route where we want the dinosaur to jump, we can jump off of it and we have this next boss fight right away because of the Minecraft world.
In fact, he's going to put me in a bubble because I was technically off limits in the Minecraft world. It also makes this fight a little bit harder just because of what the terrain is like and you know it has more blocks so let's mess it up a little bit. I kinda try to follow this strategy where I jump on it and then we completely screw it up, we're not going to talk about that, but we can grab the chain bite, try to climb this cliff and it just doesn't work. all for a second because like I said the terrain is really weird in this but we'll also make sure we can grab some coins and do all that while appreciating how beautiful this mod looks by the way Minecraft is only for Cascade. for each of these textures we will only make them for one area, otherwise things could get very complicated and also the Minecraft mod was only created for Cascade because it requires a lot of work, but that will be it. boss done and that means we get three moons at the same time, but it's only four moons and four Waterfall, we need five, so let's go up here and get the last one again with flood, it's super easy, we can use flood to go up there, take the moon which will be number five and then we just have to go back down we will go super fast speed to this place and we will put all five of them there which means it's time to continue.
Sand Kingdom I also love how the water is still shown here, that's kind of funny, but for Sand Kingdom I decided we needed someone to replace Mario and although there were some fights for Low Waluigi and Sonic Curvy they won by a landslide which will be fun. because this curvy mod is a bit of a freaking foreigner, as you can see, Kirby doesn't move his legs, so he's tested his godfather, you have to give him that, but yeah, we're just going to do this general move, I'll make sure to catch this bird, he got it on the first try, I messed up that trick


time, it's a little embarrassing that he does it, it's actually not that hard, but then we get to see Kirby be happy as he disconnects from his legs because yeah, he doesn't know He's having a great time.
Oh, Kirby is doing the best he can, I guess, but I love how the legs disconnect from his body again, like I said earlier. However, if you had a character model you wanted, it will be changed throughout the course and we will go back and give others. There's another chance, so yeah, don't worry about it for now, although we have Kirby with his jet pack coming out of his back, you can't even see it, it's a beautiful thing and now I have to get this one that shows. Going back to my recording, I realized how bad I was doing this, but don't worry, I just had those nerves, it's a very different speed running alone in your room than when there are like 10 people, including your mom and your grandmother, watching you boo you. every turn and while I'm saying that, of course, I mess up something else and then I accidentally go into snapshot mode, okay, let's focus on me, so at this point we'll use our jet pack to try to recover here on Kirby's plays. here we go, that's all we need, sorry, blocking the Kirby model, you know, I'm going to blame it on the Kirby model that's ruining me, it's not my own skills, but this is all I needed to do , it is very easy and we can achieve it.
This moon right there really shouldn't have been that difficult. Also, it looks like Kirby is going to be a little annoying because he slows down each of our moon shots, which isn't the best thing in the world, but look how cute. That's when we turned the flag and it turned into a cute picture of Kirby. I love that the little additions to all of these mods are some of my favorites and you'll see some really cool ones throughout this video, but anyway we're going to take this Moon having The Flood really helps with this because instead of having to go through the sand we can use the flood to help us get over that and then we'll come up here doing a nice ground pound on one of these.
I don't even know what that movement is. but it was something at this point, you can see very easily that I'm trying to learn how to use flooding the best I can. Flooding is tough though, but anyway we made it up here, let's open that box. which will give us another Moon and like we normally would, we'll just long jump there and bring Batman back. Now from here we have a trick that worries me a little and apparently also a bonk, although the flood saves you from Bonks, so that's actually very good to know, but what we're going to do is take this Bullet Bill to this moon, but it's possible to lose it, sometimes you just don't get the height you need, fortunately with the flooding, although I guess that's not the case.
It's really a problem, now from there we are going to cross the sand. You know, it's a little sad that we have a flood right here because it's so much faster to use it, but rolling with Kirby is probably a lot more efficient than rolling with Mario. because Kirby is actually a ball which would have been cool if they made him faster but that probably didn't exist anyway, after this we will head to this section where we will go down some quicksand. people in the crowd yelling, hey, don't drown Kirby in the sand, but don't worry, he appears on the other side along with the water.
I love how he stands still there. We are really helping the desert. Know? We could give them water, especially since our water recharges automatically, but instead we're just worried about getting these power modes and we're not even going to help the city, you know, make it lose all its ice and stuff. and all the terrible people who are like destroying the city by doing terrible things taking their things instead, we are only here for our own purposes. I mean, we're Kirby and Kirby just does what Kirby wants to do, but here we're going to take this Bullet Bill first.
All in all, we're going to get this Moon, which is pretty easy and then we're also going to collect it very slowly and then what we want to do is jump from here, so we get out of there as soon as we jump and we get that Moon along with that box of coins because we will need some coins later so at this point we only have three more moons that we have to get, we will jump here and of course we will be able to use the flood again, especially at these long distances, it is really good for the Kingdom of the Arena because there is a lot of distance between the different moons, but we can jump on this Cactus ground hit right there or miss a ground hit right there.
He even gave me a hint, it's like, hey, this is what you're supposed to do. and limit what's going on, why am I not getting this food? That's what we needed. Like I said, it's been like a week since I did this race and I'm really starting to get annoyed by all the mistakes I'm making. Hey, I'm still going to blame nerves, you know, that's all, but after this we're going to head towards these birds, scare them out of the way because that's not their moon, it's ours and for our last moon we'll be. I'm going to have to climb this tree, which I can do with one of these cap dips, get to this musical note and that will generate six musical notes around the tree and we could use our spinning cap toss, I don't know exactly what. that's what it's called, but to collect them all and then also get our last Sand Kingdom Moon, now we can just teleport back and it's time for another vote and this was the late Kingdom so I wanted to keep everything concentrated in liquid.
I was thinking. Mario as a fire hydrant could have won, but they really wanted to see the challenge of eliminating the similar, so that's what we're going to do. Remove the light. Are you guys proud of what you did to this poor lake? There's no water and this place is absolutely crazy without a like luckily we have flooding because I'm going to be honest I don't know how I would have done this without a flood but yeah you'll see there are no places to swim but yeah we are. I'm also going to grab this right there because I love seeing that happy Kirby face on the flag and then we'll open this up.
Connie, just go the normal route that you would normally take, but you know, I hope you can still do it with our current situation because like here I want to go down, normally there would be water here and somehow there are still fish swimming around, so you know they're doing their better job and in fact I was wondering what would happen if I took one of these fish. and yeah it just falls down and then dies so that's a little unfortunate but it's also not my problem so now I'm going to jump out of here grab this moon on Dory and then we can head over here where it's going to be one last moon and normally you'd want to spin with the fish but I was sure you could just hit it and luckily it worked so Itachi went a little faster without the water lying but here's the part where it doesn't get any faster because now we have to respawn in Odyssey.
Oh, by the way, I didn't mention this, but look how beautiful Kirby's ship is, it's pretty and pink. I like it a lot, but anyway we have to respawn here so we can get to our boss. of this stage, so now I'm going to do a long jump right here and fortunately, as I said before, we have failed and the flood will be a big help to move us here, then we can do a nice triple jump, do a flip jump. there ignore all those Goombas because I don't care about them and I forgot that I did it, that I was trying to go fast and then I ended up doing the exact opposite, so we won't talk about that and instead In fact, this time we are going in the right direction , this fight is really cool, basically what we want to do is hit that hat, jump and then land on the guy's head, then,when he jumps, we can jump again, hit the hat correctly. away and do another jump, but I blew it, yeah, my crowd was really getting tired of this stuff at this point, they booed me a lot, but we'll play normally, knock that hat down, jump on this guy's head. easy and we will do the trick again or at least try to watch.
I'm still blaming nerves. I don't care, but it doesn't waste much time because we can finally jump on this guy's hat once again. in his head and that will be the entire boss fight, oh I also decided to tea bag the guy because he was ugly but that will be our three moons which means now we can get out of here and besides get out of here We also have another survey that I wanted to give Mario as a friend, so I gave them the option of Yoshi Bowser or the second one. Mario and Yoshi are the OGs, so of course he won.
One nice thing about this is that you can see that he now has Yoshi's Odyssey in the corner, so that's a nice nice touch, but of course, now we're in the Forest Kingdom and basically with this. The Yoshi mod appears at each checkpoint. We won't use it too often now, but we will use it for things like bosses in the future. It's just a little faster to use flood, but that will be our first. that bunny over there, so we also want to grab this block, which is still a Minecraft block which is actually a lot of fun and then like I said, coins are really important for this route, so we'll be able to go to the store and buy our third moon right now, from here we want to head to this waterfall, which is a pretty easy jump.
I almost ruined it because I'm used to having floods, just save all my mistakes at this point, I'm not used to it. actually, playing the game like you're supposed to play it, I mean, look how easy it is when you have a flood, but we're also going to grab that Moon right off that Acorn and go down here to open this switch and open up more. of the area and finally also listen to the beautiful music that the stage has, but we are going to want to grab this guy and make him stretch all the way to the top, except he doesn't want to, but here he goes.
He stretched all the way up. and now we can listen to the music that this stage is known for as well as take another knot and from here we want to jump to here and also there is something that I decide to do because there was some hate towards the people who chose Yoshi. Some Bowser people say, "Oh, we're really angry, so I decided to kill Yoshi." It's usually also due to the fact that we have floods that can't really help us too much, we just have to make some good platforms, so we'll take that Moon first and then we'll go back down to try to avoid all of these.
Fuzzies, I don't know how they didn't hit me there and I don't know why they did hit me there. I wasn't even paying attention, but you know, that's another moon before we get out of here. and us Yoshi lovers are now very upset because I didn't grab Yoshi earlier and I didn't really want to kill him, so they wanted me to take Yoshi with me. I just didn't do it. I probably could have done it. He would have been a great help here, but. You know, we'll use it later for now, although we have a general move where we're going to want to take one of these guys, he uses his legs, keep jumping because that makes us go a little bit faster and then go up here.
Another knot where we can get another nice easy Moon, then we want to head back down because we don't really want to go through this maze, it doesn't really help us much and instead we can take a long jump up here. a Yoshi who will help us with a boss fight and the crowd was very happy about that, but we're not actually going to use them because we have to put our hat inside the piranha plant to open that Moon. before we grab that Moon, we're also going to want to go to the corner, use a ground slam right here after it gets hit, I said use a ground slam right here and open up that nut too, which will give us That Moon before returning.
I want to make sure I don't die here because I did before and then I have to fight the piranha plant again, which doesn't waste much time, but obviously I don't want to, but anyway. We will take that Moon too and there will be another one that will be made. It's also one of those story moons, so with Kirby it's extremely slow, that's fun and I'm also terrified of the look on Kirby's face. Please go. He was really worried. At this point I thought, please don't crash the game, but luckily it continued, it was very slow and that opens up a new area for us where we can go to another boss fight and get another three moons afterwards. getting a few more, now we have these route things that we can press those buttons to create, but we're not really going to use them much more than that because we have a jet pack, a jet pack is much better and it also saves us from getting hit once Plus, that was too close for copper.
I forgot how many times I hit during the sprint, but anyway let's take that nut or mess it up, take that nut and then take that nut nice and easy, first try before. Then we want to go down to that Tower and for this we can use a jet pack right there, go in, it's not that bad plus another Bonk and here we see another Yoshi. I won't take it, though, don't worry, Yoshi. You will have some action later in this Speed ​​Run, you just have to choose the right times to choose it, but for this moment we really want to have one of these stretchy guys because they are good at their job, so we want to use this stretchy guy. let him go with us until we can get to this corner, grab that moon right there and then we want to do a trick where we stretch as we go and I screw it up once, that seems like a recurring theme and I screw it up.
Upstairs twice, that also seems like a recurring theme, but here we go after a little more time than I wanted, that's what we wanted to do and we can finally grab that Moon too, which means we can now leave this area and see our boss fight. which is going to be the ship that's up there, I can jump over here, go there and it's time for this guy and also for Yoshi to come into action. I heard calls from people saying, "Hey, we need Yoshi to actually do something, so him." I'm going to do something, I mean he can only help so much, but he can help with these things, like just hitting that guy's thing, but we have to take his hat off with a normal Kirby and then change the Yoshi so that he actually do the damage.
He might waste a little. A little while, but I was thinking it's probably better to keep my audience happy than to make them angry. If they're mad, they'll put in some mods that I really don't want them to put in, so yeah, we'll just use Yoshi. Also and also this time I decided to get the moons with Yoshi, you know, to work more as a team, although it doesn't show Yoshi in the animation, so it's a little sad, but that means we're done with another kingdom and it's time . for the next vote and this vote was for Cloud Kingdom, so I decided to only have three options, but unfortunately someone decided to manipulate the vote.
Yes, we didn't know this before, but by opening multiple tabs on your phone you can vote multiple. times and I'll be honest I didn't know what to do especially with people cheating on Waluigi so I decided to change this to Waluigi and put Dark Bowser in the game but yeah you can see Lil Waluigi is beautiful sometimes . My audience was actually disappointed because they thought it was going to be a full mod with full Waluigi, but I told them, hey, this is Lil Waluigi, he just does his thing anyway, with little Waluigi we want to do the normal fight with Bowser where we can. the Hat, as close to Bowser as possible, use his attacks and hit him once, which by the way, look how beautiful Dark Bowser looks right now, absolutely beautiful, I'm just glad I caught him and for all the angry people with me for rewarding cheaters.
Don't worry, Waluigi isn't going to last long, that's what they get, but at least we got to see him because I gotta be honest, he's a beautiful man anyway, we're on the last of these, we just want to aim for the Hat, we'll take it and I think I might have been wrong about this, yeah, no, I definitely was because that happened and I barely missed Bowser's expression. We'll blame the people who cheated by adding the extra votes that I didn't. I don't know how we can blame them, but we'll still blame them and also take out Bowser right here by hitting him a couple of times and that will destroy the ship.
Yeah, I told you this was a really short Kingdom and this. took us to Lost Kingdom where the upgrade makes big jumps in speed one, but I'll be honest, I'm not sure if you can upgrade. Look with this what gives us really big leaps and also gives us a lot. speed, but it's a little difficult to control. Also, we changed to Sonic, which was just an extra mod I added because we couldn't let cheaters have Waluigi. It's actually very useful in some Stitch situations, but it's also very hard to control when trying to get these moons, so yeah, again, I don't know if you can call this an improvement or if you can call it pain and me crying. , oh yeah, I remember at this point I have to go look for this guy and I almost lost him. but luckily we had a flood so I was able to go look for this Moon, yes this is going to be painful, but you know, without pain there is no game.
I guess I decided to skip the right direction and then the bird caught me. I don't even know that the birds saw you in that place, so yeah, there goes Cappy, normally you want to beat the Lost Kingdom without losing Cappy, but what happens is that since we had big jumps in speed, we didn't really It will affect us too. A lot, yeah, Cappy's not really that important, but now we can take him because we have to get him back to the ship, so yeah, you're welcome Kathy, thanks Sonic, and you might have also noticed how Sonic's face is a little deformed.
I'm not sure what it is, but it's something and look at that bunk, look at those big jumps in speed and like I said, it makes me a little miserable having this. I don't even know why I advertise it as an improvement. It definitely wasn't an improvement, but I was slowly learning control and we were able to have that moon right there and I decided to go back for the ones we missed, like this one here, we just have to keep going. where all the butterflies are and then do whatever it takes to go and take our moon and we also had to get the one next to this butterfly where we have to hit the butterfly with our hat now I had to be very clever with this and basically what I did, I just crawled, barely made my space and then I was able to throw the hat and I barely hit the butterfly and then again I crawled up there, that's probably the fastest I could do that and I mean, it worked, so that's something also.
By the way, the whole time I was doing this race, my audience was having the time of their lives, they were so happy that I was in so much pain and yeah, maybe that goes to show the friends that I have, but of course anyway this was a problem because I had to figure out how to get this Moon and when I figured out how to do it was to dive into using flood the only problem was when I hit and that happened but then I tried again and did another Bonk and this Once in At the End of the Bunk I was able to save myself, so yes, the Box is really useful, as you will also see here, we were able to get that and it's only three more moons to go, luckily I'm in a lot of pain right now.
Even just looking at this hurts because I remember how painful it was, but let's get this guy to put that moon there for the first try. You love seeing it and that means there are only two more moons, one of them. It's going to be right here where we're going to have to take this down and luckily I learned the strategy of how to get to places where we just have to do dives and that was really perfect. I'm very impressed with myself and finally for the last one is I'll be under the bridge. Can you even call it a bridge if it is natural farming?
But yeah, we're going to have to go this way. I have to be very careful with this one. I was thinking for a second, how am I supposed to do this? do it and I guess the reason I decided is that I just wasn't going to do it and instead we were going to try to do that trick that I failed miserably at: we were trying to hit that moon in the cage and then I just gave up and I said whatever, I'll try and somehow I was able to get the moon. You know, I'm pretty good at this game, so that was the end of probably one of the most painful things I've ever had. but I also had to do this, which was pretty hard, but we did it, and I love how Kirby's flag is still there, that's really cute, but we finally finished with Lost Kingdom, which moved us to Metro and we moved on to another . tax review and for this the meme textures a meme image all the way, now you won't be able to see many of the meme textures right away, especially when it's dark, but you can see, for example, all the rainbow terrain that is happening and because of the The way I still have big jumps and speed inThis is what I decided would be the last level to have this because it's a little broken, as you can see, we got this far, but hey, at least that's how it is. useful in some situations and I was really learning to control it, but first we'll take the beam sandwich and then we'll go here and again.
I know the textures don't look very different yet, but they will. be different now one thing we could have done is go straight to the tank, but we're not going to do that because instead we want to go into the building so you can see we could fight the boss right away, but we have to go here. First, also a shout out to each other, but yeah, this was interesting because I used a jump and we went off the map. Yes, we are literally off the map right now, but my audience was having so much fun with us, they were so happy they did it.
It hurt, but luckily I decided to get a checkpoint so we could at least go back and this time I had to be a little smart, so I thought: how do I want to do this? I tried another jump and stopped before I got too high or at least before I think I got too high and luckily I did it correctly now all we had to do was get over it. there, but then I failed very miserably, what did I hit there? I don't know, but we made it a little high, that's progress, but that's okay, there's just one more thing for the moon that we have to get, we can go up here, all we have to do. to do is a jump, luckily you don't have too big of a jump when you jump from those things and we can do the regular movement we need to do, but I wanted to make sure I didn't go off the map again so I was very careful with that ground hitting the moon , yeah, maybe we should have skipped this Moon and, seriously, I messed up again.
I forgot I messed it up again right at the top, oh my god, I am. I'm not a very smart person, but it's okay because now what we can do is jump straight to the boss fight, so it's not a big deal. I was wondering if this would actually trigger it and luckily as it went up. There I think he really did it, please shoot, there you go, I appreciate it, I appreciate it and it was time for this fight, which was going to be painful now. First of all, one thing I should mention is that I had to change my controls normally. my horizontal movement in reverse but for the tank it feels weird, you can blame the other games I've run quickly for making me feel this way and yes Liz is a little short on time but I had to make sure I played this as my best possible, especially since we now had only one heart, so that wasn't the best thing in the world, but what we want to do is move this guy over the Dodgeville attacks.
It's something quite normal. Will use this twice in a row. he thinks he's going to hit me, although he's also a bit rubbish and I may also decide to hurt Yoshi, which Yoshi says: what is this weird thing? I don't know if he's talking about me or if he's talking about the caterpillar, but you know, just because of that comment in case he was talking about me I decided to punch him in the face a couple of times look, you gotta do what you gotta do. anyway I really needed to make sure I didn't get hit here so I was using everything I was able to control all that movement and I also saw that there was a heart right there and because of that heart I wasn't thinking fast enough and decided to go for safety instead speed, so we're going to have to recycle.
This normally you want to get a cycle of two, it's still not a big deal, although he'll just cross the stage once more and then use that attack, which we just have to avoid getting hit again before now we all can. What I have to do is attack the remaining things if I really have any goal in the world, but there we go, we're done with that section. Thank you. I hate this boss fight so much. I don't know if anyone likes this boss fight, but If you say so in the comments and yes, if you've been enjoying this video, be sure to subscribe too.
I would really appreciate it and let me know that you want to see more videos like this in the future, but hey, that's Metro Kingdom. at least the dark parts, but now when we come back into the light, everything will be bright and you can really start to appreciate all these beautiful textures. The rainbow gets a little annoying because it's so bright. and it's also literally everywhere, but first of all I had to control my speed right here and try to catch this Moon, which was one thing and then we had to go out and grab that I wasn't going to take the utility pole first, but then I thought I could go straight there anyway, that's something and yeah, just look at all these beautiful textures, they look cool, we're also going to want to take this car right here, which I'm not very good at in this car. minigame I've never been very good at it, but did I really do pretty well?
Okay, I cut myself, please, you're embarrassing yourself, there you go, for a second, I thought, huh, I actually did this a lot better than I thought and Then I realized that no, no, anyway, we can use our super jumps to get directly to that Moon and who piled garbage on this. I agree, I also appreciate Minecraft's story mode being released and that was there. Gotta love the story of Minecraft. way before you get here and make some friends from the bank. I love bank friends. Some people don't like this Moon. I think it's one of the best in the game because we can make this guy happy and then never talk to him.
Again, so yeah, goodbye forever. Also at this point I realized that I should probably shift my camera back, so I shifted the horizontal back anyway, from here what we want to do is get to this spot, which again is the challenge of having a slight jump . that we have to overcome, but with the flooding we can overcome that and the speed was really good here because it's a pretty big area to go through, although I kept going with poles, you know, maybe the speed wasn't coming. Very helpful, please control yourself, Sonic, but now we're going to talk to Pauline, who tells us that we need to find her some people who can play music.
We'll go straight to the drummer, who will be number one. he's also going to give us a moon because he's like hey I finally have a job then we'll head this way well actually I'm taking this because you know it's a Minecraft theme you must love Minecraft and this was a place where my the audience really hurt my feelings sound of the audience at least I finally got it there we go you know it didn't take long and here we are also going to be able to take this musician so that will be number two and also another moon for us after from that, we come out here and, by the way, we shout out to Sans Undertale.
I didn't mention it before, but yeah, I love that texture and instead of going and using the flags and teleporting to them, we're just. I'm going to go straight to the trash can and we can open it. I don't know how they take out the trash either, it's very strange, but then we can go down here and grab that one. The flood helps us with that because we have too much speed before making a big jump from here and then getting blocked anyway, like I was saying before making a big jump from here to get here and you can also see how tall this Tower is depending on how my jump.
He wasn't even able to help me get to the top, but then we want to go to the pool and grab this Moon too, that means there are only three more, so from here we can jump over there and try to hit this one, which is the one we have. . We're not going to be able to have pinpoint accuracy here, but we basically want to go between these three tables if I can really control myself. I'm really happy that we're almost done with this mod, but we're going to take that and That's going to be another moon right there and finally we'll have one more that's going to be in this little building right there.
We can walk into the building, hit that switch, and then have to go through all these people. Now super speed really helped. For this, because we just went straight through them, we could have killed some of them given how fast we were going, but that's also their problem, not mine, and after that we want to make one more big jump, use a bit of flooding and moving towards our last Moon in this area so yeah finally Metro is ready this one was too painful so let's go to another vote and for this one we were changing our appearance again and it was a very close fight but Carl Wieser could. to win in the end yes grandma hates and here the game replaces Super Yoshi Odyssey with Supercar Odyssey with its special croissant.
Now everyone loves Carl and everyone especially loves how much Chris says. Yes, be prepared to hear that a lot because Carl really loves croissants. If you don't know who he is, by the way, he's a Jimmy Neutron character and I also remember this happening. I don't remember why I think it was a flood thing too from the beginning because I was too busy admiring Carl. I kind of lost track of where we were, but after some searching I found the place we want to go, which is this nice cave with Captain Toad and Captain Toad will give us a power moon, so yeah, we appreciate that and look how beautiful, Carl. you see all the snow on him, everything that's happening, what a beautiful man, anyway, that's the only one we want to go out in this area and after this, we'll jump in, which actually happens right away, something cool thing that happens is that normally I would be stunned for a second from the big fall and Mario would have to say oh, this hurts, but instead, because there's a Yoshi egg right there that didn't happen in such a short amount of time, let's say a The thing we need to pay attention to is that I'm actually supposed to do it.
I have a hundred coins right now, but since you know everything that happened during this run, we're a little short, so we'll have to come back for that move later, luckily there will be plenty of coins we can get. So we'll get them first, but for now we have to get this Power Moon that's somewhere in the snow and there it is, you just have to search a little bit and then we'll head down here and towards this. At the door we are going to get our first subarea. Now this place is basically filled with a bunch of sub-areas and for that I decided to go with Yoshi, who you can see instead of Cappy.
Yoshi has croissants, so yeah, he's beautiful. I love this mod and then I died, that happened and my audience wasn't very happy in the world, but that's okay, because you know what they say about me. I never died twice except in the moments I do anyway for this time we want to come here get this power moon right there and one thing I have to make sure I get is a lot more coins so that's why I'll come here and I'll try to grab them and, as I die for the second time, now The journalists were really bothering me because my audience was getting upset and that's how I died for the third time.
Look, I promise you this is still a fast race. You know, sometimes things just go wrong in your fast run, like they're ready to face a fourth death. the door you could say but that's okay because I would never die five times in a row you know I've died many times four times in a row five would never get past me so we'll just grab this guy and get his kind croissant on his head use that and I can get that mode power I don't know why it took me so many tries to do this uh I forgot I died for the fifth time easy speezy would never die six times in a row and I I promise you it's not going to happen because we're going to take this guy and there's no way can die.
I don't have all those coins I have to go get and oh I can't believe that happened. It is also at this point that type. to just give up on getting the coins and instead go find a different Power Moon, oh god, I forgot what mom says when she gets one of the story moves anyway, after that awesome game, we'll head into this. one and not mess up again so many times so what we want to do right away is grab these Goombas and we'll make them jump on top of each other because we need a stack of four to open up a different area we can also make that icicle crash now same because we're going to need it anyway before we get on it and that will open that door or it's not really a door, I guess just a wall, but hey, we can grab that one from here since we make a flood, I don't do the normal move, We can go straight to our other moon and watch, I redeemed myself right after that big game, Carl, please stop saying mom every time you have a moon, okay, anyway, now let's go. to the next barrier will be in this place where I'm going to get some Bonk, you know, sometimes Carl loves those little bunk beds, oh, I also decided to do this look.
Sorry to all Yoshi lovers. Personally I'm a Yoshi. lover but my audience was very angry with me so I had to punish them but we will open that but before we go up there we will also have to get this Luna which is right around the corner and then come back using our jet pack to help us with That's it, enter this place that we just opened and enter anotherfight against the boss. You know, the nice thing about the boss fight is that at least we can use Yoshi, that's cool I guess, but to begin with, we're not going to use them, we're just going to beat that guy up and I'm going to try to do this properly, but It's actually a lot harder on ice because you slide on all that stuff, as you can see.
So yeah, normally you don't want to fight this boss at all because it takes a long time and it only gives you one power moon instead of giving you a few and I guess that can happen too, but I was going to make sure that I wasn't going to die here, Look, I've died so many times in this Kingdom that it won't happen again, so let's have a heart, let's hit this and never let that happen again, so let's go to ground. on its head it's really not a difficult boss fight and yes it was definitely some of the best gameplay you've ever seen good for Carl those are all the moves we need to get out of the snow so for our next vote We are going to go through the ones we have already seen.
I'm not going to lie, I was running out of mods and this time they chose to remove all the textures for Seaside Kingdom, and what this one does is it removes all the textures, so yeah, literally the description is as it goes. get rid of all the textures in the package, so it's whatever, the light is a bit annoying too. I'm not going to lie, but don't worry, once we get in the water, it won't be there anymore but before we get there. At that point, there are some of these guys that we have to take, like come here and you can do this move without the Jet Pack by the way, but it's a little bit easier with it, so we want to jump here, use our Jet Pack to get a little bit over speed and I accidentally went too far because I thought, "Oh wait, I have to pass." this pipe and that will give us this area that apparently they didn't remove the textures for this area.
I mean, to be honest, it's probably easy to miss, so we'll also do one before we head back this way and Let's look at this little pool and what we can do is jump in here, but I hit my head, like this. which doesn't have enough height, so we'll try it one more time and you know, I always do everything on the first try, especially when I have a jet pack but after this we'll get to that Moon pretty easily, that's the move we want to make, then from here we want to go out and we go in this direction we can also use our flood it's actually been a While since I used this power just because when you're in very thin areas it's not very useful because it takes a long time to charge up but we can get all those musical notes and that will generate another Moon, so it's nice and It's easy, but for now we're going down and the mouthpiece is very good for this because you can see we're going very fast.
I like it, but we'll have to come here and catch a fish. Now we don't do it. I really need the fish, but it will help us because it's a little more comfortable to move around and plus we don't have to hold our breath forever and we can grab it if my fish really wants to go in the right direction. Honestly, I shouldn't blame the fish, this is all on me, it's all on me, but now we're going to head into this little cave where there will be a bunch of coins and you know these coins would have been really nice if we were on the previous level, but we don't really need them anymore, so yeah, that could have been a very good thing, but it's what it is now, we want to get in here, do a couple of turns, get that moon. right there, which means there's only three more, one of these comes just from Dory, the next one comes from this area where we want to spin around a couple of times, we check a bunch of enemies and then they'll try to attack us, but I don't have time too. to deal with them, so we'll ignore them, we'll turn in the middle and that will reveal another Moon and finally, for our last Moon, we're going to want to head in this direction and I remember this one was really difficult.
Finding no textures because we have to find a small hole in the wall, I finally managed to find it, but yeah, it was a little annoying and we can go straight down to get our last Light Moon Kingdom and with that Kingdom done. We're going to lunch, which means another last chance and this time we have lunar gravity. Oh yeah, obviously we got rid of removing old textures that would have been so annoying to have on all the time, but lunar gravity everywhere is cool first. All in all, it makes a lot of these moves a lot easier, instead of having to play the game we can just jump high, it's practically a better version of the high jumps we had earlier in the game and look at that long jump, just it feels like that.
It's nice to have lunar gravity but we can grab that guy second then we want to hit the ground to go up here and get some extra height and it's time for another boss fight but I don't even know if you can call this one a boss guy. We already fought him once and it's more or less exactly the same. We use Yoshi to do some of the damage just for fun and we can also hit his hat there just for fun, but then we have to jump. He is a bit. A little more awkward when you have lunar gravity, although it's a little strange, but the nice thing is that when you play as Yoshi you don't actually have lunar gravity, since the game just doesn't register that you can have Yoshi with mood gravity, which makes sense but that'll be all the blows for him, sadly the bunny only gives us a single Power Moon instead of three, but I guess to be fair he's only worth a single Power Moon and then we can head . down here, which will have another door and that will put us in a sub-age with a very easy Moon, we just have to go around this wall and yes, very easy, we don't want to have the other Moon here, since it would take too much time though. , so we go and from here the lunar gravity will be nice again because I can go directly here instead of having to do our normal platforming and yeah, it just makes us jump so high that I could make it. it's a little bit slower in the air, but I don't know, I feel like it's overall faster, a very nice thing to have even when I lose my ground pounds from time to time, so we want to do a really long jump and also use flood, oh I forgot how nice it is to have lunar gravity and the flood together we can literally stay in the air forever it's so good and from here we want to calm down and let's grab one of these turnips are these turnips? something but let's put that in the soup that will give us another moon.
I wonder what moonshine tastes like and why we put it in the soup, but I'm not here to worry about that anyway because we can just go straight to it. to this pole where we are going to hit the ground to get another Moon and then we will jump up here with a big long jump able to use the gravity of the moon and then also get hit by the fire, but after being hit next to the fire and then that's what I wear that I also forgot how funny Carl's scream is. They hit me twice just because I wanted to hear it again.
Okay, maybe I shouldn't laugh at a child's scream, but it sounds so good, look at it. Sounds great, okay, anyway, we're not even going to use these fireballs, we can just go straight for the door. I want to hear the scream again. I'm not going to lie, but don't worry, there will probably be More Screams later and this one is really interesting with lunar gravity because we jump a lot higher than normal, but overall this stage doesn't change too much. We still have the same general places we need to go. We just got there. much faster besides this point where it's a little slower, but eventually we get to the Moon, that's another fact and then we'll jump here, we'll use a long jump to get directly to our last Moon of this submarine. area if I can actually get the moon in this subarea and there we go now once we leave this area.
I want to go straight and hit the ground. I thought I probably don't need these fire things and I can also hear him screaming. Again I love hearing their screams. I could have used Flood after the first one and only got hit once, but I only wanted to listen to it twice, but it was also a really bad idea because then this guy was following me and I couldn't really. I got hit by him and then I got hit by him, yeah, a bit of a waste of time, but I didn't learn my lesson either because I decided the fire would hit me two more times and then I came down here and died.
I'm so good at this game and I know what you're thinking, easy, you probably wouldn't do it three times in a row and you know, maybe I wouldn't do it in another world, but sure, I'm going to hear that scream. twice is too good, at least this time I was able to kill the guy so we could do what we needed, maybe we lost a little time, but you gotta do what you gotta do to listen to Carl Scream Of. Terror and pressing that switch will open another of the story's power moons and we also see a Yoshi egg that is in perpetual death, it keeps appearing in death because it's in the wrong place, that's really sad, I mean, It is safe.
Now I want to say that that has to count for something. I'll grab it too and see that flag has a C for Carl. It's beautiful, maybe not as good as Kirby's, but you should at least appreciate it, but still use fire in it. torch that will give us another of our moons and then we want to jump from here to the back slopes of these mountains if I can really do it, for some reason, like I said, I already lived this. I'm commenting on posts right now, but I was still wondering if I just died again.
To be fair, I've been dying for this one a lot, so it wouldn't be the most out of character for me, but okay, that's all the hard part. moons done now we only have four more moons and three of them are going to be very easy because we just have to go up here, we can grab that ledge and we can turn into this flock of salt or meat, no, yes, this is meat and we. We'll just move which will cause a bird to come pick us up and then drop us where we can see there are three moons of power directly to grab right after I get hit again but anyway like I said.
That's three power moons and the three easiest power moves in the game. I don't know why they decided to make them so easy, but it's not like I'm going to complain. Now there's more we'd normally have to do to save this Kingdom, but I don't care much either, instead let's go towards a scarecrow. This is one of the moons where we lose our hat. We have to keep our hat on the scarecrow, but I have something else to fool, which is the gravity of the moon. and floods, I really don't think we need Cappy too much and finally to finish off the kingdom we just go straight to the ship and yeah that's another fact and it's time for another vote, that for the ruined Kingdom we made another Last Chance Enemy and It was pretty easy for Shrek to win this one.
Look at Shrek's handsome face, you must love it, although we can't see it for long because yeah, this is what happens similar to Sonic the Hedgehog, faces don't work in my game. I don't really know why, but you know, it is what it is, look, Shrek is trying his hardest, please don't judge him anyway for ruining the Kingdom, this is pretty much the Dark Souls boss fight where we have to fight against a dragon and for this dragon. fight I'm actually going to use Yoshi or at least I'm in a little bit oh yeah this is where I'm going to grab him because I might as well use Yoshi you know give him some action people voted for him even if they're booing .
I, at every opportunity, have to give them what they want so Yoshi can be used in situations like this and then we can grab the rest of these, that will be nice and easy, and then hit the dragon on the head. The cap is black when we're on Yoshi, so I think it's probably because Shrek and the croissant were trying to fight each other for Supremacy. I don't really know, but oh yeah, I also forgot that we killed Yoshi right there. "I don't know why I did it. I really don't know. I had something for the audience on this trip, but I guess to be fair, they had something for me too, so you know it works, we have Yoshi again, so surely" .
I'm not going to kill him again, there's no way I ever will, probably anyway, for this one, as usual, we dodge the attacks a bit, get hit by a few more attacks and make sure we don't die, and do it. I did. I don't actually kill Yoshi this time, what a good guy I am, but we will kill this Dragon and also try not to die from all these guys, please play, thanks for being okay for once in your life, even watching this from new. The second time I got a little scared, but hey, those will be our moons, but I forgot I did this, so instead of going straight to the Moon, but extract anyway, please, here we go, that's all we needed and yes, let's move on. our next vote was going to be our last update for the race and right after this vote this one is really cool so get ready for that anyway they chose each animation faster and the reason they decided to choose it was because everyone wanted leave.
Yeah, we've been in this game for a while,even more than what the timer says because the timer records the time we are in the game, but every time I change the modifications we spend an extra, like four to five. minutes to be able to do that yeah they've been here for a while so every animation gets faster you'll see what it does in just a second basically every time we have a moon it gets a lot faster now you can't see it too much. for the individual moons, but when we get to the story moons that's when it really comes into play, so yeah, we'll get that Moon from this first island and then we'll take this electricity as well and we don't actually see how many moons we need. for this place because in the game the story is like oh yeah we're going to eliminate Bowser here this is the last place we have to go and then obviously we have to go to the Moon after this but yeah we'll eliminate to that guy. and this will be our story, Luna, which is where you'll see what I'm talking about, so with each faster animation now, when we take that, it just continues, we don't have to wait for all the applause to pass to get it. the moon and all that is very nice, especially because of the time you spend in those scenes.
I really hope that if they also make a Mario Odyssey, they make it a lot faster because I don't need that big celebration every time. time, but okay, now we're at this part, now we'll jump to Yoshi as usual or I actually came back for Yoshi. Okay, you know, I probably thought he skipped it there, but I thought we could use them and we did. at that moment he made us die, okay, I caused this to die, but you know I'll blame him anyway. I'm not taking Yoshi again, that's what he gets for being an idiot, but we're going to take all these Moon fragments.
We need a total of five and for this one unfortunately we cannot skip it even though it is a very long Moon because it is also a story moon to open a door that we can bomb. that thing that is going to open the room and then we can use another bomb to open this hole, we can stick our pickaxe into it, that will generate a moon and there will be another one that we can take easily and pleasantly, then there is only one. We have to get more fragments of the Moon, which will be directly up here, so we'll take it after dealing with the Moon's gravity a little bit and we can see once again how beautiful that jump animation is, but just wait until let's get a triple.
The moon is when it really gets pretty, so from here we'll go straight back to electricity and skip this whole island. We could buy a moon. We could do something else to get a moon. We're not going to worry. about it because it's time for two different boss fights, both with lunar gravity, which will make them a little more difficult than they would have been without lunar gravity. The first one will be this guy we took out right at the beginning of the game, so we shouldn't be too bad, but with the gravity of the moon hitting one of those hats, I'm surprised we made it on the first try.
I'll be completely honest, even I didn't think I would do it if it weren't for Unfortunately, the second time we lost it and I also lost track of where it was, so I'll lose a little time, but you know what happens, I had to go through all the hats until we finally got the right one. He didn't really want to show up, but after a while we were able to catch him. He'll do the collapse move on him and we can hit him nice and easy which will destroy one of the Bowser statues, but the sad thing about this fight is that we.
We have to do two fights to get a single Luna, so yeah, that's double the work, as always, it sucks, but for her all we have to do is go and return the bombs to her and then hit her head. She will use this move wherever we want. hit the bomb again, just do it again and again, she will hit it again. It hits me that it's not perfect, but all we have to do is throw the bomb back at her one more time. do it right there collapse on that and those two bosses will be done and another bowser statue will be destroyed so yeah it's time to grab the power moon and see how fast it is once again I'll always love it so from here .
We just have a little more time left and we're actually going to use this power again. You know, we don't see it very often because a lot of times it's just not really necessary, but it's always nice to see it and we'll move on. all the way to the top from here I don't think there are any more moons of power that we have to get To the end. I also keep calling these power moves, that's their name right, I know they're like power stars, so I think they're power boots. but maybe I'm embarrassing myself let me know in the comments anyway we're going to use our bird to jump to all these places just by launching ourselves up slowly but surely I also decide hey you know I haven't killed Yoshi in a while I might as well do that though right there.
I'm so sorry anyway we backed up towards the wall so let's do a couple of jumps. We'll probably lose that karma for killing Yoshi another time. He does not deserve it. I know, but we will do it. is up there and now we go to this boss fight, which is going to be a lot of fun, especially since we have both the flood and the gravity of the moon and also me going too far, but okay, now we can go up to the end. here to this awesome looking castle and we'll see Bowser with Princess Peach, although we won't really get to see the story because we're going to skip it, but now it's time for this fight and lunar gravity is very nice for this fight because normally you have to collapse the robot or I think this is a robot, but you have to collapse it using the power of the bird and returning the bombs to it, but since we have the gravity and flooding of our moon, we just don't have to do that. instead we can stay on top of his back and try to hit him, please get off and that will be number two real quick, then unfortunately we'll have to wait because he throws a little tantrum right here and says, oh, stop.
It hurts a lot, but it's like, man, I don't care, so we can't hit any of the people here, we'll have to wait for this to happen and then he goes and sees a lot of that ring stuff that I don't do. . I don't know who he's trying to hit, it's not me, but hitting these others is a little difficult too because you have to do it at the right time and I barely messed up there because I held on to the line, so it sucked, but Alright. I was going to try again and then I messed up again, but the good thing was that because of the flood, the disaster wasn't that bad, but I had to hit this guy.
I went for it and missed the gun, you know, lunar gravity was going to do. This faster until I decided to be mean, but at that point I was angry, I thought I wouldn't miss this again. I made it on the third try and there's only one more guy we have to take out. I probably should have removed the person. on the top of the robot at the end because yeah that would have been smart but we have to do the green guy which I was able to get on the first try again and that means everything that's done we can also take a look at Shrek I love it her face.
I don't know why I stopped there and we finally get to see the triple moon, which just look how fast it is. I don't know why they decide to make the triple move the fastest in the game, but that's not the case. I'm going to complain, that was really nice, oh yeah, we also have the green ship now, I think for Shrek, but yeah, this is a lot faster too, you can see, we don't have to wait for the whole scene. I wish we had this power in him. all the time, but that will be Bowser's Kingdom and now all that's left is the Moon Kingdom, where for this last vote we decide who should save Princess Peach and buy a Mario at a very, very high margin , with a very tall top hat.
Mario in a very tall top hat, although we don't catch it right away, is not only a natural costume, but we have to go to Cap Kingdom so we can fly there just by abandoning Princess Peach and get the really tall one. Top Hat, we need to get some of these Kingdom Coins and I'm going to be honest, I had no idea where they were, by the way, lunar gravity is disabled here because basically, if we have lunar gravity active during the moon, then there is no gravity, so Yes, for just a second there will be no lunar gravity, but anyway, this is what we have to get: we have to buy the black top hat, which will be five coins, so I had to look where those were five coins and I just saw.
They looked back and I completely missed them, but then I saw them in the distance and I thought, well, I guess I have to jet pack there, there were some much closer, but I decided not to go closer. but I wanted to finish the whole set, so I thought, you know, maybe we'll see if we can get enough coins, so I decided to go there and I thought, oh, four coins, I don't know how much it costs. The other part of the set is, but I guess we'll take them and I only got 13, which spoiler alert won't be enough, so yeah, at this point I decided to go for the crazy caps, I saw it was 10 and I thought.
You know, I'm going to take out the top and it's time for you to see how beautiful this thing is, oh my gosh, yeah, now we have this really tall Top Hat stack that's all over the place. I don't even know how long this lasts. I'm really happy that they chose this one, but okay, it's time to go back and go save Princess Peach, so yeah, we have the same abilities that we had before, we have everything going for us and also. I have a very high top so this is probably the best ending of any video game so I try to do a long jump from here and see if we can use Flood to get there and I will say that unfortunately we just didn't have one. long enough to be able to get there, we could have done it, but yeah, that was sad, oh my gosh, Carl just screamed about it.
He didn't know we would scream about that too. I just heard that on the recording. I don't think I even heard that when I was playing anyway, we're going to do a moonsault, which basically what we have to do for this is line up, it's especially hard with our really long top hat, do a moonsault, Cappy. jump off the wall and then realize I made a mistake, yeah, so we'll try it one more time, like I said, do a ground jump, Cappy, try to hit this part of the wall and then jump off another wall there same and again.
I messed it up, yeah, I was very prepared for this, but the third time is the try and by the third time I mean we're going to cheat at this point, we're just going to use flood, man, you know, you gotta do what you gotta do, We have to save the princess. Peach and we have to finish the quick race, so yeah, it's time to go and ruin a wedding because Mario hates holy matrimony I guess, and look how beautiful that scene is. I thought I had to want to see Mario's face in this, it was worth it. every penny, okay, I guess I didn't spend any money on, you know what I meant, it was worth every second anyway, it's time to fight Bowser again and this is going to be interesting because, first of all, we have the really long top. which is even shown over Bowser's cap, that's funny, but yes, we have to hit him three times like usual, but this time what he will do is try to hit us back and we made the first attempt, but it wasn't very difficult. for some reason I thought I was going to mess that up and then I also grabbed a tea bag.
I don't know if I was fooling the audience or if I was fooling Bowser at this point, but you know, I was bothering someone who we're going to grab too. Yoshi, because you know, he could also work together with our guy for the finale, but we're only going to work with him to a certain point now that he'll use this move again, which we have to do and I screwed up. I think I did okay, at least I grabbed the hat, but I barely missed Bowser, so it's kind of a sad look, there's a million things going through my brain like, wow, I really don't want to mess this up, but now it's the time to hit Bowser again.
Did I ruin this? No, please, I ruined that one. That was what he was thinking about. How did I forget? we do the jump, we do a second jump and then we hit it again, that will be the second bet and luckily there was also a heart here so I thought I should probably take that for safety. Yoshi was a little far away, although I still wanted to take him and I couldn't do it, well Yoshi, I'm sorry man, I want to be with you, but it's a little hard when you have an evil Bowser trying to kill you, so let's hope I can do it. one correctly I'm back to one heart and I really wouldn't want to restart this fight that hat goes right in front of Bowser I'm so good at this video game you know it's okay let's just get that um do I do it correctly this time no, not even I try okay, even if we finish this fight, we'll hit him with that one.
I was kind of screwing it up. I think he was tired of shaking my controller so much that we jumped. He hits it three times again, he gives it another hit and then we can finally jump over that and defeat Bowser, but what this will do is lead us to a rather peculiar situation wherethe whole place is now dying before doing something you know. what I have to do I'm a monster anyway we'll take Bowser and by the way Bowser looks super cool when you use him in this version. I love that we changed Dark Bowser.
It's definitely a nice addition anyway. be normal but look, I know what all the people want, you want XD Jump and you know what I'm going to do. It may not be a small lamp, but I'll try and mess it up easier too. tricks look we screwed it up so we won't fail first time we get into a 2D section and Bowser looks really cool in the 2D section when he's Dark Bowser just look at him he's blue and everything he looks amazing and if you don't know what XD jump Basically it's a jump that doesn't save time, but we do it anyway because why not?
So what we want to do is jump here, jump there, and we want to make this jump that can kill you, if you mess up, it kills you, but I was. I can actually do a first try, so yeah, good for me. You know, sometimes you just have to do the X Steve anyway. Go back to the actual game of the app. We're just trying to get out of here. We want to use our fireballs as much as possible. possible because that is going to break the path and then we will also see this place where I barely dodge a rock and finally we reach the last part of the race so here we want to open the middle part and to do it we have to destroy all these things around us , we have to get the pillars one by one, so yeah, first we'll use our fireballs on the right one and that will do some damage to them and then we'll go straight to that one. and pretty much the entire time we're not near one of the pillars, we'll want to hit fireballs to help us clear these colors faster, which I'm actually doing better than I think I've ever done before.
I'm usually not that good with my fireballs, but I guess this time I was feeling it. You know, finally my audience was cheering me on. I think I don't actually remember if they were or not but I think they just wanted the red to finish at this point they were ready to go home so we were able to open this and also open this part and finally once everything was done , all we have to do is go to the poll and it actually happens immediately because the animation is fast so it's about time, yes by the way these scenes with Mario in a huge top hat are so good and also without geez, I think I should probably pick Bowser for Mario, if I'm going to pick one right now, but okay, that's the race, subscribe if you liked it, bye.

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