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I ate the most EXPENSIVE Ramen in Roblox!

Jun 02, 2021
so we are at Magma Ramen. Let's skip this four million. This food becomes more


. It's the packages it's the pets I tell you that the pets are the key to every simulator maybe Jacob is destroying so much


yes, he's right it's the pets no, I think that's enough for this game for you, this is what the game looks like solar flare


You can't even see it anymore, it's just on fire, one billion bytes of ramen taken, 15.7 billion sold, aren't you full? No, I'm so hungry, okay, I don't know he's dying, I don't have any chills, whole black ramen, oh. my divine lookWith all this, ramen is now starting to look like nothing, it's just that I don't even think it's edible anymore.
i ate the most expensive ramen in roblox
I just bought missile ramen. I need to see what it is. Would you eat missile ramen? Look, that doesn't sound healthy, yeah. Don't think it looks very toxic, but it's giving me so many hot spots. Bam, we have supernova ramen and then we have the same nova ramen. Okay, that's it, so let me ask you a question. What is the question? As? It feels like you get that money in a second when you paid it. How do you feel? It feels amazing because I'm still on the leaderboard, so I'm good on our leaderboard. I don't know what the actual leaderboard is.
i ate the most expensive ramen in roblox

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i ate the most expensive ramen in roblox...

I would like to announce that you are nowhere on the new leaderboard? Well, I'm here right now, so I'm happy, let's keep selling this, okay, we can finally buy the evil pets. 500 billion, open up, let's see what we get, oh, I got it. a devil, that's cute, I've unpacked, a legendary devil from this box and now I'm getting an incredible amount of money, oh look at his money, look at him guys, that's really cool, yeah, I should keep eating ramen at home, they will waste all their robux. yeah, it's not worth it, it's only worth it if you love ramen now that I'm over 5 billion dollars.
i ate the most expensive ramen in roblox
I can buy all this ramen galactic ramen oh this is like lunar ramen look how it looks oh this is actually very pretty. It looks like they are eating cotton candy. Could they eat Carolina Reaper ramen? No, no, yes, this ramen is crazy, let's see, remember when we tried the Carolina Reaper chips, they made us cry. so 1.1 million p I don't even know what that number is that's too much money what is p I have no idea well I'm on panillion and I've never seen that before oh, buying new bloody cosmic ramen, I don't think I want to eat that sounds disgusting It seems like the food is getting worse here go back to where the plebs are where we eat delicious normal ramen okay that's plebe ramen look not even moon is down there so I just want to say okay let me go see what's going on down here oh Hello rainbow, what's going on?
i ate the most expensive ramen in roblox
What's going on? a ring of hands, I have a ring of pets because I have to keep buying ramen. rainbow, it's an addiction, look, you're supposed to enjoy the taste of ramen, you're not supposed to be. addicted to this to get more, she has become ramen, yes I am ramen and I am going to vortex island, the highest island in this block, where I have 200 probably pentillion money and I can finally buy cosmic ramen Damn, why would you? get cursed ramen because I wasted too much moon there's no turning back now I'm buying divine ramen now I think I'm going to beat it I have to find divine ramen yeah it's like I think it's transparent oh it's divine it's shining in glory.
I've collected a lot of these damn divine ramens and I'm going to make them shiny, yeah they get shiny let's see what happens whoa whoa it turns into 200 heat that's crazy yeah look so let me equip as many ramens . as I can and then I'm going to eat, I'm going to eat right now with my epic and it brings me so much money I'm not even in it, I'm like a trillion 7z, have you ever seen that in your Life before that is a madness please did I win the game? I just bought everything. It can wait?
This will be the first simulator you win. I think so. I think I am going to cry. Then we should eat more ramen. Just keep eating. Keep eating everything. Rainbow is still here Rainbow how long have you been waiting? Are you OK? I'm going to enjoy my time here while you suffer through the update. I guess Rainbow thrives because I don't want to do the avi, yeah, wow, you're not. Even continuing to eat Rainbow Rainbow ramen is it because you don't want to do the obvious? Yes, I've already tried jumping five times and I'm tired of falling.
Can we take a look at Rainbow Rainbow? Not bad, it's bad, let me buy goodbye. please fight me everyone come down and fight me no it's time guys I've upgraded all my pets to neon. I think we've spent too much time on this game, yes, but this is it. I could buy the last of the ramens, yes. let me buy a hundred what is the top level ramen the top ramen is called vortex but the last one I don't need three she does it I need this I have to eat I have to keep eating I will eat all the ramens in this game even if they I will spend eternity here I will eat if I have enough money let's see the second to last actually this is the second to last and the last ramen is called dark vortex ramen and I don't have enough I'm exhausted I'm fine I have to continue eating the last ramen here it's 300. you know what we should do Now, I'm going crazy, hey, amazing noodle hokages, can you come down here so I can see what's coming?
You have returned? I don't even see you. All my animals are blocking you. Oh, are you here? Yellow. What is it? You spent an hour in this game to get an aqua colored clay pot. Yes, and now you must fight me to see how hard. I'm, you gotta have a rematch, no, I gotta see how strong I am, let's shoot, okay, come here, me versus funny, ready, go, I'm still weak or she's still jumping up to this thing. I'm still stronger than you if she kills. I will be so excited that I will stop her rainbow she just jumps and keeps getting there finally I still have you in more than half of the house I have a cheese that is a lot of robux official happiness I will fight you no, no more the first simulator I have beaten in my entire career, you haven't really beaten him because look what not, don't talk about that three point eight a e oh man no, but let's say I like the


aesthetically pleasing with mine angel ramen oh glorious ramen gold is the prettiest, well that's the hour and 12 minutes of my life I won't be back that was very entertaining guys please subscribe so we can be happy that's it and ramen for everyone everyone gets a bowl of dark soup delicious and hard sweat. and tears ramen you get a ramen you get a ramen it's time to be reborn what to really expect where this time I can't stop no, I work too hard to be reborn it's time to buy your network, right oh, I didn't even buy all of these I can't be reborn

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