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How To Make Macarons | Georgia's Cakes

Jun 09, 2021
Hello guys, welcome back to my channel. I'm Georgia from George's Cakes and in this video I'm going to show you how to


macaroons. Before we start, I'm just going to clarify something for you. All people say macaroni and people say macaroni, now there's a difference, macaroni is actually what I'm going to do, but I feel uncomfortable saying it, so I'm just going to say macaroni, so in the title it says macaroni, but I say macaroni and there. Actually, the difference is the macaron, I think it is the Italian version, which is like a cookie with a little almond and the macaron is the French C, where there are two almost merang that intersperse and form the delicacy that I will show. today so for the macaroni we need 100 G of icing sugar 100 G of ground almonds 100 g of icing sugar a little cold water and eggs that in a while we are going to separate and I will tell you all the measurements and also all the measurements are in the comments below, so be sure to scroll to see them all.
how to make macarons georgia s cakes
To start, I have a nice big bowl here with a SI on top and now I'm going to put the icing sugar in the Sie. instead of shaking the Sie and having a cloud full of sugar in your face. I have a little trick up my sleeve and I just use the bottom of a glass, put it on the SI and just move the glass around and that forms all the frosting. sugar drop without the cloud here we go that's great it will change your life I promise you so now we are going to enter with the ground almonds also in the Sie because we just want to get rid of any lumps that are there or any larger pieces because we want This mixture is as smooth as possible.
how to make macarons georgia s cakes

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how to make macarons georgia s cakes...

Any bigger pieces like this I'm just going to push them in and if they're too big for the service, I'm going to throw them away, so actually when I measure out the ground almonds. I always go over a couple of grams because they're usually larger pieces like this, so I'm just going to stir in the sugar and the almonds to incorporate them so that it has a very fine sandy consistency and now. I'm going to separate the eggs for this we are going to need two separate eggs, one to go in the bowl and one to beat like merang, so I always weigh it because we need 35 G of egg white and I always save the yolk. because we're going to need that for the filling, this is the first egg, the second one and just


sure that there are absolutely no yolks in any of the whites, so again save the yolks for the next part, so I'm just going to put them in. in the refrigerator so my first egg white goes into the mixer with a whisk attachment.
how to make macarons georgia s cakes
You just need to make sure the bowl is 100% clean, otherwise the egg white won't beat and the other egg white will be gone. to go to the sugar and almond mixture that we did just before, we're just going to mix that in and it's going to form like a thick paste, so make sure it's all mixed together so this is the texture that you're looking for, it's like a thick. The pasta is a little moist, not too dry, not too wet, and that can be set aside while we continue with the mer. Okay, for the mer I have a small saucepan here.
how to make macarons georgia s cakes
I'm going to put castor sugar in it and cover it. with just a little bit of water so it has a little bit of coverage, it's about 25 M, sounds funny, but just stick your finger in and give it a world and make sure none of the sugar sticks to the bottom, okay? now we need to heat this to 118° and in the sugar stages that's called a soft ball and the way to test it if you don't have a thermometer is a pretty dangerous way so I'm going to leave that there but um if you get a bowl of ice , you numb your hand quickly, you take some sugar right on the ice and it forms like a soft, sugary bowl, but I would just buy a thermometer because I don't want you to burn yourself, so please don't do it.
Don't sue me if you do because that was my warning so with that heat it turns on and yeah I'm just going to take it to 118° okay so while the sugar is boiling I'm going to put the merang in a whisk and we want it. nice and fluffy before adding the sugar so that the sugar comes up to temperature, the merang has started to become broth and this is the time to put the sugar in the whisk, so I'm going to slow down and pour the sugar to the side of the bowl trying to avoid hitting the beater otherwise it will splatter everywhere, then turn it back up and let it beat until it cools so the mixture is ready, you can tell because it has come back to room temperature and you get this merang of really nice stiff peak and what the heck.
The hot sugar has cooked the egg white, remove it and just remove the excess from the whisk and now we need to fold the mixture into the almond mixture that we made earlier and the best way to do this is in stages so I'm going to go in with about a third of the mixture, I'll put it in the almond mixture and mix it. This way it's easier to make sure the whole mixture is mixed well and you get all these rumors like "oh, you shouldn't mix." macaroni is mixed over 30 times and, you know, all this kind of stuff, I've never noticed such a thing, as long as you don't beat them like crazy because the almonds eventually release their oils and start to change the texture, I think it's good. if you do it by hand you don't run that risk, the best way to fold it is to just pick it all up and then fold it back on itself, go through the middle and back, so it's almost like you make an O and then an eight in my head which makes sense so it's all combined and the consistency you want is like a slow motion mix and the way to test it is to just lift it with your spatula and it should drop one, two, three, so basically like 3 seconds of Ru and yes, so if it's too wet you can add a little more icing sugar and if it's too dry, add a little more egg white.
Now you can leave it white if you want if you want natural. color but I'm going to make them nice and pink by adding a little gel food coloring again, it's up to you how much or little you want. I wouldn't put too much because it changes the consistency. Gel food coloring is quite strong. However, I'm literally going to put a couple drops in and that's all you need and I would also recommend the gel food coloring over the liquid so the consistency doesn't change as much, I'm just going to mix that color in so now it's time. to fill the pastry bag.
I have a smooth round nozzle at the end of the piping bag, so it's a small circle. You can get smaller or larger circles depending on the size of


you want. Now what I do is I twist the end. this and that supposedly prevent air bubbles and I put it in a long container, in this case I'm using my fantasy versus the one I stole from my mom, so don't tell her it's my best kitchen tool and wrap the piping bag and then you don't have to hold it and try to fill the mixture to get it into the piping bag, take it out and then just twist the top and that just makes sure that none of the mixture falls out of the end, so now we're ready.
To make the piping, I prepared a lined baking sheet, so I have baking paper on the bottom that I glued on with these cool little magnet inventions. You can put a little macaroni mixture under the paper to make it stick, but I can't be bothered to wash the tray afterwards so I prefer to do this and this just prevents the paper from flying everywhere if you are using an oven with fan, so what I'm going to do is the pipe that I always say about 2B. coin size circles along the paper you can make it bigger or smaller if you want and this should make about 20


so you want 40 circles because we are going to pair them up so place it about a centimeter away from the tray. and then you want to remove them like this and this is freehand.
I've done it a few times so I'm confident with the size, but you can get a template and put it under the tray and plot out the size which probably makes a lot more sense, so I'm piping in alternating spaces. A chef once told me that the air in the oven circulates better so I always do it that way and it's also easy to count so they spread out slightly so you just want to make sure they're all a good distance from each other and once they are connected you need to tap the tray about three times and that will also release the air bubbles to the surface, so apologies neighbors, okay, that's fine with me.
So I'm going to let them sit for about 20 minutes and what will happen is a little skin will form on the top and the way to test it is to just touch it and you don't want it to mix. your finger so I'm just going to cool them at room temperature until the skins form so I've left the macaroni skinless and now is a good time to make the rhyming filling which is a lot of fun okay anyway we need 90 grams of Sugar caste we have the egg yolk from before and it will be 45 G and then 125 G of soft butter and then you can add whatever flavor you want.
I'm just going to add a touch of vanilla or you can use pistachio paste. or a little bit of chocolate, it's a really good recipe and you can literally add any flavor you want and it's also nice to match the color, so if you're making pink macaroons, I probably should have made them like raspberry or something, but if you're making macaroons purples. Let's make lavender and all kinds anyway, let's move on to the filling, so we're going to put the egg yolk in the mixer bowl again with the whisk attachment. This is called French buttercream because we do almost the same thing that we did with the Italian merang, but with the egg yolks, so we're going to heat the sugar next, so I'm going to put the Caza sugar in the saucepan and again we need reach that 118°C temperature and I'm just going to cover that with a little bit. of water so I'm going to start beating the yolks and heating the sugar and again once it reaches 118° I'm going to pour it into the side of the bowl and mix it with the yolks, the yolks have become very light.
Bring the mixture down and I'm going to pour the sugar in there, come up and let it cool completely so the yolk and the sugar cool completely and that's the texture you want, it's very light, which is great and now. I'm going to continue beating it and add the soft and butter pieces at the same time. I'm just going to scrape down the sides to make sure all the butter is in and give it another mix once all the butter is incorporated, you'll get a really nice light. buttercream texture, which is exactly what we're looking for and again I'm going to flavor mine with vanilla.
I have the seeds from a vanilla bean here and since I bulk my vanilla, I tend to scrape out all the seeds. I put it in a bowl with a little bit of vodka and it just preserves it and I'm almost making my own vanilla extract and it just saves you scraping out the seeds every time you go back to flavor it however you want, you just give it another shake and you can see all the little vanilla seeds in there which means it's full of flavor and the best way to fill macaroons is to use a piping bag and look how white it is, plus it's a great way to use up those egg yolks.
They just waste what's full and that should be enough to fill the same amount of macaron you just made and I've put a round nozzle right at the end just because I'm a bit of a perfectionist, you can make star nozzles or just keep it simple just cut the piping bag, it's completely up to you. I'm going to set that aside and check the macaroni so that the macaroni shelves have been skinned and you can see why none of the mixture is going. on my finger when I touch it, which is exactly what we want, so we put them in a preheated oven at 135°C for about 12 to 15 minutes, what you're looking for is for them to rise and have this little Make a wreath around the edges on the bottom and they'll stop wobbling and that's the only way I can describe it to you, it's basically that the outside has been cooked and they'll have a nice base for when you take them off, um, but the inside is going to be nice and chewy, so I'm going to put them in the oven so the macaroni is cooked and I let them cool and as soon as they came out in the oven I actually took the piece of paper off the tray otherwise the hot tray keeps cooking the macaroni and they're perfectly cooked.
I tested them by doing this wobble thing I was talking about and they had just set and that's the exact time you want them. Take them out of the oven and if I remove one, you'll also have that really nice base underneath, which is exactly what we want, so now I'm going to pair them and combine the sizes because I did it freehand, some might be a little smaller than others. I like that if you want them all exact, then use the template like I said, so yeah, I'm just going to combine this, for example, with this one, just check the size that's great and I'll line it up like this.
Okay, so I've picked the best ones and I'm just going to flip one of the sides because it's easier for me to put the filling in, so I've got my vanilla buttercream here and all you want to do is push in a good amount leaving some space around the outside and then you remove the other half and sandwich it, you just want to squish it until the filling reaches the edge of the macaron.

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