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How to Make a Gnome Family - No Sew Cone Gnome Family

Feb 27, 2020
- Hi, I'm Sarah from Ruffles and Rain Boots and today we're making easy holiday


s out of


s, and look, I made a


. This was a gift for someone very special who also loves


s, and if you want to, stay. Make sure she likes this video so she knows she's here crafting with us. We're going to start by making this beautiful lady here with the braids, and what we're going to do is just wrap a piece of fabric around a


. I used the taller cones for this one, and all we're going to do is go halfway up because we don't need a ton of fabric here.
how to make a gnome family   no sew cone gnome family
You can see we just measured it with the eyeball so it would roll up and give us a little seam allowance so we can match the pattern or just


a false hem with some hot glue. Then I tacked it into place - it had a vertical pattern so I wanted the center of my gnome to have, there you go, see? I wanted it to be straight from top to bottom, so I fixed it in place with some hot glue. You can see here, I'm going to


the top so it doesn't move because these cones allow, they're just papier-mâché cones, and they allow some movement.
how to make a gnome family   no sew cone gnome family

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how to make a gnome family no sew cone gnome family...

So I'm moving around the cone and slightly moving things into place. As you can see here, it doesn't take a lot of time, I think this whole part of the process takes you about two minutes, but when you get to the end, I had a flannel fabric, so I needed to create a hem. . BI just folded it up and made it that way. This is the back of my gnome, it gives it a nice vertical seam. And then to cover the bottom, what we're going to do is cut all the way around and then just fold over.
how to make a gnome family   no sew cone gnome family
So I put some hot glue right at the bottom and then fold it into the cone. So for this gnome, I didn't cover the bottom, but I'll show you how to cover it if you'd like, because I wanted to stack gnomes so they could keep them for the holidays, and they'd be protected. Okay, once you've got that all over, I'll show you how to cover it if you want to cover that bottom, but we're going to move on to, so you can see here, it's pretty. We are going to make braids. Now, listen, this is my favorite, favorite, favorite faux fur, it's called a Mongolian, it's got a three inch long pile, it's absolutely beautiful.
how to make a gnome family   no sew cone gnome family
If you've never cut faux fur before, I'm going to link you to a video on how to work with it, but what we're going to do is cut three strips. Now, mine were only a half inch thick, and you can see here, they're not perfect, they're not perfectly straight, there are crooked parts. So you want to make them almost perfectly straight, it's a very forgiving piece. And so I brushed mine so that I could make it all come out the same way. And then if you have a clipboard, you could totally use it. I did this two years ago and still can't find my clipboard.
So I just used a binder clip and some blue tape and made my own fastening system, bam, right there. Okay, what we're going to do is separate each of these pieces and just braid them together. Now, just like a normal braid, you're going to make it a little thicker at the top than the bottom. Unlike a regular braid, you will twist it so that the backing of the fabric is hidden. So if you do gather it up a bit, make sure the fur falls to the side, and then make sure you brush out all the errant pieces, but then you twist it up and lay it right on top.
Of the other pieces, these were surprisingly easy to make. I put it off for a long time, but I'm very happy with how they turned out. And so you're going to go all the way, and if you see one of these little dangling pieces, just cut it without cutting the faux fur, and it works perfectly fine. So we're going to speed this all up, we're going to do her little braids. And when we get to the bottom, so you can see I'm making smaller and smaller pieces. When we get to the bottom, I'm going to use a piece of tape just to hold it here for a second so you can see that I'm just using blue tape.
And then I grabbed a piece of embroidery floss. I didn't want the loops to be too pronounced, so I used a very fine piece of black embroidery floss. You can use a ribbon if you want the braid to stand out. Well, I didn't want to. So what I did was I tied it with a ribbon, turned it inside out, and then put the knots in the back. So I double-knotted it in the front and double-knotted it in the back. And then I cut the ends so they were hidden. So now after you do your second braid, they're not going to be even no matter how hard you try, and this is how you make them even.
So you flip it over and cut the bottom to match the other length. Regardless of the length of the fabric, your goal is for them to look like this, where they are the same height, okay? Alright, now all we're going to do, as you can probably guess, is we're going to place them. I wanted a bit of a hangover to match my gnome daddy's beard hangover, so you do it however you want them to go. But I just made sure I got them in a relatively good spot, and then I hot glued them on. Now here's the thing, I hot glued them on pretty safely because I had a three year old at the time I made these, and I didn't want them to come off.
So I used a lot of hot glue, but for the little gnome baby, all I did was use one piece and then just tie it up a bit, no braid or anything, it looks super cute. Okay, so if you've never made a gnome hat, the cone ones are very easy, you're just going to take a square piece of fabric and roll it into a funnel shape. And you're going to cut that out as a rounded triangle. I show you in a little more detail with the daddy gnome, it's easier to see than in this Minky fabric.
I just rough hemmed the side so I know where to put my little gnome nose. And you can use anything for the noses of the gnomes, wooden beads, buttons, clay beads that you make, whatever you want. So this is just the bottom room of the hat. And now that I have it, I make sure it fits over the top of my nose. My hat is going to fall off. To do this, just secure a small piece at the bottom and then remove it so you don't spill any gooey glue all over the cone gnome, in case you want reversible or interchangeable hats.
And then all you're going to do is paste this. You can take this to a sewing machine, nothing stops you, I'm a little lazy. And so I use my hot glue gun. Alright, so that's it. And you can see that this is 100% safe with the hot glue. Just don't move until the glue dries, and you can see that it's got this nice beautiful seam in there. And once you put it on, when you put the hat on, I always like to put the nose first, just because I like that squishy look, but you can secure it however you want and secure it in the front and back. if this is not a gnome with interchangeable hat.
Alright, now let's move on to the guy. So what I did was measure how long I wanted my beard to be, I cut a triangle using just a razor blade and the faux fur backing. And then I positioned it. I wanted a slightly more pronounced mustache so I cut out a small piece of a rectangle and then glued it right on top so I lined the top of the faux fur right there on my gnome I see. And it's covered up, its bottom is covered with the Minky cloth from the girl's body or a hat. So this all coordinates and we're doing the same thing, we're going to put on our beautiful nose here, and then we're going to make a fedora.
So the felt hats are super easy because you don't have to do a lot of it, you just cut a triangle or with a rounded bottom, and to cover the bottom of the gnome, you're going to trace the cone, cut a piece of felt and glue it on, that's it. all. Now these wet gnomes are weightless, but again, I wanted them to be able to stack, so that's what helped me. Alright, once you have your hat, just glue the big, long seams and place them on your gnome. And for decoration, you can do whatever you want.
I chose to use a berry garland and foliage for this guy, you can see it here, the mommy gnome has nothing and the baby gnome just goes with the two. So what do you think? Tell us in the comments, which one is your favourite? Please like this video he helps us a lot, share this video if you think it's a really fun craft and as always subscribe to Ruffles and Rain Boots for more craft fun. (upbeat music)

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