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How to buy a car without getting ripped off (Marketplace)

May 28, 2021
Dealer will reject a deal where we are not ultimately their financier. Well, advisor, we will give you enough information to make a decision, but we are not going to point out all the negatives, all the potential dangers, it is not in your interest to tell people the disadvantages of exchanges. Right, you might get a new car. Yes, but you can keep the previous debt. Yes, you will get a new deadline. You will receive a new payment and you know it is forever. Do you think there should be defined rules requiring a salesperson or dealership to report clearly? explain the basics to a client, yes, at least the basics of negative equity so people come into the transaction with their eyes open.
how to buy a car without getting ripped off marketplace
We took that idea to Amvic Ontario regulator. In fact, I think it's possible that you have this document, but this one. type of document that deals with issues related to negative equity, Carmichael says he is putting the pamphlet in government offices across Ontario and we deliver it.on a poster I like yours better, that's fine, but you won't see it in the only place where you might expect it, why isn't there something like that of this size in a dealership in a place where people are buying a car? It's new. happy to do that uh that makes sense I like it yeah I would love to see it on every sales counter but you might need it.
how to buy a car without getting ripped off marketplace

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how to buy a car without getting ripped off marketplace...

I don't know if dealers will go that far with this, but certainly for the Consumer it's absolutely nice to have, but it's not mandatory, I just hope you can find someone who can explain it that way. You can't bring that car back and you will owe the companies you want to trade it in money. that car, right, so everyone liked to say they owe 21 22 000, their card is about 15, that six thousand dollars will go towards the new card they are financing, so it adds up and adds up, that's why this employee deserves employee of the year award congratulations tim very few, although they receive that advice, chantelle will pay in the years to come, I don't want to scare you, but this has changed the first part of your life, yes, and I looked to get a house and they won't.
how to buy a car without getting ripped off marketplace
Approve me for the debt I have on a car, so you basically can't do anything until it's paid off. How much time do you have left for this loan? Approximately four and a half years. Approximately four and a half years. What are the The next four and a half years of your life seem to have definitely changed now. Basically I have a baby on the way and congratulations. Thank you. Can you work two jobs 74 hours a week for the next four and a half years? No I would not. be able to do that how are you going to do it?
how to buy a car without getting ripped off marketplace
I do not know yet. I'll have to figure it out in the meantime we can't sort out her paperwork. There are a number of red flags that jump off the page at me. Right off the bat, is this a violation? Is this illegal? You're looking for answers in your market Subscribe to our weekly newsletter at Market


ready for more markets We've been researching long-term auto loans that no one knows paying for so many years we can trade in your vehicle at any time and upgrade it to any other car. OK, it sounds like a deal, but sellers aren't always upfront about the risk to car buyers and they find themselves in a transaction that will backfire. they on the way happened to chantal matthews with the two cars it was around 50 thousand 50 000 she owes that amount because she changed her unreliable car early the money she still owed was added to her new purchase but check her documentation without mentioning of that debt or negative equity, instead there is additional retail value in your second car, as if you had opted for features like fancy speakers or better seats, I take it to the regulator, the rules say the documentation must be clear, the mathematical gymnastics that appears on this page is I'm surprised this isn't clear at all, in fact when you sent this to us yesterday we tried to figure out what we could and we had a hell of a time trying to figure out exactly what the representation is.
You are the experts in this, you understand everything. This is the theory, there are a number of red flags that jump off the page from the beginning that it is in fact their negative equity, they are hiding it in a line as additional retail value, so they are putting it in the value of the vehicle instead of showing the actual debt that is outstanding. Is this a breach? Is this illegal? It's both, yes and this is something I would like my people to investigate, they are concerned that the dealership may have violated the code of ethics and the law hid the negative equity, which makes it unclear what Chantal is paying for.
What we are most concerned about is that consumers make informed decisions. There is concern that people will not deviate or take out loans for long enough terms to be able to do so. They're going to end up with significant debt in the future that they simply can't pay, so that would be $25,568. Chantal is cutting half of her massive loan. The biggest thing I forgot to go into so much debt thinking was that she could get out of it. Eight years from now, why would you want to talk about this so that no one else makes the same mistake as me?
It's not about my car, it could be anyone, it could be any age, it could be your mom, your brother, your next-door friend. You could have the same problem and in fact there are many people, many Canadians like this and they are drowning in debt care. Online buyers. I pretty much only shop online. I look for the best offers. A market. Test your qualifications. Set the search. different buyers different prices for the same room oh my god they are different on different browsers the more information they have the more they can take advantage of your desires a black friday special in your market

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