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How Speedrunners BROKE Donkey Kong 64

Apr 11, 2024
30 hours according to Wikipedia, that's how long it takes to beat Donkey Kong 64. Upon release, it was praised for its unimaginable length. IGN even called it War and Peace rarewares, but little did they know that dk64 would become one of the most


n games in speedrunning history. It's just destroying it completely. I didn't think this game could be as


n as it is G. Thanks, so what's up with that huge estimate? One of the other popular 3D collection marathons of the time, Banjo-Kazooie. It is only estimated that it will take around 11 to 12 hours to beat Super Mario 64.
how speedrunners broke donkey kong 64
It takes about the same amount of time, so ensuring that dk64 has huge levels, but also Banjo-Kazooie, in fact the Overworld of the game is much larger and both have the same amount of Well, the difference is in the number of collectibles in Banjo-Kazooie, the overall total is around 1100 dk-64, however, it does not have just a thousand, nor Whether 2000, 3000 or even four thousand in total, the game has 4841 collectible items in total. A bare minimum is required to beat the 1927 game. Therefore, any speedrunner who wants to tackle this game will surely have a big challenge ahead of them in order to BK rule the final boss of the game.
how speedrunners broke donkey kong 64

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how speedrunners broke donkey kong 64...

You need to access the final stage of the game. Hideout Help for For this you need at least 100 foreigners, okay, so there's a lot, but instead of boring you with the details in one go, let's go back to the first known world record of 80 with long-lasting, segmented images, which means that was made over the course of multiple sessions in which The best takes of each section are stitched together and completed by Dutch Joe in June 2006 with a final play time of 5 hours and 4 minutes in his notes. Joe mentions Collecting all the minimum collectibles needed to beat the game.
how speedrunners broke donkey kong 64
The 100 golden bananas needed. to enter Hideout Helm, the final stage of the game, four battlegrounds are required to open a door in Helm Eight keys, seven of which are obtained by defeating the game's bosses in the seven main levels Jungle Japes Angry Aztec Frantic Factory gloomy mushroom chevrons Forest Crystal Caves and spooky castle and the eighth and Helm himself, 15 banana-type metals obtained after collecting 75 normal bananas in a stage with a unique conch shell that is required to play the jetpack minigame that unlocks the currency rare and the Nintendo currency obtained by playing the arcade game Donkey Kong. in the Frantic Factory, they both must go through the doors and Helm also collects enough regular bananas to open the boss doors in each level, which when added to the 1125 needed for all Metals bananas comes to a staggering 1680 bananas from one. total. 3500 like I said, it's a lot, but after months of planning Joe put it all together.
how speedrunners broke donkey kong 64
Before I mentioned that a segmented race allowed a racer to try a segment multiple times until they got the shot they wanted, however, in the case of dk-64 Unfortunately, Joe wouldn't have this luxury for


, the game auto-saves every time you pick up a collectible, as well as many other instances, and the game has no copy function, meaning redoing any section won't work. It's a choice, a big reason why no one. He had attempted this giant game before, although he accomplished what was an extremely impressive achievement a few months later. Tom Vadova would improve the record by almost 30 minutes with a 436 in this race.
Tom only needs about 13 minutes to beat Hideout. Helm, which if you notice that at the bottom of the screen there is a timed stage, which determines the amount of time you have to go through the stage, is a collectible item called blueprints, in each stage of the game, including the hallways of the lobby DK, there are five blueprints, one for Each Kong available to collect by killing an enemy known as a kaspat. Each blueprint collected adds one minute of time that you can spend on Helm after turning him into Sarcastic, but the game grants the player 10 minutes by default, meaning you can have up to 50 minutes. in the stage, since there are 40 blueprints in total, the reason why Tom and other racers at the time chose to get as many blueprints as they did even though they didn't need that much time is because turning in a blueprint would get you a golden banana. and since all you had to do was kill an enemy for one, they were easy options to reach the total of 100 needed over the next few months.
Tom would cut the race by 10 minutes and then swim for three years after that as a result of the length of the game. and the inability to do a proper segmented run, it was an extremely unpopular speed game, while Tom's run was impressive at the time, it really boils down to a huge lack of interest in the game from a speed run angle , but this all changed on June 9, 2009 when someone decided it was time to break this game, thank you, a runner named Mano Cheese figured out how to take advantage of the invulnerability you gain after being damaged to get out of bounds and around the portal from Hideout Helm shortly after a runner named xcord had discovered that you could backflip this corner with Diddy and tiny to get out of bounds, which was much easier.
This effectively cut out a large number of golden bananas needed to win the game with the number dropping from 100 to 15. This was the minimum required because it was the amount of golden bananas needed to make the B square disappear from the factory, while in most In most cases it was possible to skip the B boxes with lanky ones. This was an exception because you couldn't squeeze it sideways as a result of its hitbox and walls, it's also important to note that it was necessary to enter this level in order to unlock the last playable Kong in the game, on the same day as A clip was found that allowed you to skip boss stories without the need for regular bananas.
With these discoveries, all we had to worry about in a speedrun was beating all the bosses, getting all four battlegrounds, and collecting enough coins to buy the moves and upgrades you need for certain parts of the game and more importantly during the final boss as the fight cycles through all five Kongs and requires specific moves like Diddy's rocket barrel and more with a 2008 discovery. Runners would also not have to worry about rare clothing or Nintendo currency, as this clip was discovered that allowed you to pass the door and with this it was no longer necessary to collect normal bananas, since 15 banana medals were no longer required .
Needless to say, the discovery of the B locker jump, in addition to a few other tricks, had opened the floodgates of interest in the game. The game suddenly skyrocketed and people were ready to push it to its absolute limits. How far could the game go? Much of the rest of the day was focused on figuring out what moves and upgrades were or weren't necessary and the next day, the 10th, pmit would set the first record with Helm early in three fixed hours, almost an hour and a half shy of the world record. former. In this run, he was also able to enter The Hideout Helm Lobby early using little Kong and her Monkey Port ability, which is unlocked in Crystal Caves it was possible to use this pillar and ponytail twist to reach the top of the nose of the boat, then you could hook it to the left eye corner and swing it around to the helm loading area.
Unfortunately, no images exist of most of these. races because racers in this era did not upload their races unless they planned to send them to speed demonstrations. File was the main center for drag racing at the time and unless a race was of extremely high quality it would not be accepted, no matter what the Big Bang was like. just the beginning between June 10 and July 22 not even two months The runners managed to lower the record a lot not just half an hour not just an hour but more than an hour and a half and this is how with the discovery of Helm Lobby early The Runners began to think what would happen if we could enter other lobbies early like Angry Aztec or Frantic Factory.
Could we skip certain keys that the search was on? Firstly, it was discovered that you could actually bypass the battlefield gate in Helm with the same clip. used to skip rare and Nintendo coins by removing that requirement, the reason the skip wasn't made in the first place was because racers thought that ki8 wouldn't register if you hadn't opened the crown door, this was known at the time. moment as false. key and was a long standing issue with executions under certain circumstances, picking up key 8 did not save it to the file, however it was eventually discovered that the key will only be recorded if you load the throne room which is the room that It has a coin door. on it because that specific door is responsible for writing the file key much later in the line, when a consistent way to prevent a fake key from coming was found, but for the next few years it continued to be a nuisance to runners in second. place. a user by the name unreal had claimed that they had collected only the first five keys, skipping the Crystal Caves and the spooky castle and using the early hideout to collect the eighth key and the crashing ship that allows you to enter the final boss fight. still appear previously, it was believed that you would need all eight keys for this to happen as it was what opened Calumsy's cage and played the scene that causes the ship to crash, however it was speculated that perhaps the game just checks the eighth The key to the event happening possibly because Rare was sure that you wouldn't be able to reach Hideout Helm before clearing all the previous stages, regardless of whether it was true, this would be a massive discovery.
A lot of testing led to a few different findings, but one of the main speculations from a runner called Ring Rush was that technically only Keys 3 and 8 were needed. Keys one and two would also be needed to reach the Frantic Factory in the first place, but maybe behind the scenes the game was just checking threes and eights. Additionally, key 5 would be needed to unlock Crystal Caves, which is where you unlocked the monkey port mentioned above, needed to reach Hideout Helm, but if racers could get into the angry Aztec in Crystal Caves early, then keys one and five could be omitted if the theory was true, while the angry Aztecs needed some work.
Crystal Caves Lobby was discovered early and it was confirmed that at most keys one, two, three, and eight were required, but probably only three and eight. It was believed that the game designers realized that key 3 does nothing since then. Key 2 unlocks not only the Frantic Factory but also the next stage Gloomy Galleon, so instead of making key 3 unlock the glue megallon, they made it necessary to unlock the final boss; However, this is pure speculation and a new route was created as a result. Mano cheese managed to lower his time to 139 and how long did it take all these massive discoveries to find that just three days in things would start to cool down, although the runners would continue to lower their times?
Lefty's Heroes was the first to be Mano Cheese on June 18 with a time of 135, but Mano Cheese returned two days later with a 127 and a week later a 124 and another great Discovery that would accompany it a few days before, it was discovered that the The frenetic factory door had no collision when it closed before the The level unlocks if the racers could figure out how to skip locker B, then instead of needing 15 golden bananas, they would only need six, five of which are needed to enter. in Angry Aztec and one of an additional plane to spend more time in Helm. on June 22, Mano Cheese finally noticed and reduced his time by almost 10 minutes to 115 on July 22, 2009.
The mistake involved using an orange to explode Lanky in the B Locker hitbox. Mano Cheese also enters locker B with Lanky on his back because the collision at the back of any Kong does not extend as far as the front, with this he was able to get closer to the portal than the game intends that after this round some would pass. months without a new record, but the community was still hard at work routing and finding bugs and as a result xcord would share something with the SDA community that would change running forever. This story takes us somewhere around 2007 or 2008, when xcord discovered a website called David.
The unique bugs in Juan's video game. This website is essentially a massive catalog of bugs that David earned on an anonymous website that visitors would submit and post for various games ranging from NES to GameCube, obviously this included the N64 and dk64. On this website it was a bug posted on by Anonymous where you could mess up the music in the main menu of the game by essentially going into mystery mode and selecting any of the three scenes, you could press to end the scene at a certain time and themusic in the main menu would be messed up sometimes it wasn't even there, it could also mess up the music in other parts of the game, however with the intro story specifically there were some interesting side effects if you use the intro story cut scene stop the error and then you enter Adventure.
The way some actions would cause the intro story scene to start playing out of nowhere, so what exactly happens in this general concept is what is known as the intro story glitch, basically when you load a new Donkey Kong 64 file with a scene that skips the intro. The story scene will play, the scene has multiple different sections, and the game runs a timer in the background that keeps track of when one scene should fade out and the next should load in mystery mode; however, you can go back at any time normally. just stop the timer after rewinding, but what Anonymous was doing was rewinding during a period of the cutscene where the timer starts but the cutscene is not considered active yet;
There is only a six frame window at the beginning of the scene where this happens, which is why it was described as harder than the others, so if you load adventure mode with the intro story timer in the background, when The timer reaches a fade point, if the player is in a cut scene, the game will simply start playing the next scene in the sequence. This whole concept was very interesting to The game engine has 13 different modes, all with different properties that load depending on what is happening. The most important ones we need to focus on here for this error are game mode 5. main menu mode 6 adventure mode and Kong battle mode 11 DK theater mode and 12 DK bonus mode and bosses when you try bonus mode and bosses DK discovered that instead of showing the intro story, the game would return to the main menu normally when you won.
If you lose or exit a boss fight or bonus game, you will be sent back to the main menu and game mode. will switch to main menu mode; However, if you exit through a fade-out intro story, you will remain in bonus mode and DK bosses even while in the main menu as a result of remaining in this mode when the player enters a Kong battle match, The game instantly returns to the main menu showing the results screen, so why does this happen and why is it useful? Well, Kong's battle uses the same mode. like Adventure, which is also the only mode with autosave enabled, an adventure in COG battle mode, the game automatically saves every time you load a map, except when there is more than one player in the game than normally Enter a Kong battle match. that there is more than one player in the game and it will not auto save, but here instead of going to the arena the game instantly shows the results screen, this is because in the DK and bosses bonus mode, the mode the game is still in Before any screen transition will lead back to the main menu, as a result of all this the game switches to Adventure mode and since the menu can only have one player the game encounters this and saves the progress of the current file.
Why is this important? What is the point? well, upon entering the Kong battle, more specifically, monkey smash, all Kong receive Simeon slam, the first move of the game, his weapon and all weapon upgrades for the purpose of the game mode and as I said before, Since we are in the main menu and in adventure mode, The game saves the progress of the current file, which means that after performing this error, the file is saved with all the aforementioned Monkey Smash updates unlocked. After this, all you have to do is go back to the story's intro scene to properly finish the sequence. this time so that no fades occur while playing and with that you are playing dk64 with the first move of the game Simeon slam and all the weapon upgrades.
The first run to implement this new bug was done with traps to hit the runner. unlimited coins, oranges and other items at the time, this was the standard in the Japanese community, although this does not validate the race today, it was still a glimpse of what the race could look like with original weapons, glitch, the name that eventually It would remain done in 1 hour, 12 minutes and 52 seconds by a Japanese runner called KAS, but in addition to fwg, the Western community was in for a big surprise. Your goal in Donkey Kong 64 and especially Hideout Helm is to shut down the blast-o-matic. a device aimed at DK's hallways that is set to destroy him.
This is done by completing too many games with each Kong throughout Hideout Helm and eventually shutting down the machine, this is what takes up the most time on the stage and was part of the reason why Runners had to collect blueprints from everyone. Anyways, besides the fact that they were easy golden bananas anyway, by hooking them to this wall with chunks, it was possible to carefully navigate out of bounds and skip the door that opens after closing the blast-o-matic and then Using the previously known clip to skip the rest of the doors, it was possible to beat Hideout Helm in less than three minutes.
Word began to spread that a race lasting less than an hour, a four-hour long speed race, was possible. reduced to one hour in less than a year through a few people's mission to break the Beyond Repair game would be an incredible feat and with a more surprising discovery from Mano Cheese it would surely be possible. On June 17, 2010, it was finally possible to enter the angry Aztec's Lobby early thanks to Moon following a trick. that allows Diddy to gain additional height, it was possible to reach the top of Aztec's front door next with a very precise ledge clip on the door, you can move a little out of bounds after that, if you charge chimpy at the right point, you will be able to descend very slowly as soon as Diddy starts to move forward, you jump out of the movement.
You jump around the door that extends a little out of bounds and latch onto the loading dock. It should also be mentioned at this point that Moon Tailing can be used to get to the factory early without tiny jumping and grabbing this ledge before the platform rises with the 2 key, it was also possible with a moon kick from DK, although This seemed like a huge fine, unfortunately the cheat couldn't be used while you could enter. Aztec and plays the level well and it was confirmed that key one was not necessary for the Cairo ship to appear.
Trying to exit the lobby would cause the game to crash softly as it restarts the game, which would prevent the issue from counting as splitting the race into multiples. segments the cheat was unusable at any percentage can't be performed unless racers wanted to go back to multiple segments even though this cheat was unusable at any percentage after a few runs Mano cheese finally achieved a play time of 57 minutes on June 8, 2010. Again, there are no pictures of these races on the Internet today, but over time he was able to reduce the time to 54 minutes on August 3, 2010, a race he ultimately deemed good enough to send it to the SDA and, as a result, we have Video images of the route had already changed substantially thanks to some important discoveries in the community, one of which was the discovery of how to avoid certain bee boxes without spindly, as explained before , a


's hitbox extends further in front than behind, precisely and With careful placement, it was possible to push DK's rear end into the B box and just barely hit a portal above it, allowing you to enter Angry Aztec early, although you still had to fight Army Dillo and Japes to get the key, this also allowed you to enter the caves early with DK what you are seeing here is a moon kick a bug that works by canceling an air attack a move that gives a DK lower gravity with a kick by interrupting things at the right time you apply the lower gravity to the kick with It was known that you could enter the cave hall early because the back of the rock blocking the entrance is not solid, since That Raro didn't think it was possible to get there, however, you were never able to enter the level without a beanpole.
With this newly discovered B Locker skip, you can enter the caves right after completing Jungle Japes, as the game records that you have gone to the Crystal Caves. You can purchase the late game moves needed to reach and complete Hideout Helm, mainly Monkey Port, even earlier. going to piss off the Aztecs, so now only two golden bananas were used to win the game, one to enter Jungle Japes and the other collected to unlock Diddy. Another trick I've forgotten to mention until now is called Swimming Across Coasts by smashing B and swimming forward. on a coast, it is possible to go under an island, this is done on the fairy island at the beginning of the race to talk to the ferry and unlock the Shockwave move that allows you to break the mounds of dirt that are scattered around the game.
Using the move drops a coin which gives 5 coins to each Kong, regardless of whether they are unlocked or not, these coins are used to purchase Kong's upgrades, so being able to get a lot of them easily is essential for the run. forward. will be retired to a new timing method that started by pressing a to start the intro story in the main menu and ended at the last entry when Chunky delivers the final blow in Rule K, this is known as RTA or Real Time Attack in the speedrunning community. Instead of using the in-game stopwatch, this is how races would be timed from now on with the new timing method, a rule change occurred and a new dominant world record holder now that in-game timing was no longer was used, restarts would be allowed. meaning that the angry early Aztec could finally be used at any percentage of the run, as I mentioned before this trick was extremely difficult and would prove to be a huge run killer in the future as a result.
Additionally, the ability to reboot also sped up Hideout Helm. since you used to have to do a super long out of bounds route with Diddy to turn off the blast-o-matic since he's the last Kong you use in Helm and even though this skipped most of the minigames you still had to do the two with Diddy to turn him off now, you can simply restart the game after collecting the key with this, all that was needed to complete dk64 was the one Golden Banana needed to unlock Diddy and nine moves in total, it should be noted that Runner still You chose to collect two bananas because you could pick up the banana outside of Jungle Japes and skip the dance scene if you roll into the loading zone at the right angle and instead of having to jump the locker you could enter the level correctly and So after Of all this, two years after Mano Cheese reached 5217 on May 4, 2012, a runner named Ring Rush would obtain his first record with a final time of 50 34.
It is important to mention that, although this reduced almost two minutes the previous record. It was thought that RTA strategies could save five to seven minutes compared to the single segment era, so while this was an impressive race, racers had a long way to go to reach the level of optimization of Cheese hand over time, although Ring Rush would get closer and closer as he reduced his time to 47-18 on July 6, 2012 thanks to a combination of some new strategies and optimizations, but a few months later, around October 2012, everything would change. I discovered it about 15 minutes ago.
Before my stream today, I tried something with lag and got a consistent factor at the beginning with lanky, so the lag is completely devastating. I didn't think this game could be as broken as it is, but we couldn't make every clip. before GG this game was completely destroyed, there are no hard tricks left. No, I don't remember the full time frame of this, but I want to say the summer of 2012. I feel like saying it's almost a kiss, I noticed you hear on Gloomy. Galleon, the jump to the ship for Chunky's uh banana chip seems so far away and it's really amazing that you can make this jump test lead to more tests, lead to more tests and finally to the crazy conclusion we came to, you jump more during the delay, okay, that's weird.
Why would you jump more during the delay? People didn't really pay much attention to that October 2014 flash. I'm really struggling with Factory at first. Finally I had the crazy idea of ​​why not throw oranges if the orangesmake them jump further, perhaps. You're making yourself jump farther because you're going faster and it has nothing to do with the property of jumping, it's just that you're making yourself jump more because you're moving faster, just a strange idea. I tried it out of the blue, bam! She was doing this trick almost every day. This time around, this trick was honestly a huge run killer.
I kept hitting and did these long, lanky jumps with oranges. I would never cut anything. I would just jump over to locker B and everything would be fine, oh my god, what's up with Aztec? At first, the defining gimmick of dk64 due to its difficulty was preventing people from learning the game, as I said before. I'm pretty sure CFOX abandoned it. I try it and the first try. I'm all about these discoveries thanks to how the game developers chose to deal with lag, what they rarely decided to do was speed up the game to make up for lost time while lag may seem smart but clearly the unintended consequences are interruption of the game, while trimming the lag may have completely changed the game.
It is important to note that these cheats were not as easy as Ring Rush explained or made them seem, he admitted that he was having a lot of luck and overall only a few minutes were saved, but the game was still wide open so many incredibly difficult tricks were very difficult. There is less of a barrier now, especially early Aztec, as it explains that new records were set, the first of which was the work of Cosmic D12, famous for the Super Mario Bros. world records. Okay, Super Mario Bros. record in the same night that a runner named CFOX would claim a record of his. own a week later and Cosmic returned on December 5 with 4621, but one orange clip was not enough over the next year, more and more orange clips were found to save time and added to the route first there was a window clip which skipped a slow, ungainly section in Frantic Factory then there was a moody clip in Aztec that simplified the route from buying moves to freeing lanky and a four-year Factory clip that allowed for an even faster route to freeing the thick ones and while early Aztec was made easier thanks to oranges, most tricks that relied on this delay could become incredibly fickle and since you have a limited amount of oranges messing up these clips wasn't just a waste of time, it was a reboot, the dream of trimming every wall led to madness.
More inconsistent clips added to the record. That saved less and less time, but as these strategies were implemented over time, Ringrush regained their record with a 45-37 two days after the last one and a month later lowered it a second to 45-36 and then on the 18th of April 2013. Cfox would return with a 45-11 around this time. Rush noticed that he was starting to have trouble with really basic tricks that shouldn't be difficult, but he wasn't exactly sure why, so he bought a new controller and then something surprising happened. everyone started playing better and Ring Rush kept reducing their time more and more with the help of tricks like Bush push and early Japes which save a significant amount of time, normally to progress through Jungle Japes you have to go over these Vines At the beginning of the stage, press a switch that opens the door to pass the level; however, you can position DK so that he can break through this wall with the help of a bush.
Secondly, early Japes skips the whole sequence of talking to Clumsy K. and swimming back to Jungle Japes with this, after talking to the Banana Fairy, you can just swim across the Shores in DK Isles and jump to the loading zone even when the clips are still orange. The clips manage to be incredibly inconsistent moments of Run, most games are optimized as people get faster and faster and while this is true to some extent with dk64 it all came down to tricks and who got it right more until one day in 2014 when once again everything would change at this point dk64 had two major discoveries left to take the route to what it once was I thought it was impossible, first of all you needed to be able to get to Hideout Helm early with DK and in fact , it was known to be technically possible, but it was so ridiculously difficult that it was only possible to do it in one task or tool.
Assisted speedrun, which is when a person can manually manipulate each input in each frame and use special tools, such as slowing down a game, to create perfect speed. This Ring Rush video from 2013 shows him using delay. DK is able to exit the blastermatic above the Frantic Factory gate and jump to a slope inside it, where he can perform a moon kick and fly with precision to grab the ledge of the gate; However, even if it were possible to get to Helm early with DK, all it would do is avoid having to enter Crystal Caves and skip a move because you would still have to unlock all five Kongs and purchase the moves needed for the fight with k-roll ;
However, there was a known way to obtain all the moves. without unlocking the Kongs and buying them, but oh well, for that we have to go back to our old friend X Chord, who discovered not only a strange bug in weapons, but also something called main menu moves. This error can look very similar to fwg and is both an abuse. Glitch in the intro story and certain minigames that have to load certain moves and upgrades for it to be possible. The basis of the hack is entering the main game through an unintended method we'll get to that skips the game's transition from our aforementioned main menu mode to Adventure Mode, which also skips the game to check things like whether you've seen the boss scenes before.
The way it's done is by using the intro story glitch to fade into the intro story. I mentioned it briefly before, but to disappear. In the intro story, you need to see a cut scene, so how can you see a cut scene well in the main menu? While you're sitting in the main menu, there are 10 possible so-called Easter eggs that can happen. DK can shake his rampant leg and can be chased. by beavers etc, seven of these 10 things tell their scenes, however which one plays is based on RNG, once you get a scene in the main menu, the game will move to the intro story and finally It will fade into the actual game and from the game you do not go from main menu mode to Adventure mode.
Everything the game loads while you're in the main menu will carry over to the game, so getting to this final intro story scene showing DK's house always takes 4 minutes and 26 seconds since there's no way to manipulate this. Runners will try to do as much as possible within this time period, this includes talking to Grumpy and returning to the main menu to start loading boss fights or mini-games that will give them the moves they will need for the run after this entire sequence is over. finished, all they have to do is wait for a cutscene to trigger in the main menu and they will be back in the game with these two miracle tricks.
In theory, you could beat the game with DK alone, since you don't actually need to unlock the characters to use them in the final boss fight, however, as I explained, the explosive kick used to get to the helm early with DK It was incredibly difficult, but as is often the case in history, small simplifications were discovered over time. while practicing the trick, but after an incredibly long 40 hour ring, Rush was able to pull it off in practice, once it is impossible to understate how enormous this achievement was, if this were completed in one run it was thought that he would probably only . be one person and the category would be completely dead regardless of a route being created and then a month later ringing.
Rush would be the one to end the category. Come on, that was a pretty good try. Honestly, that's where the best attempts I've ever had are. a fair amount of reason, give me that lag jump, oh my gosh, okay, again, we need another shockwave right here. Shockwave, otherwise I won't have enough vulnerability to damage to cross the scap, would you? Shockwave okay now that we have five tries for this orange clip we're on we're at the helm I think I'd be home early in a race on March 17, 2014. Rush did the Impossible and pushed dk64 to a new era.
The blastomatic kick was the new Aztec from the beginning. steroids, it took CFOX 30 hours of trying just to get it once, oh yeah, oh my god, oh my god, even today in 2023, the trick has only been done by 17 people, there is even a document with their names, a trick with documentation from every person who has completed it, it's a really special trick, there was one thing I forgot to mention: being in the downtown lobby with DK is cool and all, but how do you get into the actual stage? Well, originally the Ring Rush used delay to jump longer distances over The Lava and used orange delay to latch behind locker B and open the door, however a Japanese racer named Cigna found a way to bypass this method.
Later it is possible to kick the moon near Chunky's platform near the entrance, go through the roof support beams and exit. of limits right around where you would with Diddy and Tiny, what this also meant was that racers could save time doing the orange training barrel during the isg instead of having to do it at the start of the race before Hideout Helm, since they did it after the isg. grabbing ki8 and because completing the orange training barrel is what allows you to use oranges and again like i said before the runners wanted to do as much as possible during isg instead of sitting around waiting for it to be done over time.
The runners were beginning to understand something consistent about the explosive nomadic kick and their time began to slowly but surely fall, and Cigna would take turns lowering the record further and further and between March 29 and August 5, the race would take from 3311 to 3016 through sheer will and optimization. a sub-30 minute run was on the cusp, but who would be the first to do it? Would it be Ring Rush or Cigna or Cfox? Well, actually it would be a new Zenernicus world record holder, yes, and that's dk64 in under 30 minutes. I wouldn't let this stand for long, although in fact, on the same day I would get a 29-29 and for a while, this is where the record would stand until 2015, in fact, or another big change occurred in the isg sequence, as I mentioned before.
Runners began doing the orange training barrel during the isg sequence to save time on other parts of the race; However, runners would start doing it again at the start of the race as a result of two important discoveries because runners want to do as much as possible during one thing that was considered but was never possible was collecting key 8 during the process and it was impossible for two main reasons: first, the key dance is considered a cut scene which, if you remember, means that the game would drag you back to the intro story, second, while Traveling out of bounds in the Lobby b -home locker would activate, which would also drag you into the intro story prematurely, since the game considers it a cutscene;
At the time there was no feasible way to avoid any of these things, however it was discovered that using orange damage allowed you to skip the key dance scene and you could save and go mid-air, which is why racers had to do the orange Barrel training to start over, secondly, with proper camera manipulation, it was possible to skip the text activation ring of the B Locker, Rush. He was trying to do an extremely difficult version of this for a while and while it worked in theory, it was brutal in practice to the point that he eventually abandoned the game with no more patience or desire to make things even worse, however , a runner named Isotage would eventually optimize it in a way that was feasible in a race, although it was still extremely difficult and this allowed him a great opportunity to complete this route.
It is important to clarify how difficult this route was. There is an entire document to explain why and that if you are not at the absolute top level of skill then trying is pointless, among other things the start of the run up to key 8 has to be near perfect, where you will prematurely fade into the introductory story. Another important thing to mention is how the game prevents movesets from performing isg on a file previously. The runners would simply view a file in a safe way to ensure that information was sent to him, but with a new method to only give Diddy his weapon for the Rule K fight, since none of the other Kongs needed it.
In their case, this would no longer be possible. It was discovered that looking at the Diddy DK TV home menu wouldwould give Diddy's gun. However, viewing a file would delete it and since you couldn't guarantee if the moves would go to the correct file or an unusable file. hidden file known as file 4 that the game only uses behind the scenes to handle certain data, this created massive problems as a result, a runner named TJ with the help of isotars would start looking into how to fix this and started testing certain actions such as entering sulking or entering a training barrel, then exit the game and wait to be dragged into the intro story.
This worked for some actions but not all so he thought why not try it with a file other than file 1 with File 2 it was a Massive Fail but with file 3 almost all his actions turned out to be because every Once the game saves it changes the current data between the loaded file in this case file 3 and the hidden file 4. Although this was not discovered until later. TJ actually theorized this, but was unable to confirm it due to his and Isotarges' lack of knowledge of the concept. Later, as a result of these discoveries, a consistent way was found to send the information to the correct file, anyway, all these improvements could theoretically save 90 to 100 seconds, but added a lot of difficulty, especially at the beginning of the race. with isg time crisis.
However, on March 19, 2015, isotage himself was able to complete a run in 2832, surpassing Rush's record by almost a minute after this isotage. He would work primarily on tassing and emulation, but there was still more time for sure shortly after this run was completed on April 2, 2015, something big happened while it was known for a while that N64 games were coming to the Wii. U Virtual Console, it took a while for Nintendo to finally release it with this game pack, Donkey Kong 64 and naturally


were curious about the potential for faster racing as there certainly wouldn't be any lags, but wait, that no lag is a bad thing, it's actually a very bad thing considering how many major cheats in the game involved abusing the game's lag mechanic, mainly this affected early entry into the factory.
All known methods of entering the scenario early involved a delay or were simply not possible in a real-time run. DK home early was also not possible because there wasn't enough lag in the k-rule ship, so the idea of ​​running the game on VC was effectively dead, regardless of whether there was something happening in the community that would cause any percentage to run much easier in late 2014. xcord was playing with a known bug called barrel tag storage which exploits the way tag barrels work when entering a barrel tag the game will lock the camera in place and load the images we see for the menu, however, Kong is not actually there. transported to a new room or something, they are simply frozen in place and invisible.
After exiting the Kong becomes visible, there is a way to abuse this if a Kong's current state is changed after entering the Barrel tag by doing something like Crouching makes it possible for Kong to move while in the menu, this creates some interesting side effects, for example using a Kong's move with a different Kong in April 2015. Adam Whitmore Outlaw mental man ring rush and x-cord found an issue called telegraphic, what this bug does is allow you to warp from your elevation current and your stored elevation if a floor is above you what exactly is stored elevation basically it is the game's method of calculating certain moves for example climbing a ledge it also changes to zero if a Kong is unloaded like, for example in a barrel bag, then if you can do tag barrel storage or TBS for short and zoom out enough for the tag barrel to unload and then exit the barrel tag, the current position and the DK's sword position will be greatly Next, we need to understand how the game actually calculates the moves mentioned above, such as climbing a ledge.
Basically the game takes the current position and the sword position and adds them to the final position, so when DK stores the position it is 0 and his current position is 500 if DK raises. from a ledge, your final position will be one thousand, so by grabbing this ledge while in TBS you can teleport to a path that leads to Frantic Factory and with another Telegraph you can also reach Hideout Helm. Not only was it easier that way. but it was also faster than the explosive nomad kick. This would also be the cause of many players switching to the 8 key during the isg route now that it was much easier and consistent to do it quickly enough with this.
Cigna was able to come back with another On July 1, 2015 she broke the ISO record by 10 seconds. The next day she would drop another second and by July 11th she would have to drop to 27-44 for a couple of months, the record would stand until TJ took control. record it and lower it to 27-17 on September 30, 2015 and then nothing until May 15, 2016, when TJ would lower it three more times over the course of a week until finally getting a 2656 on May 23 and for a few months nothing until this, oh my god, actually, this trick was originally found in March 2015 by TJ, however, It was incredibly difficult, you had to fit into a space that is a third the size of the minimum amount you move in a only frame when you're basically holding a really very small space because the invisible wall above B Locker extends very high, but fortunately it's true. to the top of DK's backflip on this platform, you can reach the top and ledge clip through it.
It looks weird, but it's a ledge clip like the one you use to jump over banana boss doors or any other ledge clip, except it's very high up. and really very thin, plus the fact that the roof is a slippery slope added another level of difficulty as you can't stand on top of it, however if you can successfully get through the wall you can simply fall down and enter the portal, so while there is a delay. way to get into Factory early, plus it was extremely difficult, there just weren't many VC racers, plus this was discovered around the time the blastomat kick was ruining any percentage for a lot of people and they started moving on to other categories with interest in a VC career. it just wasn't there especially for any percentage, however, would someone change this, okay, let's put the microphone in.
I guess I'm very, very nervous. G G on October 29, 2016, Kiwi Killer 67 was able to achieve any percentage with the ledge clip. and I beat the previous record by 40 seconds with a final time of 26.16 and no one wanted to beat it, a time that fast on N64 might well be impossible and the VC friendly ledge clip was so difficult that no one wanted to make the necessary attempts. to perform a race on top of all the other difficult tricks of the race, it might well have been unbeatable, but that's not where our story ends along with the fact that many of the most frustrating parts of the race were made easier. like the B Locker Techskip and Hideout Helm in January 2017, TJ discovered something that would be called Falling by ring Rush phase with an already discovered moon kick that allows him to reach this vent, it was possible to go out of bounds and enter the stage and then from this the floodgates burst open thank you GG oh my no no please hold your God I'm afraid uh I don't know if this is good or not if this is a 24 I stop I don't see myself beating this and after it turned to timing the race, it was confirmed that Falcon had beaten Donkey Kong 64.
At 24 minutes and 59 seconds it would be months until the next world record, but Cigna would return and set another one this time with a new trick. to help you out, discovered by TJ Phase Walking, a trick I haven't mentioned so far, but is used as the start of every Speed ​​Run and is called face swimming. Now this will be a major simplification and if you want a deeper look at this and many other glitches mentioned in this video, check out bismuth's detailed technical explanation of executing the dk-64 task, although the execution is different in some ways , many concepts like this remain the same, to put it simply by coming out first. person at a certain angle it is possible to swim directly through walls, this trick is quite trivial and it is rare that you see a top level runner mess it up, secondly there is a phase drop that was mentioned above, this is much more difficult, but with practice, the best runners can do it quite consistently, there is an even more difficult, much more broken third phase of trick, when walking.
They all use the same mechanics after exiting in first person, as long as your orientation angle is also possible, within a certain range, to maintain what is known as the phase angle for a frame. a range of orientation angle that allows it to pass through walls; However, one frame is clearly not enough to be able to walk through a wall. It works with swimming and falling because holding the stick in neutral position will not change the phase angle, both of which are actions. that does not require the cane to be moved to walk, however, it does require the cane to be pushed forward in the single frame to have the phase angle;
However, you can take several different actions to extend the time you have it, but the important thing here is to walk. In order to walk through a wall, you would have to alternate between holding the stick forward and having it in neutral each frame, this causes the phase angle to never correct, so DK can walk through walls. This was discovered long before RTA was made. but it was obviously not thought to be possible due to the ridiculously precise inputs, but over time, Rush found ways to decrease the number of inputs required. There is a lot that explains how these impositions were reduced, but basically it was discovered that the stick didn't actually need to move to neutral every frame, in fact it didn't really need to go to neutral at all, the state just had to move within a certain rank on each frame despite this, although the trick remains extremely difficult to pull off.
With a lot of time and a lot of practice, I finally managed it in a race and like I said, Cigna was able to set a new record with a time of 2458 on February 23, 2018. Face walking applications included walking through this wall to do that Factory earlier was faster and a new strategy for going through walls in the factory itself that was also faster and with this Cigna took off and landed within two years. Cigna was finally able to get its time down to 24-30 on November 2, 2020 and that's where Run is today in what was a relatively recent decision: the leaderboards are split between the Wii U Virtual Console and the n64.
Honestly, there's a lot more action on the N64 side even though the races are effectively the same at this point and the time difference is entirely due to lag and loading differences. In fact, a new record was set 12 days ago at the time of writing this. script A 2549 by zenernicus Overall the difficulty of the speed race cannot be underestimated, there are so many incredibly difficult tricks spread throughout the race that can cause a restart at any time, while there is room to grow in optimization, great Some of it comes down to the runners. becoming more consistent in these tricks, for example if we look at Cigna's most recent record, their best possible time is 2406, what this means is that the sum of all their best times for each division is only 23 seconds faster than their race, which for any The speed race is extremely impressive, especially in 3D, with an incredibly difficult set of tricks like dk64, so yes, although there is room for the record to fall, it certainly won't be easy on the virtual console or Nintendo 64.
So while you're on the VC side the any percentage category may seem dormant, there's a lot of hope for the game as a whole, logs may be scarce these days, but who's to say another bug isn't found from Impossible Game and repeat the same pattern we've seen over and over again. What we can do is wait and find out. Don't know.

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