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How Penguinz0 Destroyed YouTube's Worst Content Thief

May 14, 2024
Brent Rivera's decade-long career as an influencer has seen him commit countless crimes against the YouTube community, from blatantly stealing entire video ideas from creators to completely copying and pasting his face over other viral thumbnails, while this trash has worth Brent Rivera more than 30 million subscribers and 8 billion. Views, it was only a matter of time before he did something so outrageous that Penguin Zero, aka Charlie, was forced to not only report him but also demolish his reputation and now you look like a complete fool and you've ruined your reputation even more. Brent, if such a thing were possible, somehow your audience of children is being made aware of this now, which is the last thing I imagine you wanted to happen with the drama.
how penguinz0 destroyed youtube s worst content thief
You're just doing all the wrong things. Up here, you should have. I just left him, apologized for it, and ended it. Hello, I am the anarchist of the Internet. I create weekly documentaries on YouTube and today we'll delve into the career of one of YouTube's biggest Mr Beast clones and most hated creators in general. Brent Riva will look at the controversies that transformed his image from a standard children's entertainer to one of the most hated creators on the platform and examine why his attempts to cover things up only made things worse long before Brun dominated a staggering 30 million of subscribers.
how penguinz0 destroyed youtube s worst content thief

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how penguinz0 destroyed youtube s worst content thief...

On YouTube, he primarily made short comedy sketches on Vine, earning him over 8 million followers on the platform. Hi Lexi, it's fake, you're fake. Hey Mom, don't break up Brent after Vine ended in 2017? Brentw moved entirely to his YouTube channel, which at the time had 3 million subscribers, to continue posting his viral comedy sketches, while Brent has always enjoyed viral success on every platform he's been on, has also faced numerous accusations of plagiarism and employing strange tactics to increase his audience in 2014, numerous users. on Twitter he would allege that Brent was stealing video ideas from Tumblr and other sources, why do girls like to go crazy on Brent Rivera?
how penguinz0 destroyed youtube s worst content thief
He's not funny, stealing all your Tumblr Vines doesn't make someone funny. Brent Rivera is not creative at all. Shaking my head, anyone can still quote quotes and say them in 6 seconds, also P.S. Brent stop stealing ideas from Tumblr, you are not original, although these tweets did not include any evidence to support his claims, it was clear that there was an air of distrust around the authenticity of the


that made Brent popular. People even coined a term in the Urban Dictionary to describe how other creators' Brent St jokes made fun of Brent. It's when you steal a joke from Tumblr or Twitter and use it as your own.
how penguinz0 destroyed youtube s worst content thief
The origin of the word comes from the well-known Vina Brent Rivera because she recognized him for stealing posts from Tumblr and Twitter. One of the previous examples of Brent stealing another Creator's video concept was his video titled Things That Make Me Mad from 2012, which was a direct copy. from the Wasabi Productions video of the same title oh I have to be but I'm so comfortable but I have to be but I'm so comfortable damn when I get into bed and decide I have to pee shit I have to pee These plagiarism elements would only become more striking in later years, when Brent moved away from sketch comedy to challenge


, from copying fashion thumbnails to taking ideas from other creators' entire videos.
Brent was more than willing to undermine other members of the community for something selfish on Gams' part. who was called numerous times Brent Rivera, he would most likely copy my thumbnails, uh, one of the biggest prizes of the night, congratulations that Brent wouldn't just use other creators to get ahead, as he frequently humiliated to his family members. and even his own sister to get views, no matter what he had to do or who he had to steal from. Brent would stop at nothing to increase his YouTube reach and income, however, Brent's clandestine approach to content creation was about to ruin him.
More Harm Than Good On February 7, 2023, a creator named Tyler Olera posted a video titled Brent Rivera Called the Police and as the title suggests, the interaction between the two wasn't exactly positive, Brent Rivera called security and then the police attacked me after I asked them this, do you fake your videos? No, it all started when I was staying at The Shining hotel, I walked out of my room and randomly ran into these two girls in the hallway throughout the entire video. Tyler showed a series of hated interactions. between him and Brent and the former was caused by a simple question knowing he was in the middle of a fake prank on YouTube.
He wanted to see if Brent would admit it because we all know that his videos are fake and he steals everyone's ideas. I have a question for you guys you hire these people we don't know who who and as expected they made a cameo and Brent's newest video it's almost like they know each other. They have a question yes, do they fake their videos? no, they fake their videos, not my iPhone, okay, have fun guys, I know what's going on here clearly. Brent didn't find my question funny, so I returned to my hotel room and prepared to take my tour of the hotel; things would only get worse in their second confrontation. we get stronger hey we are we are filming our thing you film yours okay no let's not be disrespectful okay you guys talk on the iPhone although I don't appreciate the lack of respect but what a lack of respect literally I left my hotel room and almost had a heart attack why did you walk up to us and enter our space?
I just paid $400 a night for the hotel. What do you mean if we were normal guests, that wo wo wo normal guest do you think you are elevated Beyond? an average human being you have ascended to the human wait what do you expect who are you in the third makeup however it seemed like Brent was sick of the trolling and threatened to kick Tyler out of the hotel finish your video no, oh let's not go so we can finish it what do you want say? I'm sorry, they're going to come get you guys, they're going to kick you out.
What do you mean we paid $375, bro? Sorry no. as rich as you brother, this is the third time you harass us, don't harass who, wait, wait, you recorded me. I'm recording you because you are reaching every second of the hole we entered, we are in the same thing. floor, well, it's coming, so I mean you guys are just going to look at the guy behind you. What do you mean who is that guy? I have no idea, listen, this is our personal space and you're recording, no, you close the door and then open a threat that Brent would later make good on, as hotel security would come to escort Tyler off the premises, he came to us and told us: "pack your things safely." So you have to do it until they get here, sure he was unlucky after packing our things, the security made us leave and then we met the police downstairs and they said this.
I appreciate that you both have been very cooperative and obedient to us and I appreciate that you are reasonable. about it, sure, my apologies, sorry, okay, Brent Rivera, my number one enemy right now, you suck my balls from Brent's perspective, had won the confrontation by kicking Tyler out, but I didn't know that this battle was far from over in the future. Days when Tyler's video would ruin over 2 million views and reignite the previous hate the YouTube community had towards Brent with comments reading this video just goes to show that not all people are nice behind the camera.
Brent should be embarrassed by the fact that Brent had to enforce the law. Involved because Tyler walks to his room and turns around to watch them record it, it's so sad that Brent is two-faced and I love how Brent is very confident because his subscribers count, but the moment that guy gets into a fight with someone, it's or so The drama would escalate to such a point that some of the platform's biggest commentary channels would take turns criticizing him for his childish antics by February 11, 2024. Charly would catch wind of the controversy and mercilessly tear apart the terrible Brent's behavior.
The situation briefly, two YouTubers were staying at the same haunted hotel that they used for content, but then it leads to a bit of confrontation and eventually a really sour relationship between them and there are a lot of big time YouTubers involved here and it all leads. to this giant black hole of main character syndrome, so everyone becomes aggressive and everyone starts filming each other, so they say all their aggression towards the camera about each other, it's a big mess, it's very silly, Charlie would then continue to dismantle it. Brent's façade of authentic content by pointing out that even kids who rewatch his content know it's fake, a fact he would never admit this isn't important in any way, but I always find it strange why someone like Brent would claim which doesn't. he fakes his videos like even kids don't care man can you be honest you don't have to lie like he hires these two women to pretend to be like the glow girls and he tries to fake it like legit I guess for some reason that doesn't make any sense, this is just a petty thing, it just doesn't add up to me, why bother lying about how no one gets fooled, not even like real glue eating a four year old?
There is no chance, you can only be honest. Brent's tendency to belittle others when he feels threatened was something Charlie would pick up on and rightly criticize, but the way Brent handles it is atrocious. He starts shaming him for using an iPhone and shaming his team. Uh, at one point someone on his team disparages his subscriber number as if he couldn't have looked worse in this situation. Charie also noticed how desperate Brent was to show off his wealth. I don't know how people haven't realized that insulting someone's subscriber number. Financial well-being and all that is just an instant L like somehow people still say something like that guy who said have fun with your 100 subscribers with his whole chest like they just let that rip without knowing or realizing it realize how horrible that makes you look like you lose the moment you go there you look like an insufferable moron like just a pure colonostomy bag of a person like it's outrageous that people still do it like shaming him for using an iPhone insulting their uh their microphones that they also mention Is it all so strange?
Charlie's coverage of Brent's idiotic behavior would garner over 4 million views and have a KnockOn effect as more viewers and creators realized how desperate he was to protect his fragile ego. Brent and his team insult the iPhone insult the amount. of followers insults the setup too Brent and his team let's not be disrespectful and I think the


part is that Brent and his henchmen didn't even spend the night they left shortly after they just had to make sure Tyler couldn't stay. before leaving, the growing hatred towards Brent would manifest itself in his video titled "Overnight in the World's Strangest Hotels", which garnered 1.2 million dislikes and an equally hostile comments section that I was reading a YouTuber who actually creates real content versus a YouTuber who gets so angry.
Easily because they were told the truth about what they do on the platform. Imagine being stuck in 4k on an iPhone. I also looked this up just to see if the fight was there and I usually have second hand embarrassment for people who actually watch. Brent couldn't ignore the backlash and posted a response that he hoped would sway public opinion in his favor, but unfortunately it did the opposite If you recently saw a viral video of two YouTubers arguing in a hotel hallway, well, one of those YouTubers was I. Things are quickly taken out of context, so here's the full picture.
Also, this isn't me defending the things I said, but rather giving you my perspective on what happened that night, just as I was about to play a prank on my friends. At a hotel this guy came up to me yelling and accused me of faking the prank and I'm not saying all my pranks are real but this one was we were filming a video on our own business so it was really frustrating given the amount. We put a lot of time, energy, and money into these videos to create great content for you, and as the night went on, he continued to approach us with his camera saying horrible things about me, my friends, and my sister, trying to piss me off. for his video, at one point, it got so high that I did what he wanted, I crouched down to his level and said something I shouldn't have said, let's go with your 100 subscribers.
Brent continued to claim that Tyler was the aggressor and later stated that he had no involvement in the security call. He came over and started filming again this time while we were on a tour. His actions towards us and other guests on the tour made theHotel staff, not me, will call security. He was warned several times by the hotel staff he left not only us but other guests and hotel staff alone and after several warnings the hotel decided to call the police to escort him out of the hotel anyway . I'm not proud of the way I reacted nor am I perfect.
All I can do is be honest with you and admit that I could have handled it without seeing anything and just walked away, since Brent had left out key details and was clearly lying about what happened, it was just a matter of time. before Tyler responded to the situation, you're a liar, here are the receipts and I'm in the bathroom too so I'll be quick on line number one just as I was about to play a prank on my friends at a hotel. A guy came up to me yelling and accused me of faking the prank.
No, we were half asleep in our hotel rooms. My cameraman gets up and walks out into the hallway only to see these two ghost girls right outside our rooms. Note that Brent places these girls on the opposite side of the floor from the hotel room we apparently share, we could have easily avoided each other if you hadn't made your joke right outside our two hotel rooms on the opposite side of the hotel floor where we were both staying. Tyler continues to debunk Brent's misleading claims about being accused of making fake videos. Two this guy came up to me screaming and accused me of faking the prank.
Nobody yelled at you or accused you of anything. I simply approached you and asked if you knew the two girls. You were at the end of the hallway, you denied knowing them completely. I approached them and asked if they knew you. They said maybe it was okay anyway so I approached you and then you said do you fake your videos? No, you fake your videos. no, he also mentioned how Brent tried to gain sympathy from viewers by reminding them of the time and money he puts into creating content; he was really frustrating given the amount of time, energy and money we put into these videos to create great content, we lost about $44,000. on flights, hotel rooms, and car rentals after we got kicked out and your 30 under 30 ban, so this hurts me a lot more than it should hurt you.
I imagine that at the end of the video, Tyler recounts the events that led to him being expelled. outside the hotel We and other guests on the tour had the hotel staff, not me, call security, you literally called security non-stop and in this clip you say that when we leave, they will kick us out, you are that powerful. You guys want out, you guys finished your video, no, oh, we're not going to be able to finish it, so what do you mean? I'm sorry, they're going to come get you guys, they're going to kick you out without calling security, they wouldn't have us expelled if we had been 12 like your team, maybe that wouldn't have been the case, they chose the easier option of expelling us rather than you and your 10-man team belittling another Creator and kicking us out.
Getting kicked out of a hotel they paid for was one thing, but trying to twist the story to make themselves look like the victim was a whole different game. To begin with, Brent didn't have the best reputation on YouTube and now that viewers had the chance to see how populous and dishonest he was, it seemed like his reputation was really hitting rock bottom, but sadly this was just the beginning of Brent against the YouTube community, Since Brent was trying to mitigate the controversy he was already in, he was already creating another one as he began attacking other smaller YouTubers who criticized him for copyright.
The first was a creator named rth Brent Rivera. What the fuck are you doing now? You're sending me copyright strikes. Why are all of you 10+ million Tik tokers so dumb? I know if you sent the strike directly or your management did it, but my videos are fair use. I didn't steal your content. I talked directly about it, so I made it my video. Bren eliminates the strike. You don't want to break the law now. you or your little hurt feelings feel like a sore loser unfortunately, this wouldn't be the last time Brent Faly hit a fellow Creator On February 20, 2023, a YouTuber named dumpy uploaded a video titled Brent Rivera wants to delete my channel. in which he detailed a current copyright situation involving Brent.
I really hope the situation does not progress, if so I will make an update video to let you know what is happening. About 3 hours ago I was in a frenzy because I had a community. guidelines warning of my first violation due to content made about Brent Rivera while he was editing the video. I was frantically checking my email waiting to see a response to my community guidelines violation appeal when suddenly, around 4:00 a.m. m., I received I received this email with a copyright appropriation request for your YouTube video. I said, wow, what's going on. I sent some screenshots and basically said this guy is abusing the copyright system because my videos fall under fair use and then I shared screenshots of Brent.
Suspicious attempt to remove videos that criticized him. Another user re-uploaded my YouTube video. Uh, no, it wasn't like that. My video was transformative. I made a whole video of my own work from your content, reacting to it and breaking it down. and you said where the content appears, the full video, it was after not one but two of my YouTube videos and then there's all this verbiage. I'm going to censor this even though I feel like I don't even have to, but it's basically just saying that if you lie and misrepresent what really happened, it can result in the cancellation of his YouTube channel.
He literally signed that and did it anyway and lied through his teeth and I guarantee there will be no repercussions for his actions because of all the shady stuff. Brent wanted to end a fellow creator's career for no other reason than feeling like his ego was bruised, and the way he did it was equally horrible. Brent stated the following in his copyright claim how much of his copyrighted work is used most of the video was my original video from my YouTube channel no other original content from the Creator was shown how the market of his original work by this use negatively affects him fortunately for dumpy YouTube decided not to follow through with Brent's claims, however dumpy was still not out of the woods as he later received a community guidelines violation for a broadcast in which he reacted to Brent's content while dumpy did not directly accuse Brent of denouncing his channel.
He asked Brent to respond by posting his reporting history and I don't want to blindly come here and accuse you, Brent, of reporting my videos because that's kind of crazy, but based on how you've acted in the past, I wouldn't do it. let it go and if you're doing this you just need to relax bro like you're playing with people's livelihoods you're breaking the law by abusing copyright and trying to take down the video tyler ala made about you. Just come on brother, you can't do that one more time. Brent had unknowingly gotten himself into yet another controversy, but this time it wasn't about kicking someone out of a hotel, it was about trying to get a smaller idiot off the platform by abusing him. the copyright system and everyone on YouTube was criticizing him for it in less than 2 weeks.
Brent had turned the entire platform against him twice and, just like the first time, he only responded once he had enough of a reaction and that was plentiful the next day. Charlie would once again give his opinion on Brent's bad behavior by educating him on how damaging misuse of the copyright system on YouTube really is. There is an unwritten rule that, when violated, ruins your image forever. It causes repairable damage to your reputation and there really isn't much you can do to get back into the good graces of the platform that is abusing the copyright takedown system and unfortunately, a massive YouTuber today took a bite of that forbidden fruit. , his name is Brent Rivera, censoring other creators because they criticized You only make the problem worse and it was obvious that Brent didn't understand.
Luckily, Charlie was there to enlighten him, so let me explain how this usually happens when a YouTuber makes the decision to go nuclear and start featuring this kind of thing. removal requests, the entire community turns on them, people hate that, for good reason, it's the lowest you can go to sync to just stop being a little bit and accept that not everyone will like you and when you do some shameful nonsense because your ego overflows and you are embarrassed. yourself, people will make fun of you for it, that's the circle of life baby, that's nature, that's how God made this world and yes, and cyberspace too.
You know, I bet even you know that the Lord was in an ALT account. laughing at what you did here because you seemed really stupid during the point I'm making is that you just move on, you don't do this when you abuse copyright Shenanigans, it's always like sticking your head in a beehive. the only one who gets hurt, but you're too focused on the potential sweetness of that hive dig. DEA Chie highlighted how poorly he completed the takedown request and commented on how basic the context he provided was and what the market is like for his original. work affected by this use, it affects it negatively and right there comes the biggest warning for me that turns on the light bulb in my head and tells me that Brent Rivera probably filed this because there is no third party company worth their salt that does this professionally.
On behalf of the creators would I ever answer that question that way. It's a very concise answer, but it doesn't even answer the question. The question is how the original commercialized work is affected and his answer was that it is negatively affected. This is how a child would respond. I know Burt Rivera makes videos for kids, but it seems like he also has the brain of one that he's trapped in like he's in the third grade. You're supposed to explain your reasoning so it affects him negatively, but why? What exactly is this doing to you? encroaching on you and your original content, how is he stealing or ruining your content and he only gives like five words here?
Continuing down that route wasn't doing Brent any favors if he hoped for any chance at redemption, his best option would be to stop his cause of action completely somehow your audience of children is becoming aware of this now, which is the last thing I imagine. that you wanted to happen with the drama, you're just doing all the wrong things, up here, you should have moved. From there you apologized for it and you were done, you gave a terrible response to all of this trying to give it context, where even in that you make yourself look stupid like you just played this terribly, you played yourself and you look stupid ,uh.
Fortunately, I don't think dumpy's channel is going to be deleted or get in trouble because of this situation, so that's good, but it's really frustrating to see another great creator like Brent Rivera try to intimidate people by abusing the copyright systems. the platform that has been broken for a long time and will always be a great gift from me for February 22, 2023, dumpy released a video titled "He sent me a message" that served as an update on the situation and as a call for Bren. because of lies in direct messages, he sent me the exact same message on Twitter and Instagram, but let me show you the Twitter version.
Hello, I saw your video and notified my YouTube representative to withdraw all copyright requests. I also told my team. I know I won't copyright your videos starting today starting February 21st. I still have the copyright claim on my video. Basically, what this all means is that Brent doesn't get the money. I don't get the money even though I made a fair use video Brent easily claims the video, this is also the same video he tried to get removed but YouTube saved me, despite how positive and friendly he sounded Brent hadn't made nothing to retract his copyright claims or the harassment reports he made on YouTube to Worse yet, Brent would try to manipulate the narrative again by leaving a super thank you in the comments saying $400 in the meantime while the rights request is withdrawn by author, here's something to help again, sorry bro.
TT dumpy responded with "I don't accept." Your sorry, these deletions were given to me 48 hours ago and you've done this to two other creators I know. I hope you understand the severity of what you have done and tell me that you willingly lied to YouTube for any reason to try to have My Livelihood Taken Away on February 23, 2023. Charlie would upload a video titled This Drama Had a Happy Ending, where during the video Charlie pointed out Brent's blatant dishonesty in addressing the situation and made it clear that no one believed his shell attempts. in reconciliation, but I want to mention that second paragraph in which he talks about the routine ofDumpy and how he's proud of it, happy to see it and you know, wishing him nothing but the best for me, that just reads very insincere and disingenuous.
It seems like a very corporate PR speech because his whole routine and everything you had a big problem with because it was at your expense, so why are you going to pretend that you really appreciate and admire him? Just be honest like it's just not like that. Seems honest at all, there's no reason for them to put up a front, you can be like bro, your videos hurt my feelings, I overreacted, yeah it is what it is, I'll post it now. I see that this is a big mistake and That would be much more respectable than trying to put this like, brother, you're a grinder, you're crazy and you're doing it big, which is so lit and I know you're going to keep doing it. great stuff I'm so proud of you In fact I'm so proud of you Pat him on the butt like that's not genuine Whether Brench realizes it or not, his rubbery censorship tactics were actually what caused the massive wave of violent reactions against him and will be so forever. leave Asain with what's left of his reputation, there's really not much you can do to become chubby like you or just forgive it's just a matter of moving on, you're doing the right thing and everyone will appreciate that you're walking.
Coming back to it here with these removal requests, that's good, but I don't think there's much you can do to regain someone's trust or see yourself positively, it's something you'll have to prove over a long period of time if you actually learned something. of this whole situation. He says he and his team responded too emotionally, which is absolutely right, but this is an option that should never have been considered in the first place, obviously, in addition to his misuse of the copyright system. Brent was determined to cover his tracks by blatantly lying to not only his viewers and other creators, but YouTube also presented all of this under the guise of preventing others from infringing on his copyrighted material;
However, ironically, Brent has and continues to blatantly steal content from other creators despite being reported for plagiarism in the past. Brent hasn't. He changed his habits in the slightest and has arguably gotten worse, for example Brent's video titled World's Shortest Woman Versus Tallest Man was a direct replica of a YouTube video on KY wakasa. The first thing you'll notice about Brent's version is the fact that the Thumbnail is eerily similar to Kell's, however the similarities don't end there, as Brent liberally borrows from Kelly's entire script. He you see the order of events in Kell's video goes from meeting Jod and giving him some oversized products, oh, maybe it's too big, uh-oh, too big. that's funny or the hoodie too, thanks and ask her some spicy questions about who your celebrity crush is, take her shopping, find a cute outfit and finally go to an amusement park together, build the amusement park while we get there , this is sick and really scary.
The timeline in Brent's version is exactly the same beat for beat, giving him merch, okay, so we actually have a treat for you, so this is some relatable merch that may be too big . Do you think it's good that we have a smaller one and ask him some spicy questions about who he is? your celebrity crushes me I'm shopping that's pretty big oh my god, anything you want is the On credit card, the cheese balls, yeah, yeah, and finally the amusement park, are you going to float away? Brent's tendency to steal ideas isn't limited to his long-form content.
Since some short content is pulled directly from smaller creators, I have a notebook and I'm going to go to a fancy restaurant and act like a food critic. I want to see if they treat me differently after sitting down. I quickly took out the notebook so that the waiter could see it immediately. What I was getting looks from left to right at the first few items and after taking a few pictures and giving it a few minutes, I pulled out the note. They began to bring out my first dishes and left me. tell them that it was so delicious that I had to take notes back and forth and I start to notice a big change the manager comes to my table gives me his card with his personal cell phone number and tells me to call him every time I need a Reser and then they gave me complimentary champagne and to top it off they gave me all the food, someone special picked it up and the manager let me know to come back anytime, even their latest video titled I Built a Secret Starbucks You'll Never Find out this is a Shameless copy of a load from The Stokes twins.
Once viewers realized this, they made sure to show their disapproval with over 80,000 dislikes. Brent has since changed the video as a thumbnail to cover up his mistake, but again, this was only because of the massive backlash he received, he noticed the pattern here. Brent started his YouTube career by stealing from other creators and when that wasn't enough, he resorted to sexualizing his own sister to get an easy view of the platform and the following he has today wasn't built. his own skill or creativity, but rather behind the backs of the countless creators he has plagiarized from, despite all of this, Brent still attempts to present himself as an authentic and original Creator.
Every time Brent is confronted with the truth behind his career, he defaults to belittling or censuring him. them as seen with his interaction with Tyler and dumpy, once he failed it resulted in telling blatant lies that the community easily saw through disrespecting and disdaining the community that gave him a career he currently enjoys, it is never a good idea and Brent has learned this lesson. the hard way, but despite that, his channel seems to be doing completely fine, probably due to the dozens of kids who still watch it. An example of a YouTuber whose career was completely


However, Will beur clicks on the video.

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