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Hollow Knight speedruns are much harder than you think

Apr 30, 2023
Today we're going to run Hollow Knight, which is a really cool but hard sprint. Now we'll start the sprint as soon as we get past the opening cutscenes right away. We want to pause and then we're going to open up our inventory because that allows us to drop faster and it will cancel the delay once we hit the ground after this we're just walking around dodging all the bugs because we don't really have to worry about killing them and making slashes because that will open up the gates without us having to get knocked back we're also going to use a lot of pogos and do some little quick dash strategies like this one where we jump out of gear so we don't have to go as far back as we can . run over that one too Pogo that guy twice and hit the little pointy thing and go through another door after this we're going to drop into this area where we can do a couple more jumps and we're almost out of the starting area everything what we need to do at this point is open this up with three bars and move to the right finally we have the big door we just hit with a few more bars it opens up and we'll move on to the first part of the dirty mouth game oh by the way you may notice during loading screens my timer is actually going to stop because the speedrunning community made a timer that does that to make


as fair as possible having a better pc won't give you a better time but anyway we're going to go through the dirt mouth and you'll see I'm jumping across it because normally you'd walk a little slower but after that we're going straight to the forgotten crossroads which for this part we're just going to walk to the left a little ignoring enemies as usual now once we get to this room what we want to do is go here do another one of these inventory drops to make sure we drop. real quick and cancel the animation when we get to the ground we'll also go down here to this room where we'll have a little arena battle and we have to watch out for a couple of flies we can catch the first one with a few pogo sticks and then we'll try to use the pick but unfortunately I missed that one, luckily it's pretty easy to clear these guys out and I'll take some of their money too so for this room I want to skip. right here and then do these other jumps so we can go right through there we'll get hit but it propels us forward a bit so it doesn't really matter too


and then in this room there's a couple of flies all over parts, I mean.
hollow knight speedruns are much harder than you think
They're not too hard to dodge though, so we can jump over there, do another couple of hops, and go into the next room, which is just jumping a few more times to get up here. The path we're taking now is making our way into the fake night so we can have Vengeful Spirit on the trail there's going to be another one of these guys who aren't really bosses but they're pretty tanky we don't feel like dealing with him and thankfully the game doesn't need me so for this part you'll see the tall guy is going to jump, usually if he was in a different position than the short guys I would just walk under him and jump over the short guys but yeah that part was a little weird after this we're going to make the fake night show up and we just have to cut it a few times.
hollow knight speedruns are much harder than you think

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hollow knight speedruns are much harder than you think...

I have a ton of health so I don't have to worry about taking hits and all that we have to do. is to take him out once he's going to reveal his little ghost that we can slash eight different times and then he'll jump up and have a tantrum but this will be the perfect time not to fight him because in this fight you can actually skip everything by opening that wall after he gets angry, then we head to the left and go straight for the Shaman snail because like I said before, we need to get the Vengeful Spirit to start. this platformer is pretty normal here just going to the insurance center and we're a bit low on health so i'll stop at the bank before i go and talk to him he's going to say oh yeah i guess i'll help you and we it gives this thing that gets sucked into our body and knocks us out so yeah maybe we shouldn't accept random stuff from strangers but it gives us the Vengeful Spirit which will be our main source of damage once we get into the late game now we will wake up on the other side and before the shaman will let us out of here he wants us to deal with a mini boss so first we need to go through and do some platforming.
hollow knight speedruns are much harder than you think
It's pretty simple. things once again just dodging the enemies when we see them we can also get rid of these wooden platforms there's a cool part where we can jump this guy doing a slash up so we don't have to try and dodge him and there were the spikes on the ceiling so that would be annoying too we can also pogo one of the flies and finally move on to this little guy where we have to hit him with two of our special attacks he will eventually throw out one of the chubby dudes and we can get a couple of more special attacks kill him and go back to the shaman where he says oh you already killed him and he finally lets us go so now that we have Venge Full Spirit a lot more of it the game has really opened up for us and we're going to make our way to there we can open this door that will take us back to this room and we're going to head back now on this path we want to hit a couple of these enemies so we can start raising our soul because obviously the soul is important for our vengeful spirit attacks and important for healing if we want to do that later but we definitely need our vengeful spirit attacks because we're going to see another one of these guys but we can actually shoot him by scrolling the screen back a bit and yeah for some reason that's what makes it die right away I'll take it I don't care so now we just need to keep moving left which brings us to Green Path now for this it's more or less keep moving left we want to hit a couple these guys so we can get some more Soul like me. i'll jump and slash and actually miss that guy we won't talk about that but yeah pretty


whenever we're not full of soul we want to get some quick cuts while we can what i can do here is actually jump hit a couple of those birds that will give me some soul and she also went through that platform then we'll see Hornet over here she'll run away but we could actually go right after her doing that little jump basically what I jumped over and when I started going down I I turned my back, hit the vengeful spirit button twice, and then kept moving to the left, which barely allows us to get there, we're going to do the exact same thing too, right? here i'll have to deal with this little dude but this is a very precise jump that's ok i just barely made it there that's perfect probably the best thing i've ever done to be honest and we'll take a little more salt from these guys this part is just a little bit of platforming with some annoying enemies not much to say and then once we get to our next minibus what we can do is immediately cut it down use three of our magic attacks and we're done with it. so yeah we've been going pretty fast so far and we've also gotten some money which is going to be really important because pretty much for this whole game we're gonna get just the right amount of money that will get us going but what we want to do in this room is remove a couple of these enemies so we can raise our soul, as usual, but we need it especially right now for this little trick, what I do is jump slightly move to the left and use three of those attacks right there, hit him with a final slash which will kill him immediately and give us all this free money which is pretty much the fastest way to do it.
hollow knight speedruns are much harder than you think
I messed up a bit because you can get a slash before you get hit but it's still pretty cool and now we can head over to the Hornet boss fight we'll take this drop down top path here slash this guy a few times to get some more soul and yeah we're doing pretty good health so I can be risky during this boss fight basically for the heart of the boss fight I just want to make sure I don't get hit I'm going to use my magic attacks and combine them with my slashes what you can do is slash and then use a magic attack right after that will help us get a lot of damage done very quickly to be honest this is our first boss it's not very hard especially once you start to get to know his patterns, you only have to react to a couple of moves like jump on it and like I say, you just have to react I'm wrong like that but she's almost dead, we just have to finish her with one more cut, she'll run away and we can pick up this which will be the Moth Wing cape and that will allow us to run, so from here what we can do is exit to the menu and go back to the game to be on the bench next to the shaman, so now you'll also see we have the cape which is very good for platforming, but we still need one more thing to get really good at platforming and be able to do some cool tricks so what we're going to do is go down to the left we've got this little jump that we can finally do there and then we'll head over to the fungal debris right here what we want to do is another one of these inventory drops so we can get rid of that drop animation everything that breaks through go through here as quickly as possible and eventually head right then there will be this room we don't have to worry about that little fungus because it doesn't start to be active soon enough and yes, we can miss it. and yeah pretty basic platforming this platform actually took me a while to learn just because you have to remember every little thing that happens but once you get the hang of it you can do it pretty quickly now once we get to this mushroom area , we're not supposed to do that or that ok let's work with me anyway we can use them to jump by doing a jump so that will be good for our platforms as well and yeah we're just going back but this is where we we're going to use a really cool trick, what we want to do is drop down here, we'll do a run and we'll do another run there, then we have to wait for this explosive thing to go down and pogo twice in the air, which allows us to go to an area we're not supposed to be in.
I love that trick, it was really hard to learn but I'm so happy I have it now and now we have to do another trick since we're in Mantis Village first. out of everything we have to hit this switch which will open a door then we'll use these mantises to get out of pogo and back there normally we wouldn't be able to do this but we can do up there getting those three mantises and yeah jumping back a little bit more and having to do that kind of thing so here we go it's going to be the Mantis claw and now we can jump over the wall we're also going to exit the menu and go.
Going back to the shaman, this is where platforming really starts to get fun because we have so many different things at our disposal and yes most of the time we can go fast but now we're going to go back to this room and we're going to the right like we started from the run you can see this room is a lot more fun with the cape on even if i got beat up there we're not going to talk about it and yeah almost all rooms are a lot more fun because i don't have to worry about being so precise all the time have my Dash now what we want to do once we get to this room is actually go up because then we can go here to the left and open the toll machine which will take us to our fast travel and we'll be back here later, then we'll head back in this direction down where there will be another one of these nervous guys but before we deal with him I want to cut that three times cut it three times too which will give us a lot of soul before we go face the guru's mother now she's fight is pretty easy what you do is slash and then use your magic and i was supposed to do it a third time but then i messed it up ok maybe i shouldn't call things easy that's always when i mess up but we can take her out With a couple more cuts, she'll start to explode, give us. 50 Geo and you can see there are some weird things coming out of his belly that we can set up to use some of his magic to get them out right away and finish these guys off with a couple of cuts that get us some more money, but we don't.
We don't have enough money, we actually want 220, so I'll change my route, take care of a couple of these people, and also go to this building where we'll see our boy Sly, we'll remind them who. he is and it's important to unlock him because he's going to be our shopkeeper but anyway now that we have that extra money I can start heading to the right and we'll go to the salumbra shop. saloonbra is the person who will sell you amulets and we have enough money to get now the shamanstone that will increase the effectiveness of your spouse so we can head to the bank and equip our shamanstone we have enough notches to use it and now it's time to diebecause I killed a couple of people, although it will take a little longer because we have to wait for this guy to start moving slowly and that's because we want to die right here, we'll let this guy take us out and you can see that. our little shadow comes out now we're going to respawn on the bench and what we can do is approach him cut him once and we're going to get to this wall where I wall jump repeatedly then we can go pogo him and barely get there that was actually as one of the scarier jumps i thought i blew it for sure but you see now we're in Blue Lake and we don't even have to do any platforming we can go through it and eventually once we make it we move on to the rest rounds what we want to do here is cut that switch through the wall because we have to wait for a little animation and go to the right after running around for a little bit we're going to start seeing the dreamers and these are the people we have to defeat to face the final boss they will all appear in their ghost forms and be like hey we are going to knock you out now and wake up and immediately take off from the ground that is because we want to spawn the moth a little faster and die after it does, we now have probably one of the most annoying platforming sections, isn't it. a tough platforming section but it's tough when you're trying to go fast because if you don't time your runs right you can completely die and I really don't want that to happen so I'm going to be a little careful with this just so we don't get let's go down and have to waste a little bit of extra time there's just this one left so i can do a couple of these jumps i just do a long jump and then dash after that and you're usually fine once you do that we finally get a chance to talk to the moth and now they will give us the dream, which will be the weapon that will allow us to awaken the dreamers and break their seals right after we achieve it. that little section of text that i want to start mashing starts and then as soon as it disappears i mash running to the right what we can do with that is exit the building during the loading screen and yeah you can see it's just a one little faster, so we go back to the rest area now until we reach this room.
I can do a couple of races, I time this very specifically and then there's this guy who always spawns in a different place which was a little bit scary but we can get to the switch that will transport us to the city of tears and there's a lot things we're going to want to do in this section first of all we need to get a lot more money to finish this game so we can start taking these guys out and okay i didn't want you to do that but that will get us some money along with some soul to collect more money because we want to take out these two people too they will give us some more bucks and get this Wanderers Journal so we can sell it later then we can ignore this guy because I really don't care but there are a lot of people down here the ones I want to hit. with one of my spells he's going to give me a bunch of money right there i don't know how this guy didn't get hit and okay i guess you don't want to give me your money but yeah we'll do our down and to the right because here there's another one of these stations but we're not going to open this one yet instead what we do is this little platform where we can get up here and get the


seal is another thing we want to sell and it's going to be worth a lot of money from here we head back to this room and this time we go to the left so we can face our next boss much later a little bit of extra stuff because we want to go and collect some money in Tears city first now we will enter this room, we can take out a couple of those guys just using our spells and then we'll see the beautiful shell now what you want to do for this fight is you make it appear with your bar up and then we can hit it with a spell and get a double head that it's basically when the same spell hits it twice so it just lets us go a little faster now I'm done with that room we just head to the left there will be another one of these guys luckily they are very slow and yeah not much to say right now, we can take care of these people.
I'm just trying to get some soul so I'm not too worried about them but we need to make sure we get to this room on the left because there will be a switch we need to hit now so we can go back. later we're going to take this elevator up and once we get here what i want to do is jump and at the height of the jump okay i messed up yeah let's restart that real quick anyway what i was saying that we want to jump up to our jump, do a pogo and we can do it up there, that was a little embarrassing.
I'm not going to lie but I'm also going to take some soul from those people so I can use it on these flying guys we just have to cut them once and then we can use a spell now after this what we want to do is press a switch on the floor that we can barely hit if we time it at the right time and now we're in a pitch black room but I know where we need to go with just a couple of jumps and there we go we made it here after this there will be another one of these fly guys that we're going to just ignore because I don't really care about you we can take this elevator up and we're actually going to skip this elevator because it takes too long now what we want to do is hit this ceiling a couple of times because we're on our next boss, which will be the nights of the Watchers and we can remove one of the nights before the fight by collapsing one of the chandeliers, then we will use our dream nail on a couple of these shells that will give us some extra soul before the fight and yeah now it's time for probably one of the toughest fights in the game right now first of all we only have one of these guys to deal with and he's pretty easy on his own you can see this General Combo I'm doing just getting a bunch of spells and also getting some regular slashes we can take him out real quick and then he'll spawn two more right away yeah normally for this whole fight you have to deal with two of these.
Guys, at the same time we just dealt with the first one so fast they couldn't even spawn a second one, but we still have to deal with these two people while doing our best not to die, which is a lot


than we thought. could you. I


actually if you played this game you probably already know how hard it is but yeah my basic strategy is to always have both of them on screen, if one of them goes off screen they will do one of their jump attacks or something. like that and there's not going to be enough time to react, we also want to time our spells so they hit both at the same time instead of just hitting one of them.
I take my time with this to make sure you don't rush anything because this fight can be terrible of all the fights in this game. I probably put most of it. I'm in this The scary part is that there isn't much time to heal. The only time you really have to. heal is when one of the creatures dies and you can find some time when they're doing one of their rolling attacks, but other than that I just have to play nice, like here, I can take that time to heal, get up a little bit more. and now we're dealing with the last two and I'm actually doing very well in this fight, usually not going so well at this point, it's just fully concentrating.
I don't want to be hit by these attacks. the really annoying part is his jump attack because it can be very hard to dodge the way I do, basically don't try to outrun him most of the time because if you try to outrun him, on the second bounce he's going to hit you, so yeah you just have to play it smart but it looks like they should be pretty close to death luckily one canceled their raw there sometimes that happens and i'm pretty close to death too. I only have two HP left please guys. I just need you to die this is the part where my heart always ok ok there we go alright like I was saying my heart always pumps faster during this fight but yeah that actually turned out really well I'm proud of that, so now. we can head up and we'll head towards lurian the first dreamer of this part we want to start up the elevator but then we'll send it down so we can jump up here it's not that it's much faster to jump but then we can falling down on the way back, which is going to be a lot faster than taking an elevator, so we're going to dream about nailing Lurian into his dream, it's also a pretty simple dream, not too much. platforms and we can cut them a bunch of times, eventually they'll die and we can use our heal button to suck their essence or something.
I don't really know what's going on, but that's going to break your first seal. now we wake up we're going to go straight to the left hit the elevator button so we can get it out of the way and do another one of our menu drops then we can head into this room go left again we can open that chest that give us a bunch of money and get the seal of sainthood right here so we can go back through all these corpses of bodies kinda kinky but we ain't gonna talk about it and yeah we're pretty now a lot just trying to get out of town of Tears so we can go through this long corridor, there will be a switch on the other side so we can go through that door and before we leave the city of Tears, we really want to go. say hi to our guy Lem so we can sell a bunch of stuff and to do that we can open this shop hit that switch so we can let the elevator go past us and go straight down and once we're in this area we have to open this door we can also do a couple of runs to the Source and that's where Lem is going to be first we have to talk to him before we can use this shop so yeah he's just wasting us more time but then we will go back to the left, go up to the elevator and talk to our guy, where we will sell our Wanderers newspaper and our two Hollow Nest stamps, so yes, we have a good amount of money now, but we need a total. 2,400 to finish the game, so on my way back to the fast travel point, I'll kill a couple of guys just to take their money like these guys in this room.
I can hit this guy a few times and then use one of those. to take care of those people thanks for the money i still need another 40 but we'll get it for the rest of the game and yeah not much to say about this room just jumping on these guys normal stuff eventually we'll make it. Go back to the king station, go back to this bench area and open the next tall machine which will make the Deer come. We have to wait for it to come out this time and ring this Bell, then the Deer will come running here and yes. he's going to say hey i can fast travel for you now so we'll head back to the filthy mouth from here first of all we have to take this little elevator but then we can jump in there hit that switch to open the door and yeah Come on I'm back here I'm going to sit on this bench because it's going to be an important part of teleporting later and we can talk to Sly that now we can buy the lumify lantern which is incredibly important for a later part of the game. for now though we go back to the station and go to the Forgotten Crossroads but it's not Forgotten Crossroads anymore it's the infected Crossroads now you can see they are much crazier enemies like this guy.
Who is right? I really don't want to die here. I want to pogo myself out of them to give myself some height, but please guys stop. I don't want to lose this race right now. yeah um we're not going to talk about that anyway another one of these tall machines then i'm going to heal up a little bit because that was too scary that's sad because there's a really cool move right there but you know I'm just glad we're alive. I'm also going to punch this guy in the face a few times so I can heal myself and yeah we'll be on our way so this part is probably one of my favorite parts of the game just because it's so beautiful there's all the purple crystals and the cool creatures here, plus these miners who don't really like me, but I guess I don't really need them, not like me, though they beat me up because I messed up. that jump for this guy we also have to hit him three times in the face and then we can use one of our spells then we have all these guys shooting lasers out of their crystals so this is a bit of a scary part especially when just I have three health I'm going to play this pretty safe I don't know what's going on but surprisingly that actually worked well I'll take it for this okay I messed up a bit but you know I didn't get hit so I can't complain.
I'll wait for that guy and then he'll hit me anyway, but here we go, we made it and now we're pretty safe to get through the rest of the glass area because we can. begin tohead to the right and we just have these little mines we just dropped using our inventory yeah not much to say but after that it's time for more platforming we don't have to deal with enemies which is nice and in instead I just have to make sure I don't mess up, especially since again I only have two health at this point, so there will be a lot of things that can kill us, like these gems that shoot lasers for some reason.
I will wait. this one out because we don't have a lot of health that can go through there and pretty much all of this part is just patience if you jump you can usually wait for the lasers to go through and that's ok actually I'm going to have to. hurry through this one okay we made it that was scary but it's good because it got to the end and now we can get our next update and this update will be the crystal heart which is a very cool update for our move but now it's time to go back to the menu which will put us on the bench in the dirt pit right away, we're going to use our new power up and you can see why this is good for movement and why we needed to get it before we finish the Rush, we can use it in many areas just to go faster, but there are some places where it is really necessary.
We can roll out this area again though but these flies are much bigger and two of them hit me this time that was a bit annoying but yeah this whole place is infected right now but we don't have too much to deal with with that because we're going to head to the left where I want to stop my momentum and I mess it up but okay I still have a lot of health that guy is stuck down there too you saw that and I'm going to play this a little safe taking this guy out just to being able to get the extra soul that will spawn two types when i die we can go heal because this trick is very scary what we have What i have to do is use that power and jump at the right time.
I'm really surprised I tried it for the first time but yeah it's a cool jump we can do and at this point it's time to head to our next boss but this area is a bit annoying there will be a lot of jellyfish just sitting there but they like pretty much everything in this game if i get hit by one of them i'll take damage and yeah we don't really want that but now we can get into this building and it will be time for the umu boss fight before then though i'll take a security bank.
I want to be honest, if I die during this run, I'm going to reset but I want the extra Health. we also get to see all these different jellyfish that i can take out to get their soul too and yeah my main goal here is to not get hit so it's as safe as possible for the boss fight. I'll have to use the Crystal Heart right there and now we can spawn umu right away, we want to hit them with one of our Dream Nails, which actually, now that I'm


ing about it, I didn't need to because the Dream Nail doesn't actually do anything. damage it only gives you soul and i fell unresolved but anyway what we want to do for this fight is guide umu to the right spots after they do three attacks they should come here and then go to oh that wasn't what was supposed to happen ok yeah sometimes this fight is a little weird i guess because we wanted to crawl which i don't know if i said right whatever her name is we want Coral to go and attack umu. so we can hit their Center and that didn't work out exactly as planned which wasn't perfect because usually what you want to do is trap umu inside a platform so you can hit them multiple times in a row but yeah it hasn't been running best which is ok i just need to not lose my cool especially since this is an amazing race for me so far and yeah i really dont want to blow this by being dumb i am we are going to stick with the plan what we are going to do is hit umu right here and please quirl really do damage yeah not exactly sure how the AI ​​works for this boss fight with curl but we'll hit him a few times right there.
I mean it's not going the worst. I've definitely had worse fights than this. The thing about this fight is honestly it's really easy but it's hard to go fast especially when we're not getting actions like I'm trying to but I mean we already have a good amount of damage it should only take one or two tries more so umu will use that attack again. areas ok Coral just do your thing I'm going to hit him and please Gabe ok another spell should be his death and it was a single hit with my fingernail which is actually very sad ok not the fastest boss fight I've i've done but i'm happy i'm over it and yeah now we can head straight here where we'll use our crystal heart again to get to this area and we can see our next monomon streamer that we want to check out then Coral is going to come and it'll be like I have to break this seal and let you do your thing he will break the seal we can hit her with our Dream now and yeah it's pretty much the same as last time but this time we have the glass heart so I guess it's a bit of a move faster but yeah we cut it a few times to absorb all that essence and now we've broken the second seal which means there's only one left and now we're going to spawn right here and not even talk to Coral because that doesn't seem to be my problem and we have to get out of this building unfortunately every time you do one of these dreamer missions we can't do the normal where we just stop and go Let's go back to our previous bench because technically we just rest there so it would take us back to where we eliminate the dreamer.
Now we're just exiting the master files and this time we'll head to the I stopped pulling out this little wooden platform and this will take us to a new area where again there are a bunch of jellyfish. These guys are really annoying, especially since I haven't mentioned it, but the big ones if you try to slash them then they'll hit you with a really strong attack and yeah, we're just not going to worry about that. I'm going to go straight through the queen's station to this area and head over here. yeah we're not going to be there too long it's just a pretty simple part where we head right then left we'll do a couple of wall jumps here we'll go through all these enemies and go down once.
We get to this area, we can do a few pogos to make our platforms a little faster, then we can do a Crystal Dash so we don't have to worry about any of those platforms hitting that wall with one of our spells to open it up. up and we have to walk far enough in them backwards, which will collapse us and sink us deep. Now the deep dust as you can see is a pretty scary place and it's also really important that we have the lumify flashlight otherwise I wouldn't be able to see so yeah there will be all these bugs and things that we have to deal with worry, but I pretty much already know the way, so I'm not too worried, we're going to take this path to the left and then go down. head right there will be that guy but a folding floor so we don't have to worry about him there will be another one of these guys I just have to wait for them and go right here and yeah it's kind of like a linear path I guess , as long as you know where to go, that's fine, I don't know if that sense just made sense, but anyway, we can drop into one of these pools here so we can heal up and get a little more soul before continuing. now to the left, this is where we want to have a lot of soul.
I'm going to hit that guy right there because I can heal my soul by slashing this guy a few times but yeah I just want to stick to three souls so we can take out some specific enemies in this game later now let's do some simple platform we don't want to get fancy with these things we don't want to get hit by all the spiders that are crawling around and generally a little bit more to the left until we get to this part where we want to jump up there that spider I don't even know how didn't hit me but there are going to be both spiders on the ground and spiders breeding if you stay still for too long basically we just want to keep moving which to be fair is kind of a full sprint , but we are going to take these roads up because there will be those floors that will collapse.
I don't want to deal with it and once we get to this room, we're almost done. I really don't have to worry too much here. I mean, there's a spider that I'll try not to hit, but yeah, not too much. worried about him before we go out this will take us to the distant village where it's time to get our last dreamer we have to do some platforming to get to this building and this is a really strange place where there is a group of people with The ones I accidentally spoke to but they really want us to sit on this bench, unfortunately for us it was actually a trap and yes they all come towards me. spider webs and we have to fight our way through and yeah we're on the Beast now so yeah this is another one of the scariest parts now for this latest streamer they don't actually have a boss fight but these enemies are some of the most annoying guys in the game that's why we wanted to have a full soul so we could hit them with three of our spells right away and hopefully kill them quickly, but if they hit us with their claw attacks then they make two holes. damage instead of just one, I really want to be safe with those guys.
I'll get a little more Soul here because I have to deal with another one a bit later, but overall most of this isn't too bad, it's just like trying to play pretty. well i probably tanked the damage and ok that was a terrible move kind of embarrassing but we're almost done with this we're almost to the final boss and i'm so excited i really hope i don't drown him but we're not going to talk about that anymore anyway we're almost done with this part i'll open up this guy because i want to say he might as well be there and i'm actually going to heal here because i'm a little scared and he's going to know this guy who's okay that's not what what was supposed to happen it's good that I healed up yeah um actually you can skip this guy but I'm playing really bad it's probably nerves because this is a really good race but it's ok I I will leave he slashed me twice so i can jump on him and that was kinda scary but now i have to play the next part real good because there's going to be this last dude it's not worth healing at all because he would have to heal twice and I might as well use that for my spells we just hope they don't hit us and this is going to be a pretty slow battle pretty much the only thing you can do when you're out of spells is hit them once then run away because we don't want to get hit by those claws here we go , thanks, I was so freaked out by that bar anyway, it's finally time to deal with Hera, our last dreamer, who yeah, we just cut them off. a few times they absorb all his Essence and that will be the final seal broken now we wake up and all we have to do is get out of the Beast so we can fast travel back to the start of the game and make our way to the temple to face the boss end look pretty simple platform luckily there are no more enemies for us to deal with there are these guys that are dead i don't know if we killed them or someone else killed them but i mean something did and i can go up here so i can get to our last stag station that will cost us 250 Geo and now we are going to the dirty mouth from here we are going to take the same path as first just go back through the swell but this time we finally head to the right what I can do is jump right there and then we will use our crystal heart to be able to skip all the platforms and get to the building that is going to be the Black Egg Temple immediately once we get here see that all the seals are broken and we can go in which it is a little intimidating but we should be good and finally its time for the fight that can make or break my speedrun yes this one is pretty stressful but before we get to the actual fight we have to take care of these chains you just have to cut each one of them four times which is pretty easy and now it's finally time to face the Hollow Knight so for this fight what I want to do is slash him once normally then do a jump slash to make sure he doesn't hit me with none of his fast attacks, so you'll see. do a slash jump slash he could use a pogo or something and once in a while when we do enough damage he will stagger giving us time to heal or slash on a spell he has a couple of attacks on this moment. they're not the hardest, probably the hardest of this bunch will be the parry and then once we get him far enough he'll use that attack which is very annoying.
I hate that attack but yeah we're just going to have to focus on this guy he can do a lot of damage really fast especially if you lose your cool so I just have to be smart I'm going to line up there just to make sure I'm safe, use two Perrys and a row. which isreally annoying use this attack again and then twice thank you very much but it's going pretty well so far it's one of the attacks that is probably the easiest to dodge so I always like to see that we can do a couple of pogos and I show them my ass just to taunt him while I recover a little bit, I mean overall it's just about staying up in the air in this fight and taking your damage while you can show your ass to him while you can all that kind of stuff, but he should just have a little more health and there we go ok now once we get him to this stage he will backstab himself a bunch of times which gives us a chance to get a ton of soul and this is when you know yourself i'm close to beating him i mean not too close we still have a good chunk of the fight left but he gets really enraged i mean the real reason for the game's story is the



has a moment of clarity and he decides help us kill him but yeah i'll play the game yourself if you want to understand the lore it's some great stuff but this is an interesting attack because what we can do isn't that great thanks for backstabbing i appreciate i'll explain that attack in a bit to die though i can jump over that one because i was prepared for it and this attack is one of the most annoying attacks so it goes and throws up all over the place but i actually dodged it all so i'm really proud of myself , please. stop using your Pairs and anyway this is the attack I was talking about what we want to do is walk up to One Direction and hit him as he falls but eventually you'll see that he does another one of these long screens and that means he's going to be weak, so yeah he doesn't really have much on him his cuts are very pathetic at this point we just hit him with a couple of these he can't really do too much this is the part of the fight where I really don't want to die because it would kind of embarrassing but there we go that's Hollow Knight done we still have to finish the sprint because he gets into this part and we can start to absorb that Essence but eventually it gets to the point where the screen goes black and my automatic divider will divide right there to give us the time of 48.40. that will also tie us for 427th place on and i'll take it well subscribe if you enjoyed bye

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