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HIGHLIGHTS Man City 1-0 Chelsea | FA Cup Semi-Final | Silva sends City to the final!

Apr 27, 2024
Less than 72 hours after their Champions League heartbreak, the Blues are at Wembley Stadium with a chance to shrug off that midweek disappointment by securing a 13th FA Cup


, this time without a treble, perhaps , but how about a domestic double that provides a huge incentive and allows the refocusing job to be much easier head towards the halfway line plays a pass to Greish who is just inside the Chelsea half, comes off his line and will look Look up and you'll see several options, one of which is Captain Cal Walker. whoever loses it immediately bounced off his chest Gallagher hit him Chelsea has four in this


of counterattack to return Gallagher somehow from the goal well, he played it wide towards Malo Gusto and I think the momentum may have been lost a bit.
highlights man city 1 0 chelsea fa cup semi final silva sends city to the final
Gusto holds it. Greish is there with him and concedes Chelsea's second corner a second Chelsea corner another outswinger the 11 City players are in and around the sixy box no one on the edge if they try to vary it but Gallagher's corner goes to that area and de bruyne he easily clears it and now Foden could mount a counterattack. Álvarez is making a massive run down the right side. Foden should be able to spot it and he does. Álvarez majestically brings him down on the edge of the area, but he's fine. He is well ahead of the rest of his colleagues, but he finds a pass to de Bruyne. de bruyne now helps City score foden too wide.
highlights man city 1 0 chelsea fa cup semi final silva sends city to the final

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highlights man city 1 0 chelsea fa cup semi final silva sends city to the final...

It's away for Cera and greish can't get to it and then the AI ​​on the edge of the area and continues towards greish but Chelsea regroups but I tell you what was brilliant. Foden simply pushed it too far and couldn't hook it into the back of the net. They could go left or right toward Walker. at the end and to help De bruyer on this near side, the left side CR passes it to greish greish on the edge of the area and it goes to Álvarez Álvarez in that penalty area tries to shoot away and he does it and it hits De Bruyne's foot and There's an offside flag anyway, but Alvarez shot and De Bruo was the defender by accident and was also in an offside position.
highlights man city 1 0 chelsea fa cup semi final silva sends city to the final
Michael yes, it was a good job again, forward passes, people enter large areas back to rodri again rodri looks up he changes the play to the left side where greish has it he is in the area greish Benz enters beautiful ball great opportunity from the line Kara got there Petravic couldn't and Foden and Bernardo Silva Cruz came in, but the flag went up for offside anyway, but it was Petravic and Kukara on the line preventing City, but I think the flag would have disallowed anyway, the flag appears, he tries to guide it towards that F corner, but it was Phil who was offside.
highlights man city 1 0 chelsea fa cup semi final silva sends city to the final
As Alvarez tries to make something happen on the backline, Calobar tackles him and then pushes him back to Kaio and then he is helped by Thiago Silva and Chelsea escape from City Press and put it to Jackson and the flag stays down. and Jackson went through the goal and Jackson went around Oraga and Jackson well, he didn't get the shot and City will get it. The flag was never raised. Jackson then surrounded Ora but then didn't shoot, stopped, walked back and said he would take him out. easily and the flag was still never raised. Well brilliantly from Chelsea they ran away from the press and got ahead with Kara and then it goes towards Jackson but he can't control it and then AK goes down but Stones gets there on the Just in time it breaks for madw Mad tries to stop him and he breaks passes it to Malo Gusto Malo Gusto now in the right wing position leaves that line and plays it back to chalobah chalobah advances and approaches the edge of the


third but is now in a right wing position chalobah time to cross plays a beautiful low pass to Palmer Palmer to shoot away Palmer good save from OA that was the moment Palmer works it with his left foot he tried to bend it DGA Ora saw what was happened and I gave him a big palm and he took him out of Harm's Way, but there's the danger of Cole Palmer, that's what it's all about and Orga was brilliant and actually the ball breaks for Jackson and Ora makes the save, it came out of nowhere all of a sudden.
Jackson had the opportunity to shoot at goal and Jackson is there again and he heads it straight at Taga. He has had two chances in 25 seconds and if he were a little more precise in front of goal, Chelsea would surely be in front of Michael Brown, yes, surely Walker. Desperately trying to get back in, he tries to just Cur it Palmer by getting Aras in and it's a weak head, although a really good parry is causing problems. Now this is where City open up, this is where City get into good positions, we are with Greish in the penalty area. greish towards foden It's On Target great save by Petrovic first goal attempt of the match Phil foden from approximately 12 13 M shot under a good save by Petrovic and finally City have really tested the great goalkeeper out of bounds, it's going well Bad taste in a center position on the right wing City have a lot here back Chelsea have it with Palmer Small ball from Palmer towards Mad tackled by Díaz Mad still holds the ball and then it falls on Gish's outstretched foot and it's a free kick for Chelsea I'm not sure you necessarily want to shoot, but Palmer is playing so well this season that you wouldn't rule out him trying and he does and I think he needs a deflection and it works out well.
I think it should be a corner kick, yes. I thought it was, I thought it was a deflection, I think it should have been a corner where City had a lot of defending to do, but he did it well, dku and finds De Bruyne and De Bruyne towards Foden. Fod didn't realize he was coming. rodri returns rodri to Bernardo Silva now City can counterattack by going towards the edge of the penalty area gets Beyond plays towards dku dku now in shooting position can shoot far enters the penalty area still dku oh good save with his legs that was what that dku offers that explosive rhythm and petravic with a good stop with his legs Diaz Diaz helps him to the left side for dku dku catches it very well diasi in front of him dku tries to sell one or two dolls but in the end he passes it back to ak to aangi and goes to dku again dku to de bruyer deploying from behind and a good block and Bernardo Silva scores Bernardo Silva puts City in front six and a half minutes from the end if there is a player who deserved to score today Bernardo Silva, who felt terrible after that missed penalty Wednesday night.
He may well have scored the goal he scored against City in the FA Cup final. From broid with an outside center towards the area and Bernardo Silva with the help. a deflection puts City one to zero against Kara City one Chelsea Nila simply makes a gesture with his left arm Pep Guardiola tells his team we are almost there there is a poson that is just beginning to explode it gets bigger and bigger as the Orga's goal kicks about to be sent into the air, it enters Chelsea territory. Roger helps clear and then Bernardo Silva heads in.
Striker Oscar Bob gives chase. We're still going, we're in the 99th minute. Petravic hits the striker. City only need to win this and Michael Oliver blows the whistle, what if there is ever a bigger test of a team's personality and character? It's how they respond to disappointment and, my goodness, would we ever doubt how this group of players respond to disappointment? They have recovered a little less than 72 hours after a truly heartbreaking elimination in the Champions League quarter-finals by eliminating Chelsea in the


-final, here today Bernardo Silva


City to another FA Cup final City have beat Chelsea and will play in the FA Cup final in four weeks, the final score at Webbley Stadium City One Chelsea zero

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