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Highlights FC Barcelona vs Real Sociedad (1-0)

Apr 29, 2023
Saturday night Barcelona against al sofyan Ave in camp not with Martin braithwaite in Barcelona starting 11 the lady testing Alex Romero early in the cape Messi couldn't get past Ramiro I would


ly expect him to end up messed up from his pictures from the second half finally finished off from the racket brilliantly saved it only the Basque goalkeeper railing Safi now had his chances for the second half sub the attention lawyer who was with this attempt the passer had been brought in the second half it is his cross that is cleared and although the game continued, the referee Martínez was informed from the VAR operations room that Lenormand had committed a penalty handball and in the 81st minute layer Messi approached to take it and turn it into a milk and its fat had entered the Last minutes here I had put. intelligent cross to the far post in the final touch of the match but Jordi Alba's gold annulled for offside final score Barcelona one Brielle's Sofía papa cero
highlights fc barcelona vs real sociedad 1 0

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