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HermitCraft 6: 178 | THE RIDE OF MY LIFE [FINALE]

Feb 27, 2020
five hundred eighty three days thirteen thousand nine hundred ninety two hours eight hundred thirty nine thousand five hundred twenty minutes this is how the sixth season lasted on the heavy crafting server that five hundred thirty five hundred eighty three days I mean, it's unbelievable. I know many of you may not know this but one of my absolute favorite tv shows of all time has to be The Office The American The Office which ran for nine seasons and ended somewhere like 2012 or something absolutely fantastic. . fantastic tv show and i love it and i've watched it maybe nine times from season 1 to season 9 and there's one there's one there's an episode where michael, the manager, the boss quits, likes it, ends, says, leave the office and me.
hermitcraft 6 178 the ride of my life finale
I think it's season 7 and the employees get together and sing a song about how many minutes he's been working there now those minutes equals 10 years and we're not going there for season 6. I have to admit we haven't even made it to the two year mark, but when I calculated the number of minutes this server or this season has been up. I eat what I want. I wanted to write a song like the office 839 thousand minutes no I'm not going to write a song but it's pretty awesome it's pretty awesome and as I'm sure you'll understand by now and I know other videos have already been announcing it this is the The end of the fight is the end of the sixth season. lf it's really weird.
hermitcraft 6 178 the ride of my life finale

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hermitcraft 6 178 the ride of my life finale...

I must be honest. I feel very torn. the corner, you guys, you won't have to wait long, but at the same time, I also feel, I also feel a little sad, I think that's normal, right? I mean, I've been spending a ridiculous amount of time in this world and I don't know if what's showing on the tab here are minutes spent in the m world maybe, but I know I've spent a ridiculous amount of time. I am a big fan of statistics. I have played for 70 points 84 days this season, which is a new record for me.
hermitcraft 6 178 the ride of my life finale
I went back and watched season four and season five that I was in as well and neither of them were more than fifty days, so it's a great record for me to stay in the season all the time and I'm very, very happy that I did. Because we've created some amazing things this season, I honestly think one of the things I'm absolutely most proud of this season was coming up with this Guardian farm. I decided that I wanted to try and do something that wasn't already available and I came up with this concept that is you. i know it's working great, i will say i got help from my good friend nimbin MC to figure out some of the details like the string up there and how that affects spoon rates but yeah i mean this. very proud of it and i know i should have made a tutorial should i made a tutorial about it.
hermitcraft 6 178 the ride of my life finale
I'm so sorry I didn't. Now we will leave this world with many unfinished bills like this. Obviously, he needed to rebuild. This needed a roof. that sort of thing but by and large I mean the number of projects we've been taking on in the number of things man built this season including the villager cannon which I love and haven't used enough of to be honest . I mean this. it's just that this was so much fun. I just want to see if it still works. You may not have TNT. I'm not sure, but these two guys are going to be the test subjects, so I think I just pushed this button and that's it. okay there's still some TNT in there if they fly fly it's still a weird contraption isn't it?
It's really weird but it's one of the fun things we did this season I did so many fun things I mean yeah for me I just think back to July 2018 when season six started my


has been so inclusive since then I've I've done so many things that I've been to when we started the season I've never been to Boston and now I've been to Boston I've been to mine Colleen in Boston and Nashville to mine cons during the season meeting some of you guys some of you amazing people and i've been on two minecraft panels and i really had a blast and that's right off the server it's just things that happened over time and lately i bought a house i even bought a house this season i think season six will unfold and in my history book it will also be a very, very big journey and today I want to take you back to the beginning of this season and I just want, I just want to talk about something some of the things that really meant a lot to me that season and I want to send a big thank you to everyone who followed my channel for the whole season or watched before the season or watched my full season. from wanting to know in the comments if you were here from the beginning or ha.
Have you come back and watched my whole season anyway? I'm very, very grateful for all of that, but before we get to that, we've got other business to try to make one of them the end of this dragon head, but before we get to the end. from the dragon head is there something we need to do with the other architect guys i mean the season is ending the big question is will we ever break even and yeah yeah i did a black screen mumbo scene here look at me go hello hello hello i was talking to the other day about customers are a hotline and i realized throughout this whole season yeah we've only had one failure with pretty zahra yeah and that was when green put at 8, there hasn't been a single customer complained ummm everything has been working that's not a green potato yeah right how many people know the number of the sir customer service hotline because i don't even know the number of the Hydra customer who misses you answering the phone because whats that ago it made a lot of sense I didn't even know it existed until today since 99 it still charges and charges and works I was on the other end of the line well that is a lie because we have had a lot Custom customer complaints on all orders. it was very late some of them were very wrong but somehow we have made some diamonds i really mean well we made diamonds actually i don't know if we say made we have made diamonds we have made we have broken even there is a question we have diamonds but if we really got profit i have no idea ok we had we had a lot of costs to build this yeah yeah husband i mean i mean scale we have spent how much on reds we have spent a long redstone actually i dont know but i think i probably spent all 800 diamonds 500 diamonds 600 good six i cant have it on neighbor six i cant have diamond pieces on computers cherry sahasra basically given why didnt you know this is this is a store scars r really yeah basically yeah okay so i mean i'm definitely with this gala i don't know really we should have kept better accounts probably e is fair to say we spent a thousand diamonds all together on all the redstone components and that kind of stuff in the warehouse and yeah yeah and hiring ariana grande wasn't cheap like she charged a lot for her looks and we spent the whole time alone grand opening that wasn't sheep news all that stuff doo-doo-doo-doo dude no when we were doing that stuff you never mentioned that there was a really big cost involved you just said ariana grande of course or maybe her agent i don't know they have the boat the point is they're gone so it's gone right away we don't have diamonds were enough you spent the new diamonds on something material oh no they have the concrete myself it was mainly mainly ariana grande the hermit news the grand opening or the fireworks all that guy or If you know the father's marketing budget, did you buy the fireworks too?
Did you buy the fireworks? I've been through a lot of fireworks, guys. I have a gunpowder farm. I have a baby farm. I used oil and that doesn't look right to you. I mean, this chair you have yourself oh yes no no I did not pay for this gentleman this was an expense but what else what the pants you wear the shoes what do they do that haircut is not look that look at it looks like a waffle , yeah, I mean, I'm assuming it's okay, please it's Cal at least you didn't pay for this using our money no no no I took the spotter you finally made and I may have bought the redstone lamps actually Win a chair at the last second.
Yes. In fact, I'm surprised how long it took you to bring the princess. chair competition sweeping it right at the last minute i built this abou Fifteen minutes before this meeting i thought i was a good fit. fantastic world case i got ok ok we spent a lot of diamonds clearly things the costs have gone a bit out of hand no one really saw that coming anna scale thought we were aware of the costs and things we hadn't realized we threw left diamonds to the right and we send them to all kinds of different companies, so how many diamonds did we make you?
I'm gonna start playing the blame game and you know I spent your money on redstone I spent money on ariana grande so let's just leave it at that let's cut to the chase let's see how ma All the diamonds we got in the stack is fine I'll to sleep first, this bed by the way, it was brought to you by Khan Corp, yeah I don't bother to count them, okay let's start squashing them, no it's solid yeah oh yeah hey guys yeah maybe that's okay so maybe i made it seem like we got more time oh my gosh 38 plus 64 than all of them yeah we lost two we can delay losing $2 box for diamond blocks made a loss ok give me a second Guys give me a second, I've had a few volts in my lower chest. under the chest alright oh i made a ghost mind in a chest i just forgot i've been there we broke up even bring another break we even had five pretty looks in five diamonds how do we split that between three people?
I like to get mad and you take one and some carrots, yeah I mean it's my carrots what's the return? investment in terms of boosting as far as the number of diamond blocks listen this was a great project but overall it was a financial disaster you know next season maybe a bit of a head start we didn't , we can do bigger and better than this yeah yeah so horrible. I'm freaking out again instead of dividing those five diamond blocks. Why don't we send them into season seven with us as our initial investment in whatever we do next season? a better start than you would definitely pay ariana grande, wouldn't it?
I'm going to have to double check every ridiculous idea that comes our way about opening ceremonies and fireworks shows to make sure she doesn't come to us and say, 'Hey guys, I'd like to hire Ariana Grande to No, no, no, say hello. guys guess who's in th The room next door is a tree and check out my parties listen to my music though listen to this live performance five arranged the ones in this towel below i've acquired check out my headphones oh man on my head check out my silly cut of hair twenty again no no no no not okay five four one seven yeah that's right that's what he doesn't do wait so you saw it coming you didn't say anything and let me be embarrassed yes I needed a new haircut so there you got it I know there were skeptics but Sahara actually broke even and made a profit we don't have to talk about the amount of profit which is irrelevant at this point we actually made a profit but anyway with my second scene of muttered doom in this video let's go ahead and let's deal let's deal with this dragon i hadn't done it and i'm still alive on the rebuild server welcome miss cow prob You might be surprised to see me here a little bit though what happened here it is I went half sea with him with momentum on this so that he might be super into it and that we're literally gone so I did half your device and impulse did half your demise and i think you can tell who did what but you know like a surprise i cant believe you guys did this so you basically won the auction and then how did you graduate in your


dude ok y'all ready yeah i guess in that chest because they're going to die we didn't test? this with a dragon head i can take it off but wait just one last time i want to see since last kill 7.38 days no way ok so and this is kind of a solo experience for you so actually we're gonna go you to him and i think we will have to say enjoy the


right impulse enjoy the


of your life ok the other end yes wave your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times how lovely to die well statues. burn it ok he seems to hate it ok smack it smack it that's not all it's Danny in this hermit craft house after all let's see it seems the Builder has gotten a taste for Gold and has decorated the whole house with will help the Builder through this haunting obsession no no no yes it seems that he would rather see the house torn to pieces conversation let's find out that the Redstone ax has left the builder alone with thediorite looks like the builder is planning some kind of revenge how exciting will this be?
I count and for our hard-working joy the journey is Kyle 85 to your death oh my good okay yes It's not this is this taken from the good okay it's Cali we say oh I'm going to fart in the middle of art I have a heart oh my God, i told you a game the wrong game is here that looks amazing but that evil looks scary he just punched me to death after all this i died from getting punched i'm pretty sure that was there out there in my headband d shop oh my god my head is gone oh look at that glorious face I'm back momentum I think we should bow to our little acting skills there in the world which side which side of the Redstone demise around the Builder Ya I see how this I have to say.
I shall. I must get a copy of that suit. It's okay, just for you. It sure is a very elegant suit. I approve now. This was. Is incredible. I mean, I'm kind of happy. I know I just died, but I'm kind of waiting a minute the way you hit me. Korean. You may. That's Babbage's diorite as he went. yeah i had to do the biggest wash thanks guys the escalator you went up it's actually the escalator no no that's cool the other room the escalator the green room that was so scary one of these mice is going to die and then and then I drove to a dispenser thinking, well here comes the arrow and then I drove up I drove to a lava room you know what and the arrows didn't hit my face?
Each and every bug. May I ask if I was killed in my own coup? So my track record of that black pearl shop this season is a tidy Korean hit who ended up dying because I was chasing this man in Positano, if you remember. I was chasing this man and he dug a hole and I went to my corn and I ran into a fan who had painted a beautiful picture of me falling in that hole and the second time and now I have six minutes this is really good. Don't put another dragon head on my face because it's huge.
I must be honest. I really loved being a dragon brother, but having my face back is a really, really good feeling. I mean, look at me with a rich girl. It was just glorious and and and I have the diamonds to show at the end of the season that I did over er thousand diamonds which was my goal since I first achieved it anyway I've come all the way back to where it all started o well it didn't actually start here because this was this i think this was my 3rd attempt at a more permanent foundation and i must say this looks pretty good it's kinda kind of kinda slipped on my face i never felt like that was supposed to be my storage system and i built the storage system i tore out because i needed the hoppers and i never finished the face of that sphinx but this little area is i think it's very cool.
Korean built that building there pretty sure, but yeah, I'm not actually planning on touring or anything, I just want, I just want to be a little nostalgic, which is why I don't want to. a tour by the way is because there will be a world download for all of you t or explore the world yourself in the next few days and if you want you can download and run it in minecraft java and then just check all these things for yourself and enter the spaces that we have never shown on camera and such things could be.
It could be very exciting, yes, there is also all this. I remember digging this hole at the beginning of the season and thinking wow this is a mega project and I mean it probably was. I propose you have a glitch there that must be a glitch yeah ok there's ice just a slight glitch anyway in July 2018 when the season started I didn't really have a plan I didn't really have a plan for what i wanted to do and on top of that i hadn't checked the aquatic update. I knew very very little about it and hadn't been going through the snapshots or anything like that, I wanted it to be everything and because it was the aquatic update.
I mean I think it was pretty obvious that I was going to go or the ocean and create my ocean base and I know that Mambo also created an ocean base and I think so this was the official entry into this initial base and I have to say looking at it was a project really funny it was really weird. I remember it was really weird working underwater and it actually worked with our type of water. We even got the frozen bamboo curtain. Me from season 5 joined us and always took care of us. I spent quite a few hours on this base.
I had the storage system. I had the idea to build a storage system that was a bit brain-smart and not Redstone-smart. In the end, it didn't work out very well. I really keep the diamond horse armor I never had a horse this season nor did I plan on having one I remember trying to create a tracing for it thinking it was a clever contraption but this kelp farm was just the slowest thing considering it was going to ignite my fir st megafurnace which was this thing here where you dumped the stuff inside can i just can i just do that will it break it probably yes you just drew the stuff and it started to melt oh no you can actually smell smooth stone in smooth smooth oh, that's a lot of glass.
I wish I knew before that if I collected all the stuff I have in all the chests around the server it would probably be good for materials to be honest. wow this room was really doric. This room has been around for so long that it's a bit surreal to explore this season's opening base, but this really looks cool, doesn't it? I had a thing on this base that I never had. in my new base and that was a proper room and I had this and I think this is where I first got mad to see someone put a poisonous puffer fish I think it was Exuma but I don't know if they ever found out but yeah they put poisonous fish here and I couldn't figure out what was going on. going on hello friend hello are you happy you look very happy but I think the most important room of my initial base was this room here this is where we did the close-ups of what became one of the biggest things that happened this season I have Needless to say, and that was the civil war and I'm wondering, I don't think these maps are up to date, but isn't that the battle area shouldn't be the battle area right there or am I saying this completely?
I can't, I can't, I can't coordinate here, wait, this is scars, a great big tree, that's right, look at this, I think it's a Civil War battlefield. I don't think the maps are updated or that could be sahar maybe that's horror I don't know this is weird this is an old version of Hermann's artisan server it has to be from somewhere in 2019 I'm just going to look it even has the cake that the korean blew up before me clean that up oh civil war that was a big freaky event i guess i'm going to leave this unresolved i earned it because it's like a steel frame of what hermit crab season looked like back then, yeah we've done so much since, even had the teams lineup here, me, korean stress, Jevon tango and Cleo, and then these people I think. they were unknowns at the time, but this was the other team, the star team, the hermit gang team, whereas this season I did some things that I'm very proud of and then I think turned out really good.
I also did some really weird stuff that I was never happy with this being one of them in this section of this I mean I'm happy with this Dom ok I think this dome is cool and it took a long time to build and put up with the shape and all that and in the end it felt like good, I think I spent like 20 hours because I'm an idiot and I had to rebuild this dome. I think I never spoke. about it but i have to rebuild it twice because i measured it but the area of ​​connection to this oh just never really liked this i mean look at it what's that weird looking shaggy? and then I try to add this robot here for my slime farm and it's, I mean, I don't know, it's cool to see the slime balls I guess. that's really cool i actually like seeing moving parts and my wow that's a lot of slime i just like seeing moving parts in minecraft but it was such an over the top complication and it's just something that doesn't look good with the legs are too small wait this wall one of the things i really enjoyed this season was taking on large scale projects and doing my best to complete and perfect them and i think off the top of my head were three such projects this season to me they took a ridiculous amount of time but i was actually done and the first one we saw was the Guardian farm the second was my lower tunnel not this part but my lower tunnel that takes me 1302 from the main island to my mycelium um Island I mean it took me a week and we did most of it on streams it was a lot of fun hanging out with a lot of you guys doing it but it was also very very repetitive but the biggest with difference is this place here my wizened skeleton farm I'm ridiculously proud of this this is probably my favorite project mostly reported this season and I started it in the I went back and checked I started it in the winter or during the holidays of 2018 so that the server was only or the season was only half a year or five months something like that when we started this project and it turned out great for those of you who are interested in spawning mobs and building mob forms in this way, the farm of skeletons was really something wasn't it? the reason I was grinding was because of the 50,000 buttons placed around the bottom to block out all the other mob spawns and I remember sitting there doesn't sound like fun but trust me trust me it really was a lot of fun , it was really satisfying I mean just look at this I know I've shown it a few pounds on camera but it doesn't get old it's so unbelievably fast and very satisfying to collect with the skeletal skulls.
I can't remember the rates. I can't remember the rates for this form, but I know I had it on the cat on camera in the episode where I finished it because on YouTube. I actually did all of this in one episode I think it's called 50,000 Buttons in case you're interested in going back and haven't seen the episode but yeah it's an absolutely ridiculous farm and I have to say I have to say I'm going to give a challenge right now. I want to do something similar to this in season 7. I don't know if it will be with the skeletons or what it will be, but I definitely want to undertake at least one or probably. more mega-projects mega-farms that we just work on for weeks and weeks and just refine and try to get the best results possible because it's so much fun.
I really enjoy that part of Minecraft and by the way I stood there for literally less than a minute and we ate with the skeleton skulls yeah I think that's that's probably very very lucky too but this form is ridiculously fast and it doesn't I can wait for some of you who are interested in it to see it out in the world. please tweet me if you check it take a screenshot with yourself standing here or something that would mean a lot to me. I'm always falling through the world. This has never happened, but I'm at minus 1700 for the year. -shaft I just went through my nether portal and I'm falling forever oh it can't be the end though I still want to talk about Sahara please work is this going to work please work I made the server die?
I think this server may have just given up on this this weirdest thing the number of times I've reviewed my net report on this season that has never happened back that just passed the back room that just happened what and I just did I just won I'm with the skeleton out there what's going on and where's my ship this is so weird I've already traveled this part of the world I think it's literally probably a very good timing but watch the season six


because it was a big jump back in time oh my god i can't end the season without talking about the project that has meant the most to me this season and that is without a doubt Suhara.
I've had a lot of fun developing this together with Green and Mambo and creating all these crazy parts that make up this incredibly complicated shop of doom. I mean it's, it's just, it's just ridiculous it's so weird look at how big this project turned out to be and this is what most of you see when you see us shooting a video from the Sahara area but there's so much more there's the decoder room right below this thing and below this is all the storage etc. and I've learned a lot, I've learned a lot just working on this project and I feel like I hope we can take it to the next level, whatever it is, in season seven, but this has been such an amazing project and I still remember the day very, very well. like it was yesterday i was working on another project i never liked with the Central Station this project right here i think this is probably one of my first businesses i ever built i mean i really tried to make it work with granite.
I really tried to make it work but it just doesn't feel, it just doesn'tfeels complete for some reason. but anyway i was working in this area when gree y a flew by and invited me by sending me a letter to my real address invited me to the architects and that led us to create Sahara and what a project it has been unreal i have thoroughly enjoyed enjoyed every minute i have spent ok that's not completely true there have been some pieces really a bit troubleshooting has been very stressful but i really enjoyed overall working on this project with the architects it's been a great honor and it's really really sad to say bye but i mean we made a profit we made a profit in the end and send it to season seven now before i leave the shopping district for the last time and i feel very very weird. say, but before I leave this place for the last time, I have to admit something.
I may have made a habit and I can't believe how many beds have been replaced but I may have gotten into the habit of taking these light blue beds from this place where I never needed a bed I mean it's been so convenient that rent beds and stuff, but yeah, it was me, it was me, it was me all this time, so I think it's time to say goodbye to your trade. season six 583 days or 839,520 minutes since we started this season that's amazing it's by far the longest hermit crab season we've ever done and I want to do it by saying a huge thank you to everyone who has been watching my videos throughout of this season and for all the enjoyment I've been getting from all the other Hermits, it's been a lot of fun working together with all the other Hermits and working together with you who have been watching the videos.
I've read a lot of the comments and I take a lot of inspiration and stuff like that from all of you and for those of you who have been paying attention on this video you may have seen this that's yeah we'll get to it. I'll get to that in a minute, but yeah, like me. help I can't thank you guys enough from the bottom of my heart but thank you so much for being there for this whole season and I really hope you'll join me for season seven and once again we like to just really reinvent and and see what we come up with.
I am very excited. I'm very excited and don't worry, you won't have to wait long. We're planning to start the season next weekend so there's going to be a very, very short gap between season six and season seven of farming crafting and that's good because I can't wait I really can't wait to get started and for those of you who want to download the hermit crafting map that I'm going to leave here in my storage room. I'm going to put a chest with all my stuff in it and I've decided that I'm going to create an ender chest by taking this box of gallium and thick that I've renamed my own chest, I'm just going to put all my stuff in it including what the eyes hate , straight into this and th is the chest im an idiot i cant use this as a display chest totally ender there we go thats better now as a joke i also took mumbles redstone boxes and i guess i forgot forgot to believe him again but its his redstone boxes usable box it's going to be on my chest totally under here my base is too much fun and no ladies and gentlemen it's time to say goodbye but fear not i'll be back with you

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