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Henry Cavill on His Warhammer Hobby, the Least Searched Questions About Him & Grilling on Set

Apr 13, 2024
Tonight's first guest has a jaw that could cut a rock in half. You know him as Sherlock The Witcher and Superman 2. The last one is Guy Richie. The Knights' Ministry of War. It opens in theaters in a week. Starting Friday, please welcome Henry Caval. How are you, Henry? It's good to see you, it's good to see you too, how are you? you said something really nice, you know, in America we'll go like, how are you doing whatever, we don't really want to say that we don't do it and you said, but you said it sounded sincere.
henry cavill on his warhammer hobby the least searched questions about him grilling on set
Are you OK? Are you OK? uh, not mentally, but yeah, I'm fine, I'm fine, are you okay, I'm all fine, everything's fine, actually, I was, you know, I have to say we're a little worried that you wouldn't make it. I do it today because I know that Superman works with the sun, and well with the eclipse and we all think that maybe you are low on energy, but you seem to be in shape. little window of are you a nerd? are you really a nerd? because I was Looking at more guys, I was looking at their Instagram, I certainly know that you shouldn't say that someone looks like a nerd or doesn't look like a nerd you don't look like a nerd you look like the opposite of a nerd right?
henry cavill on his warhammer hobby the least searched questions about him grilling on set

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henry cavill on his warhammer hobby the least searched questions about him grilling on set...

You look like the quarterback or even know the offensive lineman or something. You're a big, handsome, muscular guy and yet you have hobbies. The hobbies of a nerd. Would you do it? If you do. This is something that I am. They told me that they are very involved and this is your painting, what is this that you are painting? um, that's a uh, that's a helmet, okay, a very small helmet, obviously, a very small helmet and this is the full figure, which is a body attached to the helmet. helmet you painted this I did it uh and then you play with it uh you paint you paint a lot of them and then you play with them with other people how many of them depends how many you painted uh ah well um more than one is within the limits of the


it We call our gray pile of Shame, your gray pile of Shame, yes, because they start gray and I have a very large gray pile of Shame, are they metal or plastic?
henry cavill on his warhammer hobby the least searched questions about him grilling on set
They are plastic, they used to be metal, but now they are all plastic. It used to be, this is something called Warhammer, right. Warhammer, yeah, it's been around for a long time, it's been around since the '80s and you figured it out when and how, um, probably. I learned it in the late '80s and then I really got into it in the early '90s I went to boarding school uh I was already unpopular and you guys didn't have video games you didn't have a Sega Genesis I guess that's what happened, uh, well, in a strange way.
henry cavill on his warhammer hobby the least searched questions about him grilling on set
Enough, my brothers and I had PCS when we were little and, um, we stole our mom's dining room table, which she still doesn't like and we just put all our PCS on there, wired them up and played that way. play games, yes, yes, but this is very old fashioned, it's like a game without any computer engineering, yes, yes, you actually have to date real people, you have to date people and then it's like Dungeons and Dragons, where you roll the dice, uh, yeah, in the sense that you roll the dice, yeah, but not like Dungeon and Dragons, because Dungeon and Dragons, I think it's more about you eventually taking like a little model on the right , with your other friends who have a small model and this one.
It's more about armies, so you build armies of these guys and then you play against someone else in a war scenario and it's like marbles where you can keep the marbles, you can keep the figures if you kill. them or not, no, no, that would be, so there is no penalty for losing, it's not about losing, it's about winning, it's about participating, Jim, I see, it's about the journey, about winning or lose, it's about being there. about being there and inhaling a lot of paint fumes with your friends yes, yes, yes, and this relaxes you. I guess this is like something that brings you down to zero, um, look, I love it, but sometimes I get really frustrated, why because you?
I want to be good at it and what do you mean by good at it, painting for example, and you can mess up paint for many, many years before you get something right and then you have to make an army of them and then you have to compare them to the from someone else who's really good, right, but then couldn't you grab a mirror, look in it and say, yeah, I'm fine, yeah, you, where did you grow up? Jersey, the island of Jersey, oh okay. no Island no yeah surprise like Jersey yeah Jersey oh yeah I guess until the solar eclipse saw Springsteen last night I guess yeah uh old Jersey the original jersey the original oh yeah the old Jersey , Oh yeah.
I guess it's named after yeah, yeah, okay, imagine, same thing. to New England, yeah, and in Jersey, it's like they invented uniforms and things like that, it's a Jersey thing. In fact, I think there may be something in that, oh, interesting, but otherwise we're famous for cows, okay, yeah, Jersey cows. Jersey cows, oh yeah, which ones? Did you have cows growing up? Not me, there were a lot of cows around beautiful cows, by the way, and if someone plans to go into agriculture, the cream yield is very high for a small cow. Oh speaking of cows this is right up my alley now this is what you got uh I know the guy Richie uh the director that you worked with on this project that you worked with on several projects he had this to say what do you call to this again?
That is a wild kitchen, a wild kitchen that is like a kitchen setup, it is like a kind of tent with barbecue implements, yes, yes, it is like you see that there are two tables, there are two elements to cook at each side of the table and you get charcoal or you can use wood and You can use this in any weather, which is the key, like in the winter, just stick your legs under that skirt around the outside, uhhuh, and you stay warm and the dog comes with it or just go in there to smell the meat, uh. he was just wandering around smelling the meat and do you dress like that when you have a barbecue sometimes?
Yeah, I mean, that moment certainly because it's very formal, I mean, you're not wearing an apron or anything like that, no, no, so what? you do what kind of things someone is okay, but we had a weird start with the audience at the commercial break, something is happening and we're trying to help someone and he just doesn't do it, it's like, I think maybe. Sorry anyway, what are you cooking up in this? uh, yeah, yeah, so, for example, this is going to sound like I'm selling it now, but this is so gorgeous that we did a whole Christmas dinner for 13 people, nice, yeah, and um.
These big ovens are fine, so um goose, what you guys have is you don't have turkey, turkey and a rib, but we had the rib on top of the turkey, so the rib drip was based on the turkey throughout. the process. right, you know what you're doing, I like that among all the other things like roast potatoes, cauliflower, cheese, stuffing, and York puddings, oh, okay, that's nice, nice, I like it, who knew you were ?, oh my God, what a man you are. I'm going to, I mean, Jesus, this wasn't enough and now you're dripping ribs into your turkey, forget it, um, Henry Caval, he's here, it's the Gentleman's War Ministry, we'll be right back, they're bringing their weapons.
Note that they will soon find their range, sir, ready, in case we are worried, oh, I don't think so, sir, it's a pretty big explosive, so I put in a pretty big fuse. I located the outside of the dresser, so when it explodes, it should really explode. bang Clos sir should be in any minute ready guys good job Frederick that's Henry cell at the UNG ministry Gentleman Warfare opening theaters in a week from Friday that's funny and that's Alan Richon there with you for sure It's who's a big guy, he's a big guy, yeah, yeah, you probably don't know a lot of guys your size.
You'd be surprised if that's really, yeah, yeah, yeah, and he's bigger than me. We consider him to be great. I didn't want to say that, but yeah. he's bigger than you, the movie is based on, which I find completely shocking. Broadly speaking, of course, but based on real events and real people, yes, yes, yes, this mission was carried out by the Special Operations executive who essentially gave rise to deniable operations, uh, with these same small groups and these guys changed the course of the war they changed the course of the war because they shot down this Nazi operation ubo ubo spring um submarines essentially sure yeah which would stop any kind of allied support coming across the Atlantic and they shut it all down of course no a shot was fired in real life, but in Richie's life, thousands of Nazis are gunned down, yeah, it's funnier, the way Richie, your character, um uh, and this is pretty crazy too, it was said that was the inspiration for James Bond yeah, yeah, I mean, Ian Fleming was part of the executive of this special operation and um wrote James Bond, of course, who wrote James Bond and apparently based James Bond on Gus March Phillips, the guy who I played, I think it was probably a little more than that, it was probably other characters as well, but as I understand it, controversially, my character Gus March Phillips in real life wrote a novel with a spy character and B based on his various adventures, but he died during World War II and never arrived. continue writing his books if he had survived maybe he would have beaten Ian oh interesting wow that's interesting so you're saying Ian could have stolen this idea from Gus that's exactly what I'm saying yeah yeah and did Gus have the mustache on the handlebars, uh, no, no, he had a considerably smaller mustache, but you wanted the handlebars.
I did, and the boy wanted the handlebars. Did he weigh it on the handlebars? The guy liked it, yeah, how do you grow a handlebar mustache? to train it, what does that mean, you got to that, it was too loud of a laugh, um, you have to do it, uh, okay, so 12, but if you just wax it and do that, it wouldn't stay up, eventually it would would keep throughout the day. oh, go back to the really normal but long mustache, uhhuh, and if you twist it every day, it will naturally sit in that direction, curl a little bit and then you'll just adjust it with a little W.
I didn't know that, now you know . oh, that's something else, hey, have you ever seen this stuff? Well, speaking of things we don't know, these things, uh, where they ask celebrities the most


asked on Google, yeah, this is, these are the




for Henry Cavell, would you? I'm willing to answer a couple of slightly scarier questions. Did Henry Caval ever make guacamole? No, he does. What is the ideal temperature for the Henry Cav hot tub in degrees Fahrenheit? Please, we can't convert guys. I wouldn't even know what it is, does it sound like 95?
Well, sounds good to me, yes, did Henry Caval ever shoplift and if so, what did he get? Yeah, I think he was six and it was gum and I felt so guilty that I gave it back to him before he chewed it or after. What does Henry Ceville say? order a cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory, have you ever been there, I mean, yeah, but it's been a while, oh, yeah, oh, okay, uh, do cats respond well to Henry Cav's energy, some yes, others no? Could Henry Caval beat Bigfoot in a fight? Yes, yes, two. Would Henry Caval ever try to ride a unicycle or does he not believe in himself?
I would do it and finally Henry Caval will look at the camera and I will tell this guy everything is going to be okay, is it okay to work for your mom? Don't worry. Henry Cav, everyone, the Gentleman's War Office, won't be working for her much longer. She opens the theaters a week from Friday. We'll be back with Mike GS.

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