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He finally got a set up... | 26 LTZs & 37 Mts

May 10, 2020
you gotta do what you gotta do for that shot yeah uh raising bf a new weed here we head to a revealed location in mexico and we go see your winnings so what you gotta do is nothing nothing pops up . a storage hub, let's make your bees, yeah oh but Dawson's got it, he's got a twin turbo to a turbo, he's got a 456 gear, I'm gonna take off with my head up we'll see, we'll see, I'm not. I cut my turbos so we were good that's what it was, yeah I was wondering why I'm here. see you oh yeah you don't get over it you gotta do what you gotta do for that take we'll do a squat for one it got blocks on the back and it can only be set up oh whats up Dre oh oh he liked the real cam again oh bro cause i wanted to know i don't want to be here alone i wish i was classy like you know what you got andre show me what you got at home you got the gucci loafers oh oh these right here bro what assaulted are these from the hermit, oh, you know, saying with the new pants on and they see the bass, that's a Gucci bag, oh, that's a Gucci bag, okay, no, and what is he drinking?
he finally got a set up 26 ltz s 37 mt s
Look at that oh it's like that she yes I'm going to get out of this but I'll see I can get under the slope mother you got a little you gotta check that meat she's getting in booth 33 what's up good I always will I'm going to catch some ducks oh Go outside so I'll show you the outfit you put me in yeah man I got it you know I still got a wristband from last Friday you know it's not a joke just bullshit g-shot it's a Yorker jersey you know a hundred I'll see everything alright. Oh, could it be the biggest snake?
he finally got a set up 26 ltz s 37 mt s

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he finally got a set up 26 ltz s 37 mt s...

Oh man, you're going out, go fishing, don't go ahead and go fishing, come on, come on, Miss Purcell. Hey look look now 95% 95% anyone's input. Damn, if you had a drop like one of those drugs from the sixties, you're going to make this one more time. DD the game, huh buddy? dy do you - no walk you traitor he got his little game so i'm going to start don't turn around turn around hey let's do one go i mean shoot do you want to feel alone yes it's ok new i need your help to bring blood i can to do it is like to do when I leave we have money in our pocket just pay a little water lock on lot blocks say doudna blocks reading blogs needed because the GSP and wheel lights exactly i will install it ok wait. i know what we got 26in ltz ripped in 37 1350 gladiator coming yes sir now he looks like a womanizer saying it dawson will never work with money so i guess i'm broke. go, no, leave it there they despise our way around the world Oh, Danny, he's going to be a boy, your old guns and you put them in the fray.
he finally got a set up 26 ltz s 37 mt s
I work, friend. Nice the two hundred houses those are JJ's I'll see if they fit thanks sir $20 how did you do it young man? rand-new swing sixes don't use nobody to talk but you gotta pay $80 and they still get mad oh I didn't bring those screwdrivers girl nobody's wrench is that you? on putting them all you couldn't even get on their load honest honest opinion on that setup brad dang switch it up and say hey i want tanky tubes Twinkie 200 it's crooked wait don't drop it yet BAM bragged sixes all day babe drop it, alright, one down, three to go, she got going, man, y'all look like even in a song, got teeth in a house, man, you should talk to us.
he finally got a set up 26 ltz s 37 mt s
What's going on? All of these get enough sleep. yes, I'm not a gentleman. Oh what can you be saying that on a camera now the old lady could see this? I guess we really spent almost 3 grand on a setup just for the YouTube channel. them dennard not even that's just temporary that's temporary saying what's coming you might think i don't know stay tuned you just throw things leave me i hate it so you didn't throw them you know even a bomb how much how much for these, yeah, you did it a bit, things look good, look good on the bike. nobody, and even better, would actually tell him, tell him, bro, being at Niki's might be wrong because, damn, Brad, here's what he doesn't say on YouTube, heroes of the day, boy, I guess you don't know how to put it. can't seem to even get it in look alright yeah go ahead i know what you're doing it's like the second you said it's the second the second you say you watched gladiator season yeah the first set you know who it is Oh , horn oh, it's this scram name but you know who it is, well we'd like seconds running gladiators on tv news.
If you know someone, tag them. I'm going to make some, but soon. I bet they want to follow him so in the back oh that was good Instagram okay yeah give me a slow motion you ain't tired of Bob Parker are you? Right there, hit it now, bring Alex, we'll take good care of you, huh? ok not good to see you again i appreciate it sir everyone later everyone oh yes we will. I'll put a big whole here, okay man, take it easy. shut up, shut up on the thing oh yeah you're going through they don't have there what you get in you oh look he's the one making it explicit yeah you don't say that yeah you did what you got money to say.
I have your money. I will help myself. Oh, I was just making a video of you though. What flavor is July Smee? Smee when you drive with the charts. That's how you are. right now yeah there you go oh well you travel pull up the truck you thought you'd be here ok since i'm like that. our job will be a squad six and seven when you drive a squatter know when you see it's a good truck six and seven you got an oh don't say that yourself oh try to stop you sir i didn't do anything and guess what i'm going to do i'm going to be like that everything time just like you see you don't have to tag me i bet your money he waits for me sees you don't have a tag you know he's waiting for you huh you did but they were planned but we really don't have we were they don't have tags and come to a lots of mexicans Hey, no tag band, it's just ready for the water, this is ready to swallow, yeah, pregame, do what no, mommy's walkie-talkie. ok i dont thank god for knowing the culture and seeing what i would do without much for me oh one for that cough oh and one for this channel well well i like it thanks home guys for coming to my bed ok pee my bed ok be alright alright what you guys say I july thank god and indians for providing just said that before delicious beer what you have to s ay, about the setup oh yeah also what you have to say but you know just I'm part of my new good man you


got a cell you're gonna give 'em a hug bro I had to set it up you know for a minute man. okay hey but you know what a good trade is it's a good trade on your end date maybe you won't break down happy oh you keep writing.
I have a bag, a bag back.

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