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He ate all the burbers.

Jun 08, 2021
you wanted to try the best food on the block look wait slime and slime burgers i'll be coming here once a week how do you think i'm going to get this illustrious figure to steal all his food from the dog bowl? no don't break what you want some burgers you want to get come on come on come on come on don't overdo fat fat fat you'll be fine all you did was cross the street yeah I'm out of breath yeah but see how fast you did it Hard to be my size it seems a couple just walk through the store.
he ate all the burbers
Eddie and I are going to do everything we can to feed your fat asses. Sorry about the weight. okay yeah no doug i meant you are your weight dad money fat mom shut up customer customer whats up trick question is your cholesterol has it has it is water water weight you get a big soda every day you come here yeah , but I have ice in it there is water there tell him I have ice in my big drinks you make me eat the ice cubes that's all I can eat I'm crunchy mmm guys come here come see the menu the menu come see the menu come on little girl smash bag come on what are you looking at yeah i don't think they're going to be able to read the menu it looks like it has a lot of meat but it looks like it has the brain capacity of a peanut thank god we have pictures because if not we would be fine that's right ok let's see what we're going to see what are ok ok little baby squishing remember what we learned in class yesterday yes take the food out of the bag before eating it no no no no no session advisory, reading class, aho wow, which one do you want? i got dessert we have nom noms oh we don't need the big one cuz we already have a big one here i'm right guys let's be honest here this store wouldn't be standing without it yeah actually it's more like it's about to collapse with it in it for this kind of treatment can we just order a meal please josh can i have a rolling pin and we should have smothered him in a bellap sack when he was born you are the reason they don't give receipts when you give birth it's ok now that i have your Attention what Can you tell me what's in the meat burp?
he ate all the burbers

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he ate all the burbers...

So we actually have a much better burger. It's a special burger. It's not meat because you want to lose some of that weight. v it's not vegan because it tastes like a cheeseburger do you think you get that big eating plants yes all he plants is his butt on the couch im trying to feed myself guys i'm hungry give me some food yes i actually have a feeding fetish so it really turns me on when he gets big and fat. We usually don't tell people this in public, but sometimes what Josh does is I sit on the couch with a funnel and he just pours himself in there and I eat it all and yeah, aren't we kidding?
he ate all the burbers
I wish they would have asked me to leave the room first though I could make those lips work yeah you see these lips the only thing that works out on my body is these lips baby that ain't fat that's muscle that's everyday lip day when you're this fat, no don't. give me some lips a little something totally different what you want ice cream come here break it come on get up sorry you know what broken piece of going there okay sorry i cant feel most of it listen uh are you going to order or what are we dealing of doing?
he ate all the burbers
Hey we're raising parents okay oh my god you killed your manny lip you're okay honey calm down remember are you in the right store? images I can't read words oh god that makes a lot more sense sorry purple I want you to make my food because I don't like it wait wait a second guys wait you're not the same mexican who is always working on our videos listen dog I didn't choose the Mexican life the mexican life chose me yes and d that's also why the government doesn't choose you either so it's ok listen listen listen i may be mexican but i always do the work what do you want to eat for god's sake sorry did you hear someone speaking for the mayor , please, just order, look, smashing, what do you want what?
Where is it? Where was he? Where is that boy? Where is the? Where did he go? dont worry i got this manager i'll take care oh my god he's outside he's outside in the dark hello please what are you doing out here? and trying to find sausage to suck on huh dammit go in there go in get your ass in there little oh I'll hit you I'll hit you hard and I'll smack my feet here we go we got a burger and fries for him little. neck jiggle man yeah we got another berber and fries for the mustache muscles we got two shakes for the w hale uh burger and fries for the whale uh more more more what uh another milkshake for that more more want more more want more good a meal for the whole family wow he wants more oh yeah ok im here though uh this is our last family meal huh yeah we have another fat family meal huh molly i think you have enough you have two family meals plus three fat shakes at the burber and chippies and oh don't go give me more give me more oh my god oh my god she bought everything in the store give me more i got this oh i got this i got this if you want more ok um sorry nick move here you go sorry dog ​​the whale is asking but i can't do it here's the fries here's the price yeah it's more good it's getting aggressive molly i think you probably have enough food oh my god there's more fries yeah kick it e the ass, dog, that's all. this, you're going to wish you hadn't, oh yeah, i almost threw up, i'm about to have a heart tack guys do something unite, yes, let's unite, go, go, yeah, more, stop here, here, here, relax, relax bring it take it take it take it take it take me home im going to leave this place with a one star review next time we have ubereats man spicy band aid flavor ice flavor shop swabby mully sweat apple flavor dumb grape oh hey what does it mean that do you have any goofy grape left we're out of goofy cream sorry um it's not dispensing coffee very well he needs it he leaves to start pooping like it's probably better if it stays in the drip tray actually because it goes to start pooping out of anger and sadness.
Wait, wait, you're purple. Your milking mamas make silly grape. Okay, smashing. We tell you everything about the assault. I don't want salt. what have you done do you know what happened the last time he ran away i had to get up from the couch narrator my nachos burned in the oven that night i was cooking it wasn't me josh wait you make nachos yes all the time i like nachos i was cooking nachos and they burned because the smell should get away why are they looking at me just because I'm Mexican like they want some validation for that statement or like they know how to make nachos the right way? i was in the sink oh no it stinks getting pooped no no no wait squash squash pressing on you good creepy time no there isn't a toilet right there he's playing now the narrator will have to stay with time to clean this squish just to be real for a Second, how does it feel to know that you are building a career around yourself in various situations?
It's nice to get paid to do what I love. I know this is like the bathroom in which you were conceived and born. Yeah I remember I filmed it filmed it what the conceptio Didn't they try to use a hanger to get you out? Yeah, but I'm a professional hanger dodger. I was dodging that bad boy for eight months now look at me, you did it, man, you did it, you did it. Barely anyone noticed the phone number on the wall what it must be to have a good time actually you're wrong mate yeah why not mate what kind of filthy desperate man leaves that phone number in his bathroom yeah , does it have to be frequent, does it have to be? a restaurant frequent wait I'm getting I'm getting a phone call what hello hello molly what's up your number there molly wait who is this I found this in a bathroom stall your your number is here it says call to have a good time sorry it was just my mom dude that was my mom sorry guys what the wait your mom just called at the exact same time wait that didn't hang up my guy hung up that was my mom sorry guys I don't think I will.
I don't think she was your mom, no I think so, take it back, bring it back, yeah, bring it, take it, bring it back. bringing it down again we're just trying to have a good time i want to have a good time wait wait wait i'm getting a phone call again who is it oh my god is this my mom you're so fat okay oh yeah we re done ah look there he is stop stop i'm alone it's you food is my only friend i put that number on the wall to make friends and then i ended up getting creampied yeah i don't think that word means what you think it means what do you think What is it?
That's, uh yeah there's Josh, can I have a cream pie? pies shut up or you're going to make a copper cream pie right in your mouth i like cream when i like pies why can't i know green peppers you must never say remember we said the things you can't never say the word n and the p hard in kids and you can't say toys that's the b hard yeah you can't say cream pie now don't tell grandma either grandma had enough of cream pies where are my friends they are there yeah, i go there they are winning i think they are there what the employees just josh how do you spell cream pie oh my god oh my god molly what are you doing thats the word computer how did you get in here? oh yeah that's a sloppy looking burger we're in the center I'm showing him the center the center of slime yeah that was my fault geez you could have at least wiped it off. down buddy you're like the guys at the gym who never cleaned their equipment what is what is a gym that's the guy who lives down the street yeah this is employees just get out smash and get out can i have a job get out get out no no no don't go in the safe don't go in the safe dude no no don't touch my safe my lease to fight for this place no no no why this whole video has been about you saying things about my weight I'm not even that fat.
You are quite fast. You don't realize how fat you are. ng what are you yelling hey whoa wanna buy some nugs yeah come on come here buy some nugs you money no no I don't have money give me your money give me your money I don't have money for nugs or else if you don't have money I'll take the kid where we go, you'll get a good price on the brown market isn't it called the black market isn't it? thats racist i farted for real life and it really fills the mood for the smell of this bathroom dude so immersive this room smells so great i cant remember them adding smells to vr but wow

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