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GUESS The FAKE CHEST or DIE! (Fortnite Creative Minigame)

May 10, 2020
so there is this in front of you, one of them is absolutely horrible, the other one is something amazing, choose which one, three, two, one, stop the


on the left, what is jelly in disguise, that's the worst thing you could find, the accessory on the right. It was a like button if you


the prop


on the right and you should like this video, but only if you click on that right chest today we will play




chest in a fortnight, each of us will take turns trying. to guess which chest has the legendary loot and which chest is the common disguised loot at the end we will have a fight with the loot that we got thanks to this person for using my code in the night shop of the fort, by the way, the coats logo.
guess the fake chest or die fortnite creative minigame
Anyway, let's get into this, okay, legendary chest down, okay, with a gun, eh, no cheats here, okay, okay, then you have your three legends to choose from, okay, okay, Geordie , the closing is that we are going to choose your three common weapons now, okay, don't listen, okay, jelly. I want to choose the first one or should we give him now listen I know for a fact that Jordi has never fired the bag SMG I think one of the comments is okay Okay, we'll give him a bus SMG Okay, I think we have to give him a gun, oh , by the way, a big gun, yeah, okay, let me put that one down, what should we do?
guess the fake chest or die fortnite creative minigame

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guess the fake chest or die fortnite creative minigame...

What's the flip doc, yeah, perfect, okay, let's leave that, oh, I hope you chose these, okay, Geordie, yeah, okay, we chose your comments oh yeah, okay, so Jelly, this is our first scene here. Which do you want to be legendary or common? Geordie just doesn't know, it's okay, I'll tell you, it's okay. Oh, Jelly, I'm going to be a. common okay, you would be the first legendary, okay, here we go, hey, let's set up our positions here, where are you going to go silly?, where are you going to go? I think okay, I'll tell you I'll be here and then okay, how?
guess the fake chest or die fortnite creative minigame
This looks good? This is where I'm going to be jelly. Okay, so we're not supposed to be on the other couches. Josh, yes, yes, this is going to be perfect, okay, Jordi, you can come to the first level, yes, so one of us. is the legendary of us is the color yes it's okay to tell you that I have the best spot but all I'm going to say is that we would put the legendary weapon on top of the fountain because I think it's much better once the fountain is where legendary would be right, yes, presented beautifully, but you know, I would think that we would think that you would think that, so we did it again, no, I would think that's exactly how you would put it here, but you also knew that you have to choose one of them Jordi you have to choose one of them you put the legendary weapon right here okay, look today okay jelly this time I'm going to be the legendary okay, that's good for you because you're pretty common, okay Jenny, where are we going to go? to put this time?
guess the fake chest or die fortnite creative minigame
Jordi is not allowed to listen. Okay, I think I'll go straight to the few blocks. A common weapon. In this, we meet a legendary guide to the series. Yes, yes, yes, go ahead. Okay, Jenny, you lock him in that position. I'm blocking it. It's okay, it's okay. I think this is going to be fine. Geordi today yeah come on I'm out guys yeah so this time Brown I'm the legendary jelly it's common where is it? He's telling you this right, so the last time I saw him, he goes off here, I lost time to hide, you know, that was because I got the common Lois, we wouldn't do that again, it was the legendary one, we wouldn't do the same two times, Geordi, what?
Do you think I would definitely choose this one? They make it seem like we think about it a lot more than we do when I choose the one with the balloon, very convinced that that is the bad decision, but the balloon is what to put in the sky to make it seem like they are important no, I will continue my original instinct or NATO, I'm not sure oh really, okay, jelly, okay, actually it's like this, this is a good place, I think this is cabin jelly. It's perfect, it's okay, Geordi, we're ready for you, yeah, so Jelly's the legendary one this time, yeah, and I'm the one who calls, the lone chest, hey, Julia, the lone chest, why would you assume that that one? but this is yeah, yeah, wait real quick, what Jilly?
What is the name of this animation flexing again guys? Wait, I reduced it, wait you fool. Jordy tricked them. You're an Idiot. I just flex right in front of you. Josh couldn't see me from there. means which one are you going to open Tory, you don't understand, you can wait for Jordi, you travel, there are two pieces of newspaper at the back of the cutter shelf, look around, it doesn't say anything, it's just dark, you know there's a photo in the middle of Jidong is the one in the grass he is legendary oh yes the shelf the tall one laughs I win again there is a boat manual for low chests I don't know what to say I'm going to go for the chair you convinced me as always, I think who never opened jello that's so sad guys it's my turn to pick legendary yeah you got three vegetarians here come on don't pick your chest I say winners I'll take it. a secret I don't want you to listen, okay, yeah, you could choose wherever you want jelly three chests Jordan jelly jelly okay, oh wait, I have a really good idea for the first one, wait a second, this Jody, oh my God, yeah, okay Let me add that quick, oh that's actually not that bad, honestly, never, that's bad, okay, I think I'll go with the revolver last, I think it's good Jordy, choose which one you'll be, go right to left, okay, you will win.
It won't be that one, yeah, okay, I'll be there, I'll pick this one, Josh, and then we'll find out. I guess we'll put the most important one in the back of the truck. Yeah, I'll just go. here, okay, okay, perfect, today we are ready, okay, my God, we have a good load. Were you right in this chest? Just put the most important weapon in the back of the car with a red car. No, yes, everything is on the ground. and then that's the legendary one please don't tell you Jordi it's this one that's elegant also not the legendary one that's very Oh right, okay, yes, yes, everyone always opens up for me, okay, Johnny, which one do you want to be this time? , okay, this time I want to be this Oh, changing a little bit, okay, okay, let's get into position, okay jelly, we're ready.
I knew I'd better eat gelatin. I'm the one on the east side. I'm the other one, this is literally a compass from your screen okay and this is John very perfect and I'm in I'm the legendary the comet I'm not so common god is this the legendary I can't I don't know maybe you should think about it a little I paid you so well in that moment I didn't get excited jeordy you should go to the bathtub for this jelly we're ready you're lost round number three of gun chili okay so Isis normally in the bath yeah I'm getting full.
Turn up the air conditioning just because, sweating, oh yeah, expecting a lot right now, jelly. I don't even hear where we would put it, yes, we are the one next to it. You know you'd put it in that one. I'll open up, jelly. I'm fine, it's time for me to pick my little berries. I'll take that one, and now you guys pick my costs. Don't listen, okay, okay, so we have some dinosaurs. Oh, do you know what's about to happen here? Let me get excited. I think Jelly would honestly be super excited to be under someone's butt.
Now the question is: would it be legendary or not? Do you think that judge is okay? I'm going to open this cool, beautiful gun ready, wait a second. You got stuck in the jelly shadow no, I said it first so it's my joke that it looks like jelly and then this looks like Jordi is in the jelly talk this is a little messy this chest here what number am I holding six? This chest here what number am I holding? No, I could see from both sides. I'm sure there's no way you can't see from both sides.
This chest faces this direction. I think this is gelatin. I think this is a legendary. I'm going to open this one, okay, okay, okay, okay, ready, I'm on my way, I'm common, Jay is legendary, oh are you telling me that this time someone is like this in this like a weird girl and someone It's in the tree, so you? I go to this Geordi and then it's jelly, that's right, then Jelly couldn't reach a tree, it's certainly not that tall Jim, no, no, I have short legs, so you're this legend, so I'm just putting jelly. Not this one, that's me Josh, the other one is Jim, okay, okay, legendary, okay, open me up, you get a free legendary, I'm saying it guys, I think it's time to fight, okay, so here we are , battlefield weapons, okay, but it's common, although yes, I have it. the legendary John Waite oh, I have a pretty impressive legendary scar, well, okay, a common flintlock like Jordan's interesting interest.
I can't show you the other things judge, I'm sorry because I called, I couldn't have a single thing like just the sword, drop it, I can't even drop it, yeah, you know, I can't even build right, guys, the battle starts right, this It's just that I have 400 health, oh there's no way he can know where I am, it's so good, I love it. I'm right under you, crazy. I lie, how to be honest. Oh, remember to use the logo on the coats in the Fort Night store. If you want to be cooler than all your friends, you can thank me later, bye.

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