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GOLD RUSH [A Trans Am Documentary]

Feb 27, 2020
the future has arrived the new-for-1978 Trans Am, complete with a luxurious sporty interior for a comfortable ride 6.6-liter, 400-cubic-inch engine for plenty of power when you need it the most radio-tuned suspension for better handling and excellent performance off the rope check out your local dealer today and ask for a test drive in the all new Trans Am yeah the Phoenix got up and somewhere around midnight he took the front wing off and I remember being under it getting it all back so I got all of that together and they got it back it all went well and then linda was driving it down a dirt road and the spoiler fell off ok so they blamed her.
gold rush a trans am documentary
I think it was probably me who left. That's the car that started this family's


ient fever, absolutely yes, there aren't many pictures of my dad's


Trans Am, but there are some 8mm pictures that show up on this


Trans Am that we didn't have. the thought that he had bought the car he didn't tell him so he's going to go get it he just shows up with him one golden 1978 Trans Am day and it was you know it was an instant love affair I know I remember dad did a little work in the car and I jumped on him he got so sad oh yeah I thought yeah I mean all I could see was the hitch he made he made an admission and then I need to salvage every damage. quick that'll spin a bit you know so Torquay that car was lonely well I remember driving it and things come out of the consoles every time you drove he had to put I can tell it's Saturday all over See probably in 79 or 80 he just came out of the front yard just filming you know random stuff and he's coming home and driving down the driveway and I catch him on the street stopping at the mailbox then pulling up the driveway and that on It's actually probably the most valuable footage I have of my dad and the car that started it all for us.
gold rush a trans am documentary

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gold rush a trans am documentary...

We've taken the original color and added a bigger metal to it, it's so rich it's kind of solid, yeah, a little more coppery, but we are using the original color on the wheels. We will apply a powder coat to the original color of the wheels so that the color DNA remains on the new car throughout the issue. I love this goal yeah and what I'm telling you when it comes out you'll see a mold yeah yeah sure he's going to do a little dance on the Celestra in the red. trim looks amazing it really looks good so it looks amazing for a modern gold this is look at me at this piece here this is the interior door do you know where they have done the rug i love the way they have actually floated the bird on top it looks in 3d yeah that's really cool and this is going to have a red border around the surface you can see what that would look like against the red so whatever that was done here the crash made the carbon fiber do it Steve. amazing job doing the stenciling and this hadn't even been polished or cut or anything so this is like a plant looking good they did a good job it's going to pop so im a sensational here ya you know what you think about how crazy it is that of all the cars we've ever built this is the first time we've ever done it you know who knows this carmine started a whole new series you think about the success the Hearst Edition had the Bandit Edition had the Super Duty editions all sold out 77 in the 5th generation series in Hearst GTO edition which were signed by Hearst president Nate Shelton when you can say there are only 50 of these only 77 exist in the world and such Once a lot of them were shipped abroad, so how many are left here in the United States?
gold rush a trans am documentary
The smallest run we've done is seven, in which case they sold before we were done and a lot of the time they do because in the secondary market most cars sell for more than what customers paid. I don't guarantee every time but I can s So far, that's been the track record and it's exciting for us to see people appreciate the product we're releasing. This car will be showing up at SEMA, so we have about six weeks at this point. guys have to get that done so the car can go into mechanics this weekend so Josh can install the suspension the engine the


mission we are excited to partner with Magnuson on this build we are using the Magnuson 2650 supercharger which is new to the market today and we'll be the first to actually test it in a big cubic inch engine.
gold rush a trans am documentary
Josh and Mike were the two who were really excited to experiment with this blower, they had used it on previous applications during unit development with Magnuson and found it worked extremely efficiently, it worked great. It allowed them to have more timing, which when they do they can have more fuel and increase power. Started out at 150 degrees. I need to go down 11 degrees all the way and it drops to 1 40 and the other thing they have to change is I can't do an automatic I have a dominance yeah release a little pressure we'll get another tether but yeah I think headed to the moon you know I mean so yeah less than less than desirable installed here today trying to get into depots in the middle of reorganization so a lot of things on our way are challenges and knowing I directed them to put take-off parts on the car to risk zero and new paint we've done three races so far Josh Miller completely changing it topped a thousand pound-feet of torque and I think we can squeeze a little more out of it so we'll see it's a good day so far Oh it's a bit ours if you liked that work thank you very few photos of the original goal trance and my dad one of them has a photo of a motorcycle that island there is my formula there is your trans am and that is your motorcycle used drives that mom yeah you know this black motorcycle i bought when i was in college to get to and from school so i wouldn't rack up miles on my Trans Am i changed a battery oh my god i ripped my body i remember i used to ride that with your flip flops and your dolphin t-shirt shorts no helmet that was korea so me and scott grew up on my grandfather's dairy farm in the early 70's my grandfather went from hurting cattle with horses to motorcycles the whole family that lived on the farm got a motorcycle so there were about ten of us at the peak, we were milking over eleven hundred cows a day.
He took a lot to bring him to wear out a horse pretty well. Galloping through the field, so the bike just made a natural transition to get these cows up much faster. I don't know how many days I'd be out on my way to school at the same time Dad pulls out his gold Trans Am and I'm riding down the road, you know, behind him, I thought, you know, I think that would be cool. to build a modern bike to code with the monetary and d sam it reminded me of what OCC did when they built all three bikes for us oh yeah like what it's been now eight nine years ago now they look really good together like you know what I really like that I've seen lately is Indians the Indians Indians are cool and there's kind of a theme there with the Indian and the Pontiac the Pontiac is the Indian yeah well we were shooting this same video a few days ago and Scott realized that the Indian bike was a direct tie-in to the Pontiac Indian and the logo and heritage that comes with the Pontiac brand is actually named after an Indian chief who has a very distinctive mark on the history of the USA.
I went to Red Hills which is our local dealer, I told him what I wanted to do was I convert to a Trans Am, I buy everything from refacing the indicator to all the small components that would traditionally have the brand name on the bike, now they have Trans love there. around the performance we loved it and it's one of my favorites because it has the most modern architecture as we go there is a before picture of their bike obviously the original Scout bobber the second iteration of the Indian Scout these are some cool looking bikes remember you know a lot so this shape is very similar to the inner door panel and so what I'm thinking of doing especially duplicating what we're doing on the inner door panel the bonnet is a fiberglass bonnet carbon we have we're going to keep parts of the carbon exposed on the bird the sake shape has been done before we've never done this but not all of it not just the block probably just the black one the center part of the bird ok remember the bandit?
It had the red accents, yeah yeah, so we're thinking what if we did some of those red accents along with the gold car. We place a stencil on the coal. We sprayed the entire lens on the car, then removed it. Now we have two perfectly located. our addition the final stencils brings out the perfect placement to put additional colors and it's just a build that only gets one chance to get it right on the decklid in the lettering that's supposed to be carbon fiber yeah like the TransAm in the back the lettering will be exposed carbon outlined by the accent color so you have black and red to play as you go it's carbon painted not an actual note as you're painting all around you're leaving the carbon, it's carbon, we're just painted exactly, he's letting that because I did think about this, even the steering wheel that we're doing Harley is extra special for me to be designing a car that's a tribute to my father and actually doing it in collaboration with my son, so now there are three generations that are contributing to the design. and the result of this car trim around the outside edge breaks life first which is the pretty red frame first let's do that and then when we spray black we'll have our nice little trim and the trim will be half the width with all Frankly, I think this particular car will offer more in terms of performance, creativity, design, and first ever Evers than any other car we've ever built, what we started with is a four-point mount on the frame itself.
The rest of the fender is built from that bellows and manufactured from there. They took a brand new bike before it was ridden or spun and took it apart. The challenge we are working on right now is being able to support a rear seat. taking a Scout fender into the barbershop world and trying to keep our clearances very barbaric and very tight to the tire and getting our suspension travel and making it look good all at once so those are our three big challenges. I needed something my wife could ride with me so I need a removable passenger seat and they didn't have any of that on the market.
Find out how to integrate a second seat just when it's needed and get a better drop, drop the fender. it's close to the tires we can get it initially i got kenny involved it's one of our builders you can't mount it on the fender because it balances you know it's on the suspension so you know you could easily find a mount something like our luggage tray package for a Harley than the way they slide on and then join together and then you can float. You've got this bracket you see the welds there's a bracket up here that gives it a structure and it's a bracket so we'll take it out and when we cut it into 12 it'll only have a part of the radius so you're looking at all you'll be looking at is this Right here you see Kinney is working on a gold car plan is to introduce the bike at SEMA Roast which puts us about 20 days from now that the car has to go to be there on time and it quickly dawned on me that there's no way I'm going to make it.
I both brought in a master bike maker who was formerly with West Coast Choppers. In fact, I called him three days ago out of the blue and I've never spoken to the man in my life and said I know this is a long shot. know me i don't know you this is a hail mary here but i need to put together a bike with a secondary seat everything needs to be fabricated and all i have right now is a raw fender and some steel parts and he said send me pics , text him some pictures and then he called me back, he says I can do it, I said I'll take you on a plane in the morning, can you get on a plane?
It's 6:00 a.m. m. Oh this connection we're going to run two watertight pins through the frame and a hidden latch on the inside so you can reach under the driver's side pull the latch this will lift off here and then you can put a beauty plate, a beauty plate block or a beauty plate in there and then when you have your seat here what you will find is that the beauty plate will fit perfectly under it Lower your seat so it takes up all that space and it will be like a rest for the seat even though you don't need it because i mean the seats are snug but it will fit right under there so it seems to fit him perfectly which will use 4130 chromoly so it's strong ok so we know this isn't going to have any problems , we're going to mount it right on the swingarm so it stays with the swingarm at all times so there's never any clearance fluctuation between the tire and that yeah it's really well designed and t We have the tools and equipment here that I needed to be able to do it, which a lot of people aren't.doing is they have these brackets on the fenders that you bolt on this little square pad for someone and it's mounted to the frame at that point yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah this is mounted to the frame instead of the swinger but now we have this whole arm system rocker that's going to float so have you ever done one like this before something similar but no not with the removable with a removable seat which is something new but it's something that is look at it go it has to be done right somebody it has to, yeah the belt guard and fender are now floating together you know?
I think once these fenders are mounted and everything and basically this whole frame system is ready to go I think I'm going to go with the smoke windows like you did on this one yeah and then put smoke t- up, yes, these Recaro seats are the ones I have chosen. I will have the option of going with the four point harness or just using the OEM seat belt retractors. Well, I can go either way, one of the things I really like. what josh did on this car is he relocated the coil packs which really disappeared and now you have a clear view of the valve covers which really gives that old school vibe to the engine bay its that throwback we are looking for and it just did an amazingly good job of cleaning up sprucing up the engine bay and making it look really old school you know this is the complete package for sure and my dads favorite number was seven and it just so happens that this car is number seven in the run of 50 we built in collaboration with Joey Arrington for the Super Duty model yeah it's amazing how far these cars have come yeah I was thinking about that this morning it's been ten years since Kevin Morgan and I were in the barn trying to make a cardboard rear wing. tape and putty to make it look like his rendering and we've also evolved from that to this, yeah the 3 dimensional CAD drawings that are designed in-house so what do you think dad?
We'll think about this, oh, he'd love to. Yes, he would claim this car as his right, yes, and with the power it's a complete package. Oh, dad, he was very proud. finds a bit The box of Tic Tacs and a 1611 King James Bible which is the car that started this family's transient fever absolutely in speaking Mara i became trans ooh it's extra special for me to be signing a car that is a tribute to my dad and actually do it in collaboration with us but it felt amazing yeah I've never ridden anything like it well neither have I actually that bike turned out pretty amazing. yeah yeah that's going to be hard from a personal perspective same thing the best way to say is I'm so proud to be a part of this it's a class act here good mortgage ass we got some things we to work.
We'll raise the bar, we'll get over it somehow, the last ten years are just gone, yeah that's something you learn as you get older. yes i thought i would come, no i don't think so i think in fact they sing try to kiss me howl Anatomy

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