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Giving my Boyfriend a Drag Queen Makeover *wig snatched*

May 01, 2020
hello everyone, let's make her see again, your favorite beauty guru recently, my friend and beautiful person mani MUA launched her own makeup palette, oh she did that, it looks too, the packaging is called that, life is a can sure its a man she stop licking your bed so I thought about taking inspiration from the name of the palettes and making a makeup tutorial but not from me because my makeup is already done and yes I used this to do it really a nuisance. I'll do it to my


, let's see what he thinks. about that oh man man man man I swear I don't want tea I just need you for something else yes oh can you do your makeup please I'll make you a deal if you promise we'll go on vacation before the end of the year I'll let you do my makeup before the end of the year, only six months left.
giving my boyfriend a drag queen makeover wig snatched
Just kidding, yeah, yeah, so how are you going to feel like a business professional? Yeah, not like a dad, do I look like a dad, yeah? the mustache has to go, okay, you're ready. I'm going to put on makeup. I hope you treat me like a beauty. You want to like it. Make a dramatic video about yourself. Well, I brought you some tattoo water. Here you are, your highness, crazy. First things first, we're going to have to shave this face, okay, how do we shave you? You've got to get some water so a man can get the best he can get.
giving my boyfriend a drag queen makeover wig snatched

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giving my boyfriend a drag queen makeover wig snatched...

I just need a little bit, no, that's perfect now, I won't get it. Last time I responded to men, let me try to shave you, you did a really bad job, like you're ripping them off, you're not cutting them, that might be better, make so much noise, don't laugh. I shave your teeth because I'm so It's funny, isn't it okay, once you have hair, you have to rinse it, okay, oh my sister. No, I look like a hairy face. I wonder if



s like to wax their faces? What makes someone a



? There are a lot of men who do makeup now that's not wearing makeup what's the difference it just means a particular style of makeup and women can do drag makeup too.
giving my boyfriend a drag queen makeover wig snatched
I guess I actually have no idea about you and I have to confess that even though I know it's super popular right now. I've never seen new holes with drag racing. What are they all? 100 meter sprint races. I sure don't know. I haven't seen it. And? What is a drag queen and then a drag queen? A man who dresses in women's clothing typically for entertainment purposes is a different definition. A drag queen is a person who usually dresses in hyper feminized or gender non-conforming clothing and often acts with exaggerated femininity and in female gender roles for entertainment purposes, just wanting to have fun before. they die, that's okay with me first, let's inject this into your body, no, I'm only willing to do this because it's the manis palette, it's looking at my face, he did my favorite makeup look for you, you did show off and false eyelashes.
giving my boyfriend a drag queen makeover wig snatched
Sorry Manny, I failed my tutorial. I didn't do it right so I watched some drag queen makeup tutorials and all they did was you have to get rid of these. I'm not going to shave them well. They're my best feature, but Concilio, a charcoal, told me I had great eyebrows, she's never actually done this before, that's good, you haven't explained to me why you're doing this, basically what she does is stick it flat on Your face. so it's a perfectly clean surface so you can put foundation on top and then draw new eyebrows higher up that doesn't sound like a good idea that's how you become a man queen until then you're just a prince you feel clingy I wonder how you dig this up like that that now we have a cover-up for your entire face as if everything has to go well.
I have this giant package of PR foundations. Let's do a little combination of tones. That's your tone. Do not know anyone. Help me, you have to choose one of those three because I'm not going to try all 50 now, which one was it? You thought I looked creepy with the mustache now they look like goats, this is the practical exam for beauty school, head massage right, dad. make you bend fam because your mouth but keep your lips available you're supposed to cover everything we need nothing less just get rid of the face why would you want my lips to be this skin color? because we're going to paint over them you've never seen them in the nikkietutorials makeup video okay, how do you feel?
It's weird, it's like a nightmare. I've just woken up. Vanillin exists since our staff talked about lips like those in the asshole. Yes, that's exactly why good observation. Excuse me, ah, you're a lady. I'm a little hungry, would you like a clean snack? You call those rights disgusting. Go find me something better so that I respect your behavior. Who is she? I just hope for the best. Sorry, it was a drag race. You're funny. No. I don't know about RuPaul's Drag Race, but I would watch a spin-off. It was like RuPaul's NASCAR. Our RuPaul's Formula One races turn on a group of drag queens very quickly, but I didn't see what happens now that we contour with cream.
Nicole taught me this. I'm trying to remember to snatch that nasal cavity do you think I could get it on one of those brand trips? No, I still see my eyebrows. I know, don't worry. Photoshop, drag it down. No, I don't have to say how. Although this isn't really doing anything for me and I have no interest in makeup, I'm sure not, he'll say like men who are really uncomfortable with the idea of ​​makeup or weirdos who like to comment on male beauty guru videos. about how disgusting that is, how insecure these people are, how worried are they that they'll turn gay from seeing a man put on makeup?
That's actually what they're worried about, the next thing we don't do is concealer, you got pretty close. in the eyes, girl, this will feel like I'm poking you in the eye because I'm hello, this is coveted, now we have a bake, now to bake that cake, what's your favorite type of cake? Lower Merci, no need. I don't think you understand I make up words like they irritate my eyes, they're like watery, yes, that's normal, that's normal, we're going to do a little contour on top of your contour, it's always necessary, it takes a while to paint it like that. a queen you know how hard I work yes you are a youtuber you work so tell your parents that just like youtubers work much harder than them you are really becoming a queen because you are getting very murky, okay, ready, look at that. pigman, oh he's actually really pigmented, like that's not an intentional meme, so could you point out your favorite?
No, you're going to break my nail now, what color should I make it? You'll probably turn yellow over the baby fold, like I, Mom, think I should. You know, despite my effort at gluing, you still have a lot of hair there. I swear it will look better soon. I wonder how many people will buy palette minis because I'm displaying it so well right now, Manny, I want those commissions, this is about the code just for 10 pin up just kidding, it won't work. I have to do a liquid eyeliner, but I feel like it's going to be a disaster.
What does liquid eyeliner mean? This on your shirt. Yes, take it off. You did it. Manny also taught me how to do a Harper wing, well mine is sharper, close your eyes, don't move or damage may occur, so is it easier to do it on someone else than it is to do it on yourself? No, I think it's much easier to do it with yourself, why? because you can stab yourself without fear we're almost done can I scratch my face? No, so when you're wearing makeup you can't scratch your face. What is delivered I can't breathe either, enough.
I'll just dive into the black shade called. a little bit more shadow, so that's what you're doing, my eyebrows moved closer to my eyes, no, those aren't your eyes, that's your crease. I just seem really shocked, oh my god, by dinner after thinking the same thing, you won't let me do it right. There you are, Jesus, dude, you don't have to do it right on my eyelashes, yeah you do, 'cause I trust you, so the other thing that drag queens do, let me tell you, you say on the nose a lot, is they'll do a line like this down. to make it seem like a great explanation.
Hey, now we're going to paint your eyebrows, so what expression am I going to have? Surprised, surprised. I think the expression is what my girlfriend does on the Internet. It's like I came out of the '90s. I don't. I don't think she would be a very attractive woman, yes, now the real challenge is trying to make them. Even I always struggle with that. Do you think Manny will send you the next product of his life? Do you think you know Maybelline could leave James Charles under? I can get my phone back. I would like to see Corinne do this to steal.
Man versus makeup challenge. There you have it. I will be at some workshop or conference related to my work at some point and I know that no one is going to do it. Come up to me and say, oh I saw your girlfriend putting your makeup on, no no, I'm thinking pink or purple, what do you think? Yes, I don't mind, like many people, one last thing we have to give you. a mole, that's great, how do you feel about blonde? I feel like I'm having more fun now. I really hope you're enjoying it. The pink one is longer so I think yeah this is a little short oh yeah.
I just met you a wig. oh I can barely see your eyebrows oh wait we'll be there go so Ben life is a pain yeah well what do you think is going to break my setup? You have to do your obligatory narcissistic montage, okay, done, how do I do that? I just have to look like I love each other, you have your wig around your neck, so are we your new favorite YouTube couple? I'm ready for that vacation, guys, so it was a great sport to do this. I'm sure it wasn't what he liked the most. doing it on a Sunday, so please comment below how much you appreciate having this done to your face for your entertainment, but I have to say I'm a little surprised this is disabled.
See makeup speech bubble. He looks a bit like him. I'm alone. that's good oh yes say what you have to say to end this well everyone thank you with me you know thank you very much for watching and see you later

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