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GIANT RC Ekranoplan (Secret Russian aircraft?)

GIANT RC Ekranoplan (Secret Russian aircraft?)
a chronicle on


would have you on with intercontinental bottle rocket laws should make the Krannert Blanca model of Ekron you guys okay we're gonna build an RC crown fly but first we should probably start with the test model one was like this all right so this is what I made this is a simple foam board prototype because we're gonna build a massive one of these but first what is any chronic lon it's kind of like a weird hovercraft they accept the hovercraft actually sits
giant rc ekranoplan secret russian aircraft
there and forces air down into it this thing uses basically what's known as the ground effect where you fly wind close to the surface of the earth you can't trap extra air there and you also don't have it some of you this is you drag with larger airplanes and stuff so you know I'm skimming over the ground very efficiently a very low-power waiting the chrono plot with it operating so close to the ground you don't get that huge wingtip vortices other vortex that rolls off the
wing as lift as being development stills off the side which causes a lot of drag so that's another big efficient thing about the crown upon these wing and ground effects it's close to the ground they're a lot more efficient this video is sponsored by recon before we start the build oh it's me from the future I survived World War 3 and the second civil war but unfortunately I have eight of the hearing variety these are rake on e 25 alright alright so they don't actually
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sideways impact the till ripoff but hey it's not unlike the full skill km a carnal plod because I had structured reinforced after its first test flights so let's go do that oh no it's too big it's too big first up is the 4s battery not a whole lot juice but let's try it out you might just work okay well there's your problem there he's trying to fly that's oh that's cool when you get just right it starts really skinning Oh does not want to come back down
giant rc ekranoplan secret russian aircraft
I'm off the throttle stop really float because I had to push a lot of down to keep the thing staying in that like bubble all right so it is like tell heavy or yeah really feel having someone come we're waiting it try it again that's better of course it just what's the airplane all the time though it's got too much thrust so it needs more weight or smaller wings now Montreux why it just keeps going and keeps sliding now is a very good initial test I think we're after
the decorate next I was gonna put more engines on it because I thought it'd be a little underpowered but even with the high drag coefficient of the wet grass and the fuselage this thing it was so easily able to shoot off there with no power problems whatsoever oh yes all right who's ready for some testing it's gonna be the first water test they'll hatch alright here we go I guess the last thing to do is to decorate it and then we're going on the boat cuz there's no way
I could positive steers thing in this lake it like runs all their costs like four feet until I get four turn in that's the problem I have no way to test here we have to go on the boat we gotta go on the boat all right throw the boat I love my friends welcome to MPs Russia I will put the fake


accent and we will test a chronic lon flying boat machine and water it will destroy capitalist pig dogs with its sleek aerodynamic halt flying over water under radar my hands are cold they are
freezing off alright boys do it put this thing in the water Lane's in the water you see if it an airplane alright say when you start accelerating accelerate that's awesome this is really good now I can actually see what it's doing it takes a lot of power to get going but what's this off of water I really pull down the throttle push the nose down and keep that thing keep that cap in air bubble under the wings and it just goes so let's keep doing it some more Oh because of
that big wave so you cannot operate the km caspian sea monster in rough ocean water it would destroy itself alright comrades we are done it's oh the tails still so freaking long in this alright it was actually really terrible that day funny thing is actually on the boat it was hailing a little bit like frozen pellets cuz if you look here I think you have high-speed footage of this but it actually dented the soft malleable aluminum flashing tape stuff on it so that was cool it definitely did
giant rc ekranoplan secret russian aircraft
work in ground effect it did require a little bit skill to kind of like moose you down there and fly within that that ramp air bubble from the incidence of the wings and these steel plates kind of keeping that air bubble trapped there now unfortunately though it had excess amount power so it'll kind of flying around a lot so yeah it's unlike the real thing but again the point thing is actually most videos a scene of Ekron Ilan's through either high speed airboats on YouTube videos
or they're actually just full up airplanes I've rarely see people actually flying them over the water like those posting the only thing I've really seen is like Marcy testifies videos you check out somewhere in the links down below you're probably other other a few other ones up there but this part these things are actually kind of difficult to see good working examples of I'm actually glad thing worked but unfortunately you still did have too much power work and fly around
hence why didn't really bother putting on more agents because that would just make the problem worse a crowd pause are definitely fun they definitely seem good on paper because you know maximum efficiency flying low over the water and actually flying under the radar which is what the Soviet Union's original goal with you know the crowd line things are but unfortunately like communism all things on paper generally sound good but when you actually put them in practice they don't
actually work out well specific with the real things you have these jet engines which are very complex you have this aluminum airframe and you have all this stuff sitting in salt water so you have corrosion battling all the time versus like something that you know like a typical airliner or like this is didn't require


staying on land it doesn't actually get all salty and ruined like this thing does so beat concept I'm glad we had fun with it if you have any other crazy war
related plane science stuff because you guys did say Khurana file a lot so we definitely did do that and I've actually Oh funny thing is to actually attempt to one of these things in 2013 you can find these old pictures here but that project didn't actually work very good and I fortunately can't find any videos of it actually working so we're gonna completely forget about that but make sure you check out the rake on so they come in multiple colors and if you go check out link you
get 50% off your order so that helps support the channels if you want to do that very good very very good