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Gary Neville Puts Fan Questions To Sir Alex | FAQs | SPORTbible

May 29, 2021
that's what i was in the final against barcelona and wembley i should have changed at halftime and shit on jesus and park and messi that was a mistake if jason park had played against messi i think i would have really beaten him hello i'm



here and We'll be putting Sports Bible audience


to the boss ahead of the release of his new film. Sir Alex Ferguson. Never give up. I'm waiting excited. I'm ready. First question: who is the one player you wish you could have gotten? you never did paul gascoigne without a doubt, i think he was the best english player since bobby charlton.
gary neville puts fan questions to sir alex faqs sportbible
I think he was fantastic, boy, unfortunately we didn't get it and I think, working now, he made a big mistake. He recognized himself years later, but we had him. jordi is in camp with bobby charlton brian robson steve bruce even


powerson from middlesbrough with people there who would have looked after him you know particularly brian robson was fantastic with the players as you know so he goes to an island in london you know and you are easily swallowed there to be a young lad and I think it was a big mistake on his part and he was a wonderful player.
gary neville puts fan questions to sir alex faqs sportbible

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gary neville puts fan questions to sir alex faqs sportbible...

I loved his strength and his we played Newcastle there and I think it was Easter Monday and he just came back from an injury or near the bomb of the week and as soon as they came back they started winning games and I went there with the point three in the middle of the field, Whiteside Robson and Remy Moses, you know, in the midfield, he destroyed them honestly and then he did no Moses right in front of the dog and he patted him on the head and I jumped out of the box Honestly, it was amazing and I told my neighbors who were heading back to the bus to sign this guy to call them on the phone on the boat.
gary neville puts fan questions to sir alex faqs sportbible
On Monday and by then they had already done a deal with Tottenham, which is really unfortunate. It was disappointing because he already agreed to sign and then you showed him that he changed his mind by buying his mother and father a house that you were known for buying for his mother. and father a house, well, martin luther saw that tape, is there any of the current games that you wish you had bought from someone who's been playing the last 20 years that you thought, oh, I'd love to run them well, I think, I think, kane ? I thought Dewally was going to be a top player, I have to admit I don't know what happened there, but Keynes definitely has been and the guys you saw in Toronto are excellent players.
gary neville puts fan questions to sir alex faqs sportbible
Agüero has been a fantastic striker, there is no doubt that he scored the goal. He's been exceptional and I think the best teams will always produce a player who can excel and I think those two in particular, excluding Old Trafford, whose ground had the best atmosphere you've ever experienced, one in England and one in Europe, Hamden. I definitely park when it's 140,130 seconds, I got in front under 36,000 and went to see the Scotland, England games, oh electric, the atmosphere was absolutely electric and Anfield and Field electric, I mean you've been there , know what it is. the hill is uh it's a wonderful atmosphere to win in but yeah but you tx you know they expect that atmosphere to be even if you're losing you mean you never felt safe that you never really I mean literally know which was um, it was a really volatile atmosphere, yeah, I remember one time she left me outside Anfield and he said, Gary, I'm not putting you on the bench.
I went, okay, I'll get on the bench. I started every week. I can't let you warm up. in front of that group, who is the most underrated player that you managed, the three players, I can't worry about them, brian mcclaire, jason park and ronnie johnson, it's interesting because when I mean, obviously I didn't, I played with brian at the end of his career but with g and with ronnie if there was a problem in the game they would almost be like you they would fix your problem for you so json part would go and sit on the payload and man would flag it or ronnie would play on the midfield in Europe.
In the Champions League quarter-finals where there was a down there or there was a you know, they were the players that you trusted to do the job so that you would score if you made my mark a couple of times, that's what I was. the final against barcelona and wembley I should have changed at halftime and cheese poop and park and messi that was a mistake I realized after 10 minutes that I was going to do it at halftime and they will say well, we could equalize before halftime time they may see the game differently and grow in the game better.
We're actually pretty good in the last 10 minutes of that game. You know, we got to him and we could have been in front actually, but if he had played against Jason Park. Messi I think he would have beaten him, what do we do? two huge highways, I mean a fantastic goal they made, they made the other one, you know, he was a great player, but if he was a player, we were going to do it, it was Jason Parker. If you had to pick one striker that you've worked with to start each week, who would that striker be?
Then he is a striker who will save your life. I couldn't do it honestly, you have to accept, this is the bible of love, you can't bottle it. I will give you a statistic and this is the proof for you. I had 17 forwards in my time at United. All international ones. Name them. How did you take out a bottle of


and return it to me? Well, that's it, that's for your bed at night that will keep you on the 17th we will put it in the bible of love uh audience you are not going to choose a forward for me there is no penalty then a penalty received a penalty feel in the last minute you last game who is checking out of all those 17 forwards vanessa roy or cantona or iron one of them a clerk who committed two big penalties, you know he did it, yes, I think we missed one by scoring the rebound, uh, cantina missed one, I think I don't think there is a difference.
I don't think he's a finalist, I don't know he was mortal, Arsenal Keon jumping up and down in front of him, idiot jumping Keon, you like Martin Keown, cancel he's a good guy. He liked that line. Actually, I think he would gain some of what he has. a compliment, martin, knowing you, what young coaches are currently working in the first division? Do you rate young coaches highly? Yes, you can be a coach if you want. Well, I think that, in my opinion, the two, the two exceptional coaches of Clough and Guardiola, without a doubt, and I have seen them work and in fact I have been partly responsible for the following movements, you know because I met them, it is not Your fault is no no no no where the club found me in Switzerland and asked me for advice about moving to England and This is choosing the best team, choosing a team with expectations and I didn't do it at that time, I wasn't retiring, yes, and in the same way with Guardiola, I met him in New York having dinner together and he told me to keep in touch with your upcoming films and He went to see, you know, but these two are exceptional managers among young managers.
Eddie had a great spell at Bournemouth for a young manager and I think he did very well, although just because he has been relegated doesn't mean he isn't. a good coach, I think he is a good coach and I think the Parker boy in the movies has done a great job because I have seen them a lot and they continue playing football, they do not change, do not panic, they continue with the beliefs of the coach and I think it's a great indication of how good he is, which player you coached achieved more than you thought, I think you would win.
You thought he was really bad then, didn't you? I thought Steve Bruce was incredible, if you look at his physical being, as he wasn't exactly over six feet tall, but he attacked every ball he had and I think yeah, Steve would be someone who I thought did very well from the early years of Christian when it was frustrating did you always think he would reach the level he did? absolutely fine his game his first game against is at sporting de lisbon you took the day off and they rested rested and john o'shea had to go back he was and he was incredible the boy who was always 17 years old, he went up to 18 Of course, but it was incredible, but you know, we had all that prepared to bring it to the club, uh, but it was going to be the following year that was the agreement, yes, and Carlos Curious organized it without supporting lesbians, but then He committed the first team and it's a sensation and immediately the Real Madrid arsenal was all around and we had to move quickly, unfortunately he put me in a small room afterwards. the game told him to just come back, come back on a plane with us, he's not making money, see my mother, that's kidnapping, it could be and, the next day, a private plane brought him, his mother, his sister, his brother and his The lawyer approached and asked the following question: Which young player in world football do you rate as the tallest young footballer in the world?
Yes, in the world. Mason Greenwood. In my opinion, he will be a top player if he is cool and cool. a great forward never panics his shots are always low he is always inside the post and I think that has shown great qualities he is young he is younger than the Ford boy and I think he is 21 years old I think he is and he is the only player who it's come across town it's never taken the place of silver and it's been tremendous yeah those two in england are the best yeah i'm asking your opinion on the lad's bible first hopefully the bikes honestly , boss, these things are off the scale, think of it as, um, hello.
I'm Gary Neville and the boss is going to leave, you will answer. It's more frustrating to see myself as a presenter than as a player. You caused me some embarrassing moments. Thank you, perfect, well done, oh, goal of the year. goal of the year the goal scorer had an argument with the goalkeeper before the game oh that was a great own goal have you ever done something like that yet no no i still hope not to?

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