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Game Grumps Animated Compilation

Mar 30, 2024
the door, then we can do black katakan and it escapes under the skater, a skateboard, yes, a lot, somewhat true, not really, it doesn't matter, it's okay, it runs very, I feel like we are more equipped and I have never been well here we go, yeah, and yeah yeah, you made a cartoon about Pokémon getting high and he called it toe, come on oh wow dude, wait, I have to laugh, I can't do it, I can't make myself do it, it's so funny, forget about laughing, I actually I smoked Mon's T-shirt when I was in college you sued, yeah they make us, oh my gosh, you think you're the first person to think of that, yeah Jesus that's the funniest joke ever created.
game grumps animated compilation
A t-shirt, you imagine Pikachu with a joint in his mouth. and in a and like you know tired eyes and he's like and he's like a big advertising shoe he's a little I'm smoking weed I make you a little sassy feminist you know because he has high self-esteem because he's like what every time you talk about the effects of marijuana, it takes you home 50 times more than you've ever smoked marijuana once you knew, like you know when you smoke marijuana and if I can lift you 3 feet off the ground and it gives you a Spanish accent, no one. re like ha I'm super high right now yeah literally that's what high means right mm I got a row so okay thanks guys I like them more educational weed baby deep blue , just remember: what's here, wait, where, um, wait anyway.
game grumps animated compilation

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game grumps animated compilation...

Is it um, what, what? Oh, there are the glasses, boom, is that right? Now I can see the secret and catch my soccer ball. Oh, thank you, oh, well, that's a hit, thank you very much, oh, I was just there, Abdullah, what are you talking about? you know what's up dog is done what are you saying what is that dog? Oh God, well, aren't you proud of yourself? God, have I ever seen that joy in my life, what is it, you're proud, you sure seem to boo, baby. You have a great old use case, a great old case of you, that's what I'm talking about, every time I order a sandwich at Subway, what do you mean there's someone, but everything at Subway is infuriating?
game grumps animated compilation
Really yeah, it's like the people in front of you take too much time and like there's no self-service and like that's it. I don't know. I'm exaggerating too much, obviously, but Subway is like the land of inconvenience. Yes, I say it because it's like I have to be okay and they told me: what do you want? and I'm like a foot long sweet teriyaki chicken with onion on flatbread and then they're like wet bread and bread and they say okay and then they take and they're like you said a foot long, yeah I said a foot long , yeah, and like cheese, you already have so many bad experiences with the place that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy the moment you walk in there, like Hi, how can I help you? you're like Oh with this there's a you I the cheese is like yeah I can get a Swiss cheese and they're like what kind is it yeah you know the kind I just said uh they're like toasted and it's like of course Toth you can't eating flatbread and not toasting it, it's like spongy, disgusting, starchy bread, it's made to be toasted.
game grumps animated compilation
Wow, of course I want it toasted and then they toast it, then they start helping the people behind you and then they sit at the toaster. like 20 more seconds, you do that and you're like, I just want to have lunch, you're a jerk, it's like another person and then you have to read their personality, it's like, damn, and they're like, what do you want? I like it and I'm like spinach and then they just destroy it with spinach like an avalanche of spinach and you're like, I want like five other things. You can't just fill it with a pinch and think that's all it will be.
Wow. Wow, and then you make it and then you're like onion and they're okay and they put like two onions in it, it's like more onion please, and then whenever you want, get some weird combination like evil, can I get mayonnaise and also sweet onion ? sauce at the end they like to raise the eyeball a bribe eyebrows a little like well and you say don't judge me everything you and I can make my own sandwich, right? Wow next time I'm gay Wow ooh blue baby it's 3:00 in the morning hey who's here I'm so tired oh don't worry we got Pokémon to keep us awake yeah Pokémon to keep us alive and alert , keep our wits about us.
Very loud and wildly corrected. This is what I was wondering. Continue while you were on the couch falling asleep. Would you prefer? You would have a problem. It's okay, if it touched your blood. I mean, while you were sleeping. Yeah, you would know I was like. Yes, continue, no, that's it. Would you have any problems? Yeah, if I touched your butt, it probably could be a little problem. Yes, I probably would. Yes. Would you have a problem with pulling up your pants so I wouldn't have to? Look at 7/8 of your ass right now, there you go, thanks man, that was really good.
I'm going to play the safari


real quick. There is a full moon. There is a full moon tonight. I don't know, it was probably like that. a waning crescent a waxing given that a gibbous doesn't even give us oh yeah, a gibbon could be a bird on the super-g safari. Game over yeah well I'm going to play again because I didn't get all the items. Damn you get a special item if you make it to the end idiot it's happy oh yeah oh baby blue so I did everything that was there. I guess I did very well.
I got the key. I receive the key. It's what's necessary okay well maybe there's this thing maybe there's a guy here in the theater look for another one you know who they called for my man you'll never find him well what's the key to I don't know it's to the mansion I don't know I remember there was a door that I couldn't open, but maybe there was and I just don't remember, no, I don't want to take you, scare yourself, you old fart, do you have a ditto in an arctic? Know? You can trade it for this Pete.
I thought this chair looked nice under the set and is beautifully upholstered. You can buy the other three. Hi, hey, I'll buy some. Give me all your Pokémon for a Cadbury Creme Egg. The Cadbury Creme Egg costs two dollars. You also have to pay because it feels new but it's not, it's London if you're if you're a friend if you're Cadbury Creme Egg is full again but it's an old creme egg that you don't want to eat that means the yolks went bad, that it's me, that meat is from the 30's, oh god I'm on this, it would be funny if the Cadbury Creme Eggs rotted like real eggs and the sugar turned greenish brown, but it's still delicious. ooh, it turns into chocolate, mint, god.
I love Cadbury Creme Eggs, well I used to, yeah, and then IOD Don, there's a lot of sugar the day after Easter. I can do like two a year. Wow, and those two are glorious, the other guy pretty good. Sometimes I feel alive, baby, baby, are you hello? My name is Milton. I'm from the Milton factory in Milton. Oh, Milton. I see you have created many Miltons from your Milton moulds. Thanks for noticing. I have many Miltons for sale for $39 a piece. I something, my name is Milton and I would like in Milton. Do you have Milton?
Yes, really yes. How many Miltons? A Million Milton. If you want Milton, I can get them for you, but 1 million might be asking too much. Well, maybe you want to go. to a professional maker in Milton like Mauri Mauri Mauri only makes morris although I'm not lucky Maury I know he has better prices than me no one knows Milton ok yeah do you have chocolate milk? One more thing about that, they melted my Milton. yes no in my food yes yes to both one thing I have to mention about Milton tell me these are rare yes and they are very poisonous don't eat brie cheese or we made milk chocolate one I ate it don't eat what Now I make milk chocolate just to decoration Which day was bigger?
Ah, his courage yes, you are dying, don't use it, you are currently dying, almost the first sign of dying is a misunderstanding of vowels, they call it Milton's melting, oh yes, yes, yes. very rare but very addictive villain, so come to Milton's victory in Milton, where we will sell you the $39 Milton on sale, if you buy 38, you will get the dollar.

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