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Gaetz and Boebert Heckled at Trump Trial as Court Becomes New MAGA Hotspot: A Closer Look

May 20, 2024
-Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boebert were


outside Manhattan Criminal Court today, where they appeared along with several other MAGA weirdos in support of Donald Trump. To learn more about this, it's time for "A Closer Look." ♪♪ If you're planning a trip to New York anytime soon, you're probably familiar with some of the landmarks and tourist attractions we have here: Broadway, the M&M Store, Central Park, the M&M Store, Times. Square, the M&M store, the American Museum of Natural History, and MoMA, which is, of course, a fancy way of saying M&M store. But there's a new must-see at the top of every out-of-town visitor's itinerary here: Donald Trump's hush money


in Manhattan Criminal Court. -It is a show of support for Donald Trump.
gaetz and boebert heckled at trump trial as court becomes new maga hotspot a closer look
Republicans vying to be his running mate were out in force at his


today. -You just saw both Senator JD Vance of Ohio and Senator Tommy Tuberville of Alabama. -Rick Scott joined Donald Trump in


on Friday. -Vivek Ramaswamy, Congressman Byron Donalds, Congressman Cory Mills. -Doug Burgum, Tim Scott, Marco Rubio. -Donald Trump has brought more friends with him to


. -Large entourage today: no less than nine legislators who showed up this morning to support former President Trump. You have representatives Matt Gaetz, Lauren Boebert, Andy Biggs, Michael Cloud, among others. -Man, Beavis and Butthead are everywhere. Seriously, there are more Republican members of Congress at Trump's criminal trial than there are on Capitol Hill.
gaetz and boebert heckled at trump trial as court becomes new maga hotspot a closer look

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gaetz and boebert heckled at trump trial as court becomes new maga hotspot a closer look...

I'm going to throw this out there... might be a good day to raid it. You see, Trump is under a gag order and can't attack the people involved in the case like he wants. So his solution is to summon his army of puppets to carry out his orders. The problem is that character witnesses must be people of great character, not people about whom you would say, "He's a real character." If he's on trial for a criminal charge where character is critical to the case, Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boebert aren't exactly the role models he wants to have in the courtroom.
gaetz and boebert heckled at trump trial as court becomes new maga hotspot a closer look
It's as if OJ's friend at his trial was Charles Manson, Hannibal Lecter. I have to say, I'm surprised to see Lauren Boebert there. I wasn't surprised when she showed up. I'm surprised they haven't fired her yet. I mean... if you're going to get down to business during a performance of "Beetlejuice: The Musical," I can't imagine how turned on you'd be for money to keep quiet at a porn star's trial. But Boebert and Gaetz got prime seats. -Boebert and Gaetz are in the courtroom right now, sitting in the front row next to Eric Trump. -Phew! They have to sit next to Eric Trump.
gaetz and boebert heckled at trump trial as court becomes new maga hotspot a closer look
Where did you get your tickets from? SeatFreak? "Scrubhub" was also considered. Sitting front row at Trump's trial must be like the MAGA version of sitting courtside at a Knicks game. Except if someone says, "Wow, they're even bigger up close," he's talking about the bags under Trump's eyes. Seriously, that's how dirty and pathetic the Republican Party has become. The only thing sadder than having to sit in a sad New York City courtroom for a porn star's silence trial is sitting in a sad New York City courtroom for someone else's money person to maintain a porn star's silence... "We're in the Big Apple!
What, should we see a Broadway show? Should we have a hot dog today? I have an idea. Let's go to the courthouse and listen to Stormy Daniels describe the worst sex of his life. If Joe Biden were ever prosecuted for paying hush money to a porn star, I guarantee not a single Democrat would be caught dead within a hundred miles. You would never see Bernie Sanders sitting down. in the front row saying, "The problem with porn is that 1% of lonely housewives get 99% of their pizzas delivered! The rest of the housewives live off the masses." Also Joe Biden: "Sometimes, maybe a pepperoni falls off!" Also, Joe Biden would never pay money for the silence of a porn star.
He simply spoke to her in "Hey, you're not going to tell... You're not going to tell anyone about this, right?" At the very least, can we all take a second to reflect on the fact that there was a time when Republicans were lecturing the rest of us about family values ​​and now officially declaring that they were obviously full of...? In fact, Ohio Senator JD Vance literally once called for pornography to be banned to save families Of course. Knowing how this guy flip-flops around Trump, he'd probably say, "The good thing about President Trump is that he works hard.
He didn't sit and watch porn. He went out and did it." And House Speaker Mike Johnson once said that he and his teenage son monitor each other's pornography intake. -Covenant Eyes is the software we have been using for a long time in our home. It is an accountability software. So men in a church, you know, men's Bible study groups will do it. It scans all the activity on your phone or devices, your laptop, tablet, you name it, we do it all. And then send a report to your accountability partner. So my county accountability partner right now is Jack, my son, right?
And he is 17 years old. So he and I get a report of all the things that are on our phones or all our devices once a week. If something objectionable arises, your accountability partner is notified immediately. I am proud to tell you, my son, that the slate is clean. -What about you? How come you didn't tell us about yourself? "My son has a clean slate. I, however, continue to receive X-rated links from a friend." "Hey, Mike, thanks for coming to my trial. Also, check this out." "Is it porn?" "No?" "What is it?" "It's porn." And yet, even responsible partner Mike Johnson traveled to court to defend Trump during his pornography trial. -The crime that President Trump is accused of is falsifying business records.
But I think everyone knows that he is not the accountant of his company. -That's not the position. The charge is that he funneled the hush payment through his business and lied about it in official records to hide it from voters during an election. You can not do that. I can't funnel a hush payment through this show's budget and call it something like "wardrobe expenses," mainly because everyone knows we don't spend anything on my wardrobe. NBC pays an intern to go to JFK airport once a week and check all the luggage left behind. That's why on yesterday's show he was wearing a bolo tie and Mickey Mouse ears.
That's everyone from Matt Gaetz to Lauren Boebert to the Speaker of the House. Don't you guys have, I don't know, anything better to do? Even if they put aside their so-called jobs as members of Congress, I mean, just life stuff. I have three children in a full time job. If one of my friends asked me to fly to another city to sit in a courtroom for eight hours for his criminal trial, he would do anything to avoid it. I was like, "Oh, you don't want me. If there are jurors like Emmy voters, then you want John Oliver." He is a friend.
He is a dear friend. He is a very dear friend. Not like “here, borrow one of my Emmys,” dude, but a dear friend. And not only do they show up in court, they also make it incredibly strange. For example, Kellyanne Conway's ex-husband and Donald Trump foe George Conway is also in the courtroom. And according to reporters in the room, Boebert and Gaetz keep turning to


at anti-Trump lawyer George Conway. Gaetz and Boebert are turning the first criminal trial of a former president into a soap opera of sorts. "Jorge?" "Lauren!" "Mate." "George? Matt?" "Lauren? Kellyanne!" Oh Lord!
Yes. Yes. Pretty good. Fairly good. You have all the cameras good. It wasn't, I'll be honest, not a lot of trust from the staff. But other than embarrassing themselves and their group, I'm not sure what exactly they were hoping to accomplish with their presence. I guess they were there to offer moral support to Trump, but it ended up being creepy. For example, see if you can spot Matt Gaetz in this clip of Trump speaking in court. -Are you worried about a sentence? -Will you testify, Mr. Trump? -Thank you so much. We're going to be... Excuse me.
Excuse me. We are going to be working with a lot of people over the next few weeks. This is ending. At some point it will be finished. Every review and every jurist I have been able to read says that there is no case. OMG, Matt Gaetz appears behind him as the killer in a Lifetime movie. As he appeared during a thunderstorm. "Oh, hello, Donald. I hope I didn't scare you." What Lifetime movie is that? "My ex is a vampire"? Plus, the guy has a really big head. He is standing all the way back and is still almost the same size as Trump's.
He sticks out like a thumb with bulging eyes. Gaetz and B... Hoo, boy. I'm so tired from the movement of my camera. Remember when I watched all three and that part came out so well? I feel like that should have been the end and now we're still doing it. I am so tired. Gaetz and Boebert then appeared with their Republican colleagues outside the courthouse, where they spent much of the time being booed. First, a protester held up a sign as Gaetz spoke that said "bootlicker." Of course, bootlicking is one of the things Trump paid money to keep quiet about.
Then... the end of the press conference, Boebert tried to talk about her but was interrupted by protesters who mocked her with mentions of the musical she was kicked out of. -I want all the news to start asking the question: what is the crime? Because not everyone in this court has been informed what the crime is. The accused is unaware of the crime that was committed. -Don't say it three times! It's a sign. It's a sign of how crazy our politics are that protesters shout the word "Beetlejuice" at a member of Congress, and we all know what it means.
Also, my favorite part is when all of his so-called friends just walk away and abandon her. Friends, aren't you going to help her? "Ugh! It's Lauren's turn. Let's get out of here." This is how much the Republican Party has degraded. They spent years lecturing the rest of us about family values, and now they flock to a former president's criminal trial so they can stand there while the porn star he paid describes what, by her own admission, was some of the worst sex of your life. What did Trump say to Stormy while it was happening? "Don't worry..." -This will end at some point. -This has been "A



." ♪♪

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