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Funniest Impressions Done in Front of the Actual Person

May 25, 2024
these are the best


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, bend down, stand up, this was the moment Jamie Fox became president of the United States of America, amazing moment of my life and all their lives when our president-elect told the American people and he said it very softly and calmly, he said: if there is anyone who still doubts that America is not a place where everything is possible, tonight is your answer from Walter White to Kevin Hart , can't this guy do what no man can come? Here it is, I haven't


it in a long time, so I have to come watch another one of your shows and just study.
funniest impressions done in front of the actual person
I saw you do a talk show, do you really know what his hands are, man, Kevin, I'm giving you? you have the opportunity to retaliate, give us your best impression of Brian Cranston, well he is different, in moments, there are moments and of course with his vocabulary he is incredible, you know, there is a touching moment where he is very Ed EAS and then, occasionally, he. I'll give you a good joke, but everything is prepared, everything is professional and good, and you make me sound boring, no, you're not boring, you're boring, that's good, good morning, why give us some Kevin's First?
funniest impressions done in front of the actual person

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funniest impressions done in front of the actual person...

Reactions when he found out he was getting the Mark T ah well damn, uh wow, my stand-up show my show, the show I do, uhhuh, the show I do is second only to the birth of Jesus, I swear to God, I swear, rap, listen, it's a r it's a rap, no wonder Fox has mastered their art of imitation, they don't have a blueprint, they don't have a blueprint for me, although I do, you know, Kevin, spy, also an Academy Award winner, does what I think is a very good impression of you well, not really, not really, but I don't see myself in his impression, he does, Kevin, come here, Kevin, How are you?
funniest impressions done in front of the actual person
It's a pleasure to see you. Oh, shut up, Dave, they like this, they like it, what I worked on. something just for this moment, okay, I had to write it down, okay, here it is, oh god, that's brilliant, oh, thank you, but I'll buy a cappuccino, oh sa, if you're a big man, yes, I'll give you a piece of gum. can show me how to chew oh, the award-winning actor clearly isn't afraid to mess with some of the greatest fighters in history, although Mike Tyson wasn't around at this very moment, he took to social media to express his approval of the impression and i . gets to that joke and someone, El Mike, is here and then it was a black girl and you know she was a black girl inciting, she was sitting in


, what are you going to do?
funniest impressions done in front of the actual person
Jamie, you're going to tell the joke you're going to tell your little joke now Jamie, I'm telling him don't make him mad, you know, I'm just trying to do it, so the guy said, Mike said, make the joke, but you better make it funny, so I make a joke. I think it was something like Mike. Tyson going through the drive thru with Kentucky Fried Chicken or something Hi Mike Tyon welcome to Kentucky Fried Chicken yeah can I have chicken and chicken and bistic and some pain? What are you saying? I want slor, I want slor, a lot of slor, so so anyway the joke happens to hold Ovation and then Mike comes up to me, there he is, crazy mother, come, come with me, come on right now, silly mother, get on the car and I get in the car with Mike and I just start.
Going out with this was like the gesture, like when you need someone to laugh, you make me laugh, knock, knock, knock, and I


ly went out with Mike all those times he was at the club with girls like you like. The BMWs are like yeah, he just went and bought a bushel of BMWs and gave them to people, give me a bushel of BMWs and add flooring, come on, you got some dancing involved and uh, but I remember looking back at the two unique. people in the club that weren't dancing and uh messes Evans and Hemsworth where I heard Chris say but how do you get this here and uh and Chris Hems was like I don't know dude just working out and stuff.
I'm excited to be here because one of my true heroes, Bruce D, is nominated for an Oscar this year and I'm so excited that Bruce D is nominated for I Can't Keep a Good Man Down. Can you brother? Can you look at me? When I talk to you, son, an interesting fact about the Thor movies is that Tom Heston had initially auditioned for the role of Thor, so it became clear that he was perfect for the role of Loki, plus Tom Heston could act as Loki. through the voice of Chris Hemsworth, well desperate, I can do Avengers things like um, I am Loki of Asgard and I am charged with a glorious purpose um uh, it's not that simple since it's not your natural state, you know, like um, you know it's the unspoken thing. truth of humanity that you long for the subnation, you know, uh, the bright Le of Freedom diminishes the joy of your life, um, basically, what I'm saying is and C, oh my God, friend, friend, oh my God, he's really funny about it too, he's like, oh god, I got it. to put on the suit oh god, I can't do this anymore if I do a Conan.
I make a really good Conan. I swear to god. I've never heard anyone do a Conan, so yeah, oh, it's easy, oh, it's so easy to do. to Conan, yeah, it's easy, uh, Conan it's like you know you're like this and like, oh, you do this and then it's like how's it going, I call you, that's right h two TW is four 4 four is eight, that's mysterious that's like that it's like if yes yes I eat where it's like yes, you eat slow I don't eat slow that's all WR he puts things together and just goes like a pelican yes, that's me, that's how you eat like that it's like, yeah, who needs these clues when you have 50 Cent im


ating Buster Rymes?
Wait, he says he can put your hands better than me, yeah, so make me a favorite, what you say, that was it. you without what you say is with the ice with the bad commercials, remember Robert Daos now he says spicy meat the ball I don't want, well, thank you, good evening, the way to do it, the president is to start with Mr. Rogers , it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood then you add a little John Wayne here we go, let's cross the ridge you put them together you have George Herbert Walker Bush that's what's on now just intimate that's so easy when I'm sitting here right? big shot there we go okay here we go I'm not ready for this no I know you're not ready now no you're ready for your little show but you're not ready here you have all week to prepare for your little show okay here we go , so it's like, who am I going to be?
I don't know, oh, Rob, whack, Rob, whack and the Spice Girls, yeah, Paul, uh, Rob, whack and the Spice Girls. Do you enjoy the Spice Girls? Paul Spice Girl Spice Girls yeah yeah yeah well they're gonna be on the show and uh Paul do you watch Saturday Night Live yeah yeah yeah what time is it now? Paul, uh, I say, what time would it be? it's like uh 11 it's live yeah it's about censorship man censorship it's outrageous it's out of the picture man the police they serve and protect they are the backbone of our damn society you gotta defend to the cats in blue, man, let me tell you something. man that's garbage, if you didn't have rules you'd have fucking anarchy, he's a fucking First Amendment buddy.
I mean, if you can't write a song about killing a cop, I mean, what's next you won't be able to write. about killing the security guard, which of these was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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