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Floyd Mayweather Talks Being An Undefeated Champ, 50 Cent, T.I & More | Drink Champs

Feb 20, 2020
talking about that. I have an ax, I have an ax, you know, you and 50 hours, friends, you were all like that, you were all billionaire brothers and like that, anything is this. I'm just


I'm speaking from the heart Yeah I never understood where all this came from 50


at my house every day you destroyed it sleeping at my house we're going to the boxing gym we kicked it we came out great um I'm coming home you know , you know, I've done that, you know, I went on vacation. I came home and then when I was on vacation I got the newspaper.
floyd mayweather talks being an undefeated champ 50 cent t i more drink champs
I saw you say that, um that. He started TMT promotions and when I got home, I guess he wanted to become a fifty-fifty part, you know, fifty-fifty, you're not in the boxing business and my thing was I was happy and comfortable with what I already had. was. going mm-hmm and I guess he wants to be a part of you, you know what I was doing and I said we know we're Frank, we have a great relationship unless we can keep it that way, you know how fun it is not to have a grudge, then one day I'm just and then I guess I don't know if he bothered on Monday I was looking on the Internet there was like look 450 right, he said $0.50 and look like it's not smart, it's my family, I'm with this little joint together every day, but because at At first they both seemed like they were playing, so, right?
floyd mayweather talks being an undefeated champ 50 cent t i more drink champs

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floyd mayweather talks being an undefeated champ 50 cent t i more drink champs...

He said something of course I said oh I didn't know what was going on so I'm a fighter mmm he shot. I'm going to shoot bad, but then I can keep playing the game back and forth because you know, a lot of times and rap battles, rappers go back and forth back and forth and where's my thing? ? I'm a fighter mm-hmm and my thing is like a promo for a fight, we talk, we talk, we talk, if we don't go, if we're not going to do anything, just let it go well, so my thing is that was you.
floyd mayweather talks being an undefeated champ 50 cent t i more drink champs
I think you're like whatever like fix it like um I just don't wish everyone anything but the godfather One thing is how can I wish to be such a blessed man I can't I can't wish ill on anyone I was No, I wasn't done, but the best thing is that that's how I am. I don't know, you know, like I said before, but I don't really know where you know. I guess he might have been angry, you know we did. We didn't get together and start doing TMT promotions together. My thing is, it took me a lifetime to build the Mayweather brand and you know, in boxing, so, meow, hey man, just working hand in hand, you don't like it right now, you know.
floyd mayweather talks being an undefeated champ 50 cent t i more drink champs
You know, there's not much to say about our lists, although, well, what would you say? I haven't seen it in a long time, but you know, we have PVC, okay, and we have other promotions to do, so I think we have three or four. hundred fighters we are working with hmm so anyone is like that could be um we have a cap we have a child we have to stay friends yeah you know sir I never asked him to be part of G-Unit or whatever he was just doing taught me to sound like a genuine friendship, that's what I thought, so it is what it is, is it something in that relationship that you think you could have done better or is it like I was under good someone, man, I'm a man persecuted, I have been nothing


than a woody solid, I am a solid old man and he knows it.
I tried to do the right thing and I'm not the type of man with this man, come to my house, my chef cook. cook big meals for us, okay, we sit down, we kick it, um, we travel on the plane together and you know, like I said before, I've never had this come out of the blue, like I, you, you're kicking, I'm, you're talking . with all of you and I come to a show with you every day. I come to do a show with you every day and one day you're going to turn blue to say something, man, which is good, so that's what was good.
Well, I wish all of you the best before we move on, so you're saying that, um, the same thing mostly wasn't the best opportunity, you think about it, so if you said no, I'm Santa, I'm saying that it's one hit me with one hit me with one big shot, okay, actually, two shots, okay, but even in that particular round, what I said to Shane was this. I was like you did auto-sets when you grabbed him. I told him you have to kill me but you have to kill me oh so you have to kill me and we all celebrate you can be sterilized tonight well make some noise you really liked get out of the club and run home oh yeah I guess they told you the story story, yeah, what I know I was young in Wow, uh, you know, going to the strip club and just hanging out, I was going to the strip club before I had my own.
Wow, now you go to yours, oh, absolutely, you know, actually, when I was getting ready to. you know, for the kind of great guy, a really trained for Conor McGregor, he put it like a kind of Gregor, you know, fight, I really trained, all I did was do pushups and box crunches sometimes, you can bag a few Sometimes it's actually a training camp, the training camp was in different places. I would do a training camp in Las Vegas for a few days, sometimes I wouldn't go to the gym for a week, but what happens? Because he wasn't taking it that seriously or I just won't take it seriously, but like I said before, I wanted to ask for some fun in a fight and I wanted to entertain people, so you know, go with that style that I had, it was entertaining and people enjoyed it.
You gotta get people to show, so I gave you people to show, yeah, okay, if I want to go out and he gets up and burns and walks out the door, I could have done it right, but you know, my thing is this yeah Yeah If I had to do that, it would probably be our part too, but you're not training, what did you think I was going to do for the show? Just be a little


relaxed, he goes back and looks at all the accesses, mmm. I didn't see myself trying hard mmm you know he was definitely bad.
I went to the gym like two or three days and then I miss before this gym for four days. Your example. He was crazy. I was embarrassed, but I want to say no. probably in a way like the UH the author has to fight mm-hmm I was in the dog deal Shane Diego Corrales oh I was a dog except I was running in the mountains mmm so you know certain things you know you had to go back to the drawing board even my hair for Manny Pacquiao we went back to the drawing board, you know, cutting down trees, so my dad made me do it when I was young, cutting down trees, yeah, right in front of Wow, okay, I mean, what You really wanted so much, well, yes, regular for Miguel.
In the fight with Cotto you weighed the heaviest, I think your heaviest weight was like 150 150 probably, so, yeah, so how was that? What would the fight with Diego Corrales be like? No, no, Miguel Cotto, you know, I'm sorry, no problem. I feel slow. I said that. The reason I say that is because it's similar to Conor McGregor, thank you, I wasn't training like that, overtrained, everyone was trained, I think I'll train too much, okay, we don't wash it, Miguel Cotto, I have something very good, no. Don't worry, I got you, you know, and you're slow because of the weight.
I probably just think I trained too well, Miguel Cotto, the whole train and what's going on with a box of excessive trains like you explode your load too quickly? slow hmm, but still you know, I have a lot of experience in big fights. I have more experience than anyone fighting in the big fights at the highest level because I know that fighters have ever surpassed this feat when they see the bright light. I will reach for this. height, yeah, in the sport of boxing, okay, when they see the brilliant, you know, the crazy thing is that someone told me, someone told me this, it's a um, look who your opponent is because by that night you all are in the same level. that no matter who you fight you better be in danger, I mean they want them on a different level because they get a big payday mmm, but I'm on a different level because if it was on a different level then I wouldn't be . on this show talking to you right now, so I'm on a different level, period mm-hm because the thing is they know a fighter can come out and demand 300 million to fight, damn it Floyd, so it's something no fighter can do live.
I win, I've never seen a fight that made more than 70 million for what it could have been. I don't need 60,000 people now dead. In less than two minutes, the fight was exhausted. 77 million, so I don't know McGregor, that sold out and minutes. another 67 million so food and you know like I said before I kept 100% of the proceeds something you've never seen happen you can't damn it and there's no entertainment business so at the end of the day I think when it's all said and you know, I'm actually very smart and I know what I'm doing when it comes to business, whatever the Greek fight is.
I think you train too much for that because of the risk of people doubting you, like saying you know this. Do you see that this costume used to work? Did you feel like you had the advantage because he couldn't kick or did you just feel like he was going to wash it anyway? Well, my thing is that he is known for having a sleight of hand. he's known for having a hanging game hmm he hasn't been raised re


ly as someone who rocked boxing first so we have a standing game so he's known for having a sleight of hand hmm so I mean we're both warriors mm -hmm then let me see what you can do hmm and you know who is getting so many PPV buys for the fight, you know we had a drag to fight um, you know we had a drag to fight for real, but we had a prolonged, you know the fight What do you want me to do in the rain?
Such a quick way to lengthen it a little. Okay, one of the things that made the system fail because so many people were trying to buy the fight. Oh wow, one of the things I asked you before. Are they ever going to go too far to the right? Look at the same old Boston and one thing I didn't like about McGregor. I think at one point he said a monkey, yes, he said something like that, yes, and we immediately moved on from this, no. It's funny, not anymore, like it's like, I get it, you know it's racism, right, it comes in handy, um, well, my thing is that you always have to be a professional and stay calm hmm because this is something, no.
I am, this is not a hundred dollar business no, there is no man without business when you get to this level there is a billion dollar business ah damn so you have to look and say you know what he said this now mmm I'm going to act like a fool mm-hmm Not many of our ancestors mmm boy for reacting without thinking mmm and myself before reacting I must think hmm so something I'm taking my time because you know we're talking about racing, this is a very, very temporary touch and you have to be careful. be very careful if I respect that mine is this period I'm just saying that all the races are all are all are all the races things he is saying we're not going to get naked hmm we're going to get into the rain they're going to say yes I'm going to say the same thing so you know they're going to take me out there he thought it was a joke putting his hands behind his back no problem I'll go back to the corner my dad said don't worry press keep pressing keep changing whenever you want mmm it's going to burn mmm say no problem I got you um I said because this was hmm I think um MMA fighters 25 minutes okay we stopped totally right yeah totally so we stopped it three minutes after 8:00 after 25 minutes because we know you know some resistance or that we know it's good to fight for 25 minutes but after 25 minutes we know it's not good, no, is this serious? um McGregor Mayweather to Mayweather McGregor Dana and I have been talking Ok, they're not a tank, dad, um, I think McGregor and I and probably um, Mia could be whoa and of course, you know, it has to be boxing because under a side is always right, you know, and when we talk about numbers, let's talk. about the numbers that I've done mm-hmm on PPV, right, I mean, no, the strength, the strength of the last decade came out that we talked about, I think they said I did 969 15, but I only did it in five years because For five years I wasn't even active, I was even fighting, you know?
From 2010 to 2020, I am truly blessed to do the things that I have done and when I give back because these are things that Don't talk about this platform where you have beverage


ions. I need to be the


ion so I can, you know,


my coffee like you're accepted tea, but I want to


your coffee, check my water, and talk about different things. different things, while I've been giving back to the American people for years, but you never hear about it and I don't want a wide net to exploit it. I don't want to broadcast or tell people about it as long as I know. that I'm doing a good deed as long as God knows I'm doing a good deed and God can see me doing a good deed and the American people that I'm doing it for say happy, I'm happy with that. everyone I don't have to go see me to look I'm feeding people today I'm giving people money today I don't have to do that I don't have to do that and that's why I feel like I'm still blessed and I'm still blessed and I'm still blessed because the things I'm doing I'm giving back to the people who deserve it which makes you switch from HBO to Showtime because at one point I felt like every time I turned on HBO it was your channel so I never would have thought you'd stay on HBO like, let's not say change because it's like, but I like it, it's basically like I stabbed them in the back.
I didn't do that, no, we're not going to say this is whatYou made money and you made sure you were good people, you didn't respect that and I took it upon myself to fight this battle and guess what I want, I never know if it's bad because I sit there and you know I compare it to almost where people say God is. exists so God exists and they say yes and then they can't prove it, but then I compared it to that because I could really prove that I could sit there and say well look, he fought this guy, he did this and I can actually prove that your sister is like you know so you can prove that our phrase is so out of the history of boxing history especially. of us guys fighting yes, you are my face 205 is Rocky Marciano so something is right in all these fighters fighting two hundred fights three hundred fights just his black and white box and beers there are a hundred years, yes and only 150 fights Floyd Mayweather be more more worried that anyone named in my opinion, this is better and yet you showed it, yes, absolutely, it's not funny, great, it's not funny, crossed, you went to a UFC, you're probably watching it, and then you whipped it, what is that photo channel? water no no, oh this is not water, I love you buddy, this is this tiger bone, you don't want to do this, no, but let me say something, no, man, I'm going to shoot them with a stun gun, hey, no Tell yourself that that made you do it. rock ah yes oh no they were filled with isn't that it?
I'm just telling you, look, you're not walking like viagra. What if you play? You'll be ready, but listen, Floyd, I just want you to know. man and I want my son and check it out, you know, oh, you know they hit you, you want to know it, yeah, but you gotta check it out. Oh, your earrings are blinding me right now, boy, let me tell you something, man, in our black society, we must move on. to absolutely bring this out to the world, well, you know what our country is going through, so many things, period, right, we love each other so much, although you know, we don't interview everyone who


big, we love each other to others, no. you want to talk but you know what you're totally mature, you know, but you know, and there's one thing I want to play, okay, okay, just one thing, I really want to play something that I don't understand, okay, okay, so when they say Christopher Columbus came to America when he touched the surface hmm when he was shaking someone's hand, shaking someone's hand when he arrived, you know, America, I'm trying to figure out who was that person here that was shaking Columbus's finger, someone I already had company, no, no.
No, no, I would leave. I have to talk about this. He was completely wrong. No, I'm not a pitcher, so if he was from Europe, yeah, yeah, okay, if you Europeans come here, yeah, and take over the Indian lands, right? The Indians land, but what I'm trying to figure out is that we come here to be brought here. I'm also still trying to figure out how they can come here and then call the Indians, call them Native Americans in their own territory and then call us African Americans and call themselves Americans. I don't understand it, that's why I say I'm an American.
I'm just a black American, but I'm an American now because when I competed in the Olympics in 1996. I didn't fight for the African American networks. I fought on the American team, so at the end of the day, I guess it's crazy why they keep saying we're African-American, I'm American, I'm Black American, whatever if they. We're not a European American, they're not, we're not African Americans, we're just black Americans, we, an American, got there oh yeah, you don't like this, yeah, a lot, but this is implemented, we're just telling you something, bro, speak up with me you are inspiration for all of us for people who come from the bottle, if someone follows your career, they might look at you, yes children, look at you or your team, I understand how you move, look how everyone comes, I see, I try hard and I wanna be like that and say my oh god be all my boy yeah so I'll say hello to you this live show is all about thank you crazy no your shot looks a little crazy I'm not going to water no I can do it because everyone was talking about Floyd dragging on, right?
You know the chat will slow down. You know we don't like it. Do you know what that is. That's also what this wish is for me. That's why I said at the beginning of this, take a look, son. oh damn, oh beginners, I said use my favorite back, sir, but I reiterated it. What I said, I say use my favorite athlete and the reason I say you are my favorite athlete is because I dated all the athletes, can't they be platinum? which I don't even want to say these people say you know, everyone knows football players and I've seen them take Molly.
I'm not going to touch you. I've seen these smoke but I've seen them smell cocaine. I do this every day and you, I have never had to cross the line. I saw you at the club at four in the morning absolutely drinking cranberry juice absolutely Sisu. I told you. I told you this. Yes. I'm still sentenced to everything. for everyone, yeah, if you notice, I never do, so I will never show my own social media, yeah, I don't know, it's all family now, but I don't do that or that, yeah, because the thing is, I don't know either I show it to most of my kids because I just want to be really good, yeah, but you know, they got it, my son never told me.
I have a plug, my son, so I want everyone to follow the king Quran, oh. you have a SoundCloud or something like that that took my earrings mmm SoundCloud Spotify of music fell on all platforms a pretty imperfect just came out Instagram Twitter how stinky on Twitter I don't have Twitter just Instagram mainly in okay, it's seriously getting good here, se It was good because when we say yes, I stole this colorism, the best color is always loud, so because the opposite, look, the thing is like that, even like the thing when he was there, we came when I keep saying when they can stand Becky . hair good so Becky had to go here and then which one got the bag well who got the best because obviously good is bad so once again that's the color you got it so mine is this this one I don't know another line, I'm going to start, I'm going to educate about all these things hmm, so my thing is this.
I would like to say that they are different textures and you have one with a thick texture and you go, you have, you can have a person. with thick and you might have someone with curly, you have different textures, that's all, but it's not about good and bad, it's just different textures because if we say that someone has good hair, it should be opposed to good hair, the thing is bad, okay, so no I don't want to say dead, I mean, it's got a curly texture, okay, okay, I'm on a good job with you, you know, it happens, it happens, man, oh, let me say it, Floyd, I see everything got here, good taste.
I really appreciate you coming, okay. hang out and just be who you are because any part of this is taking me to one of us. I came here to give it to you by the yard. I really made you know, you said before you know, real light, so we do it, we get right into it, yeah, but. you know what but but you're one of us that's that that's what people need to think people need to see it's like you know how much money you make no, I'm still one of us Edison, I love it, but my thing is I'll just keep going, you I'll say it doesn't matter what anyone thinks of you hmm, mine, you know, you know when it counts, I care what he thinks mmm, you know why because I want the best for him, that's the legacy yeah, yeah, you know that this It's my legacy and the reason I warned him because he'll be fine regardless, damn he'll be fine because you got there but the reason I care what he thinks because it's a reflection of me mmm-hmm no.
No, if he looks bad, I look bad, so I always want him to be at his best. You caught him with condoms, but you caught my son with Congress. It was a bit if you were surprised with condoms. You know you should, take him out to eat. in the city Congratulations, allow it. I was impressed. I did not know what to say. I just left. I'm definitely not a perfect parent. I'm like you know nobody's perfect. Oh yes, thank you. You know, like I said before. We live. We live. We live, we live, we live and we learn and I'm pretty sure you know the usual, not good, things right now, right, Forrester, years, no, bought, just one, let me tell you such slow progress, let me say it, man.
I really appreciate you coming and meeting a star like you. If someone as big as you, I'll tell you exactly what happens. People come, have security to follow the situation and then they take us aside. and they say don't ask them this, actually, that's true, yes, you know, none of your people took me to the south, wait for it all the time, what do you do to interview?, I don't say, it's yes people, that It's true. what they do, they have said, well, see Laurie, but they took me aside. I would say don't ask them about this.
I'm not like them, yeah, yeah, I'll rub you to hate. Me for being honest, they love me for telling a lie to finish, but you know, I just want you to know, brother, for black people, for boxing, you have transcended, you have done things that showed people in our culture that we can be over there. like you know it from you like I said I went through all your fights I really saw from the beginning like I was really there like I don't want to say like I just did it like my father I said you are Spanish, you pass your Spanish origin, yes, that's what What the Spanish do, yes, and my father makes sure that I look, I don't know why and I have always seen you and where you work.
Want? It's a beautiful thing, plastic, I mean. The other thing is that I don't take anything for granted, right? I don't take anything for granted, although I talk a lot about thread. I don't take anything for granted, you know, my thing is, I mean, me. I heard if my mother had the best day or I mean, my dad is not even like my dad, you know, his memory is not the same as what could come from boxing, you know, but in the end it hurts, yes, absolutely, so all the days are not. It's a big day for me, but you know all I do is pray for it and hope for the best, the only thing I can do as a human being, that's all I can do, but you know, like I said, I mean, it's I just don't even do it.
I want my own thing every day yes, I have to take care of my own house first many times you leave or you came back to this or you did this do that listen I have to take care of my own house first right?, he's mad at you You know, I'm nothing to go out with . I'm not saying I'm not going to donate or give back, but I have to make sure my household takes care of everything first and I'm always going to put pressure on my kids. be the best they can be and I will always tell them and something doesn't work there smoothly, move on to the next one, okay, if that doesn't work, let's move on to the next one, I will always love it. you're unconditional and I'll always be happy for you if music isn't for you then guess what okay we'll move on to something else that's not we don't keep we don't keep trying until we find our niche well there that's how I feel yo-yo damn thank you so much

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