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FIRST LOOK - Potentia (Apocalyptic Survival)

Mar 17, 2024
garbage everywhere? Probably where he's been staying. Yeah, this is probably where she was sleeping. them and pick up things, I guess it's like ammunition, maybe different tools or weapons and stuff, if I'm close to any of them I'll check them downstairs, okay let's go, I don't want to be crouching everywhere. I used to have a friend living here, so we did it, I never saw him again after the incident. Well, then what was the incident? I mean, was it just someone raining hellfire down on the place we lived or is it like a different kind of weapon or something?
first look   potentia apocalyptic survival
Because people don't just disintegrate, I mean, they do, but they are very specific weapons and we were totally fine, so it seemed like some kind of advanced technology that they were using. Oh, there's someone there. I don't know if it's me too. I love this


. like when the developers use this style, the whole mercenary style, the jeans, the vest, the hoodie underneath,


it has a leg holster, it looks really cool, oh, over the shoulder again and the collar It turns and there we go, we turn off the lights, oh, we have grenade. Islamo grenade, let's go back this way, let's see what's here, yeah, I'd really like to know if this is some kind of weapon in particular or something, because things don't add up right now, we have this strange ability. where we can feel things that I don't know what it reminds me of either, if anyone knows, let me know what it is.
first look   potentia apocalyptic survival

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first look potentia apocalyptic survival...

It reminds me of a particular game I've played before, but I can't for the life of me remember it. I love this although the fact that we can knock it down endlessly oh this way it doesn't look like there's anything oh that's where we were there there's also a tent I don't think you hold it and let it go when you select your target oh there come on, we have a barrel, we didn't even remove the pin, we did all that with one hand, oh damn okay, so we can't throw grenades, so we don't have any left, but I don't know why I did that.
first look   potentia apocalyptic survival
You better give me another grenade. Sorry for a tutorial. I shouldn't have done it. What is this pistol ammo? Okay, we can't go up there, so you can't jump freely either. I guess it's just when I get the instructions too. I don't know how I feel about it. I like the freedom of being able to have that mobility to move around. This dilemma will be necessary. I don't know what it's doing in the cooler or refrigerator, but I am. I'm not going to ask any questions, more ammo and a rake or a wreck like a medkit or something, my goodness, that's huge, until I think the scale also needs a little work, but again, all that can come with time. the rays of god peeking through the mag magnort soda can't get anything yet everything's been divided the people have taken what they can get there's nothing I switched to the gun in case we're loaded, let's reload it we already have a crane over there in which direction we head, yeah, it's telling me to go back that way, maybe it's round or something, broken down cars, see things like this, hey look how this is a choke point, I love it, it's like it's suitable for your purpose. or something like that, oh, next you can get the attention of anyone whistling nearby, they almost walk in front of it, it might be too far away.
first look   potentia apocalyptic survival
I'm going to wait for this guy to leave and then I'll try to bring him in. There are three of them, I want to take him down silently, so look, I want to know if I get one of them close if I do one of those takedowns if he uses the gun they're here oh there we go there we go there we go oh yeah he's coming what oh I like it so much that oh no no no no no no who is that when he turns around I'll catch him what is there someone here for, for, for, that's perfect and you're mine behind the knees and lights out we got it, it wasn't right, It was time to switch to a gun, we're making noise, I thought I shot one of them in the head, damn, they put on like vests or something, I don't know if you guys got this from the character, but there's something that really distracting on your right wrist.
He wears it like a bracelet and moves. I love the fact that he moves, but like that sometimes, when he was shooting, you can see him moving. Gets me, I think you think it's someone running across my screen, some more ammo and we're good for health too, they didn't tag us too much, I guess they were just patrolling this area to make sure no one walked by the supermarket or something that you're behind oh there we go gun ammo guys you gotta admit that looks amazing that whole feeling I mean I'm really biased because I love stuff like this it's part of the reason I love the last one of us.
They did it really well, they really did it, I mean, this isn't bad, it's not bad at all, right, I was going to switch shoulders, no, let's stay on this side too far away, I have to go wait a second, he knew it. , okay, let's make some noise, headshot. headshot, other, line them up, can't get it, come on, no one on this side, oh we're okay, we handled it pretty well, we can't loot any of the vehicles, yeah, there's not much to take, there's a lot of these guys, but me. I don't really know what they had, they always had a respirator on, tell me, here we go, there's a tower, can we get to that?
Because you can imagine there could be a sniper rifle, a shotgun, an assault rifle or something like that. We can use it It just doesn't seem like there's a way through Yes, everything is leading me this way Let's keep it up I have my gun I'm a crowbar That's all I need Shopping cart Can we push it? I'll jump on him or anything, I don't know why it's just all at this point, open this game and see what he can and can't do oh yeah we got Bob oh hi don't grab the gun oh damn you got a good shot. so, oh yeah, it definitely hurts, heal it, stick that thing right into the torso and it heals, you should see where you hit the person too, could you come over here and we'll charge?
I think this is where you were published, right? grenade ammo and health kit full health two grenades should be enough ammo also change the shoulders oh there are two towers there although I want to get to them and we're fine what is this? Yeah, it looks like the area is flooded then by a Secondly, it looked like it was just a pool in the middle of nowhere, like in the middle of the streets, but it's not, it just flooded. This whole area is also overgrown and it doesn't look like there's anything up there or anyone watching there.
I saw there was a little symbol next to one of these things, oh here we go, grab it, push it, climb anywhere, yeah, we can't break those open, climb into the container, here we go, yeah, we have to meet one of those towers at any given time, it would be very nice if we could also enter through these windows and take a shortcut through the buildings, I think that would be very nice, I mean, I suppose there is a reason behind you not doing that. They want you to follow a particular route because that's how the story progresses, but it's a little more freedom.
I think it would be good Anna. I'm right behind the market. We are all clear. Anna looks like so I'll tune out. get out as soon as possible turn off oh, we're here, okay, this is the market, the store, so there's stuff over there too, come see that


, yeah, this is the uh, this is the supermarket, all those containers blocking that path, take a risk. There's something over here, though come on, what is this ammo? Another health pack we can't carry, although someone boarded up the tents, watch out, they're here, okay, look before you go in, you shouted, watch out, they didn't seem worried, I can.
Don't get on that, I keep forgetting that I can't get on things. Pomegranate, this is the pomegranate on the shelf. A nice supermarket has been picked up and cleaned up, let's see if we can defeat it. Yeah, let's see what happens when we get the. pistol oh, he switches to the lever, I love that, and here we go, gimme I want your pistol ammo, oh, I caught someone's back, there we go to the center of the island, I wonder if I whistle what will happen, what not , no, don't. Here we go, come down, nice right switch, crystal, let's go down, oh my God, there's so many of them coming down, try to distance yourself a little, wait, what did he say?
What were you going to do? They keep getting some really good shots that he's causing. like a throwback here look oh my god the music is so intense don't go down oh my god it's not like we're out of it Rex needs something we can heal with these guys they actually hit hard I mean can you see that there let's heal we could defend ourselves, okay though, that went south really fast, we just turned the corner, we're trying to stealth kill and then she turned around at the last second and ruined everything, everyone's down though. correct pistol ammo, I mean, you can see it, although there is definitely something there, what is this?
It's one of those shelves, isn't it? There's definitely something there with this, like I can see where they could improve. I mean, the voice acting definitely feels, the movement feels like a little too stiff, everything just needs to be tweaked a bit, oh there we go, shotgun pump action, short range, very high damage output, the gun carries four rounds well so we have something that can hit much harder at close range now damn it carries all the gear look at that full face helmet and from the looks of it it has a shotgun or that or it's a smg what is that I can't tell it could have been an mp5 or something find the way out okay well we did it and I think this is the next point where we start to venture a little deeper into this city but I think this is where we go to finish.
I don't really know what you guys think of this, I mean, if I'm totally honest, the voice acting needs to be changed, things need to be a little tighter, like the cutscenes, everything needs to be a little faster, a little bit more agile, the music, I like the music, it's not that bad, the ambient sounds and stuff like that, but oh, hello, oh, yeah, not to be messed with. I don't think I can shoot him in the head with that helmet on. I am very tempted. I want to know what's going on. I'm just going to run with him, oh.
Oh my god, two, three, four, oh no, let's reload and the epic music starts at once, come down, no need to heal, I have to heal, reload victor quickly, oh, you have to go down, you have to go down, I I was left without Rex, so she wrote. He's in heaven, he was close, give me that nice one, okay, whatever you have to get back, that ammo you're using, we definitely need it and I want that full-face helmet, I want your shotguns, your knee pads, everything, I already know They took everything, it's not necessary. come here again I'm going to come back look the gas station is overgrown too it looks pretty cool okay I think this is where we're going to end up and then there's a tank there too I don't know if you guys On this we can definitely do a little bit more and see what else the game has, but even from the beginning you can see in the top right corner that there is work in progress, they are working on things that they are trying to get to where it needs to be. but here we go, that was just a little look at a game called


, let me know what you think in the comments a little rough, do you like what you see?
I'd love to read what you guys think so, for now let's wrap this up. Thank you so much for watching, thank you so much for your support and I'll see you all in the next one.

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